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Friday, October 06, 2006

Real World Denver lesbian hot tub footage leaked over the internet

This is the first time this has happened if memory serves correct. Someone over at BMP has leaked footage of Denver. Get Real Denver was the first to post this. It's a hot tub scene supposedly between Brooke (Denver), Jenn (Denver) and Ty (Denver). "Supposedly" because we only have pictures of the castmembers and this is the first footage that's come out. It's of Brooke and Jenn making out in the hot tub and Ty asking to join in. And yes, it's real. The interior of the house matches what we've seen before.

And for those of you who don't have high speed internet and don't want to wait forever to see the clip, check out the following screencaps:

Brooke says she wants to liven things up and asks Jenn what she wants to drink.

Jenn asks Brooke if she's drunk.

Jenn goes to hug Brooke.

Brooke and Jenn make out for the rest of the video.

Ty asks if he can join in. After getting no response, he says he'll just sit back and watch.

Melinda and Landon are on tour with Nick Lachey promoting

Yes, Melinda (Austin) and Landon (Philadelphia) are on tour with Nick Lachey. Nick Lachey has a partial stake in a new online community called yFly. So, in an effort to promote the new website, which is a bit like MySpace, he's bringing along several people to help promote it (Melinda and Landon being two of them).

The upcoming dates that they'll be there are:

10-10 - DC
10-17 - Tampa
10-19 - Orlando
10-20 - Atlanta
10-21 - Nashville
10-23 - Louisville

yFly is almost exactly like MySpace. It's actually a pretty good service that actually confirms if members are celebrities. A couple of castmembers are already on it. Svetlana (Key West), John (Key West), Paula (Key West), Casey (Fresh Meat) and Aviv (Fresh Meat) are just a couple who've signed up already. Check out Landon's website for more information.

Andre's band, The Andre Comeau Band, has album available at iTunes

Andre (New York), who is part of that group of alumni that we don't hear much, is in a band called none other that the Andre Comeau Band. They've been together for about two years and they recently released their latest album on iTunes. So, if you were a fan on Andre (New York) in his Real World years, check out his new stuff.

Also, his band is on MySpace. You can preview the music there and check out his latest appearances in the Los Angeles area. Good luck to Andre and his band.

Timmy opens up his own website apart from RealitySpot

Timmy (USA Tour 2) and Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) have had a long standing partnership in the form of a website together. They've released a couple of DVD together even. Well, Timmy, who's had success has a hosting personality on television, has opened up his own website at

The website will feature his resume, photos, contact, links and stuff to generally help out his career. He'll also post his schedule so you'll be able to catch his appearances wherever he might be around the country.

Danny and Melinda have not broken up; The two are still engaged and a date has been set

There was some news over the summer that Danny (Austin) and Melinda (Austin) has possibly broken off their engagement and were no longer living together. According to, the two are still very much engaged and living in Boston.

There was some question as to whether the two would have their marriage air on MTV after Danny proposed to Melinda on the reunion show. It looks like Danny told TMZ that he's not looking to broadcast his nupitals over the airwaves, especially since most MTV couples don't have the best track record.

I'm also being told that the two have set a date for Spring/Summer 2007.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Castmembers will be at a casting for RW19/FM2 in Lubbock, Texas; Castmembers will have an after-party

Usually, casting news isn't normally news. (By the way, if you want to know what the scheduled casting dates are for Real World 19 and Fresh Meat 2 scroll down.) However, this yet unannounced casting date is a bit out of the ordinary.

BMP will be casting on Saturday October 21 in Lubbock, Texas (no details on where yet) from 10am to 5pm. The interesting thing is that there will be several castmembers holding an appearance the same night in Lubbock at Beer Garden. Mark (USA Tour I) is confirmed to be there and there should be other castmembers showing up.

So, for you Real World/Road Rules aficionados who live in Texas, this should be a special treat for you. Try to get on the show during the day and hang out with castmembers at night.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fresh Meat 2 is now casting, which probably means that Road Rules was passed up by MTV again

Over at the Bunim-Murray casting webpage, there is somewhat of an official announcement saying that they are currently casting for the Fresh Meat 2 Challenge.

Fresh Meat 2 is being casted alongside Real World 19, which has yet to have announced its host city. The Fresh Meat concept came from the fact that there were not as many Road Rules castmembers available to do Challenges as there were Real World castmembers. So, in order to offset that, newbies were brought in to liven up the Challenges. The news of Fresh Meat 2 comes as a bit of a surprise, as there were expectations that Road Rules 14 would be reformatted and come back as a series. Since Fresh Meat 2 is being casted, MTV most likely decided against renewing Road Rules once again.

This new edition of Fresh Meat will be filmed after the 14th season of the Challenge (presumably The Inferno 3) which will begin filming this month in South Africa.

Cara and Susie may be going to South Africa says Cameran's MySpace

Well, although I don't like reporting on stories of this nature because they are ambigious at best, a posting on Cameran's (San Diego) MySpace may reveal that both Cara (South Pacific) and Susie (Australia) may be headed to the next Challenge.

Here's the text of the comment:

Cammie, It's Monica Ericson. I just thought you should know that Cara and I are about to go start some trouble. Won't be the same without your skinny buns.

Now, maybe we're just reading into this waay too much... Maybe both Cameran and Susie have a mutual friend named Monica Ericson, who have a third friend named Cara, which coincidentally may or may not be South Pacific's Cara. Maybe Monica, Cameran and Cara take regular trips together. Or it really means what we think it means and we'll be seeing Susie and Cara in South Africa.

Update: The post was directed toward both Cara and Susie going to a party in South Carolina, which incidentally is Cameran's hometown.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Theo follows up his Last Comic Standing win with appearance on Craig Ferguson Show

After his success with winning the online portion of NBC's reality show Last Comic Standing, Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) will be making an appearance on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson doing his stand-up act.

In between appearances in Challenges, Theo has also been busy with speaking engagements at colleges. He'll actually be at Susquehanna College located in Selinsgrove, PA this coming weekend. Visit his website at Theo's appearance on the Late, Late Show is scheduled to air sometime this week, but we'll update you on the date when we get word.

Congrats to Theo and his continued success!

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Challenge set in South Africa may be the third Inferno

Yes, the folks over there at Get Real Denver are reporting that this Challenge, currently slated to begin filming mid-October will be the second sequel to the Inferno. Now the first Inferno was obviously Real World vs. Road Rules, while the second Inferno was "Good Guys" vs. "Bad Asses". No word on what the "twist" will be this time around.

Also, they're reporting that Stephen (Denver) might have joined Colie (Denver) and Davis (Denver) as Denver castmates slated to appear in the new Challenge. I'm also getting a substantial amount of emails confirming various other alumni through hearsay in the internet. No concrete information as of yet, but we'll soon be getting confirmations.

M.J. is hosting a charity event this Tuesday night in the Nashville area

In honor of a drunk driving victim Charles M. Johnson, there will be a Kick-Off Benefit Concert held in the Nashville area at Country Monkey - Nashville.

M.J. (Philadelphia) will take over hosting duties for this event, along with CMT Search for the Ultimate Coyote winner Kassie Miller. Musicial guests and performers include the 2006-2007 Nashville Predators Dance Team, Stoll Vaughan, Jenny Farrell, Laura Lynn, Lucas Hoge and host Kassie Miller. There will also be a fashion show as part of the festivities.

The event will be held Tuesday, October 3rd beginning at 7PM. Call 615-259-7812 for more information or check out the Country Monkey website for directions. All proceeds will go to the Charles M. Johnson Scholarship Foundation.