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Friday, September 12, 2003

Support Kit's tryout on ABC's talk show The View

Hello, sorry for no updates for the past two days...

Kit (USA Tour 1) appeared on ABCs The View yesterday. Now, it's your turn to help Kit out. She appeared on the chatfest trying out for the fifth co-host spot vacated by the twenty-something Lisa Ling. The remaining four women will pick the last co-host this November. Both Kit and Rachel (San Francisco) have tried out for the spot. Email the four ladies and tell them how much you love Kit and how you want to see her on the chair permanently! Email:

Joy Behar
Star Jones
Meredith Vieria
Barbara Walters

Thank you!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

San Diego house is revealed; Kit appears on ABCs the View trying out for a co-host spot

Some news on the Real World House... First and foremost, Real World Houses has added new shots of the San Diego house. Including shots of the house at night... Check out the light setup for this year's season. And some news on the history of the house.

Obviously, the house is located in the Point Loma area of San Diego. Although it is a waterfront property, many native to the San Diego area believed that the house would be located in other sections of San Diego. La Jolla, an affluent town, home to UC San Diego, was thought to be a front-runner to the San Diego home. Also, Mission Beach, site of MTVs Beachhouse, was also thought to be a great choice for the setting to the Real World. Also considered was Downtown San Diego. However, Point Loma became the evident choice, surprising many San Diego natives. Point Loma is known for fishing... and isn't a trendy spot in San Diego. Probably chosen for a greater sense of privacy, the waterfront home was once home to a seafood restaurant. Shortly before the roomies moved in, the house was known as the Blue Crab Restaurant. Once the restaurant went out of business, a company set up their offices in the building. And now it's known as the Real World house.

And tomorrow, Kit (USA Tour 1) will be vying for the fifth co-host spot on ABCs The View. If you remember, Rachel (San Francisco) tried out for the spot this past month, sitting in with the ladies for two days. So far, no other MTV alumns have been interested in the spot... But the last time when The View was looking for a co-host, both Rachel (San Francisco) and Lindsay (Seattle) tried out. We will also tell you how you can help Kit tomorrow. The final decision will be made live November 26. Before then, most likely, finalists will be invited to sit in with the ladies one more time.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Jacinda appears in Vanity Fair and more news on the Robin San Diego arrest

Jacinda (London) has recently appeared in an issue of Vanity Fair magazine. In it, she talks about her two new films, The Human Stain with Anthony Hopkins and Ladder 49 with Joaquin Pheonix. She even alludes to her Real World days as well in the article.

And more news about the San Diego arrest from The San Diego Union Tribune. Some members of the cast were filming on Pacific Beach (where MTV crews set up their beachhouse a few years back) at a bar called Moon Doggies. Apparently, Robin got into an altercation with a marine who was also at the bar, and Robin scratched his arm and face. She posted bail on Wednesday, but no word yet on Robin's fate on the show.

Thanks to Eddie and LE for their information!