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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The New Challenge will be Old School vs. New School; Reality Cruise cancelled

It seems like Old School v. New School will actually go down. The following comes from Angela's (Extreme) Message Board at her site:

"my plans fo the summer are up in the air right now. MTV called about the next challenge, but i am not sure if i will do it again. Old Skool Vs. New Skool???? Didnt we already go through that drama with BOTS2? I think it will just be the same crap, dont you? I would rather be on an inferno type of deal."

Angela actually has a point as many newer participants have been voted off the Challenges prior to this upcoming season. Maybe it will be a chance for the "New School" people to get a chance to stay longer than usual.

The celebrity cruise that Trishelle (Las Vegas), Ace (Paris), Katie (The Quest) and Randy (San Diego) were on was actually cancelled a few weeks back because the cruise interferes with the filming of this upcoming Challenge. The cruise was scheduled to depart on May 22.

Brittlestar, whose song "Goodbye" was on the Inferno last week when the the Bad Asses took their $10,000 check, wants you to check out their CD at You can check out Brittlestar at their website.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mike explains what happened with Jodi on his blog

Just another indication that the drama doesn't stop once the cameras roll, Mike (Back to New York) offers a different explanation from Dan's (Miami) as to what happened last night on the Inferno at his website.

Dan explains his spat with Jodi; Mallory is in Avon and Cosmo; Angela opened a message board

A couple of things... If you happened to watch the drama that was yesterday's Inferno, which involved Jodi (Extreme) versus the bad guys team, you missed a pretty good episode. For those of you cursing Veronica (Semester At Sea), Rachel (Campus Crawl), Tina (South Pacific) and Dan (Miami) to the heavens, you may want to read Dan's rebuttal, which clears up some problems with editing.

I'm hearing Mallory (Paris) is still appearing all over the place. She's a hot model now and she's lately been sighted in the Avon catalog and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

And finally, Angela (Extreme) has opened up a message board at her website. Remember to visit our Message Board and our nifty Store.