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Friday, June 13, 2003

Donnell's arrest breaks the news; Mallory may have dropped her scholarship to do Real World; Lori working in a bar in Boston

After breaking news of Donell's arrest by us last Saturday, it has expanded into a frenzy of media coverage. There are many articles covering Donell's assault and battery. After we reported to you that he had a rap sheet, we contacted the The Smoking Gun who provided many more details.

Cheyenne emailed us about an article done in Sports Illustrated about Mallory (Paris). Mallory ditched her full soccer scholarship to go onto the Real World. This is unconfirmed at this point, but you can check it out if you please. And you know that mission Kristin did with the Road Rulers in New Zealand. Well, one of her reporter castmates writes the article for J-14 magazine. You can check that out too.

Another article found by Jason, which can be read here reports that Lori (Back to New York) is working at Waterworks, a fancy bar in Quincy, MA. Lori is actually planning a move soon, and word is that she's going to Los Angeles, to be with her Days of Our Lives beau, Kyle (Chicago). Thanks to the people who sent those articles in!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Newport kicked the next Challenge out of Rhode Island

The Battle will not take place at the Ivory Tower as once previously reported. Residents of Newport, RI, successfully lobbied to get the Battle out of Newport ASAP. (They cited a law in which there can't be more than five residents living in a single house together, who are not family members.)

This is VERY last minute, as the Battle is scheduled to be filming in the next two weeks. MTV scouts are said to be checking out Narragansett, Rhode Island. Although is very unlikely that production would be pushed back on the show (causing several people to probably drop out), it is unclear where the show will actually be shot.

New site design soon launching with a new domain name as well

OOOOHHHHH!! How bad are we itching to get this new website off the ground!?! Dang... However, the extensive nature of the site will prohibit us from posting it anytime soon. We are looking to set a tentative date at around the end of June/beginning of July... We're not too sure yet, but 4th of July is looking pretty darn gosh good. Anyway, if you haven't heard, we got a domain! (our own .COM, our own little place on the internet.) It's at:

Not much there. The blog will still be on this page as well, we don't plan to get rid of it. Anyway, enough with this talk. If it begins to take longer than expected, we are working on a promotion page to get out to you that will show you some great aspects of the site. It's already beginning to take form and it does have pictures! We're not even close to being done however. Stay tuned.

Donnell arrested twice for assault against his girlfriend; Mallory is spotted visiting Ace; Trishelle is doing Playboy

You heard it first: Remember last Saturday, when we reported to you that Donell was arrested for assault and battery? Well, we contacted The Smoking Gun and told them they might want to look into it... (Once again, thanks to Ex-Man for that info.) Guess what they found? Not one arrests, count them TWO arrests. One before he left for Road Rules and one after he left for Road Rules. They are both against his girlfriend. Read more at TSG.

And over at We Love Ace, a linked site, Mallory recently was in Statesboro, visiting her friend Ace. Hmmm... Join the group, see the pic.

And an interesting article... By Trishelle... Says here that she's still doing Playboy? Here's the link. Thanks Colleen!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Most people searching for Playboy pictures of former cast of Real World and Road Rules

Just a litlte remark: The top three searches from the site for last week: 1) Ace 2) Marybeth 3) Mallory. Interesting note: Playboy is the #5 most searched topic on the website.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Ace and Mallory are dating; Chris and Dave went to the same college and were in frats

A romance in Paris? According to E-Online's Kristin! Yes... Read here. Plus more on former flames extinguished, South Pacific, and more... And I'm getting reports that Dave and Chris both went to the same college and were involved in greek life there. Thanks to Taryn for that.

Susie is married and is a stand-up comic, working on a pilot for FOX

Remember Susie (Australia)? Well, several people have emailed me about an update on her in the Pittsburgh area. This particular bit comes from a fan, Karen. Well, Susie is now working the comedy circuit as she is working on her career as a stand-up comedienne. Susie, a comedienne? Well, yeah. It's been a while since Australia days. (Susie is now 23 years of age...) Shortly after her return home from Australia, Susie visited Timmy (USA Tour 2) in Los Angeles. After her trip out there, she was engaged to Timmy... But since then they have broken up. Word is that Susie is actually married and may have a child. She is also working on a pilot for FOX. Good luck to Susie!

Here are the links from yesterday:

Ace Space
Ace Space offers up a fan homage to Ace, including pictures, news, and interesting facts.

Brain's Reviews
Brian, an avid fan of the shows, expresses his viewpoint on each aired episode.

Rachel RR Fansite
A fansite for Rachel of Campus Crawl featuring interview, pictures, and news.

RW/RR Fansite
Very detailed and informative page about all shows.

[BUMP] If you are a webmaster or a fan of another Real World or Road Rules site and want to put your link on the Blog, submit your request to The links are on the left side of the page, below the cast member websites. We already included the above links. Because of limited space, we are going to ask that only sites with sizeable, pertinent content be submitted. This means that sites that are no longer updated will NOT be accepted. NOTE: If it is a site that is not intended to be updated, that is OK. Any websites with any inappropriate, unprofessional, or offensive material will NOT be accepted. Don't get scared... You're website doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to have some sort of quality to it. Meaning: If your site only has one page or several pages with very little information, it will NOT be posted. Any website that offends or put downs castmembers, viewers, or visitors will also NOT be accepted. Submit your URL and website title to AND ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION... Keep your website titles down to 19 letters or less (including spaces). Otherwise, the title will be shortened by us. I will try to keep reminding people of this all week! Thank you!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Steven is hosting Say What? Karaoke

Steven (Las Vegas) is hosting the latest episode of Say What? Karaoke. I wasn't sure about this... But I don't know if he's hosting or he's a judge or whatnot. I know that Ashley Simpson, Jessica Simpson's younger sister who appears on 7th Heaven was supposed to be a part of the show. Nevertheless, check it out, starting today on MTV.

The Blog is moving over to a new domain name

So here's the news about the site I promised yesterday! We got a domain name! Yes! We are no longer going have to live under the and the names! We have our own DOT COM! Want to check out the domain name? It's going to be at:

Yes! Exciting news... I am not going to move the blog over to that site as of now. I'm going to leave this page where it is (for the time being anyway.) We have enlisted the help of avid Real World/Road Rules fans and are furiously working to develop new content for the site! There may be some delays, but the Blog will not just be a blog anymore! Don't worry, we are keeping the BLOG as the heart and soul of the site. It's not going anywhere. But we are going to add a whole bunch of stuff on top of it! We plan to make the blog one of the best Real World/Road Rules experiences on the net! Stay tuned for dates the new blog will premiere...

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Julie changes her tune after Melissa calls her out; Sarah is leaving for a Challenge

Julie (New Orleans) changed her post from Melissa from my real world to a girl I know from tv... This is the second time that she's taken Melissa's name off her diary and replaced it with "girl". Check it out here.

Sarah (The Campus Crawl) recently says on her diary that she's going out of town soon. Hmm.... When a castmember says that they're going out of town = Going on the Challenge. When Battle of the Sexes was airing, she made a comment that she was checking out websites to see when the next Challenge was going to be, because she wanted to do it. Is Sarah going to show up in Newport and compete for $300,000? We will soon find out. (Thanks to Dana for that)

Gauntlet may be filming in Rhode Island

If there's one thing about this new Challenge that is for certain: The outcome will not be a surprise. Filming in exotic locales or traveling around places, we usually do not know what's going on with the Challenge once it begins filming. Usually, castmembers reveal tidbits about what will happen, who gets voted off, who wins. Well, this next seventh installment of the Challenge seems to be holding no secrets.

The seventh season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge will begin filming on June 27 in Newport, Rhode Island. They are filming in a "castle-like" mansion called Ivy Tower. The word is 28 castmembers (14 from Real World, 14 from Road Rules) will be competing at the Tower for consecutive weeks until someone wins $300,000. The mansion is located at 533 Bellevue Ave in Newport. Newport residents are actually welcoming the Challenge, citing a need for tourism. They are actually going to start construction on the house, putting a pool on the premises. MTV has already begun scouting out places for missions such as Newport Harbor, Fort Adams, and Navy facilities. If you live in Newport, get ready for MTV. Check out the article, here. You have to register, but I included all the information so you don't have to. Thanks to Marlena for the information.

Some interesting information about the location of the house that's not included in the article. It's a stone's throw away from Salve Regina University (a Catholic liberal arts college), so expect to see some college students on the show. There are several parks in the vicinity and you can see the ocean from the house. Long Island and Providence are not far away. Should make for some interesting television. The house actually sold for 2.9 million dollars a few months ago, so you can imagine how huge this house will be. Here's an aerial image of the house taken from a satellite. Not very clear, but you can imagine what the grounds will be like.

NOTE: I have been just given notification that RealityTVWorld has images of the house taken from a real estate website.

Julie and Melissa end up at a Coldplay concert and Julie makes up a story about Melissa getting spit on

So... drama revisited... This is going to be a LONGGGGGGGG post...

Anyway, I wasn't even aware of this until a fan named MSMusic emailed this along to me. It just strikes me as WEIRD. Plain and simple. Not Melissa... But Julie. So a couple of days ago, Coldplay, the band was in Los Angeles. Apparently, both Julie and Melissa (New Orleans/BOTS) visited the concert. It's about the Julie/Melissa drama. If you don't want to read this, skip down to the next post which is about Road Rules. Here's Melissa's entry about the show:

"Sunday afternoon, I was screening calls. You know, sometimes you just can’t take calls. It’s Sunday. I’m waiting for that Jerry’s Famous Deli to hurry up and deliver and I want my Six Feet Under finale. Tangent: Doesn’t that girlfriend of Jayson Blair, the fabricating ass reporter at The New York Times look just like Lili Taylor? That’s where Lisa went! So, I get a message from an old friend, a blast from the past. In it, he says cryptically, “Give me a call back. I’ve got a question…” You see, he has mastered the art of getting me to call back. You can’t say, “I have a question.” And you especially can’t say that after I haven’t spoken to you in 19 years. So, I tried to hold off, wait a couple hours, so as to seem like when he called I actually was busy. I so wasn’t and I’m such a perpetrator. I said “tried to hold off” meaning, I called him back in 20 minutes.

After a weird segue into the actual invitation, he said, “I bought these Coldplay tickets six months ago, and totally forgot about them. Would you like to go? It’s tomorrow…” What a great day, man! Free tickets to Coldplay and I don’t have to drive or park! Why, yes, I’d love to go. During the course of the concert, I felt like I was in an episode of A Dating Story, even though I didn’t think or even know this was, in fact, a date. Was it a date? It couldn’t be! I said, “What’s up homie…” when he came to get me and I don’t think that’s proper date etiquette. Plus, he was 40 minutes late picking me up. Perhaps he didn’t think it was a date either with such reckless abandonment of the time. Time the f*** out! Before we carry on with this story, know that I know how dumb it is to speculate about whether or not a planned event with a dude, that is a friend, is a date. I know it's a hang out thing, I'm just saying. I’m a grown ass lady, I know. And yes, I’m about to tell a story like I am not the person telling the story thus using my own name in third person, a practice I hate in real life.

So, I present The Dating Story featuring Gary* and Melissa.

Gary is a working actor in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and staining his mantle. He is both genuine and nice – two strikes against him already, as we all know girls love assholes for some reason. Will he finish last? His turnoffs: Tall, mean girls. His turn-ons: Short, nice ones. Melissa is a geek off the streets that isn’t really keen on this whole dating situation, as you will see. Her turn-offs: Dudes that use hair products excessively, lisps (sorry), improper use of homophones and anybody that says “for all intents and purposes”. Her turn-ons: I don’t know that she uses that terminology. (Gary doesn't have a lisp, and he doesn't use lots of gel and he knows the difference between peace and piece.) On this date, we’ll see the band Coldplay, and more importantly we hope to see a Miss Gwyneth Paltrow swaying side to side with her eyes closed, perhaps a lighter in hand, “feeling” her boyfriend’s love through his music.

Before the alleged date, Gary calls Melissa. She is in the waiting room at a doctor’s office with her friend Coral. She steps outside to take the call. Gary asks, “What kind of food do you like? At The Hollywood Bowl, everyone usually picnics.” Melissa responds with, “Oh wow. Okay. Um. I don’t really like food that is supposed to be hot but just can’t be because you know, it’s been in a basket all day. I like fruit. May I have some seedless grapes, a mango or two, some sliced watermelon? I also like candy. No blue candy or sour candy though.” Now that Melissa has given the impression that she eats candy for breakfast and is the most negative person alive, she ends the call with, “So, is 6 still good for the swoop-me-up?” He now says she must be ready by 5:45 p.m. but says “a quarter to” which is another small, not devastating, peeve of Melissa’s. Why can’t it just be 5:45? This is not good, but she happily agrees. She goes back into the doctor’s office, recounts the story to Coral who says, “Well, shit what are we going to do to your hair? Did you ask for some chicken? I like chicken.” At this point, the two nix the flat-ironing session, and Melissa says, “Nobody cares about your predilection for chicken, man” as she points to her messy bun of knotty hair.

It’s now 6:17 p.m. and Gary calls Melissa. “Hey, I’m late” he says. We all know this. He says it will be another 10 minutes. Blind Date is on the TV and so it’s hard to actually care that he’s late.

Oh wait, I’m forgetting the outfit decision part of A Dating Story. Coral says, “Oh God, I need to see his outfit…” I say, “Yeah, I hope he’s not wearing bowling shoes or a Coldplay t-shirt…” Melissa opts for a precious long red skirt that she’s worn on television more than a few times (ewww) and a nude colored camisole tank top. She would normally wear heels, but there’s climbing and walking involved, and since this isn’t a date, she wears her nice flip-flops. She packs a pashmina, a pack of Starburst and some lip gloss. Gary shows up, late as can be, with an acceptable t-shirt and some acceptable jeans on. When Melissa looks in the back seat, she sees a jean jacket draped across the seat. She asks about the weather and whether or not she’ll be okay with just a pashmina and he says, “If you get cold, I’ve got that jacket.” She says, “You weren’t planning on wearing that jean jacket yourself, were you? You know denim on denim is punishable by like, death right?” He says, “I totally know that. I’m wearing this” and he points to a brown leather coat. Okay. They’re in business.

They park 768 miles from the destination. They walk through Hollywood & Highland, only the biggest tourist attraction this side of the Mississippi. Melissa is clearly embarrassed that people are shouting, “Ruthie!” and “Real World. Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh!” as she passes through. Gary acts as if this is okay, and he understands. After all, he is in every deodorant and hardware store commercial on TV. Did you catch him on 24? You may have seen him on The Parkers or 8 Simple Rules. If you didn’t see him there, you probably saw him in a movie about college kids doing outrageous things. He’s been the wacky innkeeper and the haphazardly goofy detective. You’ve seen him. Hey, they even see Marcellas from Big Brother going down the escalator as they are going up. “Hi Marcellas! Did you see our pictures from Norm’s party?” she asks. Marcellas smiles and waves and they agree to call each other. Gary wonders aloud whether or not these reality TV people are in a cult.

They have trouble finding their seats. Aisle U Row 3 Seats 13 and 15. What happened to seat 14? They find the seats, make jokes about the opening band, and Gary pulls out that said picnic basket. Not too shabby. He’s got cherries, strawberries, grapes, wine, cheese, chocolate, crackers and even some napkins. He admits there’s a part of him that is “gay.” Melissa doesn’t know how to respond, so she just says, “Yeah, so um, have you ever seen The Ring, man?”

Coldplay begins. He yells, “Yeah!” She sits Indian style waiting for the songs she knows. She sings along, sips her wine, collects their garbage (it’s so terrible to litter in an outdoor establishment) and they have fun.

Gary’s Post Interview: I think Melissa is, for all intents and purposes, a nice girl. She’s a little negativo, if you know what I mean. She’s okay, I guess. I kept telling her she was super tiny. I don't know if that went over well. I like her earrings. She’s not normally my type. I like bubbly blondes, but she’s cool I think? She told me to say nice stuff about her. Can we start this over?

Melissa’s Post Interview: Yeah, man, Gary is good people. He is a picnic basket-packing fiend. I appreciated those fresh cherries. Coldplay was cool. Somebody was smoking some weed in our section. Did you smell that? I’d hang out with Gary again. I mean, when he’s not too busy acting his ass off. He’s been in hella shit, man. He’s got a resume for days. That’s really cool for him. A working actor. Ain’t that some shit? Hey, are you going to edit out that part where I nearly fell on the way to the bathroom? That Merlot had some kick, huh? I can’t really come strong with footage like that floating around. You know, you look out for me, I look out for you…

The screen at the end of this Dating Story reads: Gary called Melissa the next day. Will he be left in the Cold? Or will he get some Play? They’ve yet to set another date…

*Names have been changed so that I can write with true poetic license and so that my friend “Gary” won’t actually hate me after he reads this. Hi Gary. I truly did have a most wonderful time at Coldplay. Coldplay! Yeah! I must say the offering of the jean jacket was super duper nice."

So that's hers. She seemed to get every detail in. (Even some Real World fans recognizing her.) Now, here's Julie's entry:

"The other day, Gabe took me to see Coldplay in Hollywood. It was such a good show! We had a great time. While we were there, I saw Melissa from my real world behind us. It was at a distance but I was pretty sure it was her. I decided I wanted to go say hi because I feel bad that things got all messed up between us. While we were in Jamaica, I think she tried to apologize off camera by one of the vans, but I just walked away. Then Jamie told me she felt bad, and I felt like a total jerk. I know it was a big messy misunderstanding, but I should have been more open to talk about it at the time, even if it had to be off camera. I guess at the time I resented that she said a bunch of bad stuff about me on camera, but then wanted to make it right off camera. I guess I shouldn't have been thinking like that. After all, it doesn't matter what happens on the silly show. What matters is leaving things un-discussed.

Anyway, so I figured that by now it would be cool for me to say hi and see how she's doing. Since we are both probably over it, I figured maybe I could get her # or something and call her, so I got up and started walking over there. She was talking to the boy she was with. Suddenly these two punk kids snuck up behind her. One of them spit in her hair, and then they ran off laughing. I didn't know what to do. I thought about saying something, but instead I just went back to my seat. I felt pretty bad about it. It sucks that some people are so rude. Luckily, I don't think she noticed, but still.

I wish I'd still said hi at least, but after the whole hair spitting thing, I felt weird. It made me realize how powerful the media can be. These two kids don’t even know her, but they think that it’s okay to spit on her just because of something they saw on TV. It’s sad every time people come up to me and tell me that so-and-so from the show sucked. I just wish people could understand that just because someone does something on the show, it doesn’t necessarily reflect who they are. It was dumb. I should have said something. Oh well, I figure I'll probably run into her again, I hope. It's probably okay though. Just in case she is still all worked up about hating me, I didn't want to put a damper on the concert for her. Coldplay was really good. I've never really been to a show like that before. It was mellow, but still really full of energy. I don't usually go to really big concerts, but I was really glad Gabe took me to Coldplay. It was a good time."

OK, a couple of things wrong with Julie's entry. We know from the show (Melissa's line about how the only way she can have fun was to send the bi*$( home.) and other things (Melissa's messages on her site, more than six months later after leaving Jamaica, still blasting Julie about her lecture appearances, that Melissa did not feel bad about the way she treated Julie. Melissa never had second thoughts about singling Julie out. Julie even makes it seem that she was the instigator back in Jamaica in this article. Now here's the thing:

The person who emailed me about this saw Melissa at the concert. They were right behind her. This person had Melissa in eyesight the whole time and they can verify that no one ever spit in Melissa's hair. This isn't the first time there's been a spat between these two. Everyone's familiar with Julie and the college circuit issue from the show. What people don't know is that there has been an online spat since the Battle ended. Julie has posted things about Melissa that Melissa didn't like. Coral (Back to New York) even got into the mix when Julie wrote something about her review of BOTS castmembers at Julie even told us in an interview that Melissa was going to pose in Playboy. Then she referred to people who pose in Playboy as "jack-off objects".

Interesting. Check out both of their sites: Julie and Melissa.

Donnell was arrested last month, Chris is an aspiring actor; Three people to go home on Road Rules

If you've been out of the loop... We'll sorry. Let's recap: This weekend has been a weekend dedicated exclusively to the Road Rulers as we have found out everything about them (including new additions to the cast).

Donell was arrested last month. It's unclear what the charges are against him exactly, but he was booked on assault and battery. Tina Barta and Chris Graebe are both two replacements that were added to the cast. Supposedly they are supposed to replace Cara and Abram. (Rachel and Shane (Campus Crawl) said three Roadies would be gone by season's end. However, it is unclear whether or not another Roadie will be added.) This means that we have all the Roadies last names... except for Dave...

And speaking of Chris from South Pacific... Apparently he's an aspiring actor and singer and is hoping that Road Rules brings him to the forefront of fame. We did a little sluething and apparently he's registered the domain, He also started a Yahoo! group which you can find here. Check out his group. It has pictures of him and the cast picture from

We have very exciting news about the site. The Blog is growing! We are very excited! However, due to some unresolved issues, we can't exactly reveal small details. Don't worry, we've been given the green light and we're going to tell you in the next 48 hours! Very exciting news!

And I thought some people would like to know about this. But the search engine on the left side of the page (under all the links) that we added the other day is getting some very heavy use. And the most searched for castmember in the blog: Ace (Paris).

The links to the fan sites that we published the day before are:

Board Rules

This site takes several people and puts them through an awesome online game where they will compete for prizes online. Includes episodes and commercials.

Lori Fansite

This Lori (Back to New York) fan site is dedicated to the third place female winner of Battle of the Sexes. Includes links, pictures, and BOTS scores.

Paris Reviews&More

This website keeps fans updated on every single bit of information about the Paris cast. They also include reviews on the site as well.


This website is a detailed look at all seven seasons of the Challenge. Includes cast bios, links, news, and reviews of some episodes.

Tina to replace one of the girls on the new season of Road Rules

pparently, the new castmember to replace the missing female Road Ruler is none other than Tina Barta from Lincoln, Nebraska. Here is a photo of Tina: (she is the one at the far right in the black)

Obviously, nothing is confirmed at this point. but apparently she has been telling people that she will show up on the show later this month. She apparently has the pictures to prove it as well. I guess we'll see if that's right when the show premieres.