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Saturday, June 21, 2003

New Challenge seems to be filming in Middleton, Rhode Island

Here is another link to the location of the Challenge. This time it's in Middleton, Rhode Island. And it seems those rumors that it'd be in Florida are false. They even give an address: an 11-room estate at 165 Indian Ave. And it seems that the City Council will support this venue.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Newport rejects the Challenge; Adam is in an online porn video; Frank, Trishelle, Steven making appearances in a bar; Gauntlet is the next Challenge

Interesting note... Seems like Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) spoke out about Newport rejecting the Real World/Road Rules Challenge from their city. Read the article here for that. Thanks to Gotmilk for that!

And some new news! Someone sent me along a picture that looked like Adam (Paris) was involved in a little porn deal. Well, it seems that Adam was involved in one of those College Fu** Fest parties. Now, any college kid at a relatively large university in California will tell you, it isn't that uncommon to find one of those parties at a frat house. Basically, the website goes around and films people doing the deed in front of large crowds at parties. Adam was in one of the pictures and apparently one of the videos. (He was just one of the onlookers.) Here is the link. You should be over 18. Those who are under 18, should not click. Thanks to Jay for that.

And BumpSetHit reports that Frank, Trishelle, and Steven (Las Vegas) were keeping up bartending appearances in New York City. They were at McFadden's doing their thing. Again, Steven can be seen alongside Danielle Fishel on this seasons Say What? Karoake. It airs everyday.

And Chris has sent us an email about the Challenge... Giving official word for "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet" and scouting for a location in Florida. Read the article here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Theo may not be on the next Challenge; Chadwick regrets his appearances on Road Rules

There have been reports that Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) is going to be on this next season's Battle. But those reports are false and Theo will not participate this season.

Chadwick (Australia) and Holly (Maximum Velocity Tour) were on AMC the other day. They were on "Project AMC" and they were discussing reality television. Chadwick was on the show talking about how reality television was bringing down his career as an actor. After appearing on Battle of the Seasons, Chadwick said he was portrayed as a manipulative, hateful person. Now, he's brought to removing the two credits of his resume. Chadwick is starring in B movies right now. But it's his dream to win an Oscar someday. Apparently, he really shot down BMPs editing on Seasons. Holly made a small appearance.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Sean is making national news headlines as he's considering a run for Congress

Sean (Boston) is making headlines today by considering a run for Congress in 2004. Although nothing is definite, Sean will run as a Republican in his home state of Wisconsin. His wife and two children, Rachel (San Francisco), Eva, and Xavier are sure to be determinate in his final decision on whether or not to run. We wish Sean and Rachel good luck on whatever they decide. If you remember, Sean won Battle of the Seasons and Rachel made her last appearance on a season in 1998, when her and Sean partook in All Stars where they met.

Ace opens up a website; The house and cast may be selected for the next Real World

Hey y'all. Ace (Paris) has an official website at

And I'm getting some news about San Diego, the 14th installment of the Real World. I have heard reports that the house has been selected, the cast has been selected, and so on and so on. I don't know if this is true, since casting for the Real World ended in the beginning of June. But I also heard a report that Road Rules was out and about as well. This is entirely unconfirmed at this point. But we will soon see if it's true.