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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Las Vegas premiered tonight; Frank tells TVGuide he was embarassed, Brynn says she'll never do the Real World again; Kyle and Lori are dating

Being hailed as one of the most innovative, dramatic seasons of all the twelve, the producers of the long time running show, The Real World promise that their Las Vegas installment would be one of the best. Now that the first episode has aired, there has been mixed reaction to Trishelle, Brynn, Irulan, Arissa, Alton, Steven and Frank and the circus called the Real World.

Personally, I thought that the episode was a little too much too soon. We accurately reported most of the dramatics of the first episode about two weeks ago (That's for all you haters at the message boards.) And we did see the love triangle... (Love square, rather) of Steven, Trishelle, Frank and Brynn. Most people who are new to the show emailed in saying that the first episode absolutely disgusted them. They were appalled by the season's tackiness and fake reactions of the castmembers. However, long standing fans of the series have applauded the first episode, saying that it has all the dramatics of a classic Real World season. More than likely, production decided to jump into a huge issue far too soon. That should've been a third episode topic... not a first episode topic. However, Las Vegas is promising a lot more than this love square, so they probably had to fit that into the first episode. What do you think? Email us at

Have you seen the new issue of TV Guide? Well, there is an article detailing the behind the scenes drama that went on when the castmembers first moved into the house. Apparently, within minutes of meeting each other Steven had his hands on Trishelle's leg, maybe foreshadowing impending moments to come. They also had trouble with the elevator. (They have to push in a secret code.) There's also an incident where on their way to Ghostbar, the cast takes the emergency stairs only to be led to a dead end. On their way back to the elevator, they lock two cameras in the stairwell. It also has a short profile of each castmember. Frank says that he's pretty embarrassed about the first episode, leading us to believe that this will blow over. Brynn rates the Real World experience with a 5, saying that she would never do it again. It's a pretty interesting article.

Wanda over at Eonline had her chat on Monday. Just to keep those who want to know informed, she only reported on Cara's appearance on Jenny Jones. She also talked about Lori and Kyle dating... Which we both reported to you several days ago.

Also, we are unfortunately behind on the site with all the new things. It's a lot of work, but thanks for waiting!

Monday, July 29, 2002

David and Julie are the first to be sent home from the Challenge; Las Vegas cast spotted; Chicago is selling their stuff

We have a lot of news today. Hold onto your hats...

Anyway, welcome our new poster RWRRB Admin3! We are no longer looking for any new posters at this moment. But we are proud to have him as a new poster, bringing you news every single day.

We recieved an email from someone visiting Jamaica, who saw two Real Worlders at the airport. You already know ONE of them, but here's the email:

"As I was flying home from Jamaica on about July 17th and the plane landed in Miami. David from the Real World LA got off the plane as well. I knew that the Challenge was being filmed in Jamaica and I had seen Julie at the airport as well and got her autograph. I asked David what he was doing there and he said he was done with the challenge. Therefore him and Julie must have been voted off at the same time. I heard that Julie was the first to go on the women's side. So David of RW2 must have been the first on the men's side to go."

So, David from the Los Angeles season was voted off early! However, there is speculation that the Battle is windling down to its final contestants. There is no word on if there is an inner circle, if there will be a small group remaining in the end. No one seems to really know. However, we do know that voting off occurs in GENDERS and not SEASONS as Julie was sent home, and not Melissa.

Also, in Las Vegas news... We got the first semi-picture of cast members. Someone was taking pictures in the Palms nightclub and saw the opportunity to take a shot:

You can see the cameraman at the right. They are filming a male and a female. Interesting but not too revealing. :) This is pretty much the first shot of the Real Worlders at all. Usually, there are an abundance of pictures and their names are already all over the internet. Apparently, that's not what it's like this season. Only speculation on message boards. We'll keep you updated as more becomes available.

And finally, Pool and Spa are giving away the hot tub from the Chicago season. It'll be your chance to win the hot tub where Keri, Cara, Tonya, Kyle, Theo, Chris and Aneesa chilled so many a nights. To enter the contest online, go to Pool and Also, if you win, drop us a line at

Also, there is a Road Rules episode tonight! Watch it, analyze it, write us a little blurb about it. Email it to us at and we'll post the best ones tomorrow!

That's it for now! Have a great day!

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Melissa posts live from the Challenge which is filming in Jamaica

Another thing from the Battle of the Sexes filming right down in good ole' Jamaica: Melissa from New Orleans is still going strong... Here's the passage taken from her journal:

"So, I am in Jamaica right now, and I can't say the internet access is 24 hours as I was promised, but let me not start by complaining. Actually, that is precisely where I will start.

Who is in charge of doling out the punishment around these parts? There have been numerous levels of sheer disappointment, socially speaking, anyway, for me.

Let's start with good old Taye Diggs. We're actually in the same area where they filmed How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but I can't relate because I am still trying to get my groove on. I got all cute on my day off thinking I could snag the precious Taye (the heat must be making me delirious with confidence that doesn't quite exist) only to find that he was here to get married. Yeah, thanks for the fun times Taye.

Moving on to Black Jesus. Know that Madonna video Like A Prayer? Remember old dude on the cross crying that one drop of blood as a tear, yeah him. He's here! Yeah, so I am lounging around by the pool (never confessing to the fact that I can't swim), drinking pina colada (singular) and I recognize this person that I swear I know. It wasn't even a celebrity sighting until after I was embarrassed about how I rolled up on him. I went up to him and actually said the words, "Excuse me, sir, with the shorts on, I know you..." He proceeded to tell me that he didn't, and I proceeded to insist that in fact I did. He said he doesn't live in LA, but that he's an actor so perhaps that's how I know him. At that point, I tried to gather any scrap of dignity and started the long and elaborate apologies. We get to talking and he invites me to this huge concert (featuring Ja Rule and Ashanti) and I explain that I am "not allowed" to leave this here compound. I take many poetic licenses with the "not allowed" thing. I do many of those things thinking I am not being filmed, but whatevs.

Anyway, I ended up flaking on the concert because we were filming the dramatic voting off "ceremony" (that's what they call it, it's really not that ceremonious, it's actually somewhat repetitive) until midnight. So, the next day, I was down at the bar again. Don't worry, I am not drinking my face off while being filmed. Learned that lesson long ago. Not that you were worried, though. So, next day at the bar, I see him and of course, I suck because I flaked. He then invited me to a casual dinner (we'll get to the food situation in a second) and to the concert again (it's like a neverending festival of music).

Listen to why I couldn't hang out with him! Let me preface this by saying if any of you ever have the opportunity to eat with Black Jesus, take it any way you can. I regret flaking already! I couldn't hang because I have a rather unfortunate bout of the Traveler's D. Yeah, the kind with the sense of urgency and fire. I told him I was sick. He asked what kind of sick, and being the girl with no game, I actually told him what kind. So that makes me completely undateable and stupid, but like I said, the heat makes me retarded. No, I wasn't sick and drinking at the bar, but the cameras weren't at the bar so that's where I was.

So, the food situation. I have lost weight, and I dread the possibility of being accused of an eating disorder when this airs. Know those swollen-bellied children in Somalia? Yeah, that's about where I am. Registered in at a whopping 92 pounds, and I feel really gross and at about 88 ish. Steady diet of ramen noodles and pb & j because I can't eat the "catering" they've provided because oh, I don't know, there's a rumor there's a virus. But everybody got the D long before I did. Now everybody's healthy and galavanting, while I am sick and sad but hiding both ailments because it's that type of show. But things don't stay hidden for very long when you're under infrared surveillance.

On to the non-complaining. Jamaica is some beautiful stuff. I can't even explain. Just know that every time I get pissed at production, I have to remember that I fell asleep watching the sunset and woke up looking at the ocean listening to steel drums. It rules here. The humidity makes my hair ugly, but it rules here.

I have tried to be on my best behavior and with the exception of a few times where I suffered really ugly and poor anger management, I have managed to really have fun. Surely they'll air every time I had to bitch about something and make me the ambiguously undedicated contestant who complains, but I swear it's mostly about the way shit is handled by production. Some things just boil down to plain unfair. They're great people, but the fairness goes out of the window sometimes.

So the paranoia has set in for sure. Come airing date, I might just find a hole and die. Some of the missions will make me look insane as some of the boys have told me, but whatever, I can't deny that I am scared shitless (I actually wish I was shitless) every mission. I don't really get down with jumping to my death and sinking into a coma, nor do I enjoy sweating profusely. But it's all under wraps. I just stand there, not really understanding the directions or the strategy and pretend that it's the least terrifying shit I have ever heard of. Go team!

But did I say I was having fun? I really am having fun. Interesting how I enjoy the company of the folks here. I have actually had to apologize for any negative judgments I've made about a few folks here so that's really refreshing.
Before I start singing Kumbaya (which is sung ad nauseum around here, along with the Juicy Fruit song which I do co-sign), let me go. Somebody's waiting for the computer and might vote me off because I took too long. Joke. Joke. But is it really?"

Interesting. Some slight insight on what's going on!

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Battle of the Sexes filming in Round Hill Hotel; Vancouver cast is revealed


That's where the Battle of the Sexes takes place! Much like the Battle of the Seasons local. We have confirmed that through Jamaica's film commission that they will be filming in the Round Hill Hotel & Villas in the St. James/Montego Bay area. If you are currently in the Jamaica area, email us at We'll give you more information if you need it!

More about the hotel! This is a five-star hotel! BMP has spared no expense this time around. There are 110 rooms and 27 suites on premises. There are three different meeting spaces in the hotel. Plus, the rooms range from $240 to $5,550 a night! There is a fitness center, tennis courts, a pool, and even a golf course. Some other activities the hotel offers are windsurfing, snorkelling, sailing, paddle boats, kayaks, and glass bottom boat rides. (Might be used for some missions!) RWRRB Admin2 reported that they will be doing a mission for Hedonism II in Jamaica which Becky, Julie, and Heather B. went to during the New York season. The site used to be a 100 acre pineapple, allspice, and coconut plantation. Again, if you are in Jamaica and interested in meeting the cast, email us at!

Also, here are two more links to pictures:

Entrance to Suites

More to come as we get more information!

Meanwhile, TV gives us more insight to the Real World: Vancouver cast, giving each cast member a pseudonym:

Adam- the frat boy
Keith- the quiet one
Omara- the serious one
Cash- the sensitive one
Liz- the sexy one
Boomer- the artist
Melinda- the virgin

Go to site to find extended bios and pics!

Two Chicago castmembers may have dropped out because of shooting on doorstep

Hello! Here's some new information that many, many, many of you probably have forgotten...

Long, long ago... back in January, when the Real World: Chicago was filming, it was reported that two cast members opted to leave Chicago and film for Las Vegas. Remember that? Let us fill you in... Apparently, within days of moving into the house, there was a shooting at the Chicago house. A man died in front of the building. Well, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that there was a shooting in front of the Real World house, letting every single person in Chicago know where the house was. Well, soon after that, protesters were surrounding the house telling Real World to leave Chicago. It was a big deal at the time. Apparently, producers gave the cast the choice of leaving the show to do Las Vegas which would begin filming in July. Two original Chicago cast members dropped out. Who were they? Why were they replaced? No one seems to know... Many believe that explains the reason why there was NO casting special for the first time since Boston. And many believe that there will be no casting special this next time. Don't count on BMP airing that tidbit though... Since the departure of Melissa of Miami fame (She left the house shortly before filming ended... but she was kept on the show.) , BMP has been known to keep their mouth shut on casting during the season (ie. Irene (Seattle), Justin (Hawaii), Ruthie (Hawaii)), trying to make the Real World as real as possible. Hopefully, they will satisfy the cravings of some wild fans!

Battle of the Sexes 2 cast spotted at Hedonism in Jamaica

I got an e-mail just a while ago from rastagirl2233, and here's what the e-mail said:

Just got back from Jamaica. On Wed. July 24, MTV was filming at Hedonism II in Negril.

This is who I saw:

Blair (RR, Quest)
Lori (RW, Back to New York)
Ruthie (RW, Hawaii)
Anessa (RW, Chicago)
Theo (RW, Chicago)
Syrus (RW, Boston)
Shane (RR, Campus Crawl)
Christina (RR, Australia)
Anne (RR, Northern Trail)

There were another two but didn't recognize who they were. They shot some footage in the main dining room and in the disco.

So apparently possibly somemore have been voted off....We'll keep you posted.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Las Vegas given the premiere date of September 17th; Vancouver cast revealed

Thanks for all the emails lately: Bunim-Murray recently released their premiere date for the Real World: Las Vegas. It is officially due to premiere on September, 17 2002... A long ways away... Don't worry! Promos for the twelfth season will begin August 6th!

Also, yes! Stop sending us emails about the Vancouver cast! We know! MTV posted their pictures! ;) Here's the LINK! We posted that info three days ago! Get with it!

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Eric keeps posting bidding information from the Challenge

Yet another item put up for auction by Eric from the Road Rules: Campus Crawl. This time it's that uniform from Citadel, check the item out at this LINK. Here's his latest post at his site, Road Rules Blog:

Hey yall,
Because it seems like there is a lot of interest for RR gear, I told my friend that he could put up another item. This item is from my favorite mission... the Citadel!!! Well here is the item number: 1551864987

Eric making all these posts is he still on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes or what?

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Schedule of Back to New York, Chicago, Hawaii, New Orleans marathons

Here's the schedule of the Real World episodes airing in the next few weeks:

The Real World X: Back to New York
Watch your favorite moments with Kevin, Lori, Malik, Coral, Mike, Nicole and Rachel everyday at 3:00pmEST. Also, view unique reaction from crowds at the Jersey Shore.
Other airings at Saturday Aug 3 12:30pm EDT to Saturday Aug 3 4:00pm EDT

The Real World 10th Anniversary Special
Watch the 10th annual reunion with casts from New York to New Orleans.
Tuesday July 30 08:30pm EST and Friday August 2 9:00am EST

The Real World VIII: Hawaii Marathon
Catch the dramatic season featuring Colin, Amaya, Teck, Matt, Kaia, Justin, and Ruthie.
Beginning Friday August 2 10:30am EST Ending Friday August 2 10:00pm EST

The Real World XI: Chicago Marathon
Watch Keri, Kyle, Tonya, Theo, Cara, Chris and Anessa blow a storm up in the windy city.
Beginning Friday August 2 10:00pm EST Ending Saturday August 3 11:00am EST
Saturday August 3 04:00pm EST to Saturday August 3 09:00pm EST

The Real World: Hook-Ups, Hearbreaks and Happily Ever After
Becky and Syrus recount a decade worth of hook-ups.
Airing Saturday August 3 11:00am EST and Sunday August 4 3:30pm EST

The Real World IX: New Orleans
Go to the Big Easy to see Melissa, Julie, Jamie, Matt, David, Danny and Kelley once again.
Beginning Saturday Aug 3 09:30pm EST Ending Sunday August 4 6:00am EST

The Real World XII: Seattle
The Slap Heard 'round The World: Irene, Stephen, Rebecca, Nathan, Lindsay, Janet and David.
Beginning Sunday August 4 06:00am EST Ending Sunday August 4 01:30p EST

The Real World Reunion 2000
Watch Miami through Hawaii reunite in this second installment special.
Sunday Aug 04 02:00pm EST

Enjoy the endless marathons!

Back to New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Hawaii reruns begin next week

I just had to post this before I left to go, The Real World reruns officially START next week, aimed at Friday. Check your local listings. I saw reruns for Back to New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Hawaii, and Seattle. More may be played, but that's all I caught. So check your local listings if you are interested, I am so excited. I'll keep you posted. A good place to check local listings online is Yahoo! TV.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I've obtained some information on The Real World:Lost Season movie, here's a summary from

Things get a little crazy when an obsessed fan, who has been rejected during the audition process numerous times, kidnaps the cast and brings them to a new house. Here, he films them, using highly sophisticated camera equipment that is wired to explosives, just in case the cast doesn't play along.

Some of the cast are:
Melissa Howard (II) playing as Herself (Cameo)
Matthew Currie Holmes playing as Cash
Amaya Brecher playing as Herself (cameo)
David Burns (II) playing as Himself
Aneesa Ferreira playing as Herself
Megan McKinnon playing as Little Girl in Airport
Mike Mizanin playing as Himself

The Real World: Vancouver cast information can be found at the site.
The movie will first air on MTV, commercial free, on August 6th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Fans respond to Campus Crawl episode; Las Vegas promo to air during Lost Season; Devin is in an Extra commerical

Welcome! Welcome!

Last night's Road Rules episode was a first. People seem to respond greater to the Real World rather than Road Rules, so we only selected one synopsis this week:

"I thought that this Road Rules episode was so cool. The fact that they used the whole college motif to really integrate that into the cast. I thought it was so cool that they brought missions from the past back into the mix! Plus, I loved seeing James again. He seems like a huge dork, but he's seems so cool too! Yeah! I loved it! I think that Sarah should NOT get voted off. I'm so glad Kendal is finally taking a shine to her. :( I hope NO one gets voted off."

Pittsburgh, PA

In new news, I'm sure you've all seen the promos about the Real World the Lost Season. Just hoping the movie isn't anything like that. Anyway, expect more promos for that as time rolls by. And expect to hear about the Real World: Las Vegas at least by August 6th. We just confirmed that MTV will run some sort of promo for it's 12th season during the Real World movie. No word on when Las Vegas' premiere date will be.

Also, a related note... The movie is entirely scripted. It's really not a lost season...

In Road Rules info, BMP will release a Road Rules: Campus Crawl Soundtrack on August 6th. The compilation will feature music from bands like Jimmy Eat World. More to follow soon! You can order it right now on or! MTV is now running promos for the CD, so look for that.

Also, an alumni update... Devin from Road Rules: Season 2 has recently been seen in an Extra commercial. Check him out. He still looks like Lenny Kravitz.

That's all for now! Have a great day!

Darrell never saw Road Rules before being casted

I discovered Darrell's opinion on some of the missions and a bit on being chosen for the season on Road Rules: Campus Crawl:

"Tight rope mission,(anything in the air is for the birds)& gainin weight in 4 hrs off junk food is not my type of #$%! smell me? now flippin a car and tearin some s#$! up is all me. I thought our missions would be more athletic type things. See me I never watch TV that much so I really never new what ROADRULES was about. I happen to be at the casting for it and a director came across me and was like wompty womp you wanta do this? I was like no doubt ya talkin bout. ever since then it's been a blessin REAL TALK" - Darrell

Now Darrell really found out what Road Rules was all about and he seems to have enjoyed his time on the show. Apparently, he never really knew what Road Rules was all about, but quickly found out.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Sarah, not Shane, will be the contestant to be voted off Road Rules

We officially got the word from Wanda at This is a spoiler. Don't continue reading if you don't want to know...

Sigh... Those idiots at BMP do the predictable, by hinting hugely in the beginning that Sarah and not Shane is voted off of Road Rules... Sarah is voted off this season.

Another predictable season of Road Rules. (Don't get us wrong, Shane is awesome... But that was too predictable for the first episodes.) Also, Wanda confirmed that the full Battle list she received is from MTV, so don't fret... Those are the Challengers.

Have a good night! Submit your Road Rules synopsis to! Tell us how much you loved seeing James again!

Eric and Julie post on their websites about the upcoming Battle of the Sexes

Hey everybody! The following news IS spoiler information about the Battle of the Sexes. Read with caution. If you do not want to know anything about the Battle... don't read!

Two participants from the Battle have posted information on their respective websites... Showing us that there have been people voted off. However, one doesn't mention ANYTHING about the Battle, only leading us to ponder his whereabouts.

That person is Eric from The Campus Crawl. Check out his site at Road Rules Blog. He did, however, post information about an auction he's putting on. BID! BID! BID! Here's the post:

"Hey Everyone,
As most of yall know, I am moving. Unfortuantly I am moving to a smaller place, and will not be able to take all of my stuff with me. This means that my friend will be selling some stuff online. He is putting up a shirt from tonight's mission at Tulane. The item number is: 1551423137
I hope that everyone is enjoying the seaon as much as I am.

Your Roadie,

No word if he was actually voted out, but nevertheless, interesting to know. He's selling a jersey that he wears in tonight's episode. Here's the LINK. He entitles it as "Mission Shit".

Also, one we know who WAS voted off is Julie from the Real World: New Orleans. If you missed that catfight with Julie and Melissa over their websites and You missed quite a bit. Julie had written a blurb about how closed off she felt Melissa was in New Orleans. Melissa fiercely responded in her website, saying that she had too much on her for Julie to be talking like that. Melissa also said something about telling Julie on a previous occasion to keep her name out of her mouth. So... there was HUGE speculation about an alliance being formed PRIOR to the Battle to kick Julie off. (Let's see if they kick Julie or Beth S. off first...) However, we do know that Melissa had formed many tight bonds with other cast members such as Amaya, Lori, and so many more... We couldn't say the same for Julie. Julie also revealed more spoilers, such as the winner will get EVERYTHING this time... no splittin'! Plus, they're not competing on season teams in the respect that they won't be voted off at the same time. (Apparently, the voting comes with the girls and the guys doing the voting... No word on any inner circle or things of that nature.) Here's the post:

"Well, the challenge was actually worse than I had imagined. Not that I was there long enough to even get a real feel for it. Before I even walked through the door, I had the odds against me. Between a less than warm greeting and a team of girls prepared to give me anything but the benefit of the doubt and a chance to say hello, I found myself back with Gabe before I could say "ya mon".

But if I had to go home, I was so so thankful to go home early, since the winner of this one takes all. Even though I am an intense competitor, I honestly don't think I could have lasted the whole month without any allies. It's set up that way. And I missed Gabe. We really do have more important things to do at home anyway. Life is about to get really interesting.

It's funny - I was only gone for a work week, but it was so good to get home. I love my life in Huntington so much. I really have zero desire to be anywhere else, or with anyone else. You can take Jamaica, Life is good here."

Here's the specific link to her diary: LINK

Have a great night and submit those Road Rules synopsis' to

Wild On is filming segments at Las Vegas' Skin; Send in your thoughts about Road Rules

Welcome! Sorry that we did not update yesterday. Thanks for all the notes!

Anyways, there is a Road Rules episode tonight. Be sure to submit your synopsis of the episode at We will pick the best responses and post them onto the site tomorrow.

Also, we got a way for all of you Real World freaks to check out the new Real World pad in Las Vegas. Since Real World ended it's Chicago run last week, why don't you check out the Palms hotel/casino where the Real World would be filming at on E!. Wild On, that crazy show hosted by Brooke Burke, is holding their search for their new host in the swimming venue SKIN where the RWers were reportedly working at. Those episodes air every Tuesday at 10PM. Be sure to check it it out. It looks phat!

Saturday, July 20, 2002

American Eagle offers the Campus Crawl cast $1,000 to pose nude for an art class

Hello! Welcome! How is everyone?

We just received information on a recent Road Rules mission. Remember in the main titles when the cast members are gathered around, sitting naked? AE, offered to give each of the Road Rulers $1,000 in gift certificates if they agreed to pose nude for an art class. posts that information, which jeans the Road Rulers loved to wear during the trip, and an offer to enter the Road Rules Midterm Sweepstakes... which allows you to get a chance to take the roadtrip of your life. Stay tuned in August at

Friday, July 19, 2002

Real World 13 and Road Rules 12 are still casting, get in those tapes

So, casting!

Yes, we told you that Bunim-Murray Productions would be casting for Real World 13: Atlanta and Road Rules 12 soon! Their website has posted information that they will be casting by September, so fire those video cameras up!

Wondering why BMP scrapped the idea of two Real Worlds a year? Well, they've been working hard over there. They have more than those two shows! Speaking of other shows, I'm sure you've all heard of another Making of the Band in the works. It is supposed to be hip-hop style this time around. And supposedly P. Diddy is on board with the project this time around. So... yes. BMP put RW/RR on the back burner for MTB2: Hip-Hop. Yeah, I'm disappointed too. The Real World: Las Vegas is slated to premiere in three weeks!

Thursday, July 18, 2002 is doing work for Road Rules 11

The Emmy nominations were announced this morning. The Real World: Back to New York, The Real World: Chicago, and Road Rules: the Quest were all up to be nominated. Last year, the Maximum Velocity Tour was nominated for their South Africa episode. None of them were nominated this year. The only MTV show to be nominated was The Osbournes. Congratulations!

Also,, someone who has helped BMP stage stunts for the past few years has put that they were in Texas and California setting up stunts for Road Rules 11. I'm sure that they will go down to Jamaica soon to help the Battle participants out as well. has put on stunts like the hoop challenge from last year's battle and the Stratosphere jump for Challenge 2000.

That's it. Also, if Road Rules visited your school, please contact us at Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Viewers share their feelings about last night's Chicago reunion

I hope y'all are having a great Wednesday!

Last night's Real World Reunion was awesome. So many people wrote in to us expressing their emotions on the Chicago cast. One thing that was commonly said between most of the emails was the fact how the cast seemed to pulled together in light of the adversity and were able to come to terms with their Real World experiences. We chose three responses: We tried to mix it up a bit. Last night's responses were overwhelmingly positive, so we wanted to show a variety of responses...

"Overall, the reunion last night was really good. I honestly think that most, if not all, the castmembers have reconciled their differences and moved on. I think it is absolutely wonderful that Keri is pre-engaged, though I don't really know what that means. I did, however, notice that when Keri had to watch clips of her and Kyle together she pretended to gag, which was hilarious. Of all the castmembers, I honesty think that Tonya grew the most. After all, she was the one that all the other roomies didn't like. I was one of those people sitting at home saying, "God, she is a real bitch", but her display really showed that she evaluated what she did with her time in Chicago and really wanted to change various aspects of herself to better herself. So I give much props to Tonya for being able to acknowledge her bad traits and fix them. I think that Cara got too much camera time. It seemed like she dominated just about every topic they talked about. Though I do love Cara, I think that she should've let her roommates talk a little bit more. And then there was Cara's many flings. She in all actuality only slept with like 3 people and I applaud her for that. She put it best herself when she said, " I was 22 and didn't see anything with being a sexual person." And I totally agreed with her. People are so uptight about sex in general and need to get over it. Cara is an attractive woman who has a sexual appetite and choses to act on sexual impulses. So what! Then Anessa, god I love this girls to death. She has really grown up a lot. She talked about her improved relationship with her mother and well as her newfound ability to actually be happy with being single. And when they showed stuff that we never got to see, I didn't know that Anessa was so damn funny. I mean, she is freakin' hilarious. Theo really didn't have too much to say. I honestly think that Theo went to Chicago to have a great time and that's exactly what he did. He left with not a single regret and you've got to admire that. Chris, the new gay icon, didn't really have much to say either. He really just expressed how happy he was to remain sober throughout a very stressful situation. Again, I give many props to this cast for dealing with their issues and really growing up. And last, but not least, is the anti-Christ, oops, I mean, the emotional jock Kyle. He, thankfully, didn't say too much either. On of the things that he mentioned was that he moved to L.A. to pursue acting. I didn't know how was "that" talented, but I guess he is. After all, he did earn a part as an extra in "A Beautiful Mind". If there were one thing I wish MTV would've shown more of, it would be more of the cast talking about where they are now and what are their current endeavors. And more questions from the audience should've been show, too. But like I said, I was very pleased with the outcome of this reunion. Let's hope that the roomies of Las Vegas are able to learn and grow as much as the Chicago cast."

St. Louis, MO

"All I have to say is CARA SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! She talked WAY to much on the reunion show! She really thinks people care about what she has to say... Well guess what honey?? NO ONE DOES SO SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"


"First and for most I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site you have, I love it.

Secondary, last night's Real World Reunion. Did you see Keri's facial expression through out the entire show, it was priceless. She was hurt and really upset didn't we love how she just blurted out loud "The love of my life." like saying "F*** you Kyle" though he could care less. Though it will be cool to see Keri and Tonya in the next Real World Road Rules Battle because it looks like they matured. Tonya definetly must have felt like crap when she saw the show air cause she was crying when she began to talk, and to top it off she isn't dating Justin anymore. I think that was the biggest shocker."


Thank you for your responses! We love doing this part of our BLOG! We want to mention real quickly about the Real World: Las Vegas sweepstakes. Remember when Melissa hosted those kids through the Chicago house? Well, Phisoderm and MTV teamed up to make that same opportunity available for the Las Vegas house. We have learned that the winner will be selected tomorrow. The winner gets to invite 5 of their closest friends to spend the weekend at the MTV "Real World" House in Las Vegas. Grand Prize trip includes round-trip, coach airfare for 6 from a major airport closest to winner's home to Las Vegas, a 2-night stay in the "Real World" House, a catered dinner one evening, and cash spending money of $250 for each of the 6 travelers for shopping, show tickets, or additional, incidental expenses. Approximate Retail Value of Grand Prize trip is $6,000. One hundred (100) Second Prize winners will receive a cool MTV backpack filled with Phisoderm products, each having an ARV of $30. The Grand Prize winner will be announced during the Real World: The Lost Season! Good luck to all those who entered. (The contest is now over!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

A fan posts a message about last night's episode of Campus Crawl

OK! First thing is first! We picked ONE response for today's blog about yesterday's Road Rules episode. Here it is:

"I think that the episode last night is a lead in to what will happen in the next few episodes. I'm pretty sure that they will boot someone after they lose one of the next two missions. They are really focusing heavily on both Sarah and Shane's foibles. In my opinion, I think both of them are trying their damnest to make the other look bad. (Remember, Shane telling Darrell on the pole about how everyone has to pull Sarah's weight.. Sarah commenting that she is NOT the weakest link.) Well, I really hate the both of them. Shane can be such an a**hole. He really is just in it for himself and doesn't try to help the team out. The only thing on his mind is not being voted off and nothing else. Sarah is just a crybaby. Once she finds adversity... She loses it. She isn't a competitor. In my opinion, BOTH of them should be kicked off and they should bring in two BETTER people."

Monday, July 15, 2002

Shane slaps Darrell in tonight's episode of Campus Crawl

Hello! This is our third post of the day!

Heheh. Tonight is the Road Rules episode. The cast is doing the mission where they have to stand up on the poles and have food thrown at them. Also, Shane slaps Darrell in the face. Good episode.

Anyway, email us at, tell us what you thought of the episode... and we'll post the best responses tomorrow! We're looking for good, dramatic (:)) responses, so be sure to put SOME thought into them.

Also, some casting information will be available tomorrow as well... So come and check it out tomorrow.

Wanda posts the extended list of the Battle of the Sexes; Shane's number is cracked

The beautiful Wanda at E-online has released an extended list of participants on the Challenge. Here they are:

Road Rules Guys:
Jake Bronstein (Islands)
Yes Duffy (Semester At Sea)
Antione de Bouverie (Europe)
James Orlando (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Laterrian Wallace (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Blair (The Quest)
Shane Landrum (The Campus Crawl)
Eric (The Campus Crawl)
Mark Long (USA -- Tour 1)

Road Rules Girls:
Emily Bailey (USA -- Tour 2)
Gladys Sanabria (Latin America)
Veronica Portillo (Semester At Sea)
Ellen Cho (The Quest)
Rachel (The Campus Crawl)
Ayanna Mackins (Semester At Sea)
Jisela Delgado (The Quest)
Christina Patsiksky (Australia)
Anne Wharton (Northern Trail)

Real World Guys
Eric Nies (New York)
David Edwards (Los Angeles)
Dan Renzi (Miami)
David Broom (New Orleans)
Theo Gannt (Chicago)
Colin Mortensen (Hawaii)
Jamie Murra (New Orleans)
Puck Rainey (San Francisco)

Real World Girls:
Beth Stolarczyk (Los Angeles)
Genesis Moss (Boston)
Amaya Brecher (Hawaii)
Ruthie Alcalade (Hawaii)
Melissa Howard (New Orleans)
Julie Stoffer (New Orleans)
Lori Trespicio (Back to New York)
Keri Evans (Chicago)
Tonya Cooley (Chicago)

I doubt the total accuracy of the list... but I believe most of it is good to go! (I thought Jisela said she didn't want nothing to do with BMP anymore...) WOW! Veronica, Ayanna, and Puck in the same place?. Hahah. She also commented on Tonya's attendance, saying that they all hate the show until a Jamaican vacation and $4,000 comes rolling along... ($4,000 for story rights????) Thank you to Wanda! Also, she handed out two clues about who will get the boot on Road Rules: (NOTE: This is a semi-spoiler!!)

Q: Wanda darling, could you please find it in you heart to tell us who gets
the boot on Road Rules or at least give us some helpful hints?
A: Sure. Here's a hint: *I* wouldn't boot em.

Q:Wanda, love ya! Give us another clue about who gets the boot on Road Rules! Please tell me its Sarah!
A: What about the SUSPENSE?! I'll just tell you that you won't be disappointed. They will make it SEEM like it is someone else than it really is, but don't be fooled!

What the hell does this mean? I don't know. Does the first one mean that she wouldn't pick this guy because she likes him. Or that "I" significance mean that it's someone who is all about themselves. I have NO idea. And secondly, she gives a big hint that it's not Sarah who gets voted off. (Because it seems that she is being voted off already.) However, they are also have been concentrating on Shane's lazy/goofing off attitude lately and how they think he's slacking... But they might start focusing on someone else too... Who will it be? (NOTE: We know that a lot of sites out there are saying it is Sarah, but hopefully it isn't... because Rachel commented on the first episode that Sarah WOULD be the one to go if it ever came down to that. Hopefully, the story editors wouldn't be that moronic!) Stay tuned and find out!

NOTE: We had learned that someone actually cracked Shane's phone number, but it has recently been disconnected. (Read the previous post to get more!)

Battle of the Sexes pay-off bigger; Puck brags about being casted; Shane posts his phone number

Hello! Here's the new news for Monday!

Today, we got an interesting rumor on Battle of the Sexes. Long, long ago, sites were reporting that Bunim-Murray was going to do a "new kind" of challenge, bringing so many more contestants into the mix and upping the ante, by increasing the prize money by $290,000 more than what was offered on the first Challenge. Well, when news of that broke... Puck of the San Francisco season was said to be on the first Battle, making HUGE waves, and being amongst the first to be kicked off. Well, those rumors turned out to be FALSE.

However, we got news from a source in Sacramento who says Puck was on the Kidd Chris Show (93.7 KXOA) bragging that he was getting paid a whole lot of money to be on the next challenge, which would be filmed in Jamaica. Sound kinda weird? Getting payed to be on a challenge right? Well, no... Not really. Back at the Real World Reunion 2000 the Real Worlders protested against BMP to get pay increases for their services (they get jack crap after the initial payment for their story rights.). BMP gave into their demands back then and story rights to the challenges cost big money with disgruntled cast members from the past. (Don't worry... I'm sure MTV can afford it.) So, look for Puck to hit Battle of the Sexes coming soon! Here's the link to the Kidd Chris Show... which UNFORTUNATELY says nothing about Puck.

Also, Shane from Campus Crawl went literally psycho before he left for the Challenge... He posted something CRAZY on the message boards. He posted the numbers: 11544799. These are the numbers in his phone number, but he's also omitted one number. He also says that his area code is 919 and the last number (the one he omitted) is either 3,4,5,6,7, or 8. Funny guy. He challenges the true fan to make that phone call to him... Although he's in Jamaica right now... so he wouldn't recieve your phone call. Contact us if you break the code...

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Las Vegas cast is cavorting with celebrities; Road Rules cast meets up with Vegas cast; Partial cast list of Challenge revealed

Hello! Hello! Interesting updates today...

According to several Las Vegas news sources, Las Vegas had plenty of close calls with famous celebrities. Most notably, the cast hooked up with bands O-town, who was at their closing party. A source reports that the cast was once seen partying on camera with model Tyra Banks and beau Sacramento Kings star Chris Webber, at ghostbar in the Palms. Will we see it? Who knows?

Also, there were reports in the Las Vegas Review Journal, that Road Rules 11 was in Vegas. Apparently, according to E-online's Wanda, they literally hooked up with the Real World cast. We do know that the Roadies end their southern trip with a four-day stay in mid-April running through Las Vegas, and apparently UNLV.

And as we promised, here is the updated information from the challenge... A table of who's on, who's not. More information will come soon as more people will be voted off the challenge.


Eric Nies (New York)
Puck Rainey (San Francisco)
Niel Forrester (London)
Malik Cooper (Back to New York)
Mark Long (USA -- Tour 1)
Timmy Beggy (USA -- Tour 2) host?
James Orlando (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Blair (The Quest)
Shane Landrum (The Campus Crawl)


Becky Blasbland (New York) host?
Amaya Brecher (Hawaii)
Ruthie Alcalade (Hawaii)
Melissa Howard (New Orleans)
Julie Stoffer (New Orleans)
Lori Trespicio (Back to New York)
Keri Evans (Chicago)
Tonya Cooley (Chicago)
Cara Nussbaum (Chicago)
Emily (USA -- Tour 2)
Ellen Cho (The Quest)

Also, I want to notify everyone of the cool features to the left... There is the RW/RR quotes, RW/RR classic moments, and the RW/RR casting tidbits. The quotes are over 250+ and are growing day by day. Some have been long-lasting, others funny, some serious. It's just coot to look at them. We only have about 50 moments listed, but those consist of some of the most memorable moments of both series. If you have any you want to submit, contact They are both updated on a daily basis. Also, since the majority of emails that we recieve is about CASTING... We decided to list some helpful tips from other sites. We are not in charge of casting, so don't send us e-mails about yourself and how much you want to be on the show. HOWEVER, if you do have questions, feel free to email us at and we will answer it as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone! Have a lovely, nice day!
Road Rules episode tomorrow!

Saturday, July 13, 2002

The Lost Season will premiere on MTV in August; Campus Crawl sits down with Wanda; Next challenge is Battle of the Sexes

Welcome! Welcome!

Let's start today off with some semi-new news! The Real World: The Lost Season will premiere on MTV on August 6th. They have already begun to run promos for the movie. The premise is that somewhere between the Back to New York season and Chicago season, something happened. BMP was filming The Real World: Vancouver with seven new strangers... but it was never aired. So, what happened? Well, apparently the cast was taken hostage by a disgruntled Real World fan who was rejected several times from all the shows. He threatens to kill them unless they allow him to live in the house. Expect cameos from David (Seattle), Melissa (New Orleans), Amaya (Hawaii), Mike (Back to New York), and Aneesa (Chicago). Sounds good!

Also, the hot maven Wanda from E-online recently had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of the Campus Crawl. You can read the transcript here... It's a pretty interesting conversation. There's nothing revealed about upcoming missions, but they do clue us in on a few things. Someone does get voted off... Everyone looks to Sarah. But is it Sarah? Hopefully... and it's looking good... BMP won't be that predicatable. It also says that Eric and Kendal develop a love/hate relationship (a la Adam and Ellen - RR10) and are not currently dating. Also, Kendal is currently dating Road Rules 10's Blair whom she met at their premiere party (a la Chadwick and Holly - Battle of the Seasons). They seem to be in love. Check out the transcript for more.

Also, there's huge buzz about the new Battle season. It will be called Battle of the Sexes... Pitting guys against girl this time. More info on it tomorrow... But they have recently begun filming in the exotic local of Jamaica!

Stephen arrested for prostitution; Cara's brother writes speeches for politicians; Las Vegas location confirmed; Rumors for Season 13

Welcome to the first blog of the site!

Let's begin with news of a past Real Worlder: Stephen from Seattle! It looks like Stephen has recently been arrested in Los Angeles. He has been accused of taking a car from it's owner without their permission. Unfortunately, this is a felony and Stephen was in jail. The Smoking Gun reported the incident back in March, when Stephen was arrested for taking possesion of a Camry. No word on what happened. But apparently, Stephen was booked on prostitution charges in January and failed to make a court appearance. At the time of his arrest, he was wanted for that too. As you recall on the Real World Reunion: 2000, Stephen mentioned he was doing some modeling and whatnot. Also, on, it says that he worked as a talent agent for a website. The Smoking Gun contacted that website and confirmed that Stephen had not been working there and in fact hadn't heard from him in almost two years. No late word on this story as of yet.

Let's rehash some other interesting information of a current Real Worlder, Cara: For those of you who didn't read Stuff Magazine, Cara is the brother of Tom Daschle's speechwriter. For those of you who don't know who Tom Daschle is... He's big news in Congress... Also, Cara mentioned that the cameras reportedly caught her smoking pot and another one night stand that was not shown on the show. She told Stuff that she was misinformed of the hidden camera's purpose and believed it was for security.

And now news of Real Worlders future: It seems that the new season in Las Vegas seems to be a huge dramatic season. There are reports of a disagreement occuring between two roommates on the FIRST day. Also, Reality World TV reports that "the Season 12 roomies were the raunchiest cast ever...Remember the season in Chicago, when loose-caboose Cara hooked up with the singer from Big Head Todd? Well, she’s got nothing on the Season 12 hussy, who apparently did it with members of 311, Incubus and O-Town. And what’s a season without violence and the threat of dismissal? This time, there’s an inter-roomie fork-stabbing, blatant philandering, rampant Viagra use, crack, all-night ragers and pregnancy scares. Stay tuned..." Joke or no joke... It's going to be interesting to see what happens.

In confirmed news, the roomies will be moving in the 28th floor of the Palms Hotel/Casino. The Hotel is located on Tropicana Ave. a short way from the Strip. This year's cast is all over 21 because of the strict rule imposed by the casinos. So, casting was somewhat difficult for this year, selecting candidates seven out of 40,000+ applicants, ages 21-24. Reportedly, filming was moved back from January to February, because of casting problems. In late January, BMP held an open casting call, looking for locals to move into the house. The house is NOT a penthouse! It is a set of converted suites. There are rumors to how they actually get up to their house. The button for the 28th floor DOES NOT work for the elevator. So, either the roomies have their own personal elevator (doubtful) or they have to get off on the 27th/29th floor and go through a secret door. George Maloof, owner of the Palms, has confirmed that the group will work of the nightclub/swim/casino/bar venue Swim, promoting concert events, working, and whatnot. The Swim venue consists of sets of different colored pools, which are called "relaxing pools." Also, insiders do tell us that there is a jacuzzi and the house is PIMP. Also, production reportedly ditched their old cameras for new, updated, image-friendly versions. Plus, with the arrival of the filming of the Charles Angels' sequel "Halo", locals have happily greeted the Real World bringing its shameless promotion and production jobs, which is a lot more than we can say for Chicago. More info to come later.

Also, there is buzz as to which city Real World 13 will be filmed in. Close to production, it is rumored that BMP chose Atlanta. Using Key West, Denver, Minneapolis, and other cities as close second choices, BMP buys houses in several cities, chooses a city, and sells the other houses. And word is ATLANTA will be the site of Real World 13. Rumors have been circulating that Real World 14, will be another international season (Remember... Real World 4 was filmed in London) with the Carribean and Sydney as front runners. Rumors or truth... you decide...

Thanks and have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Cribs will be doing an expose on the Chicago house

New news! MTV Cribs will be airing a short segment on the Real World XI: Chicago house. Cribs premieres soon, but it will be on the show titled Finest II. The outside of the house is pretty well known, so I'm sure Cribs will have a lot on the INSIDE of the house. From what we've seen, the house looks PHAT! Cribs airs every Wednesday at 10:00pm, check your local listings for showtimes.