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Friday, August 19, 2011

Derrick interviews Tyler for his Challenge podcast

Rivals castmember Tyler (Key West) sits down with Derrick (Extreme) in his
podcast this week to get the lowdown on some great inside scoop. The interview with Tyler mostly focuses on why Tyler was so angry about other teams voting for him and Johnny (Key West) to face CT (Paris) in the final Jungle. He also gives a little perspective on what he thinks about Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2) and his perspective on Paula (Key West). He also promises an awesome reunion, which will be coming up in two weeks.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rivals Recap: You're Not Going to Have Carbs?

The episode began where the last week's left off in the club. CT (Paris) defended Adam (Paris) against attacks from the Mob. While everyone thought CT would throw a punch, getting him sent home, CT vigorously defended Adam. We also got flashbacks of Paris and various Challenges, showing various stages of their friendship. While Adam wants to be a good teammate, he can't help but remember being pushed around in Paris, had a beer dropped on his head in the Inferno 3, and being punched in the face on the Duel 2.

Before the Final Jungle, Laurel (Fresh Meat 2) talks about her and CT. While she didn't expect to like anyone on these Challenges, she's definitely developed a bond with CT. She brings him breakfast in the morning. The final Challenge is called "T-bone" where the teams have to exchange balls through a 2-way intersected pit. The first two players to completely exchange all their balls wins. CT is excited to finally hit people in the Challenge. The Challenge doesn't end up being about the physicality, but more about speed. Adam messes up by not picking up the correct balls in the beginning, but it eventually comes down to one ball for both Adam and Tyler. Adam is unable to climb up the hill, stumbling, giving Tyler the win.

Upon returning to the house, Laurel is despondent over the departure of CT. The teams then learn that they're going to Patagonia for the final Challenge. Approaching the final Challenge, Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2) and Wes (Austin) get into yet another argument. Wes seems to be going after Cara Maria. The argument actually provides closure for Cara Maria as she finally confronts Wes.

The morning of the final, both Tyler (Key West) and Jenn (Denver) wake up with food poisoning. The medic actually recommends that Tyler can't go on, but he ignores the medic. TJ introduces the final challenge, as having a water portion, followed by a kayak race, followed by a footrace. The girls go first, with Jenn and Mandi (Fresh Meat 2) immediately fall behind on the kayak. Evelyn and Paula make it out of the water first, but Laurel and Cara Maria are right behind them. The guys end the episode trying to figure out the kayaks.

Check out yesterday's post, to find out who wins the Challenge Rivals [SPOILER].

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who Wins the Challenge: Rivals Spoiler

Tonight is the beginning of the end. We'll see the outcome of the final Jungle tonight, which we spoiled last week. However, tonight, we also see the beginning of the final Challenge.

If you do not want to know the outcome of the final Challenge, do not highlight the text below:

The winners of the Challenge: Rivals are: Johnny (Key West) and Tyler (Key West) for the guys, and Evelyn (Fresh Meat) and Paula (Key West) for the girls.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Theresa's Twitter Suggests a New Season of the Challenge is in Pre-Production

Theresa (Fresh Meat 2) recently posted some interesting information on her twitter.

Although she doesn't say that there is a new Challenge slated to be filmed soon, she does mention that she is attempting to go into training for something that would require her to be camera-ready. Most castmembers train for Challenges and this may be the first we hear of a new Challenge. This would also make sense since Rivals officially ended production with the Reunion filmed on Sunday.

No word from MTV on whether the Challenge has been renewed though. Follow us on Twitter!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cara Maria hosts Laurel and Evelyn for a Q&A on Livestream

Cara Maria (Fresh Meat II) semi-regularly hosts LiveStream chats over on her channel. Today, she hosted Evelyn (Fresh Meat) and Laurel (Fresh Meat II) as the three were in New York City for the reunion.

The three covered a range of topics, ranging from silly to some inside information. Some of the information talks about what is gone over in the reunion, but they blast some castmembers on the Q&A. They talk about their friendship with CT (Paris), past castmembers who were not on this Challenge, their feelings about Jenn (Denver), and even how the three of them came to be apart of Fresh Meat. Did you know that both Evelyn and Cara Maria were considered to be part of The Real World after their early eliminations on Fresh Meat? Laurel also made it to the finals to be cast in the Real World, didn't make it, was offered a spot on Bad Girls Club, but then made it to Fresh Meat? Some interesting stuff, so check it out!

Challenge Rivals: Reunion taped yesterday; Hosted by Maria Menounos

The Reunion was taped yesterday at MTV Studios. If you do not want to know the spoilers regarding the Rivals reunion, do not highlight the text below the picture.

Once again, Maria Menounos hosted the Reunion, but here is a brief summary of what went down:

Here are the people that were in attendance: Adam, Cara Maria, CT, Evelyn, Jenn, Johnny, Kenny, Laurel, Leroy, Mandi, Mike, Paula, Tyler, and Wes. Of the topics discussed, there was quite a bit of talk about the grueling nature of the final. We'll talk about that in a post coming up later this week. However, this season's final challenge took an entire day, went overnight, and ended the following day. They also revisited the final Jungle with CT, Adam and Johnny, Tyler.

In terms of the relationships in the house, there was focus on Jenn. Jenn momentarily apologizes to Adam, but they end up not seeing eye-to-eye with the status of their relationship, with Jenn hiding the fact that they did indeed hook up. Laurel is put on blast, with at one point, even apologizing to Paula for her anorexia comment, which Paula does not accept. CT talks about how the mob could not separate the Challenge from real life, making him feel ostracized from his real life relationships in the house. And of course, CT talks about his relationships with Mandi and Laurel.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rivals Reunion is Filming in MTV Studios in NYC

The Rivals Reunion is currently filming in MTV studios as we speak. There's no news coming out of the Twitter feeds, other than some of the cast has shown up and is ready to film. Paula (Key West), Johnny (Key West), Kenny (Fresh Meat), Cara Maria (Fresh Meat II), Leroy (Las Vegas), and Mike (Las Vegas) have all posted on Twitter that they are filming the reunion. Jasmine (Cancun) has posted that she is not a part of the reunion this year.

This story is developing...

Classic Real World Seattle Episodes Online

Some great news for longtime fans of the series, especially those who watched the Boston and Seattle seasons.

Someone has posted the first fourteen episodes of the Seattle season and has already posted the Boston season episodes on the same account. The episode embedded above is one of the most infamous episodes where Irene (Seattle) left the house and the "slap heard 'round the world".

Note: YouTube is notorious for taking this stuff offline, so make sure to catch up soon.

TMZ publishes photos of Real World: San Diego House pre-production

TMZ has some great photographs of the Real World: San Diego house before MTV came and renovated the house. This comes from an article published this past week revealing the bars and restaurants the Real World: San Diego cast frequents.

The photos themselves are not that revealing, as they are low quality and do not give an accurate representation of the entire house. However, it is the first time we get to peek into the mansion that the cast of the Real World: San Diego are calling home. The article does reveals interesting information about the house, including that the house has a full bar in the living room, a jacuzzi on its deck, and a giant chess board on where the tennis court once stood. The pictures also show nondescript portions of the house, the most notable being the kitchen and a movie theater. No word on if the movie theater has been left for the cast. However, it would be particularly unusual since the cast is not allowed to watch television in the house.