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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hollywood house has a fishtank surrounded by 19 television screens showing each season of the show

The Real World Hollywood house is revealed: at least for a bit anyway.

Check out this USA Today article, which is more an article about the actual production company than the new season of the show. However, they talk about the Hollywood house in small detail. They also show a picture of the fishtank. Here are the pertinent excerpts:

"One wall inside the 20th-edition Real World house presents the reality-as-fishbowl metaphor, MTV-style. An aquarium with fish swimming around a HOLLYWOOD sign is surrounded by 19 video screens documenting each season of the show, which premiered in New York in 1992 and has been to such cities as Paris, London, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas and Sydney, home to Season 19.

The house, a signature mix of brightly colored whim and production efficiency, has its share of Hollywood fun and folly: an outdoor pool, bar and exercise area, a faux Jaws set in the living room and a huge neon hotel sign."

And they mention that this season actually looked for people who wanted "Hollywood careers." So this could be a very interesting season.

Ever wanted to analyze the MySpace pages of the Real World Sydney girls?

This blogger who just apparently blogs about random things, blogged about the Real World Sydney girls.

In his post, he talks about how many friends each girl has, which of the castmembers are their friends, and analyzes why some of them would have their profiles set up the way they do.

Tim is not so kind to Shauvon (Sydney) or Trisha (Sydney), but it's an interesting read nevertheless.

Sydney Episode #11: Post your reactions here

On tonight's episode, we begin to see the tension mount. Parisa (Sydney) blows up when Trisha (Sydney) antagonizes her. If you remember, this is hot of the heels of their tryst with the local Sydney boy they both made out with last week. This time, as the roommates were picking sides, we'll see a couple of roommates get involved with the fracas, and join either side.

How will this end?

Post your reactions to tonight's episode here.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Parisa and Trisha will get into a fight; Trisha leaves; Ashli replaces her

It's been quite a few seasons since a castmember on the Real World was replaced. If you think about it, it's only happened a handful of times: Beth A. replaced Irene and Glen replaced David in Los Angeles; Jo replaced Puck in San Francisco; Charlie replaced Frankie in San Diego. That's right, it's only happened four times. If you think about the actual number of people who left the show early or momentarily and were never replaced, there's Melissa (Miami), Irene (Seattle), Justin (Hawaii) and Ruthie (Hawaii) whom all left the show earlier than scheduled or in Ruthie's case, went to a treatment program for alcohol mid-season.

It's happening once again: Trisha (Sydney) either decides to leave or hits Parisa (Sydney). It's not clear at this point what exactly happens, but tensions between the two are heating up, as you see for previews for tomorrow night's episode. The trailer makes it seems as if Trisha runs up to push Parisa.

In the past, whether it be on Challenges, Road Rules, or the actual show, the policy on hitting or physical contact has been varied. Stephen (Seattle) actually slapped Irene (Seattle) while she was leaving the house and the rest of the cast was able to vote to keep her in. Brynn (Las Vegas) threw a fork at Steven (Las Vegas) and while he demanded at first that she leave, he rescinded and decided to let her stay. Gladys (Latin America) was immediately sent home after attacking Abe (Latin America), with no intervention from the cast, who later asked if she could back to the show. Steven (Las Vegas) was immediately sent home for slapping Shane (Campus Crawl) during the Battle of the Sexes 2. So, the policy has varied.

The incident which instituted a "no hitting" policy was Steven and Shane. So, by virtue of the fact that Trisha pushes Parisa (as we see in the trailer) she could be immediately sent home. Nevertheless, Trisha does go home midseason.

Who is her replacement?

Ashli (Sydney) - MySpace Page