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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sydney Episode #4: Post your reactions here

Tonight is another episode of our seven favorite Americans living Down Under. Parisa (Sydney) and Dunbar's (Sydney) relationship is tonight's central focus, as the relationship between the two is explored a bit further, while KellyAnne (Sydney) seems to somehow also figure into this tryst between the two flirtatious friends.

Meanwhile, Isaac (Sydney) meets a new "friend" on the streets of Sydney and may take that relationship to the next level.

Post your reactions to tonight's episode here.

Sydney Episode #4: Preview the first third of the new episode

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Isaac wants the luck of the Irish to rub off on him a little

Trishelle joins Dr. Steve-O as the "nurse on duty" this coming September on the USA network

Trishelle (Las Vegas), who we last saw with the Reunited cast is officially moving onto her next project.

Trishelle will be joining her friend Steve-O in his new television series on the USA network with Dr. Steve-O.

Dr. Steve-O is a series where the Jackass Star travels around the country helping men get their acts together. The series premieres in September.

MySpace reveals more information and pictures from the Gauntlet 3

MySpace has proven to be an invaluable resource for the upcoming seasons of the Challenge. The castmembers from each Challenge usually visit their MySpaces before and during filming, comment on each other's pages about the Challenges, and even post pictures on the Challenges. Yesterday, Brooke (Denver) and Evelyn (Fresh Meat) revealed that they were dating.

Today, Tori's (Viewers' Revenge) MySpace reveals that she dated Brad (San Diego) dated during the Challenge, but also she has pictures from the Challenge.

Moreover, Ryan's (Fresh Meat) MySpace has tons of pictures from the Challenge with several different castmembers.

Check 'em out.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Denver's Brooke and Fresh Meat's Evelyn met on the Gauntlet 3 and are now dating

Confirmed via their own MySpace pages, Brooke (Denver) is now dating Evelyn (Fresh Meat). The two are part of the upcoming Gauntlet 3 Challenge, which airs on MTV this Fall.

If you take a look at Brooke's MySpace, you clearly see that her default picture is with Ev. She also calls Ev the finest specimen she's ever seen and now declares herself bisexual. Evelyn, who has been a lesbian for quite some time, also has a picture of Brooke as her default picture.

This will probably play out on our television screens this coming Challenge and we should see two unlikely people begin a relationship. Frank (Las Vegas) also began a bit of a showmance with Jillian (Extreme) during the airing of the show.