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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Real World 16 may be in Atlanta or Washington DC

The Bert Show, which once counted Lindsay (Seattle) as one of their hosts, has announced that The Real World will film its sixteenth season in Atlanta. Check the link here. They say that the projected location is in a high-rise condo in Midtown. Up until now, Washington DC has been considered a popular choice amongst fans, with a false "house sighting" in the Adams Morgan section of DC. No official word yet from Bunim-Murray, who has been known to through a curveball at times. (Most recently, many thought Season 13th would have been filmed in Atlanta, but Paris was chosen.)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Trishelle will have Steven on her Fishbowl Talk Show soon

Trishelle (Las Vegas) has been doing her own radio show over at TheFishBowl and she wants you guys to go check out her shows. She has done several interviews with alumni, most recently Karamo (Philadelphia) and she even will have Steven (Las Vegas) who is on Battle of the Sexes 2 appear on the show soon. In the past, guests have included Irulan (Las Vegas), Eric (New York), Beth S. (Los Angeles) and Adam (The Quest).

Steven is sent home for slapping Shane; Shane hooks up with Nick

Here's some more information on Battle of the Sexes 2. Highlight to read:

Apparently, Steven (Las Vegas) makes it relatively far in the Challenge. He's very close to making it to the final three. However, an incident occurs in which I'm told Steven "accidentally" slaps Shane (Campus Crawl) and some sort of a huff is made about it. It's unclear what exactly happens or if Steven gets voted off or is sent home, but it has something to do with his hitting Shane.

Speaking of Shane, supposedly he and Nick (Xtreme) did have something going on during filming. However, it's supposed to be well-hidden and away from the cameras. So we might not even see any of it.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Mark is now divorced; Eric has a wedding ring; Shawn, Tina, Chris are engaged

Just a tiny clarification on our last post: Mark (USA Tour 1) has been divorced since the last Battle of the Sexes aired, so he did not cheat on his wife with Robin (San Diego). We also reported when Battle 2 was filming in New Mexico, that Eric (New York) was seen with a wedding ring. Eric is wearing the ring as a "promise ring" between him and his on-again, off-again girlfriend of two years. The ring puts any flirtation between Eric and Veronica (Semester at Sea) to rest that happened when they were on the first Battle of the Sexes. Also married on this Battle of the Sexes is Arissa (Las Vegas). Shawn (Semester At Sea), Tina (South Pacific) and Chris (South Pacific) are all engaged as of the airing of this show.

Tonya hooks up with Mark; Mark hooks up with Robin; Angela is on everyone's bad side

With Battle of the Sexes gearing up soon, we have been hering gossip flying left and right about who hooks up with whom, who hates whom, and everything in between... We can confirm some speculation with some spoiler-ish information right here:

Talking about love triangles: Tonya (Chicago) will get action this season as she hooks up with Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) and then breaks it off with him, only to go over to Mark (USA Tour 1). However, that doesn't even last long, as Mark (USA Tour 1) steams it up with Robin (San Diego) who I hear are still a couple today and are officially dating.

As for the hating game, Angela (Xtreme) will digress into the same role that she was placed on in Xtreme. She won't be getting along with her teammates and will cause a huge stir for one reason or another. We also hear that Cameran (San Diego) arrives late and is not well-liked by her teammates as well, which is supposed to explain her early departure. We'll see, Battle of the Sexes premieres next week on MTV.

Philadelphia will be part of Choose or Lose campaign on MTV

Check out MTV's Choose or Lose PRElection and register to win lots of cool prizes, watch video footage of P Diddy and the RW Philly cast, and sign up for the PRElection. Click to find out how you can make a difference.