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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Real World Denver: Another Outward Bound Episode airs tonight

Tonight is another episode of The Real World: Denver.

MTV continues the saga of seven strangers left out in the wilderness, forced to train for a job as woodland counselors for underprivileged children and tries to force them to live outside instead of in a mansion.

Tonight, Brooke (Denver) goes off the deep end when she directly disobeys their boss. However, a little inside info, Brooke ends up going a long way in the program, probably benefiting the most from the learning experience.

The episode airs tonight at 10.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Real World 19 is officially the third international season of the Real World; Will land in Sydney, Australia

After the not so successful seasons of London and Paris, BMP decides to do it again with Sydney. The only upside is that this is an English-speaking country, but that didn't work out in London either, where the cast just chose to keep to themselves rather than explore their surroundings.

The New York Post is reporting today that the cast is going to be living in Sydney. The house is located on Sydney Harbor in a 20,000 square-foot space that is in walking distance of famous Australian landmarks.

Like the Denver house, BMP founder Jon Murray makes it seem that the house is surrounded by a lively night scene, which will continue the long Las Vegas-bred tradition of partying and drunken behavior.

The cast is presumably already chosen. No word yet on whether this season will contain any castmembers from overseas countries. If you remember, the London season was comprised of Jacinda who was from Australia, Lars who was from Germany, and Neil and Sharon who were from the UK themselves. The Paris season also had Simon who was from Ireland.

Road Rules 14 cast is announced; Press release details the rules and uses Viewers' Revenge

MTV finally had a press release on the upcoming 14th season of Road Rules. The cast is:

Abram (South Pacific)
Adam (The Quest)
Shane (Campus Crawl)
Kina (Extreme)
Susie (Australia)
Veronica (Semester at Sea)

What's interesting about the cast is the dynamic between them that automatically sets up alliances before the game even starts. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. The rules state that after each mission, the group nominates one male and one female. Then we at home get to chose who, of those two people, will have to go into an elimination face-off. My guess is the face-off will be against the "Pit Crew", which is the board of replacements that viewers will also be voting on at Check out the press release here.

What's most interesting though, is that the voted off castmembers are eligible to be thrown back in the RV. Once someone is voted off, they are in the "Pit Crew". This suggests that the "Pit Crew" is made up of former alumni as well, but that's also in question, as BMP was casting for Road Rules late last year.

The press release also states that this season will be called Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge.

Monday, January 08, 2007

360 or Viewers' Revenge? Launch Special airs on January 23

While MTV released a small press release earlier in December, tentatively titling their new season of Road Rules, Road Rules 360, confusion has ensued as on the MTV's website, they listed the new series as Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge.

Officially, the season is still in pre-production and filming should actually be starting relatively soon. The six castmembers are reportedly confirmed and initial filming should take place soon. The launch special, which will most likely update us on the six alumni who will take the wheel on January 30, will air one week earlier, January 23.

This is good news for every fan out there. The last new episode of Road Rules aired on September 27, 2004. More than two years later, we will finally have Road Rules back. And on January 23, or possibly when MTV officially announces it, we will find out the official title of the new season.