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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We rehash the final teams and the winners of the Gauntlet 2 on premiere night

The first episode of the Gauntlet II aired yesterday night. Although a scant 1/2 hour episode, there is tons on this season the Challenge that you sure don't want to miss. Tons of surprises and victories that you won't expect and of course, who can't do without the classic drama that has become a mainstay of the Challenge series.

So, the day after the first episode, we're going to recap the castmembers to make it to the final Gauntlet and which team wins: (highlight to read)


David (RW Seattle)
Brad (RW San Diego)
Mark (USA Tour 1)
Timmy (USA Tour 2)
Julie (RW New Orleans)
Aneesa (RW Chicago)
Robin (RW San Diego)
Katie (RR The Quest)


Jamie (RW New Orleans)
Alton (RW Las Vegas)
Landon (RW Philadelphia)
MJ (RW Philadelphia)
Susie (RR Down Under)
Ibis (RR Extreme)
Jodi (RR Extreme)
Kina (RR Extreme)

The Rookies win the final Challenge.

If, per chance, you missed last night's episode, MTV will be re-airing at the following times:

Tue 12/06 11:00 AM
Tue 12/06 6:00 PM
Tue 12/06 8:30 PM
Wed 12/07 12:00 AM
Wed 12/07 4:30 PM
Wed 12/07 11:00 PM
Thu 12/08 1:30 PM
Fri 12/09 5:30 PM
Fri 12/09 11:00 PM
Sat 12/10 11:30 AM
Sat 12/10 9:30 PM
Sun 12/11 7:30 AM
Sun 12/11 11:00 PM

Monday, December 05, 2005

Gauntlet 2 premiere is tonight; Some new pictures of Jose surface on the internet

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet II premieres tonight pitting Rookies against Veterans. This is the eleventh installment of the Challenge series. Don't forget to check it out tonight at 10PM.

And we're introducing to you, Jose Tapia, a member of The Real World: Key West cast from Tallhassee, Florida. Here's a picture of Jose:

Jose attended Florida State University and although he says that he is single, he has an on-again, off-again 5-year relationship with a girl named Irene. Jose is described as a wild, yet focused and introspective individual. Although he is known to be the life of the party, he already also owns three different properties in different states.

Danny and Melinda reveal some small tidbits in a speaking appearance at a school

A few things you wanted to know about Danny and Melinda:

- They are getting married in a year and a half
- They don't smoke pot
- Danny was drugged in the South
- They were both paid $2,000 for the reunion

Check out more info on the couple at RealityBlurred.