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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Zach, with a new haircut, blogs about Sydney and now calls himself Isaac

Zach (Key West), who we haven't heard much of, recently sat down and blogged about the Real World Sydney. The article has a little picture of him that shows that he got a new haircut in which he looks like he's a completely different person. Other than that, he's scheduled to be on the upcoming Gauntlet 3. Since the show ended, Zach has been taking the time to produce his own movie, so I'm sure you will be hearing about that a little more as time goes on.

In the article, he gives you his opinion of each of the new roommates. Most prominently however, is the fact that he refers to himself now as "Issac", which may be his real name, and he may have used his nickname when he was on Key West.

Nevertheless, read the blog. it's a good read.

Lori is now a pharamaceutical rep living in Boston once again

Fresh off her chatfest with the hosts of The Hills Aftershow, Lori (Back to New York) is doing a variety of different things in post Real World life.

First, she's living in Boston again, she is working in sales for a pharmaceutical company. She's no longer in the reality television game. She hardly keeps in contact with any of her former roommates. While she attempts to contact Coral (Back to New York) at least twice a year and she and the Miz (Back to New York) only text each other, she finds it rough to keep up with that gang.

She's also attempting to sing again and is in a local cover band in the Boston area. Good luck to Lori!

Sydney Episode #7: Dunbar blows his top; Kelly Anne and Cohutta make mountain babies

The beginning of the episode finds Cohutta (Sydney) and Kelly Anne (Sydney) flirting with each other yet again. However, when the potential for love seems unclear, Kelly Anne seems to get a suitor who brings flowers to the door. Carey, an Englishman that Kelly Anne met in Sydney sends her flowers. Dunbar (Sydney) isn't impressed.

Then it turns into this big old thing. Dunbar gets angry. Shauvon (Sydney) and Trisha (Sydney) defend the gesture, but Dunbar has to apologize to Kelly Anne in private. Kelly Anne later tells Dunbar that he needs to chill or he's going to freak out in the house.

The next morning, Dunbar, Trisha and Isaac (Sydney) begin to talk about sex before marriage. Trisha is pretty admanant that one shouldn't have sex before marriage, but Dunbar doesn't see where its relevancy is in relation to the Bible. Cohutta stops the madness before anyone can get worked up any more.

While Isaac leaves porn in the bathroom for Dunbar to relieve himself, Dunbar confesses to Kelly Anne that his anger issues come from being abused as a child.

Kelly Anne then meets Carey and while this new guy may have money, she seems to realize that he might not be the one for her. Cohutta, meanwhile, mopes around the house without Kelly Anne. Isaac tells Cohutta not to get involved. At the end of the date, Kelly Anne refuses to kiss Carey. And, when she comes home, she jumps into bed with Cohutta, finally cementing the fact that the two at least like each other.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sydney Episode #7: Post your reactions here

Tonight, on the Real World Sydney, Dunbar (Sydney) gets his aggression out. So much so, that even Isaac (Sydney) even seems to think that he needs to blow off a little of that testosterone. In the preview for tonight's episode, we see Dunbar get frustrated to the point where he breaks furniture (which, in case you didn't know, anything the roommates break, they pay for). Discuss what gets Dunbar all riled up tonight and all the quirks of tonight's episode in this post.

Post your reactions here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Isaac opens his own website and promises to answer questions, blog, and have live chats

Resident funnyman Isaac (Sydney) recently opened up his own website at

He promises to interact with fans quite a bit, so it's a real treat if he comes through with his promise. You can actually ask him questions, which he promises to answer. He has scheduled live chats, several times throughout the week. He also has a blog from the website.

He also lets us know that he is currently working on an album that will feature 10 different genres of music and may have appearances from his buddy Cohutta (Sydney) via the studio they had while they were in the house.

Lori shows up on the Hills Aftershow, she is called both thorough and attractive

Lori (Back to New York) recently moved back to Boston. We all know from her blog that she's a Hills addict. Last night, Lori showed up on the Aftershow via webcam, but not as a Real World alum, but as a genuine fan of the show. Her appearance is short, but the hosts call her "thorough" and the female host calls her "very attractive". Lori appears with about 1:20 left to go in the video.

The video may have problems opening. Click on this link to go to the video directly.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sydney cast may have been in attendance for the VMAs, Parisa did attend several parties

Each year at the MTV Video Music Awards, the current cast of the Real World and Road Rules is invited to walk down the red carpet. Well, this year is a little different. Either the Sydney, Denver or Viewers' Revenge cast didn't make it down the red carpet yesterday, or no one cared enough to write about it or take pictures of it. Also, a couple of people from the Challenges are traditionally invited, but no alumni seemed to be there either.

Last year, the Key West cast walked the red carpet at the VMAs just as their season was getting underway. However, we can confirm that Parisa (Sydney) was in Las Vegas for the past couple days including yesterday, attending some of the pre-parties for the VMAs. It is entirely in the realm of possibility that the cast was there in the audience, but they just did not get to walk the red carpet this year. Meanwhile, the cast of MTV's other reality show The Hills, did walk down the red carpet and got to present an award to Justin Timberlake.

Trisha may have been spotted outside Les Deux Saturday night with MTV vet Andy Milonakis

In one of the strangest news stories yet, Trisha (Sydney) could have potentially been spotted by TMZ cameramen on Saturday night, walking out of famed nightclub Les Deux, with none other than Andy Milonakis.

While TMZ stopped short of claiming that the girl with Milonakis was actually Trisha, the similarity is striking. We also know that Trisha recently moved to Los Angeles, so it is likely it is her. However, we should mention that Trisha was not the center of the post, more of what Milonakis had to say to the TMZ cameramen.

Finally, Les Deux is famous for a couple of reasons, it was opened by a couple of Big Brother alumni, it also is the spot to hangout for the girls of The Hills, and it is also a couple of blocks away from where the next Real World house is rumored to be located.