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Friday, March 24, 2006

Landon is selling items from the Gauntlet 2; Paris Hilton hits on Cameran's boyfriend

Landon (Philadelphia) is selling items from the Challenges. You too can own three cool items that are up for bid right now. They include two checks, one from the Gauntlet II, the other from the Inferno II. He's also putting up the Rookies flag, which will be signed by several castmembers. Check out his website.

And although they don't confirm a source and pretty much anything that involves Paris Hilton and isn't a rumor to begin with: WENN, which is known to have reported on rumors in the past and even treats this as a potential rumor, is reporting that Paris Hilton is pining for Cameran's (San Diego) boyfriend of more than a year, Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom. Although according to the tidbit that Hilton is interested in Cameran's boyfriend, it never actually states that Bloom and Hilton have even ever met.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beth puts her jacket up for auction at Clothes Off Our Back

Beth (Los Angeles) has put her jacket that she wore to the Sundance Festival up for auction on the celeb-run Clothes Off Our Back charity organization. You too can own a piece of Real World history and own a jacket that Beth herself has worn. Bidding ends March 31.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Road Rules is looking to be redesigned for a new day at aMTV; Kevin will be running for Congress

Yeah, we messed up, yet again. So that makes two mistakes in a season that we were pretty much dead-on the entire time. So to the hundreds of emails that came in, demanding for an apology or basically telling us that "We suck"... Yes, yes, we do. We get spoilers in all the time and even coming from the castmembers themselves, they're sometimes wrong. So, yes, we apologize for our second Gauntlet blunder.

So in an attempt at redemption or making everyone's day a little better, there's some news on Road Rules (finally). Ever since being put "on hiatus" by MTV, when they didn't pick up Road Rules for additional seasons (but never canceling it), the status of the series has always been up in the air ever since. Over at BMP's new launch site of M Theory Entertainment, a shoot-off of their main production company, they are mentioning that they are re-tooling the series in an attempt to get it picked up by MTV once again. The re-tooling? They're going to add a little fan interaction into the series. No word on how exactly this will be done, but the last time Road Rules was re-tooled, Jisela (The Quest) was the first person to be voted off the series as a result. The Challenge also has yet to be picked up for another season after the upcoming Fresh Meat Challenge, but don't expect the Challenge to be put "on hiatus", as the series still picks up respectable ratings.

And Kevin (New York) is running for Congress. Yes, Kevin will be running in the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York, vying for a seat in the House of Representatives. Although his campaign is in its earliest stages, you can check out his website at

Monday, March 20, 2006

Randy and Kina are nervous about the final male Gauntlet; Ace appears on an episode of the Surreal Life

Tonight marks the last episode of the Gauntlet where someone will be voted out. A man will be voted out of tonight's episode. Highlight the following text to see who will be going home:

The men are obviously fearing being sent into the Gauntlet. It's the last mission before the grand prize and no one wants to go home. With a slight lead over the Veterans, the Rookies still can't manage to pull out a win this time. With Kina (Extreme) fresh off her win, she fears that Randy (San Diego) will be put into the Gauntlet. Her fears are realized when Alton (Las Vegas) decides to send in Randy... In the last Gauntlet of the competition, Randy is eventually sent home, leaving Kina to face the final mission on her own... With the teams finalized, both teams are energized and ready to fight in the final mission.

Ace (Paris) appeared on last night's episode of the Surreal Life 6. Typically, there's a reality television star amongst the cast. (In Season 2, it was Trishelle (Las Vegas).) But this season, the existing cast of six got to choose the reality star to live with them. The choices were Ace, Corey Clark (American Idol), Maven (Tough Enough), Scott Long (Big Brother) and John (Survivor 9). After surviving three eliminations, it came down to Ace and Maven. Then it was dropped that the women of the house would choose and the women chose Maven, saying Ace would've been "too much of a ham".