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Friday, June 25, 2004

Man was arrested after illegally entering Philadelphia house and snapping pictures

A man arrested at the Philadelphia house had his recent court date to answer to a series of charges brought against him. The 37-year old man from Austin, Texas was somehow able to enter the Real World pictures and snapped photographs of the house. The man was actually acquitted on the charges because of the lack of interest in prosecuting him. Producers actually showed up to the trial, but could not answer if the castmembers actually let him into the house. Therefore, the judge acquitted the man on all counts. Now if someone could get ahold of those pictures.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A courtesy post

FYI: Earlier information about possible castmembers at the next Challenge posted a few weeks ago came from Tubescan Board and Check those sites out for more good information about upcoming challenges and spoiler information.

Out Magazine says that a gay castmember will join the Extreme cast as a replacement

Out Magazine names Nick as the new castmember added to Road Rules: Xtreme. Apparently, Nick will join the cast and make Road Rules history with two gay castmembers on the cast. Out names Nick as a 19-year old college student. Thanks to Joshua for that info!

Jamie and Kendal appear in the July issue of Stuff Magazine

Check out Jamie (San Diego) and Kendal (Campus Crawl) in the July issue of Stuff Magazine.

Chris posts on his website that he will be gone to do a Challenge

Chris (South Pacific) recently posted on his site that he will be away for some time doing something that MTV won't allow him to say. The next installment of the Challenge reportedly begins filming in the beginning of July.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Sean and Rachel appear in TV Guide with their three children

Married couple Sean (Boston) and Rachel (San Francisco) both appear in a blurb in TV Guide's cover story that hits newsstands next week. In it, you can see a picture of the happy family including Sean, Rachel, and their three kids Evita, Xavier, and Lucia. If you can't wait to check it out next week. Take a peek at it here:
Link to Sean/Rachel Blurb. We send nothing but good wishes for Sean and Rachel's family!