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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Leah and Randy host "The Most Heart-Breakiest Breakups" on Overdrive detailing the worst breakups

Both Randy (San Diego) and Leah (Paris) showed up on Overdrive to host a short clip of the worst break-ups in Real World history. Here's the countdown:

10) David and Kira have their fight in the car - Seattle
9) Frankie and Dave - San Diego
8) "The Heisman Moves"
Kevin and Lori - Back to New York
Brad and Frankie - San Diego
Sarah and MJ - Philadelphia
Randy and Robin - San Diego
7) Rachel rebukes her boyfriend in bed - Austin
6) Aneesa and Veronica fight when Veronica brings her new girlfriend to her house - Chicago
5) Shavonda breaks into Shaun's email - Philadelphia
4) Johanna and Leo break up at the bar - Austin
3) Alton is confronted by Irulan about having a threesome - Las Vegas
2) Danny and Melinda fights in Puerto Rico - Austin
1) Vaj yells at Montana over the phone - Boston

The Real World Denver two-minute trailer shows up Overdrive, transcript is here

The Denver trailer has been posted at Overdrive. This is the 2-minute clip that is airing on MTV. It introduces us to the conflict between Alex, Brooke, Colie, Davis, Jenn, Stephen and Tyrie. We've tried to make it as coherent as possible, but it's a full transcript of what is said. Without further ado, here's the transcript:

It opens looking at the mountains of Denver, storm clouds abrewing. To the house.

Brooke: Don't you talk to me like that ever again!

Stephen and Davis confront each other.

Stephen: I think it's wrong that you're gay.

Davis: What if I said that I think it's wrong that you're black.

Alex and Jenn are in the living room/shower.

Jenn: Do you trust me?

Alex: I am really attracted to you a lot.

Jenn: I am so sorry. I don't want to do that to you.

Ambulance screeches by.

One of the girls crying.

Tyrie: I'm trying to talk to you like a man, but you're gonna walk away from me like a boy?

Davis: I think I saw something last night that just kinda scared me.

Davis fighting with what looks to be Tyrie, with Brooke in between the two of them.

Colie: You worry so much about being here.

Alex: If you want to be with me, just tell me you want to be with me.

Jenn: You asked me to be this person and now you're yelling at me.

Davis: Living here is the most unstable environment I've ever been in.

Stephen yells at Jenn.

Stephen: You shut the fuck up. You don't even know what's going on here.

Stephen, Davis and Alex talking in the kitchen about Jenn.

Alex: Everything she says is to get you where she's at. You take the most personal things you can ever think of and crush her right there.

Jenn is crying in the arms of Davis with Brooke and Colie standing nearby.

Jenn: Life isn't about Tyrie. Welcome to the real world. This is not Tyrie's world, this is ours.

Jenn gets up to fight.

Brooke: Stop it! Stop it!

Alex: If there's one girl I would want to be with, it would be you.

Tyrie (to someone not on the cast): I want you here, I called you my baby for a reason.

Brooke: If I can't even talk normally... just... I hate this place. God!

Tyrie: I'm not taking the blame for that.

Alex (to Jenn): You know you've said things and I've said some things and you know that you're a wonderful person. I love you so much.

Tyrie: Yes or no?! Did you leave him? I'm not taking a backseat to anybody, if you started it, I'm gonna squash you.

Davis (crying): If you're gonna hit me ever, you hit me right now.

Unidentified male: Everybody sometimes messes up.

Davis: My worst nightmare is if I had done what I did last night.

Davis leaves the house gate with a bag over his shoulder.

The Real World: Denver

The Blog's traffic increases 100% over the Duel premiere and past two days

Due to the insane amount of interest in the Duel, our traffic levels have increased over 100% for a normal Thursday and Friday. For all you new visitors to our blog, we'd like to personally take this time to welcome you to our small enclave of Real World and Road Rules enthusiasts.

Also, we'd like to mention right now that weekends are typically off-days for the Blog. There isn't a no-post rule for the weekends. (This post happens to land on a Saturday.) We generally do not update much during the weekends. However, we do update on the weekends if there are late, breaking news reports that need your attention. So, keep checking back often. (Incidentally, you might want to take this time to sign up for our Feedburner service or look through our archive of news.)

But, keep on coming back to the Blog. We have some new features that we are planning to reveal soon and there's a couple of news stories that are leaking out that will come to print in the next couple of days. Hopefully, all the new visitors will become regular readers of our Blog. Thanks for coming and we hope you come back soon!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Yet another MySpace message confirms that Johanna will be a part of this next Challenge

So, MySpace is the wave of the future, I suppose. After confirming that Ace (Paris) and Paula (Key West) will be on the next Challenge. Here comes another confirmation via Paula's comment on Johanna's (Austin) MySpace:

"uhhhohhhhh.... I get to finally meet your cute ass....yippeee!!! see ya soon, xoxoxo hope all is well, take care :)"

So, now the question is: Will Johanna's boyfriend Wes (Austin) be joining her in Cape Town, South Africa? Only time will tell. But now we can officially add Johanna to the list of castmembers headed to the next Challenge.

Diem graces the pages of Glamour; She may be in a documentary to be aired later on MTV

Diem (Fresh Meat), who was triumphed over her fear of taking off her wig in front of her fellow castmembers and the rest of the world, is in the pages of Glamour Magazine this week.

In the article, she mentions how she handled the diagnosis, the pain that it caused her and her family and why she went on the Challenge even after she had found out that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The article also reveals that Diem filmed a documentary for MTV about her chemotherapy treatments, that may be aired later this fall.

Check out Diem's website which is at You can also check out the article on newsstands or you can read it online here.

Ace's MySpace posting confirms that he will be at the Challenge and it will be filmed in Cape Town, South Africa

Ace (Paris) posted a new message at another of his friends' MySpace. This time, he pretty much confirms what we had speculated in the last post.

"So I hear Draigo Productions is about to take over ATL!! Hold the fort down till I get back from Capetown in November!!"

Several implications stem from this: Ace will be going to the Challenge. By association, Paula (Key West) will be going to the Challenge. And now a new piece of information, the city they are headed to is Cape Town, South Africa.

MTV finally formally introduces us to the seven strangers by opening up the Denver website

So, the ceremonial MTV website release has come for The Real World: Denver. Up to now, we've only seen the castmembers in individual photographs or in videos that have hit the web or in those promos.

But now, MTV has opened up the new website which lets you get up and close with this new group of seven. The website also reveals that the cast will be working as Outward Bound guides for Katrina survivors.

So go check out the new cast. The new season begins November 7th.

Paula and Ace may be headed to South Africa according to comment left on Paula's MySpace

Ace (Paris) left a comment on Paula's Key West) MySpace saying that she better get ready for next week, because living with him is like living with an open bar.

So, again, just like the Cameran (San Diego)/Susie (Australia) comment, they may be reading a little too much into a MySpace comment.

Or, of course, this could mean that both Ace (Paris) and Paula (Key West) will be headed to South Africa for the new Challenge. Look for more confirmations this coming week.

Tina visits Blair in the premiere episode of the Duel's Overdrive Aftershow

"Straight after beating the sh*% out of Beth (Los Angeles)", Tina (South Pacific) was invited to sit in with Blair (the Quest), who was celebrating his 50th episode of the Aftershow.

She was actually wearing a College Dropout shirt on the show. They started with talk about the alliance she shared with Kenny (Fresh Meat) and how Tina didn't vote for him. Although she acknowledges it as a stupid decision, the two don't talk as much as they used to.

She also hinted at a hook-up between John (Key West) and Casey (Fresh Meat). But then she went into the Beth explanation and how she "body checked" her after the mission when no cameras were around ("Just to get it out of her system") which began the fight.

Tina loves Svetlana (Key West). She mentions that Beth's mole is missing. She calls Evan (Fresh Meat) the biggest scumbag. She gets Casey back from her Aftershow appearance by calling her out on who she slept with. She gives props to Diem. She calls Johnny "not the brightest bulb in the bunch". She loves Kenny (Fresh Meat). She says Jodi (Extreme) is a lot of brawn, no brains. She says Tyler (Key West) doesn't care about what he says about people.

And finally, "The Sh*& You Didn't See": John and Evan playing a "Jackass-like" game. Johnny Bananas throwing bananas at other castmembers. And Tina running into the sand circle even after TJ Lavin gives the group repeated directions NOT to.

That's the Aftershow episode for the first season. If you missed the first episode, be sure to catch it on MTV or you can actually watch it on Overdrive.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Duel Episode #1: Fitz picks Tyler, Tyler sends John home, Diem triumphs and Tina hits Beth

The first episode of the Duel just finished airing. The first episode of the season delivered and there was no shortage of drama. As the previews special on MTV showed, Svetlana (Key West) was picked to choosed between John (Key West) and Tyler (Key West). Svetlana picked Tyler who then chose John (with the reasoning that they would eventually send John anyway), who then sent home John in a rather lame Duel.

The real pivitol moment came when the girls were performing at their mission. Diem (Fresh Meat), who had just gone through chemotherapy, hesistantly took off her wig amongst her fellow castmembers, which sent a wave of pride for Diem's courage. (Visit Diem's website.) Diem ended up winning the Challenge, but shortly thereafter, Beth (Los Angeles) went to Tina (South Paciffic), confronting her about being pushed. And then ensued the now infamous clip that was played over and over and the episode ended.

Next week: We find out what girl goes home. (It's not hard to figure it out.)

Derrick is a TV jockey for BuddyTV again for this season of the Duel

Derrick (Extreme) is returning to Buddy TV once again this season, guiding you through all the episodes of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel.

What is Buddy TV? Buddy TV is an interactive program where you can watch and chat with Derrick while simultaneously watching the Duel. The only thing is: he'll be doing the show on central time. So if you're not on central time, you won't be able to watch the show with him.

Tonight, he'll be doing the Duel premiere episode at 9PM CT. (That's in about half-an-hour.) So don't forget to check Derrick out in BuddyTV.

Update: Derrick's chat is over since the show is now over in Central time. We'll update the site with more information on the latest episode soon. We'll also keep you updated on the appearances that Derrick makes on BuddyTV.

John involved in a road rage incident in Cincinnati where he had gun pointed at him

John (Key West), who is the subject of tonight's Duel episode, was in an incident Wednesday in Oxford, Ohio, where he and his girlfriend were apparently approached by a longtime Miami University professor after a road-rage incident.

Apparently, John and his girlfriend were following the professor and then cut him off by crossing a double-line divider. This set off the professor, who followed John and his girlfriend to her house, flashing his highbeams, honking his horn. And when John got out of his car to approach the professor, the professor pointed a gun at John.

Check out the story here and don't forget to catch John and a couple of his Key West castmembers tonight on the Duel. (Thanks to Megan for this story.)

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge 13: The Duel premieres tonight

Don't forget: MTV has moved the Challenge to Thursday nights and The Duel will air its premiere episode tonight at 10pm ET.

The Challenge, which was filmed in Buzios, Brazil, features twenty castmembers from The Real World and Road Rules fighting it out for a grand prize of $150,000. Only one male and one female will come out victorious in the end, a departure from past seasons.

After the show, check out Overdrive for the latest AfterShow episode hosted by none other than Blair (The Quest). The Overdrive segments will also include "The Sh*& You Didn't See" segments and there will also be episodic sneak peeks on Overdrive.

Be sure to check out the Blog for all the latest information as well!

Duel Spoiler Alert #1: The first-time Challenge blues - Key West in trouble

This is the portion of the site where we will tell you some spoilers on the upcoming episodes. We actually posted the first episode spoilers before, just a little rehashing for tonight. On a side note, these spoilers will be infrequent and most likely there will be a week or two where we don't post them. Thanks for you understanding.

So to find out what happens on the first episode, highlight the following block of text:

If you've seen the preview over on Overdrive, you know that Eric (Fresh Meat) and Robin (San Diego) win the first mission. Key West is actually directly targeted, as Svetlana (Key West) is forced to choose between John (Key West) and Tyler (Key West).

Svetlana chooses Tyler, who then chooses John. This is all a part of the animosity left over from their season, where the two of them had this love-hate relationship. I'd imagine there would be some explanation tonight behind Tyler's choice, as it'd make more sense if he picked one of the Veterans rather than someone from his own season. Tyler sends John home in the Duel.

Northwestern University chronicles the audition process for this season and asks past castmembers advice

Now that Fresh Meat 2 and The Real World 19 are currently casting, Northwestern University has two articles in its newspaper detailing the audition process (MTV recently came to Chicago for casting) and contacted Norman (New York), Danny (New Orleans), Mike (Back to New York), and Tyler (Key West) about their thoughts on their casting process.

The first article talks about the audition process that day in Chicago and even details what the actual audition process is like. (You sit around in a circle with other applicants and talk about yourself.)

The second article asks the former castmembers what their audition process was like and asks their advice on potential castmembers wanting to go through the audition process.

Check out the articles. They give a pretty interesting view of what's going on in the casting world of BMP. They also give the Blog a mention too.

Extended promo/trailer of Denver says that season will begin airing November 7th

I have been told from several people that The Real World: Denver has begun airing a full 2-minute trailer on the channel. This comes after they released that short promo clip that we posted on the site a few days back.

I haven't personally seen the trailer myself, nor has it shown up on YouTube yet. However, it shows potential cast hook-ups and love triangles that will occur this season. I'm also told that it shows Davis (Denver) threatening to leave the house. It also confirms castmember names: Alex, Brooke, Colie, Davis, Jen, Stephen and Tyrie.

It also gives a premiere date: November 7th. Which is a month earlier than anticipated. TVGuide had originally given the premiere date as airing in December. It just looks like we only have to wait a month until Denver shows up on MTV. We'll keep you updated if they post a promo to YouTube.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Duel episodes to launch on iTunes, Video-On-Demand and your Mobile

For the first time, MTV will make episodes of The Duel available via iTunes, which allows you to download episodes of your favorite television shows for $1.99 and make them accessible to watch on your desktop and iPod.

This new service comes to fruition, after MTV also decides to continue their Video-On-Demand program, providing episodes, the Aftershow (which will be coming back this season) and special sneak peeks that you have never seen before. You'll also be able to download episodes on your mobile phone (provided your phone has the capability to store video), although I have not heard further details about this.

If you miss an episode of The Duel or if you want to take it on your iPod video, now is your chance! Check out the iTunes website.

MTV posts Duel videos in an attempt to "shamelessly promote" The Duel

MTV makes no qualms about it's shameless promotion of tomorrow's upcoming Duel. (They released these videos under the user name "shamelesspromotion".) I guess there's fear in switching the Challenge to a new night (Thursday), there will be a dip in ratings. So, in an effort to promote The Duel, four very short videos have been leaked on YouTube:

Diem (Fresh Meat) and CT (Paris) making out. Wes (Austin) then makes fun of Diem:

Nehemiah (Austin) and Beth (Los Angeles) playing on the bed and CT makes an accusation about the two of them:

A nineteen second clip of Wes fighting with CT during one of his Duels:

The 30-seconds leading up to the Beth and Tina (South Pacific) fight:

Appearance in Lubbock hosted by RxLive, will be a Duel premiere party with Duel castmembers attending

So a couple of days ago, we posted information on how Mark (USA Tour 1) would be in Lubbock, Texas for an appearance in conjunction with a casting call. Well, we have more information about the appearance and who's scheduled to show up.

The day in question is Saturday, October 21st. The casting call will be held at the Beer Garden & Daiquiri Lounge from 10AM to 5PM in Lubbock, TX.

They are holding two meet and greets simulatneously in Lubbock at the Johnlisa Exchange (local boutique clothing store) and Red Raider Outfitters (clothing retailer specializing in Texas Tech apparel), then holding a "Fall Bash" meet and greet and "Press Conference" with Fox Reality's Reality Remix show. Five cast members will be on hand to answer questions from the fans about this seasons latest challenge, The Duel.

Diem (Fresh Meat)
Casey (Fresh Meat)
Evan (Fresh Meat)
Robin (San Diego)

The event will be hosted by Mark. Red carpet arrival is at 9:30PM. The party begins at 10:00PM. Officially, it's a Duel premiere/after party. So, if you're in Lubbock, TX, be sure to check it out.

Katie will leave to Chicago within the next week because Derrick has appearances until November

So, Katie (The Quest), who talked about moving to Chicago two weeks ago, over at MySpace, has recently mentioned that she will move out sooner than expected.

The impetus behind a quick move? Derrick (Extreme) will be unavailable to drive her from Los Angeles to Chicago because he'll have appearance booked from this next week to November. I know what many people are thinking... Doesn't that mysteriously line up with the Challenge film date of October 16? Well, yes. However, technically, Katie mentioned that the move itself would happen on the 15th, so Derrick may or may not be on this next Challenge.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beth is up for an award as "The Most Memorable Reality Performer"

Reality Remix, which is a show that Mark (USA Tour I) reports for, is holding an awards show this year. Aired exclusively on Fox Reality, the awards show would be the first telecast of its kind.

Anyway, Beth (Los Angeles) is up for the only award you can vote on. She's up for "Most Memorable Reality Performer". She has pretty stiff competition in the likes of Mike Boogie, B.J. Averell, Omarosa, Jonny Fairplay, Janice Dickinson, Evan Marriott, Toni Ferrari, Dr. Will Kirby and Flavor Flav.

Anyway, check out Reality Remix's website and vote for Beth!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Denver promos already begin airing three months before season is scheduled to start

So after the unedited video surfaced on YouTube last week, it seems fitting that the Denver promo also surfaces on YouTube as well. Don't fret. They are actually airing this promo on MTV as well. But it doesn't even have a premiere date on it (which we know to be around the beginning of December).

Anyway, quick synopsis of the video, the cast is set up in a circle, playing spin the bottle. It's not footage, it's a staged promo. Eventually, at the end of the promo, what looks to be like Jenn (Denver) and Alex (Denver) end up kissing. Supposedly, these two hooked up during filming, but no word on if they're still an item. Here's the clip:

And for those of you who still are not so technologically inclined and for those of you who just like them, here's some screenshots. Hopefully, ImageShack can handle the large image with the bandwidth:

Top to Bottom: Brooke, Alex, Colie, Jenn, Jenn and Davis, Jenn kissing Alex.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sneak peek of the Duel's first episode is now up on Overdrive

Just a quick announcement: Overdrive has posted a sneak peek for the Duel's first episode. If you have a broadband connection and don't want to wait until Thursday, be sure to catch it.

We'll also have screencaps and a review up here relatively soon for those of you that don't have a broadband connection. We'll also include any spoiler warnings for those of you who don't want to have the first episode spoiled.

So, what are you waiting for? Go see the first episode.

Update: The following contains a brief synopsis of the first half of the episode, now up on Overdrive. If you do not want to know what will happen on Thursday night, please stop reading now.

Clockwise from top: Diem (Fresh Meat) and Nehemiah (Austin) arrive in Brazil. The cast goes up to the Duel area. The cast assembles to hear the rules. Eric (Fresh Meat), Evan (Fresh Meat), CT (Paris) and Derrick (Extreme) conspire, The girls compete, The boys compete, Kenny (Fresh Meat) makes Svetlana (Key West) choose.

The episode starts out with the cast arriving in Brazil at the airport. This is probably the first time since the Gauntlet that the cast met up at the airport and then they board a bus to where they are staying. Everyone's talking in the bus and everyone is commenting on their whereabouts. If you read the Blog, you probably know all this information.

They go into the house and they see "The Duel" emblazoned across a wall. No one knows what it means, but the team question is already thrown into the air. TJ Lavin informs them on their first night of the rules: It basically amounts to a schoolyard picking game at the end of each mission. The winning guy or girl (dependent on which Duel day it is), will choose a member of the opposite sex to be safe. The person they chose, will then choose the next person, until one castmember is left. That one castmember goes into the Duel. That castmember also gets to choose their opponent.

It's a little mindboggling for the castmembers. But on their return home, Key West quickly recognizes the conspiring that is going on around them. Principally, Derrick (Extreme), CT (Paris), Evan (Fresh Meat) and Kenny (Fresh Meat) all decide to let John (Key West) go to the Duel. Derrick cites how it's been tradition.

So, mission day comes up and it's basically a group reverse tug-of-war. I won't tell you who wins, just to keep a little suspense. However, the group gets a surprise when they realize that there's NO deliberation time and they must pick who is going into the Duel at that exact moment. The interesting thing here is that castmembers were first choosing other castmembers from their own seasons (San Diego chose San Diego, Extreme chose Extreme, Fresh Meat chose Fresh Meat). Also, two seasons are deliberately left at the end: Fresh Meat and Key West. The manner of choosing the Duelers each week, explicitly draws lines between castmembers according to their alliances. Which sorta makes them accountable for their actions.

Anyway, at the very end, Kenny (Fresh Meat) must make a crucial choice, because after him, there are only two men left: John (Key West) and Tyler (Key West). One of them must be sent to the Duel, but Kenny must make the decision about who will get to make that decision: Is it Svetlana (Key West), Paula (Key West) or Casey (Fresh Meat), the last three remaining women? Kenny immediately goes for Svetlana wanting to make it "interesting". So, the episode ends with Svetlana torn to make a decision between her two "guardians" at the Challenge: John and Tyler.

To find out what happens, highlight the following text: Svetlana chooses Tyler, who oddly enough, chooses John. John is sent home in the first Duel.

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