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Friday, July 08, 2005

More clues about the Gauntlet 2 finale and its castmembers

Here is the next hint. The answer to the last hint was Mark (USA Tour 1). He appeared in a movie called Guarded Secrets.

2) Veteran. Female. This Real Worlder seemed to develop a rift with Veronica during her season.

Angela will be appearing on the July 17th episode of Entourage

Starry Constellation Magazine has published an interview with Angela (Eztreme) about what she has been up to lately. She will be appearing on the July 17 episode of Entourage as a corporate publicist named Jen. She will also be appearing in the film Loaded due out this year.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Danny and Melinda are still a pair, but not living together yet; Clues about the Gauntlet 2 finale

Here's some clear-up about the Melinda/Danny (Austin) situation that Reality TV Calendar reported on yesterday. The pair are still a pair, however, they are not living together in Boston as of yet. Melinda is still living in Wisconsin and Danny is still living in Boston. However, Melinda is looking for a move out to Boston with Danny relatively soon.

The next few days will be long and ardous for many of you, but it will reveal many things about the upcoming Gauntlet: Rookies vs. Veterans... Here are the Blog, we have decided to give you hints every so often about the final twelve on this next Challenge. Within the next few days, we plan to reveal the Final 12. We're almost positive that this information will be leaked somewhere else in the mean time. To discuss each hint that we give you with other fans on the internet, check out our message board. You can access our Board by hitting the button on the left side of this page. Once there, head over to the Gauntlet 2 section where there is a sticky about these hints.

Here's today's hint:

1) Veteran. Male. This castmember's ability to perform on the Challenges is no guarded secret.

May be a little difficult for some, but if you know your trivia, I'm sure you'll find out the answer. If no one figures it out, we'll reveal the answer with the next hint. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Danny and Melinda are rumored to be living together after filming has wrapped

Which two Real World cast members are rumored to be living together? Check out this article posted on Reality TV Calendar for the answer.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The final mission for the Gauntlet 2 is now done and over with

The final mission for the Gauntlet 2 has been filmed and is now over. From what I know, there are six castmembers left on each side and it seems to be a good mix of people that have/haven't been to a final before. We will post the list as soon as we get clearance! Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth!