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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jeremy and Alton expected to face off in tonight's male Gauntlet

Monday marks yet another new episode of the Gauntlet II. Again, the following are spoilers for the episode. If you want to figure out what happens in this and future episodes, highlight the following text:

In the episode preview, it shows us that both Beth (Los Angeles) and incredibly Alton (Las Vegas) have trouble completing the tire swinging challenge. While this is a male Gauntlet day, Beth frustrates her team simply because they believe that she's not at the same level of performance as the rest of the team. While Beth is dragging the team down, the Veterans still manage to pull through a win, sending the male Rookies into the Gauntlet. Alton selects Jeremy (South Pacific) to go into the Gauntlet. While Jeremy does put up a fight, Alton sends him packing.

With only four Gauntlets to go, time is winding down for this Challenge... Will Alton and Kina (Extreme) prevail through the entire challenge to make it to the final mission? Will the team get rid of Beth? Who will win the final Challenge? With only four Gauntlets to go, we'll tell you that both the Veterans and Rookies will both see two Gauntlets each in the coming days, bringing their numbers to an equal standpoint. It will be eight against eight in the final mission. Keep reading the blog for more info!

Friday, February 17, 2006

TVGuide jeers Trishelle for her overexposure in the recent Lingerie Bowl

Trishelle (Las Vegas) was listed in this week's TVGuide Cheers and Jeers section on a news item that we actually posted earlier. Apparently, TVGuide wasn't too keen on Trishelle being a quarterback for the pay-per-view extravaganza, the Lingerie Bowl. They cite her appearances on The Surreal Life, The Lingerie Bowl and Real World as overexposure. However, they fail to mention anything about similar reality television star, American Idol alumni and former Surreal Lifer Ryan Starr, who also played in this year's Lingerie Bowl.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cara goes on Overdrive to explain why her alliance was targeted

Overdrive Episode Summary
Cara (South Pacific) | Monday February 13, 2006

The Interview

Cara continues to deny the alliance. She says Brad (San Diego) had the initial idea and right after that conversation went down, she was talking to Jillian (Extreme) and Susie (Australia) about it. And that's when it all started. She also cleared up the rumor about her hooking up with Jamie (New Orleans). It was nothing more than flirting. She counts posing for Playboy as the most liberating time of her life.

Beat Blair Challenge

The Drama Wheel... Ahh, the juicy details come out. First, it lands on Susie. She admitted that the two of them spit on Ibis' (Extreme) pillow and Susie may have spit on Jillian's (Extreme) pillow as well. Next is Danny (Extreme). He apparently was "loony" and did pull-ups everywhere that he went. He also hated Jodi (Extreme) so much that he claimed he would hit her with a car. Kina (Extreme) was next on the drama wheel. "Crazy Bitch" were the first words out of her mouth. She claimed that Brad (San Diego) told her that Randy (San Diego) cheats on Kina.

Wheel of Truth

The wheel lands on "What If..?"

Blair: What if you could take back one thing you've done in your life?

When she was a child, she was playing with kittens. She put them in a box and to keep them from getting out, she stacked books on top and accidentally killed one of them. To be fair, she was really sad about it and it was a total accident. She loves kittens. She would take it back in a heartbeat.

The wheel lands on "Word 4 Word":

Danny: Crazy
Kina: Her head is big. Bobble Head
Robin (San Diego): Boobs "I think she wants to be in Playboy"
Susie: An Angel in disguise. Delicious sense of humor
Blair: Player "You have a reputation of gettin' with ladies!"

The Sh*t You Didn't See

Susie and Cara wrestling. Susie and Cara talking about who has nicer boobs. A replay of Aneesa (Chicago) going off on Cara. THEN later that day, Aneesa admitting she went a little crazy and she fucked up. They made nice and re-introduced themselves to each other.

Thanks to Heather (once again) for submitting her Overdrive episode summary. Until next week!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mallory is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model once again in 2006

Mallory (Paris), who has been having a successful modeling career ever since she stepped off her season, is now going to be featured (once again) in the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. Mallory regularly models for companies like JCrew and Abercrombie and Fitch, appearing in their catalogs and other national print ads. Last year, she received the distinguished honor of being a part of the swimsuit magazine and this year she has done it again. Congratulations to Mallory! Check out her pictures in the magazine here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

David is arrested for driving with a revoked license, expired registration, and no car insurance

The Boston Herald is reporting that David (Seattle) was recently arrested for driving with a revoked license, expired registration and no car insurance. David, who is currently on the Gauntlet II, was arraigned on the charges at Woburn District Court and was given a court date. We'll keep you posted on this should there be more news.

Monday, February 13, 2006

MTV On Demand is featuring Dan in his preview special of the Key West season

In addition to the Overdrive episodes that they show, MTV On Demand (only available for select cable companies/plans) is showing a Key West special featuring Dan (Miami). In a triumphant return to the state in which he filmed his own season, Dan guides you through the new Key West house and the island. If you haven't seen the house, tune into your On Demand or find someone who has it!

Tami is doing all kind of television work on UPN, Oprah, and the WB

One of the alumni from one of the first Real World seasons, Tami (Los Angeles), has been working steadily as an actress in Hollywood, especially in television shows. Tami had a successful 2005, appearing in UPN's "Girlfriends" and had a recurring role on Denise Richards' short-lived series "Sex, Love and Secrets". She also guest starred on "Summerland". Tami appeared on Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and The Sharon Osbourne Show shortly after the Kobe Bryant affair broke, talking about her own marriage with NBA star Kenny Anderson. She later appeared as a finalist on the local WB news affiliate for a reporter job at KTLA news (the same one Janet (Seattle) is with) and then she turned her sights on television. She's starring in two upcoming movies this year, both in supporting roles.

And after tonight's episode of the Gauntlet, be sure to check out's Overdrive episode with special guest Cara (South Pacific). We'll be taking reviews once again this week.