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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The RV is down in San Diego and the horns have been stolen

MM Agency reports on a story by the San Diego News Tribune in which we find out that the Road Rules horns have been stolen and unrecovered.

Last night, at around 9:45PM, the RV was in Pacific Beach in San Diego (the area where Brad (San Diego) and Robin (San Diego) were arrested) and three men were seen ripping the horns off the RV. When crew members followed the three men and caught up with them, they claimed that they didn't know where the horns were. The crew members informed police officers, who promptly took action.

The three men were arrested for public intoxication. The horns, however, are still missing. Expect this to be shown on this week's episode. The last time the horns were stolen, Sarah (Campus Crawl) tracked them down by meeting with the alleged kidnappers, much to the dismay of her teammates, who wanted her just to ignore them.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Charges may be dropped against the guy who hit Danny on the first episode of Austin

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that the man who hit Danny (Austin) in May 2005 on the very first week that they arrived in Austin may have charges dropped against him.

Ryan Getman, who was already on probation for a felony theft charge, was arrested after the incident. But in an attempt to revoke the probation as a result of the assault attempt on Danny, the Texas courts may have already tried and convicted Getman. This means, that Getman may have already been subject to thirty days in jail and anger management classes, which makes him unable to be put up for trial once again.

Here's the clip of the incident, which clearly shows Getman hitting Danny:

More corroborating evidence that MTV will put casting videos online for Real World 20

Brian Graden, an executive for MTV, gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times stating that casting for Real World 20 will be different this year.

People who have been sending in casting tapes have been receiving emails from producers who want to put their tapes online. The casting director will then send a release form, the auditioner signs it, and presumably in a few weeks, we'll see a gaggle of videos online from Real World hopefuls.

Graden makes it seem as if the entire finalist pool will be selected by the viewers, which would be a huge departure for the series, which traditionally casts the show with little outside input. However, the number of hopefuls who have been asked to post their videos online seems widespread, which seems to suggest that those who win the online portion of the casting process will be selected to go to a final round of casting with BMP in Los Angeles.

Two more casting calls have been announced. One in Buffalo, NY and one in Santa Barbara, CA. Check Bunim-Murray for more details.

"You in the Crew" sweepstakes chooses the final three contestants; Mike is winning partnered up with MTV to provide a chance for the viewers at home to get onto the RV, without having to go through the trials and tribulations of the casting process. Three finalists have been selected:

Kaitlin - a bubbly gymnast from Michigan
Mike - a strong-minded, fun gay guy who is majoring in entertainment public relations
Jarrick - a former football player/caddie from Illinois

Now, you can go to and vote for the person who you want to see in the Pit Crew. Since there are only three weeks left and only two weeks in which these finalists can join in on the fun since the first week has already begun filming, expect them to be up during the last week of voting.

If voted into the Pit Crew and into the Elimination Pit, they'll most likely have the chance to steal away an opportunity from a Road Ruler who will know nothing about their athletic ability. All this at the very last Pit. How's that for Viewers Revenge?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #12: Susie and Derek return; The Pit Crew gets angry; David back up

Last night's episode of Viewers Revenge saw Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Susie (Australia) face off against Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Veronica (Semester At Sea). After doing a Pit where they had to push each other out of a circle, Susie and Veronica came out victorious.

The alumni were ecstatic to see the pair back on the RV, because the dynamic of the game would be completely changed had they lost.

The group finds out that they will be playing football at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA. This is a pit stop and they'll be playing under the tutelage of the San Diego Chargers. The Pit Crew is obviously at the RVers throats, as Ivory (Viewers Revenge) and Kristin (Viewers Revenge) have a couple of words for the RV crew.

Ivory is at both Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Susie's throats. The group is exchanging threats between each other and apparently are at odds over Ivory's blogs.

The football game is uneventful with the Roadies dominating. Tori bumps into Ivory and Dan, and momentarily gets hurt, but she shakes it off. David (Viewers Revenge) is accused of not being the greatest at the game, which is unexpected. The Road Rulers end up winning the football game 49-15.

The Roadies decide to vote David into the Pit and for the following reasons: He has volunteered; He wasn't good at the football mission; He hasn't been on long enough; He was saved last week. The group, including Derek decides to vote in David into the Pit.

Denver Episode #23: Jenn and Jared drama, Davis is involved; Brooke finds a man

On last night's episode of the Real World: Denver, we saw Jenn (Denver) finally confess to Jared, her boyfriend back home, that she had fooled around more than once with guys since she had been away.

Meanwhile, Brooke (Denver) talks about the lack of men in Denver and how hard it is to find one that is to her liking. The girls go out to a sushi restaurant, and Brooke exclaims that a guy she sees at another table is the "hottest guy she's seen since she's been there." Brooke decides to give him her number. She just gets up when she's leaving and drops off her number.

Jared comes into town and the cast goes off for a night on the town. Davis (Denver) runs into the bathroom with Jared and tells him that Jenn had sex with Alex (Denver) twice.

Brooke gets a call from the man she left the number with, Kyle. Brooke invites him to a club that night so they can get to know each other better. Kyle seems a bit nervous and hates sitting in the club, but the two are heavily flirting after the night is over.

Kyle calls Brooke and asks her if she wants to go bowling. It doesn't sit well with Brooke, who can't exactly iterate her frustration to Stephen (Denver) about bowling on the second date.

Davis wonders about what the reaction from Jenn will be. He tells Tyrie (Denver) that he's worried about it when he finds him on the street in Denver. Jenn then tells Jared that something happened with another guy, but they only fooled around. Jared got angry, walked out, and spoke with Tyrie, who told him that they actually slept together (Darnell and Jenn.) For a minute, Jared believed that Jenn hooked up with Davis.

Jared gets over it. Davis makes up with Jenn. Brooke and Kyle are TBD.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pit Preview: Catch the first few minutes of what goes down in tonight's episode

The following only spoils who is in the Pit and what game they will play:

Viewers Revenge Episode #12: Post your reactions here

Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Susie (Australia) are sent to the Pit to defend their spots on the RV. Will the two make it back? Is this the point of no return for the Pit Crew members, who will have a difficult time getting the alumni off the RV after this week? Will the Alumni continue to send Pit Crew members to the Pit?

Also, tonight is yet another Pit Stop, so make sure to check in to see how your Pit Crewers are doing.

Post your reactions in this post.

Denver Episode #24: Post your reactions here

Jenn's (Denver) boyfriend Jarrod comes into town and Jenn is forced to deal with the repercussions of sleeping with Alex (Denver). At a club, Davis (Denver) tells Adam that Jenn slept with Alex twice, sending the couple into a drama-filled tirade. Discuss the relationship, Jenn's status with Alex, and Davis's seemingly malicious transgression.

Post your reactions here.

Inferno 3 Episode #3: Tyrie is out, Danny goes off the deep end, Susie/Jenn nominated

So it begins. Last night's episode began with the Challenge between Tyrie (Denver) and Alton (Las Vegas). The two had to hang upside down from a contraption and put together a puzzle that needed to be stacked in a certain pattern. Both had trouble with it, but Alton seemed to have it down, as he stacked as he grabbed the pieces. Alton easily won the Inferno.

The Good Guys are happy and are looking forward to winning their mission. Both teams begin discussing who they want to send to the Inferno. The Bad Asses seem to fall apart as Aneesa (Chicago) accuses Evelyn (Fresh Meat) of being in the competition for herself and not the rest of her team. Evelyn seems to be ganged up on by her teammates and storms out of the room.

The next day, the teams get to their mission which is to knock down a castle wall with a battering ram. The Bad Asses seem to want to go in a million different directions as everyone offers an opinion of what to do. Eventually, they decide to stack their strongest people in the back. The Good Guys develop a strategy involving their momentum, so they aren't stacking people.

The Good Guys end up winning the mission. Danny (Austin) then freaks out and gets angry with his team because the girls didn't defer to the rest of the team and wanted to do what they thought was best. The Bad Asses are obviously shaken up by the loss.

The teams have 30 minutes to vote who goes to the Inferno. The Good Guys pick Jenn (Denver), presumably because she's a weak target. The Bad Asses pick Susie (Australia), as she's one of the smartest and strongest on the team. Next week, the two girls will try to win the LifeSaver and the first girl will be sent home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Real World 20 is casting today in the Palms Hotel/Casino in Vegas; Vegas cast will be there

It was announced last week that Bunim-Murray Casting was adding another date to its list of open calls, and that would be Las Vegas. Not so strange, but once you consider that the Las Vegas cast is filming their series in the same loft they once occupied five years ago, you begin to understand why this is happening.

If you're in the Las Vegas area, want to try out for the Real World, or just want to catch a glimpse of Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle, who will probably be conducting some casting interviews, head on over to the Rain in the Desert Nightclub at the Palms.

Casting begins at 10am and ends at 5pm. Who knows... You might end up on the next Real World.

New Orleans' Matt gets married to his longtime girlfriend over the weekend

Matt (New Orleans), who we last saw quarreling with Coral (Back to New York) on the first Gauntlet got married over the weekend to his longtime girlfriend Candyce. Congratulations to Matt!

Matt has been working for LifeTeen, the Catholic youth organization, for the past few years, as their webmaster and sometimes motivational speaker. Matt met his wife shortly after returning home from his first and only Challenge.

If you want to catch up with Matt, be sure to check out his website in which he posts a journal updating you on his whereabouts.

Inferno 3 Episode #3: Post your reactions here

Tonight is another episode of the Inferno 3. It's the battle of the heavyweights as Alton (Las Vegas) meets Tyrie (Denver) in the first Inferno. If you really want to know, Alton wins and Tyrie is sent home. Will the Bad Asses pull off another win? Who will be the two females that are sent to the Inferno?

Use this thread to discuss tonight's episode with airs at 10PM.

Pit Battle put online and reveals which castmembers are challenging Derek and Susie

The Pit Battle between Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Susie (Australia) has been revealed. Over at, they have posted the Pit Battle for everyone to see, but they fall short (like always) of showing who actually wins. If you don't want to know what happens, stop reading.

Derek and Susie seem to be at a little bit of odds with each other. Susie, did in fact, send Derek to the Pit for the third time in four weeks. Derek is obviously ready to go in the Pit and looks like he'll try his hardest to get into the RV again.

(Highlight to read) Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Veronica (Semester at Sea) have been chosen to face off against Derek and Susie. The tension is palpable between the two teams and Susie even gets into it with Veronica about the way that the alumni are playing the game.

Should be a good, physical Pit Battle. If you want to know who wins, highlight the rest of this post: Derek and Susie pull off another win.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tonya posts her thoughts on the Inferno 3 and her first impressions of the cast

Tonya (Chicago) posts her first impressions of the cast (which aren't really first impressions) on her new blog at MySpace.

Tonya, who hasn't blogged on the Challenges before, lets her opinion be known about her fellow castmembers and she doesn't hold back in this blog. Right away, she almost seems at odds with most of the girls. She especially seems to be at odds with Cara (South Pacific), who she can't really stand, especially after her Playboy shoot. Although, Tonya does say that she could relate to Paula (Key West), but Tonya isn't at the Challenge to make friends. She also mentions that Rachel (Austin) got a boob job before coming onto this Challenge.

She closes out the blog with a comment about the violence on the shows, especially since it seems to happen every season. It's a good read. She even mentions the Mean Girls, who thought were to be a part of this Challenge before filming began.