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Friday, March 17, 2006

Ricky, the Mystic Tan Boss, declares himself the eighth castmember in his blog

Ricky, one of the owners of Mystic Tan in Key West, has been blogging about the new season of the Real World. He refers to himself as the "8th cast member." Check it out here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ibis appears on Overdrive to talk about the Gauntlet 2

Overdrive Episode Summary
Ibis (Extreme) | Monday March 13, 2006

The Interview

Ibis revealed her and Kina (Extreme) had an alliance before the game started. They are friends and agreed to vote everyone else off. It all went well until Cara (South Pacific) left and Ibis began to suck at missions. She said having Cara made her look better. She admitted Susie (Australia) was a good competitor and voting her off wasn't an option. Blair compliments her on her ability not to
care what people think and not be fake around cameras.

Role Playing

Blair pretended to be Jodi (Extreme) and Ibis was herself. It went something like this:

Blair/Jodi:(crying) "Ibis, I'm trying real hard and I don't understand, all i want to do is make friends, but everyone thinks I am a slut."
Ibis: "Let's face it when you're hookin up with one guy the first day and sleeping with another the next day its not gonna work out very nice for you. Theres a camera two feet away from you taping every lick and suck! I don't know, I don't know what to tell you man."

Now Blair as Jillian (Extreme)

Blair/Jillian: "I've just graduated middle school and I'm doing my first challenge. I don't understand why everyone's hating me. I knew about the alliance and told everyone about it. Maybe I was misinformed and maybe gave the wrong information, but I don't understand why people hate me."
Ibis: "First of all, f*ck you first of all! What were you thinking playing the devil and God at the same time, trying to be the middle person. Mind you, me, who never liked you, talking sh*t to Kina behind your back trying to help you out hok you up with ideas and ways to handle the situation and you f*ck me? You screw me? I will kill you what are you doing? Psycho!"

Something obviously went on with those two that we didn't see. Ibis was genuinely angry and admitted she couldn't let "it" go.

Beat Blair Challenge: Blind Taste Test

Blindfolded, Ibis and Blair feed each other food and guess what it is.

Ibis correctly guessed a grape, a brownie, a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate, and a pretzel.
Blair guessed onion, tofu (which he first guessed as a car tire) ,a lemon, and a sardine (he gagged a lot after eating this. He got the hot pepper wrong.

Wheel of Truth

Me Likey:
Ibis revealed she thinks her best physical feature is her eyes (Blair agreed).

Me No Likey:
She said her worst quality is thinking she knows everything. Her bigggest fear is frogs because she was "attacked" by them when shewas young. She peed in her bed because she couldn't walk on the floor for fear frogs woul eat her feet.

Ask Blair
She asked him how many serious girlfriends he has had. He never actually answered, only revealing he likes videogames and comics. Therefore, women don't like him.

The S*#t You Didn't See
Ibis complaining about her bad room with from an infested balcony. Robin (San Diego) pretending like she peed in Katie's (The Quest) bed, (references to Tonya (Chicago) and pillow Shi*t*ng were made), Derrick (Extreme) eating random stuff when wasted, and everyone playing around in the pool.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wes and Johanna are selling shirts that they wear on the Challenges

Wes (Austin) and Johanna (Austin) have collectively opened a website where they sell custom made t-shirts. Check it out here. The two will be on the new Challenge airing in a few months.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kina will face Jillian in the upcoming episode of the Gauntlet sparing Susie

Monday marks yet another new episode of the Gauntlet II. Again, the following are spoilers for the episode. If you want to figure out what happens in this and future episodes, highlight the following text:

The girls cope with the pressure as no one wants to go home in this final female Gauntlet. While Aneesa (Chicago) now heads up the Veterans, they fear that the guys on their team will try to throw the challenge in order for one of the girls to be sent home. Kina (Extreme), on the other hand, really feels the pressure of being the captain this time around. The Veterans pull off a win this time... And Kina is forced to make a decision between Susie (Australia) and the remaining Rookie girls who all were on her season. Because of a mistake she made on the Challenge, Kina chooses Jillian (Extreme) to go to the Gauntlet. While Kina does fret about her decision, she ends up winning and continuing on to the final mission. With one Gauntlet left, who will stay and who will go?