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Friday, April 06, 2007

Las Vegas cast leaves for Vegas beginning this Monday and filming wraps up the last full week of April

Looks like the castmembers of The Real World: Las Vegas will be hitting up the slots sooner than you think. The cast will begin arriving in Las Vegas beginning this Monday on April 9, while filming ends around April 26.

This is a little earlier than previously anticipated (the cast was thought to arrive in a week), but this time frame does fall within the suggested three-week filming period.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas, I wouldn't exactly suggest approaching the cast. The whole dynamic of the show is changed, as everyone knows exactly who the cast is and as everyone knows exactly what the cast is doing at the Palms. (During the airing of the season, the cast would make up funny stories about what they were filming because they were never allowed to say what they were taping.) Don't expect the cast to be galloping the Palms too much.

But, if you do see the cast, snap a photo or email us at to let us know.

Susie compares Viewers Revenge to Australia and this may be her last hurrah on MTV

Viewers Revenge alumni Susie (Australia) gives an exclusive interview to BuddyTV where she reveals that she might retire from Challenges.

Susie, who originally appeared on Road Rules: Australia when she barely turned 18, was a self-proclaimed "superfan" of the show. She made a casting tape when she turned 18 and was sent to Australia to become part of Road Rules history. After taping the Inferno III, she begged producers to let her be a part of another Road Rules experience, but comes to the conclusion that the two games are far different.

"I think that it’s changed the way everybody’s played the game," Susie explains in the interview. The voting off and interactive element of the show has caused "some of the cast members... [to] monitor their behavior and change like, their character to maybe please the audience." She also goes on further to explain the backstabbing nature of the game and how the dynamic will shift as we near the end of the game. "The volunteering and you know playing it nice might start to fade a little bit in favor of you know more cut throat strategies."

Finally, she mentions that she might be done with Road Rules, Challenges, and other MTV-related things after this stint. "I just really appreciate what Road Rules has brought to my life and it’s been so rewarding but I’m an old lady now and I think I’m going to move on to a different stage but I feel like I’m passing the torch to Tori because she’s only just begun."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #10: David vs. the World as things get heated in the RV

The episode opens with us, the viewers, finding out that David (Viewers Revenge) is going in the Pit against Shane (Campus Crawl). Eager to reclaim his spot on the RV, Shane claims that he's more than the meets the eye, as he claims that he will put up a fight against David. They get "Fumble" and the clear advantage is to David.

Shane almost has no chance as David clearly outweighs him and has the advantage. David wins the first two heats and is declared the winner. Back on the RV, the cast pretty much concurs that they don't want David back on the RV. It seems that after watching last week's episode, the cast thinks that David is two-faced.

Upon entering the RV, the cast is solemn and David and Tori (Viewers Revenge) are at each other's throats. David claims that Tori is fake since she turned her back on the Pit Crew and joined the Roadies. The argument gets pretty heated and Susie (Australia) even joins in and tells David that if he ever speaks to Tori like that again, he'll go to the Pit everytime. It's a pretty heated conversation.

The trust bond is broken between David and the rest of the cast. It seems like his time is limited in the RV. The Roadies get their mission, which is to do some racing/tricks on dune buggies out in the desert. It's a two part mission that seems pretty difficult. The first part of the mission is to complete a six-mile course under 15:00 and the second part of the mission is to complete a jump off a ramp and reach a certain distance. The Roadies end up failing their mission and not banking $10,000.

When it's time to vote someone into the Pit, it seems that they'll be throwing David into the Pit again. However, Derek (Viewers Revenge), who is David's only confidant, volunteers himself to prove himself to the cast and to save David. The two of them are banking on the hope that the alumni won't continue to vote the two of them out.

Keep tuning in to see how this ends up and whether or not the alumni will keep their alliance strong against the Pit Crew.

Denver Episode #22 : Stephen is accosted by the entire group and makes amends

The episode begins with the Outward Bound kids and the final days of their hike. Some roommates are excelling at motivating the kids, while others aren't doing so well. Tyrie (Denver) and Colie (Denver) seem to take a leadership role, while the other cast seems to be doing well. All except Stephen (Denver) that is.

Stephen went to his sister's wedding and missed most of the trip. Colie and Tyrie accused him of not taking too much interest in the kids. When Stephen returns, he's met with anomosity and negativity.

The kids go home and the roommates are once again left to their own. Once they get home, they get their evaluations. Stephen is confronted with the fact that he didn't care too much about the kids and took a backseat role to leading the group.

This leads Stephen to confront Tyrie and Colie. Davis (Denver) tells Stephen that both of them had talked behind Stephen's back while he was at his sister's wedding. He also tells him that Tyrie thinks he's "too integrated into white culture."

For whatever reason, Stephen decides to confront both Tyrie and Colie. Everyone seems to work their differences out. Tyrie tells Stephen that he thinks that he didn't put 100% into the Outward Bound experience and that he thinks he's "whitewashed", just like Stephen thinks Tyrie is "hood". The two realize that they just had their first disagreement. Stephen confronts Colie at a bar, where they just vent their frustrations, and hug it out at the end.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Real World Las Vegas cast will reunite for three weeks and live in the Palms suite beginning later this month

In a surprising move by Bunim-Murray Productions, the cast of The Real World: Las Vegas will be reunited to film a reunion series that will last six episodes. MM Agency reports that Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle have all been contracted to reunite to live for three weeks in the very same suite that they lived in five years ago. Last week, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that production and the Palms were in negotiations to return the seven to their former digs.

For clarification purposes, this is not considered to be the 19th or 20th season of The Real World. The 19th season of the Real World is scheduled to be set in Sydney, while the 20th season is currently in its initial casting phases. Perhaps, this may be an entirely different series, as BMP was attempting to reunite the Austin cast before the Las Vegas cast ultimately became free.

Filming begins Monday, April 16 in the Palms Hotel/Casino on the 28th floor. This cast is known for changing the face of the Real World. Their antics on the show caused the show to gain a reputation for hard partying and quite a few irresponsible situations (IE. pregnancy scare, fork-throwing incident). It should be interesting as the dynamics between the cast has changed dramatically since they left the Palms five years ago. Here's a quick update on the cast:

Alton: He dated Irulan for three years and they both moved to Los Angeles together. Alton appeared on the Gauntlet and Kill Reality with Irulan, he also appeared on the Gauntlet II shortly after the break-up. He won on the Gauntlet II. Alton also appears on the upcoming Inferno III. Alton moved back to San Diego shortly after breaking up with Irulan.

Arissa: She moved to Las Vegas shortly after filming ended. There, she was married to a bodyguard she met in Vegas, but the relationship fell apart when Arissa agreed to be a part of the Battle of the Sexes II. Arissa made it to the final three women, but ultimately lost to the men. Her appearance on Battle of the Sexes II caused some friction amongst her former castmembers. Alton, Irulan and Steven all claimed to have some issues with Arissa on the now defunct, as they claimed that she was fake.

Brynn: Brynn moved back to Portland after the series ended and began to seriously date Austin. The two were eventually married and had a son, Halen together. Brynn is still living in Portland.

Frank: Frank moved to Los Angeles after filming ended. (If you remember, he, Trishelle, and Steven traveled to Los Angeles so Frank could interview at UCLA.) He attended the Anderson School of Business and then appeared on the Battle of the Sexes II. There, he began a brief relationship with Angela (Extreme), which he didn't like the way in which it was portrayed. The experience left Frank disillusioned with Challenges and he has reportedly said that he never wanted to do a Challenge again.

Irulan: Moved to Los Angeles with Alton and they dated for three years. She appeared on the Gauntlet, but lost near the end, while Alton stayed on to win. They broke up and Irulan hasn't been heard from since.

Steven: Steven appeared on Battle of the Sexes II. He was kicked off after he slapped Shane (Campus Crawl) for talking during a silent mission. He was the host of a radio show over on the Fishbowl for a couple of months, where he claimed that he would never do another Challenge again after being kicked off for slapping Shane. After the Fishbowl went belly up, he hasn't been heard from.

Trishelle: Moved to Los Angeles and appeared on the Gauntlet and Inferno. She began dating The Miz (Back to New York) during the Challenges and she left the Inferno on a sour note after being berated by Coral (Back to New York). Hasn't done a Challenge since. She moved on to pursue a variety of different projects. She hosted the radio show on Fishbowl for a short time before Steven, then she moved onto doing movies and television. She won Reality Fear Factor with The Miz. She appeared on the Lingerie Bowl several times. She also had parts in various movies such as The Dukes of Hazzard 2 and scored a lead role in the upcoming Ninja Cheerleaders.

The series should be good. We'll let you know more information as more becomes available.

Viewers Revenge Episode #10: Post your reactions here

The Roadies have sent David (Viewers Revenge) into the Pit and he battles a familiar face in order to earn his spot on the RV. It's also time for another Pit Stop as the Road Rulers will face off against the Pit Crew once again. Will the Roadies succeed in fending off the Pit Crew members? Will they lose the $10,000 prize? Will thy have to send in both a male and a female? Will the Roadies stay true to their game and send in Derek (Viewers Revenge)?

Discuss tonight's episode which airs at 10:30PM only on MTV.

Denver Episode #22: Post your reactions here

On tonight's episode of the Real World: Denver, the roommates finish up their Outward Bound experience with the male group from New Orleans. Davis (Denver) stirs up some drama when he critiques Brooke (Denver), Colie (Denver) and Jenn (Denver). Later on, he stirs the pot between Stephen (Denver) and Tyrie (Denver), when he tells Stephen that Tyrie thinks Stephen is "too integrated into white culture." Tyrie also seems to come to a breaking point with his relationship with Jazalle.

Discuss the episode here. It airs at 10:00PM only on MTV.

Danny and Melinda, the third Real World couple scheduled to be hitched, may tie the knot soon

In the spirit of our last post reporting on Rachel (San Francisco) and Sean's (Boston) anniversary, we're reporting on the third couple scheduled to be married, Danny (Austin) and Melinda (Austin).

Way back when, when the reunion aired, the pair were aiming to have their nuptials in Spring 2007. I actually received a few emails that the pair is scheduled to tie the knot fairly soon, but I have no real confirmation. Danny, who is appearing on the upcoming Inferno III, and Melinda will become the third Real World couple to marry.

The other Austin couple, Wes (Austin) and Johanna (Austin) are still together and splitting their time between Arizona and Los Angeles. Those two have put off plans for their engagement until Wes finishes school at ASU.

Today is Sean and Rachel's eighth wedding anniversary; The couple have four children

The first Real World couple to get hitched is having their eighth wedding anniversary today. Sean (Boston) married Rachel (San Francisco) on April 4, 1999 after they both appeared together on Road Rules: All-Stars. All-Stars is now known as the first season of the long running series of Real World/Road Rules Challenges.

The couple have four children together, ranging from the ages of 1 to 7. Sean is a district attorney in Ashland, WI and made headlines in 2004 when he was seriously mulling a run in the United States Congress. Rachel spent most of her time trying to make it as a television host, hosting many short-lived series and local programs, but most notably, was a candidate for the fifth co-host chair on ABC's The View.

Sean and Rachel are one of two married Real World couples. The other is Pam (San Francisco) and Judd (San Francisco) who married after dating for several years. Also, the lone Road Rules couple who is engaged, Chadwick (Australia) and Holly (Maximum Velocity Tour) are still very much married.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

David goes to the Pit and this new video reveals who he'll face this time

This week we find out who is sent to the Pit with David (Viewers Revenge) and who will face him. Will David officially earn his spot on the RV?

Paula appears on the Keith Ablow Show to talk about her eating disorder

Paula (Key West) appeared on the Dr. Keith Ablow Show to talk about her experiences with eating disorders. She appeared with Clueless star Elisa Donovan to chat with Dr. Keith Ablow about her eating disorder experiences.

If you remember, Paula's roommates confronted her about her eating disorder in the early days of the Key West season. This forced Paula to finally accept the fact that she had an eating disorder. Later on, as the problems seemed to escalate, she went to counseling for her trouble with alcohol.

Paula will appear on the upcoming Inferno III which airs next week.