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Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend Update: Spoilers on the Gauntlet 3

We're going to try something new here at the blog. Since weekends are relatively dead, we'd like to start a new feature of the site since a lot of people seem to be into the posting comments.

We're handing of the reigns to you, the internet visitor. Every weekend we'll post a topic for internet visitors to discuss. This weekend, we invite you to post comments on the upcoming Gauntlet 3.

There are tons of rumors out there about potential alliances, who gets booted out, who leaves, etc., People have been so full of rumors, that they have even started posting comments in posts that have nothing to do with the Gauntlet 3! So, this is your chance to spread information and share gossip.

Post here about the latest season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 3.

The Hollywood cast is rumored to be interns at the Comedy Club iO

The Hollywood cast is rumored to be a part of iO, a west-coast based version of iO Chicago, an improvisational comedy troupe. Since this season is the season of aspiring actors, musicians, models, etc., it would make sense to give them a job like this, where the roommates are learning to be entertainers/performers.

You can check out the website here. Rumor has it they have had a show already, but it seems like no reference to any of the castmembers being a part of iO is made on their website.

Greg (Hollywood) apparently missed one of the comedy shows in order to attend LA Fashion Week sometime ago. He was then let go from the cast.

Greg Halstead, winner of, might have gotten the boot

Greg (Hollywood) who was selected out of thousand online applicants and an online vote may have possibly gotten kicked out of the house.

There are rumors that Greg may have left because he was fired from the job the castmates have. If you remember, back in Season 10, Back to New York, producers instituted a rule in which, if you got fired, you would automatically leave the house. Surprisingly, it has never happened until now.

Rumor has it, that the group are a part of a comedy improv group in Hollywood. Sort of a niche market for 7 strangers brought together, some of which probably don't want to be comedians. Anyway, Greg was supposedly not into it, and was pursuing modeling work elsewhere. He apparently was let go from the comedy troupe and was kicked of out the house.

More on this info as the story develops.

Jamie, fresh off news about her casting in pilots, had a guest spot on ER

Jamie (San Diego) who we heard a lot about last week, with her being cast in a pilot for ABC Family and Days of Our Lives, apparently showed up on ER last night.

Jamie joined the cast in the emergency room for a brief guest spot. Congratulations to Jamie who seems to be in the news more and more lately.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sydney Episode #13: Dunbar's girlfriend comes to Sydney and accuses Dunbar of being mean

Tonight's episode was centered around Julie, Dunbar's (Sydney) serious girlfriend. Dunbar is excited about her impending arrival, so he's a little on edge. He wants to clean house, but he gets frustrated with all the filth that everyone leaves around.

Later on, Shauvon (Sydney) is still wrestling with what to do with her ex-fiance David. He's pretty much unrelenting in her coming home. Kelly Anne (Sydney) tells Shauvon that if she's sure that she's going to marry David, she should just go home and be with him.

The next day, the group gets their next assignment. They get their next assignment of going out to different restaurants. While Parisa (Sydney) tries to help, she gets in Dunbar's way. Later on, when Dunbar wants to go out to do their job, he has issues with getting the group together at a certain time. Dunbar explodes when Parisa tells Dunbar she won't put a blanket back that she took into the computer room. A screaming match ensues.

Julie makes into Sydney and of course, Dunbar is ecstatic. The group ends up going to a Thai restaurant, which is an ordeal in itself. Later on, Julie tells Dunbar in relation to how he acts with Parisa, that Dunbar can definitely be mean. Parisa is overjoyed that his girlfriend would agree with her.

It all comes to a head in the meeting at work. Parisa realizes that she didn't have the receipt for the Thai restaurant, so the cast won't be reimbursed for the dinner. Dunbar starts to flip, but Parisa seeks out mediation from their boss. The episode ends with the two of them trying to work their differences out with their boss. They either have to get along or lose their jobs.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sydney Episode #13: Post your reactions here

Tonight on the Real World: Sydney, we see Shauvon (Sydney) still try and make the ultimate choice between her ex David and the life in Sydney. She'll still struggle with the fact that she really loves her boyfriend, but she still wants to be a part of the Real World experience very much. In addition, Dunbar (Sydney) joins the group who have troubles with their significant other, as his girlfriend Julie is coming to Sydney fairly soon. Nervous or anxious about her arrival, Dunbar rips into Parisa (Sydney) and lets loose on her.

Post your reactions to tonight's episode here.

Brooke and Ev are no longer friends on MySpace and are rumored to have broken up

While we try to avoid drama, especially that which has unfolded on MySpace, there has been a development as of late. Former girlfriends, Brooke (Denver) and Evelyn (Fresh Meat), who met on the upcoming Gauntlet 3, seem to be kaput.

Their relationship actually hit MySpace before anything else, with Brooke proclaiming to be bisexual and the two professing their undying love for each other. Now, all evidence of Ev is completely gone from Brooke's is completely gone and Ev no longer has Brooke as the centerpiece of her MySpace page.

So what happened? Well, it's hard to tell. But this message board reports that it may be telling that Brooke now has Syrus (Boston) as her #1 friend, while Syrus has Brooke as her #2 friend. Or does it not mean anything?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Real World New York's Kevin is running for Congress once again

Kevin (New York) who is party of the group of the first set of Real Worlders is running for Congress. Kevin put up a new website where he'll be running in a congressional district in Brooklyn. The district is heavily Democratic, so he'll have to challenge the incumbent congressman who has been in office for several years now.

Kevin also has the distinction of being the oldest Real Worlder ever. Kevin was the oldest of his cast and older than any of the other subsequent castmembers.

Good luck to Kevin!

Monday, October 22, 2007

TJ Lavin suffers a broken tibia and fibula during the Dew Tour Finale in Orlando

Real World/Road Rules Challenge host TJ Lavin, who not too long ago, returned from Mexico from filming the next installment of the Challenge, Gauntlet 3, has broken two bones in his leg during a BMX event in Orlando, Florida.

Lavin, who is a professional BMX rider first and a television host second, was competing in the Mountain Dew Tour Finale and suffered two fractures in his leg in his first run of the prelims on the BMX dirt course. Lavin had been treated at a local, downtown hospital.

The tour concluded Friday night. Check out the article here.

Jamie cast as the lead in a new pilot on the ABC family series "Samurai Girl"

We reported last Friday, that Jamie (San Diego) had been on Days of Our Lives as a recurring castmember. Last week seemed to be Jamie's week.

Jamie is actually working on a pilot that's in production for the 2008-2009 cable television season. She's been cast in the lead role of the series "Samurai Girl" which is the story of an adopted girl who's trying to merge her heritage of ancient Samurai traditions and her newly adopted lifestyle. The series is a pilot for ABC Family.

The series is based upon a book series of the same name. Congratulations to Jamie and we hope to see her on television quite soon.