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Thursday, February 08, 2007

A new, cool Road Rules website returns for another crack at it

Another Road Rules website has popped up. New Road Rules Web, which had previously been up and running for a while, just had its grand re-opening.

The website has a pretty sleek design and the content is updated on a consistent basis. (Now only if's website looked like that!) So, we welcome back Road Rules Web and we hope that you guys go and visit them!

Davis may have broken up the Amazing Race's Reichen and N*Sync's Lance Bass

Lance Bass recently came out and Reichen from the Amazing Race was dating Lance Bass. A story that broke on Davis (Denver) cavorting with Reichen hit gossip rags a few weeks ago.

However, it seems that Lance and Reichen are no longer together, and it may be because of Davis. The hookup between Reichen and Davis was apparently the straw breaking the camel's back in that relationship, as Davis seems to think that the news of the two of them together caused Bass to break off the relationship with Reichen.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Denver Episode #14: Colie freaks out about Alex bringing home another girl to the house

Colie (Denver), who thought that she got over Alex (Denver), is now reconsidering her thoughts on the subject. On this episode of Denver, Colie freaks out about the disrespect she feels when Alex has sex twenty yards away from her.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #2: Abram hits Adam and is sent home saving the Roadies from Elimination this week

The show started with a quick recap and a basic re-run of the Elimination Pit that was supposed to run exclusively on

The cast begins by picking up the two Elimination Pit Crew Members. Abram (South Pacific) makes the comment that it will be between the four of them for the next Elimination Pit. Shane (Campus Crawl) makes the comment that he won't care what the mission is because he think that he'll be targeted.

The cast seems happy to see new castmember Tori (Viewers Revenge). Tori gets their mission clue to get to the Encina Jetty in Carlsbad, CA. They think that they'll get to do white water rafting. They get to do "Swift Water Rescue".

They have to successfully complete an actual rescue. They work with the San Diego Swift Water Rescue team. They first get an introduction to the training that they'll receive for the mission. The cast trains to get into the river and retrieve a body from the river. Tori has a few problems with the training to begin with.

The training scares the cast as Tori could have been seriously hurt. The cast seems happy to have Tori's energy in the RV. Tori explains her background, her dad, and the absence of her mom.

They get their mission from Drew. They have to get a call from dispatch where they have to rescue two victims. Four castmembers have to rescue the two victims. If the victims are washed out to sea, they fail the mission and get nothing. Kina (Extreme) and Adam (The Quest) are the most comfortable with water, so they are chosen to be the victims.

Adam is the first victim and he flows down the channel. Shane jumps in to catch Adam and gets swept downstream, but Shane catches Adam. Kina has to grab the net that Abram and Tori are holding down. They successfully lead Kina out of the channel.

The cast is at the pool, and the group is deciding who is going into the pool. Adam and Susie volunteer themselves, and Abram has a problem with it. Then, all hell breaks loose. Abram and Adam begin to fight over the vote. The situation escalates and the two get in each other's faces. Kina tries to pull them apart. Tori is overwhelmed by the situation and begins to cry. Abram actually throws a punch. He knows that he'll be sent home and he leaves to pack his bags.

The Roadies then have to pick two castmembers to pick up their new castmember. Adam and Susie, who were going to go anyway, are chosen to go. So, this Saturday, two male Pit Crew nominees will be chosen to battle it out for their spot on the RV. Go vote at

And for this episode, we have some nice, memorable quotes that pretty much summarizes this episode. The quotes come through really clearly in the raw footage that's available at iFilm. (Check the previous post.)

"Don't you fight... Don't you fight... Don't! You did it the first time, don't you do it again! -Kina (Viewers Revenge)"

"Oh, you motherf$%$er... oh, you as$%ole. -Kina (Viewers Revenge"

"I just want to go home. -Tori (Viewers Revenge)"

"Oh God... Please stop! Please, please, please, please... stop it! -Susie (Viewers Revenge)"

"Adam! Walk away! -Susie (Viewers Revenge)"

"You're still a fuc$%ing punk bi$%h! -Abram (Viewers Revenge)"

Breaking news: Major spoiler on tonight's episode of Road Rules: Viewers Revenge

You've heard it here first, the second episode of Road Rules is definitely a great one. Rumors have been circulating and now, 15 minutes before it's slated to begin on the east coast, the clip from tonight's episode that you DON'T want to miss!

More updates coming your way after the episode finishes airing on the West Coast. Until then, go comment on the episode by taking a look at the previous post.

Reactions to Viewers Revenge Episode #2: Post Your Thoughts Here

Tonight is the second televised episode of Viewers Revenge. Now that the RV lineup is changed, how will it affect tonight's vote? Will the Roadies be united under this newfound pressure? Or will the team crumble under the new rules? What will the mission be like? Will they add yet another $10,000 to the team pot? Will the cast eat at Wendy's again or look up their mission location at

All these questions will be answered on tonight's episode of Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge, so share your thoughts!

Adam promises a great episode tonight, plus he tries to clarify his relationship with Susie and Kina

Adam (The Quest) posting over at his MySpace fills us in a little on this upcoming episode of Road Rules. He says that you need to watch or TIVO this episode as you don't want to miss this episode.

He doesn't offer much information in addition to that, but then he tries to clarify something that he said in the first episode. If you remember, he says that Kina (Extreme) and Susie (Down Under) were his best friends. He clarifies this by saying that he never really knew either of them before the Gauntlet 2, in which he was sent home early, but he considered them as betraying friends since Kina was very good friends with Katie (The Quest), while Susie (Down Under) and Timmy (USA Tour 2) were also very good friends.

What does this mean? Well, it could mean that Adam turns his back on the girls. Most likely, this is probably what happens as they'll probably institute the "can't vote out the last person brought in" rule, in which the cast will not be able to nominate Tori (Viewers' Revenge) for the Elimination Round.

Should be a good episode.

Monday, February 05, 2007

MJ and Mandy Weaver have a daughter and they name her Isabella

MJ (Philadelphia) and his wife, The Real Gilligan's Island star Mandy Weaver, just welcomed their beautiful baby daughter into the world. Celebrity Baby Blog, which cites MJ's MySpace as a source, speculates that MJ welcomed his daughter into the world at the end of last month.

The two were expected to have a daughter and they named her Isabella. Congratulations to MJ and Mandy!

Trishelle appears in the tentative Super Bowl ad for

Trishelle (Las Vegas) showed up during the first quarter of the Super Bowl yesterday. She was in the commercial. Although the fate of the commercial was uncertain, because two separate ads were rejected by CBS, CHS did finally air a revised version featuring Trishelle yesterday.

This version had Trishelle part of the "marketing team" where she partied it up in the conference room at GoDaddy.

Congratulations to Trishelle!