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Friday, June 01, 2007

Steven and Trishelle didn't want to do the reunion, couldn't leave the Palms, say Las Vegas "ruined the Real World"

In an article with the Las Vegas Review Journal, both Steven (Las Vegas) and Trishelle (Las Vegas) were surprisingly negative about reuniting with their five other roommates.

"I wasn't thrilled about doing it to be honest," says Steven, who was ultimately convinced by Frank (Las Vegas) to do the reunion. Frank had been excited to reunite in the Palms Casino/Hotel five years later and eventually brought Steven on board. Trishelle, being the last hold out, "didn't want to be portrayed poorly again." Eventually, both Steven and Frank convinced Trishelle to do the show.

The article claims that the cast wasn't allowed to leave the Palms for two weeks. Steven says that "I thought this was going to be the most boring show ever." But it quickly became apparent that that wouldn't be the case as the cast was provided with $150,000 worth of bottle service for the two weeks. "The first time was kind of crazy, and I thought that now that we're all adults, we might get to actually know each other better instead of just drinking all the time." Trishelle says. I guess not.

And finally, almost everyone recognizes that Las Vegas was the season that changed everything. Steven doesn't hold back when he says, "We ruined The Real World." With its fights, sex, and alcohol provided 24-7, the series reached new heights with high ratings and new fans. But Steven points out the downside: When 'The Real World' started it was really something relevant. And now it's really not. It's the same thing over and over again. It's sex and drinking and fighting and stuff like that."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pictures from last night's viewing party suggest that Arissa and Irulan have made up

Last night, the cast from Las Vegas reunited once again to watch the premiere episode of their Reunited season. The cast watched the first episode at the Lounge at the Palms Hotel/Casino last night.

The cast posed for pictures and you can see them here. Last night, we saw that Arissa (Las Vegas) being confronted by both Alton (Las Vegas) and Irulan (Las Vegas).

Well, it turns out that the two posed for pictures together and looked to be somewhat chummy. So, expect the two to squash their drama sometime soon. A couple of the castmembers have been approached about appearing on the next Challenge. More info on this later.

Reunited: Episode #1: The cast is uneasy, Arissa has it out with Irulan and Alton

The episode began where the casting preview left off. The cast had been awaiting Arissa (Las Vegas) to come up to the suite and there was obvious tension between Arissa and Irulan (Las Vegas). As she makes it up to the suite, she seems to be taken a little aback and seems a little subdued. The cast gets a letter from George Maloof, telling them that dinner is on him and they'll spend their first night in Vegas much like they spent their first night five years ago.

Brynn (Las Vegas) brings in her husband Austin and baby son to show the rest of the cast. It seems like somewhat of a mismatch with the Real World lifestyle, but Brynn herself says that she doesn't know if she'll be able to keep up.

The cast chooses rooms. Brynn and Irulan decide to room together because Irulan doesn't want to room with Arissa. Steven (Las Vegas) and Frank (Las Vegas) are close, so they get the other two person bedroom. This leaves Trishelle, Alton (Las Vegas) and Arissa to room in the three person bedroom. Those three are not happy.

The cast sits together at dinner and things are sufficiently awkward. There's uneasiness and uncertainity and Irulan insists that it has to do with Arissa being so guarded about things. Arissa acknowledges that she needs to have her guard up, since she and Irulan had a falling out four years ago.

Frank seems to be having a good time. He gets really drunk and he brings home a random girl. They fool around in the confessional. He confesses that he doesn't know her name and he basically sends her on her way when he's done with her.

Irulan and Arissa finally confront each other at the bar. It seems that four years ago, Alton, Arissa and Irulan were so tight, they called themselves "The Trinity." But four years ago, in a Florida nightclub, Alton and Arissa were in a bathroom, kissing. Each blames the other for coming onto each other. Arissa insists Alton came onto her. Alton insists Arissa came onto him. The two scream at each other, but only resolve to talk it out later with Alton.

The next morning at 7:45a, Alton and Arissa have it out, but the two just get angry and accuse each other of lying. Nothing seems to be resolved and the episode will be continued next week.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Castmembers are being contacted about appearing on next Challenge, will tenatively begin filming later this Summer

I've gotten good word from several sources that there are different castmembers who have been conacted about appearing on the next Challenge. Castmembers from Las Vegas, Viewers Revenge, and Denver have all been approached to appear on this next Challenge.

Although there is no news to the location, theme, or castmembers who will actually appear, the next season of the Challenge is confirmed to be in production. This season could begin filming as early as this month and begin airing on MTV as early as this Fall.

The only word about this possible season has been a casting call that was made back in 2006 about a second season of Fresh Meat. Along with the old alumni, a new batch of castmembers may have been casted to appear in this new Challenge, although nothing is confirmed.

Las Vegas Reunited Episode #1: Post your reactions here

Tonight at 10pm, MTV will run the premiere episode reuniting Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle. The cast is back five years later, still kicking and screaming, but probably looking to have a little bit more fun than they had five years ago.

Post your reactions, questions, and hopes for this new season of the Real World.

Denver Sh$% You Didn't See: Post your reactions here

Finally an episode where there isn't any drama. The last footage of the Real World: Denver kids airs tonight as we see hilarious bloopers that are usually reserved for a DVD. This is the last time we'll see these seven strangers on a new episode (at least until MTV decides to reunite them sometime).

Discuss the episode here and say goodbye to your Mile High roommates.

One MySpace brings the other MySpace pages of the Sydney cast

Last week, MTVisReal revealed Kelly Ann's (Sydney) MySpace website. Now that the cast is done filming and has returned to the States, most of them probably have been chatting with close friends and family about their time Down Under.

The cast of the Real World: Sydney stands at Cohutta, Dunbar, Issac, Kelly Ann, Parisa, Shavoun, and Trisha.

In addition to that, here are the MySpace links for the new seven strangers:

Kelly Ann

Inferno Episode #11: Aneesa is the center of attention, Susie and Jenn are still targeted

The episode began with Jenn (Denver) speaking with Aneesa (Chicago). The talk centered around Aneesa's inability to compete with a busted knee. While Jenn was trying to convince Aneesa that the final mission may involve some serious strenuous exertion that may put stress on her knee, Aneesa tried to reassure Jenn that she was willing to take that risk. The Good Guys, meanwhile, have only three girls left on their side. There's the obvious alliance between Cara (South Pacific) and Susie (Australia), leaving Paula (Key West) to be the most likely girl to be sent to the Inferno.

The mission involved pushing these railroad carts on a set of train tracks. Aneesa refuses to sit this one out and while the rest of the team wants Aneesa to sit out, she insists that she participate, making Jenn sit out. The Bad Asses have the early lead, but soon fall behind. The Good Guys develop a significant lead and end up winning the Challenge.

The girls now have to decide who to send into the Inferno. The Bad Asses decide that they want to send either Susie or Paula. They figure since Susie and Cara are in an alliance, that if Susie wins the LifeShield, she'll send in Paula. So they decide to put Susie in the Inferno. On the Good Guys side, they decide to put in Jenn. No change.

Then the strategists begin to work. Susie tries to make it apparent that she doesn't want the LifeShield, but then she confesses that she's only making it seem this way because she doesn't want Paula to win the LifeShield herself. Then Susie is laying at the pool with Cara and she tells Jenn that she doesn't want to see her go home. This makes Jenn angry and she vents her frustration to Aneesa.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Inferno Episode #11: Post your reactions here

Tonight is a girls Inferno Day. Aneesa (Chicago) and her knee is the center of attention as the girls must face the Inferno once again.

We'll be back tomorrow with more posts from the long holiday weekend.

Post your reactions here.