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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Without explanation, MTV eliminates the Revenge and the online episode from

This week marked a particularly dim moment from those producers over at MTV.

On Tuesday night's episode, we saw Drew Bell tell the cast that they only needed to nominate one castmember to go to the Pit. While no explanation was given, the show lost most of its appeal as a "real time, interactive" show when we lost the ability to vote a castmember into the Pit. (We do still have the ability to vote a Pit Crew member in the Pit.)

In another surprising turn of events, it looks like the Elimination Pit episode of the series will be eliminated from future weeks as this week, put up a video recapping the episode with commentary. They mention that Veronica (Semester at Sea) was voted in this week to face-off against Tori (Viewers Revenge). But they fail to show the actual Pit battle. wants us to check in on Tuesday night to see the two battle it out in a puzzle battle. This might potentially signify the end of the online episodes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Denver Episode #15: Love is in the air with Davis, Stephen, P.J., and Mercii

The episode starts with Davis (Denver), Colie (Denver) and Jenn (Denver) going to Denver's gay pride festival/events/fair. This is actually a new experience for Davis who never went to Gay Pride events before he came out. This brings up Davis' boyfriend P.J. who is coming to visit him while Mercii, Stephen's (Denver) girlfriend is coming to visit him at the same time.

Tyrie (Denver) invites Jazalle over the house and she's in lingerie because she just came back from a lingerie party. Jazalle bets him that he wouldn't answer the door naked and Tyrie ends up doing just that. The next day, Stephen and Davis both go to church.

This brings up a conversation between Stephen and Davis. Davis brings up issues within his family about how his mother won't allow him to come home and how his brother basically disowned Davis upon learning that he was gay. Stephen feels for Davis.

Later on, Davis is joking about the situation with P.J. and Stephen being in the same room when they go to bed at night. It actually comes to a head when Jazalle and Tyrie want to use the guest room, but Stephen is sleeping in there, so they have to put their nightly plans on hold.

Later on, Mercii comes to visit Stephen and they get settled in. Once they're in Denver, the two decide to go on a double date with Davis and P.J. Stephen is walking away from the experience knowing that he's changed his outlook on things and now knows that the situation isn't as easily frame as he thought it was.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #3: The Roadies Face the Pit Crew in a Pit Stop and Tori is sent to the Pit

Happy Valentines Day!

Last night, Drew introduced a couple of changes to the game. The group seemed pretty happy to get rid of Abram (South Pacific) as they were unsure about where he actually stood on the sanity meter. Tori (Viewers Revenge) really wanted to see Dan (Viewers Revenge) in the RV, so you can imagine her happiness when she got what she wanted.

The cast gets their clue to get to Pismo Beach, CA for their next Challenge. Drew then introduced the first of two changes to the game. They first came to the first Pit Stop, in which they would battle an opposing group. Drew made it seem that it wouldn't necessarily be the Pit Crew at each stop who would be the opposite team. So, could we possibly see a team of different alumni or maybe even a Real World group, as is tradition for each Road Rules season?

Anyway, the two groups will be competing for $10,000. The objective is pretty simple... To get tires off a hill and bring them down to posts. The first group to bring back all of their tires, wins. Jerry (Viewers Revenge) has a pretty tough time as he has an ashtma attack halfway through. All he needed was his inhaler, but the medic put him out of the game, forcing the game to abruptly stop.

The Roadies won the match easily, being far ahead of the Pit Crewers. So the group wins the mission.

Next, the group has to nominate only one person, which is the new twist that Drew introduces. The group decides to do it randomly by having Dan pick the name out of the hat. The group is sitting at an RV park when they are going to pick the name, and to Dan's dismay, he chooses Tori. While the two were flirting during the trip, both don't want her to leave so they can continue their flirting.

See what happens when Tori faces either Veronica (Semester at Sea), Ivory (Viewers Revenge), Angel (Viewers Revenge) or Kristin (Viewers Revenge) this Saturday at 10AM.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #3: Post your reactions here

It's time again for another episode of Road Rules and its time for you guys to share your opinions about this night's episode!

Viewers Revenge Episode #3: The Roadies face off against a group of formidable opponents

Tonight is yet another episode of Road Rules: Viewers Revenge. MTV is foregoing the afternoon sneak and according to current TV schedules, will show the first episode at 9PM PST/EST, but check your local listings for more information.

Dan (Viewers Revenge) will join the group this time around as the team tries to add another $10,000 to the pot and the team is faced with yet another decision to send two castmembers to the Elimination Pit.

Will Shane (Viewers Revenge) and Dan team up in a new alliance to get out the alliance of Kina (Extreme) and Susie (Australia)? Or will someone volunteer themselves to go in to the Pit?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Road Rulers face-off in the next episode which looks to be a pretty heavy mission

The following is a preview of tomorrow's episode. This is spoiler-ish:

Dan and Monte are sent to the Elimination Pit and a new Pit Crew member replaces Abram

This past weekend, two male castmembers from the Pit Crew competed in an Elimination Challenge in order to replace Abram (South Pacific), who was sent home from the last mission because he hit Adam (The Quest).

Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Monte (Viewers Revenge) were selected as the two highest vote-getters in the group of four. This means that Monte is probably the male front-runner to be nominated every time, since he's been to the Elimination Pit twice. But Dan had a special chance this week to get into the RV.

The two met up in the Elimination Pit with Susie and Adam there to watch. They were going to play "Fumble", which had them vying for a nerf football as it was dropped into the middle of the Pit.

Dan won the last three of four heats, so Dan will be the sixth Road Ruler joining the cast. Congratulations to Dan!