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Thursday, May 03, 2007 finally opens its doors and you can audition for a spot in the house, which we've been telling you has been coming for weeks, finally opened its virtual doors yesterday.

RealWorldCasting allows you to get a glimpse of the casting director's lives as the viewer selects one lucky castmember to be a part of the Real World 20. Casting is split up into several phases, each which asks different questions to potential applicants, and eventually one finalist is pick to live in the house. This online interactive portion should wrap up in July.

This is only a part of the casting of the Real World 20. We should say that casting directors have just finished up their first round of casting calls and may or may not have more coming up. Casting should be done on an intermittent basis from now until July.

But keep checking on to see who's ahead of the game in the latest round!

Viewers Revenge Episode #15: Viva Las Vegas and the alliance finally sacrifices themselves in the last Pit

The Pit was between David (Viewers Revenge) and none other than Dan (Viewers Revenge). The two began their Pit and they played . David beat Dan because Dan eventually ran out of balls.

The RV is ecstatic to see David back on the RV, which may mean that he's a part of the group now? The Roadies get their clue and they are told to go to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The group starts reading the bloggers and then they begin to discuss future impending Pits.

The group gets to Las Vegas and they learn that they are going to take part in Ka, the Cirque de Soleil show which plays at the MGM. They have to audition for the show as part of the mission. The cast practices a little tumbling. The cast goes to the Palms Hotel/Casino, which surprisingly, the Las Vegas cast just had vacated, to go party. David makes Derek (Viewers Revenge) and Tori (Viewers Revenge) promise that they won't vote for him. No one knows what will happen.

Each element of the audition is worth 30 points. There are three phases of the audition. If they can get 75 points, they win. The first phase is makeup. The second is a climbing/strength course. The third is the pendulum. Kina (Extreme) makes a couple of jokes about the first phase, but it's pretty cake for the cast. The whole cast beats the second part of the mission under five minutes. Derek, however, has issues when he pops his bicep muscle.

Derek decides to continue on because the stakes are so high. The pendulum is just a swing on the pendulum, catching a teammate, they doing something artistic. They eventually find out that they don't pass with a weird scoring system. Susie and Tori get 14 points. Kina gets 11 points. Kina feels like she facing the Pit, but she still won't volunteer.

Derek comes back with a torn bicep and he won't get cleared until he gets a MRI. Tori immediately volunteers herself for the Pit. Tori says that David isn't going, but she instead chooses Adam goes into the Pit. Adam makes it clear that it isn't about performance, mentioning that David is the weakest male on the team.

They are both apprehensive about leaving the grand prize as this is the last Pit before the handsome reward mission. Adam calls David "a big dumb animal." David laughs at Adam. Who will be the final team in the RV?

Denver Episode #25: The group gets their trip, Colie gets what she wants, Davis gets his mom

The episode begins with the group coming back from their Outward Bound trip. They're excited to be back home and finally be done with it. It looks like they're excited to get the results of their labor by getting their trip.

Colie (Denver) meanwhile fully admits to being lonely. She calls up Adam, one of her male friends in Denver and she flirts with him a bit. After a night of making out though, Colie feels like the relationship isn't going anywhere.

The group finally gets their trip. They're going to Thailand. They all seem to be excited about going on a trip to the beaches of Thailand, so they're happy.

Later on, Colie begins to gravitate towards Alex (Denver). The two eventually hook-up later on and Colie doesn't get attached much like Alex think she will.

Davis (Denver) is getting a visit from his mother and his sister. Davis is at odds with his mother because his mother is having difficulty in accepting his homosexuality. His mother seems to be weary of the whole situation that Davis is living in, but the two seem to be getting closer.

That night, Davis decides to party it up on his birthday and stays out late. The same night, Colie meets up with her friend "hot Justin" and takes him back to the house. Although there's question as whether or not it was intended to make Alex jealous, it just seems like Colie wants to hook up with someone, which she does: with "hot Justin".

The next morning, Davis was supposed to meet his family for breakfast at 9am, but they show him passed out at the computer on the night before. He calls his mother at 11am and she expresses his disappointment in him. He takes them to the airport and the episode ends.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #15: Post your reactions here

This week, we'll see David (Viewers Revenge) go into the Pit once again.

Here's a little information on what will happen in this episode. If you don't want to know what happens, stop reading. Highlight to read the following text:

David will once again face Dan (Viewers Revenge). David returns to the RV. The Roadies will lose another mission, forcing them to send both a girl and a guy. In a surprising move, the Roadies choose to send in Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Adam (The Quest). Looks like the alliance decided to take a risk this week.

So there you have it. Discuss the drama, the revelations, the heart-palpating action here in this post.

Pit Preview: David's goes into the Pit one more time tonight

Denver Episode #25: Post your reactions here

Another episode of Denver airs tonight.

There are only three episodes left this season, including this one. It looks like we'll finally get some sort of closure on the Colie (Denver)/Alex (Denver) relationship, which ended up so abruptly after Alex slept with Jenn. Colie flirts, once again, with Alex and claims to be "horny". The episode then makes it look like she wants to sleep with him or anyone else who offers themselves.

Post your reactions here.

Derek is tired of Road Rules, wants to go home, may finish taping this week

A very short interview came out in a Jacksonville newspaper in which he talks about his Road Rules experience.

He talks about how he was cast, with a tape that he submitted nearly three years ago. Although he didn't expect the cameras to come asking him for a shot to get on the RV, he decided to sign on anyway.

He talks about the experience, how he doesn't like being in a town where he doesn't know many people. Clearly, everyone on the RV is ready to go home, as this isn't the first time when we've heard the cast say something about wanting to leave and return home. Derek mentions that filming will wrap up as early as this week, which means that the series may end even earlier than everyone has anticipated.

He also closes out the interview that he's looking forward to riding out the wave a couple of more years and doing some Challenges in the next couple of years.

MTV releases press release about casting website; opens today

In a piece of news that we confirmed the other day, MTV is confirming in a press release that will open today.

The press release also underscores how the casting process will go:

"The Real World" Casting site is designed to be a highly immersive experience that engages viewers on multiple levels, from castee to judge. Viewers who join the community can register to be considered for the show or serve as a judge to help determine who makes the cut. In either instance, they are connected to the larger community of "The Real World" fans who share similar passions and who want to stay connected to -- and help influence -- the story arcs, characters and themes they see on-air.

Viewers who throw their hat into the ring for the cast of Season 20 must submit a 90-second 'confessional' video detailing their passions, life experiences and phobias. Viewers who elect to serve as judges can climb a virtual casting hierarchy to serve in any number of roles, from Head of Casting, to VP of Casting, Casting Director, Casting Associate, Casting Intern or just plain Voter. The hierarchy is determined by the number of votes a registered user casts; the more one votes, the higher on the ladder they climb. But it's not just castees who make it onto MTV. Even judges may appear throughout the season to discuss whom they voted for and why.

The current season of "The Real World: Denver" ranks #1 in its time period (10-10:30 p.m. Wednesdays) among P12-34 versus cable competition and has reached 91.4 million total viewers season-to-date. The season finale of "The Real World: Denver" is May 16. The next season -- season 19 -- will take place in Sydney, Australia and is currently in production. The viewers chosen through the site will be members of "The Real World" season 20.

Stay tuned for the latest information.

Inferno 3 Episode #5: The Good Guys faced with trouble, band together, win

The episode started out with the cast partying it up in South Africa. Everyone is having a grand old time and the cast is pretty drunk off their rocker. Most people go into the Challenges for two reasons: 1) money and 2) to have a good time. Cara (South Pacific) makes the comment that she hopes they send in Ace (Paris) because he isn't at the Challenge for the right reasons. The cast gets their clue for their next mission.

One night, at 3AM, ACe, Johnny (Key West) and Danny (Austin) decide to go into the girls room, play music really loud, and just wreak havoc. While Ace is shaking the ladder of Susie's (Australia) bed and is climbing up to sing to her, Susie smacks him three times in the face. Ace leaves.

There's palpable tension between the two before the mission. Susie sends Timmy (USA Tour 2) as a messenger prior to the mission beginning so they can squash any tension. Ace doesn't want to do it.

The mission: The teams have to cross a river with all these materials to build a fire. Once at the other side of the river, the teams have to build a fire to burn through a rope that will release a platform that carries three castmembers. Meanwhile, these three castmembers have to dump water on the teams that are passing under the platform to get their materials for building the fire wet.

It all comes down to the fire building and actually starting the fire. It all comes down to lighting steel wool with a battery. They actually figure it out fairly quickly, but they aren't bunching up the steel wool enough to light the fire. Danny and Johnny and Ace seem to be leading the teams. TJ gives them a clue. The Good Guys light their fire. The Good Guys win and pull ahead by $10,000.

Time for nominations. The Bad Asses nominate Davis (Denver) because they think he's weak. The Good Guys nominate Danny because they think he's the level-headed "brains" of the operation. Danny takes this as a signal that the Good GUys think he's weak, which makes him want to go into the Inferno headfirst. Someone makes a comment that it's a bit self-defeating to think that way, which is excellent foreshadowing. Ace and Susie apologize to each other. Ace realized that he acted poorly and Susie realized that she shouldn't have hit Ace.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Inferno Episode #5: Post your reactions here

Another Tuesday, another episode of the Inferno 3.

This time it's the guys turn to face the Inferno. It won't be pretty as the teams will be targeting two pretty obvious targets on both sides when they choose which guy wants to go to the Inferno.

If you remember, the challenge was "Ropeburn", but the real drama in the Challenge seems to center around Ace (Paris) and Johnny Bananas (Key West). Probably as a prank, the two guys sneak into the girls room and do something. We're only shown the aftermath in the preview when Cara (South Pacific) and especially Colie (Denver) are both yelling at Ace. Looks like turmoil on the Good Guys team.

Tune in tonight at 10PM. Post your reactions here.

Las Vegas Reunited tentatively airs May 30th; Trishelle is in STUFF Magazine

The Real World: Las Vegas Reunited will be coming to you sooner than you think. Both the Real World: Denver and Road Rules: Viewers Revenge are both scheduled to be wrapping up within the month. With their end, will we be forced to just seeing new episodes of the Challenge until Sydney airs later in the late Summer?

Nope, the Reunited, the six-episode series reuniting Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Frank, Irulan, Steven and Trishelle on the 28th floor of the Palms Casino/Hotel will begin airing on May 30th. This is a tentative date and is subject to change, but we are less than a month away from seeing our old friends back in action.

Additionally, Trishelle (Las Vegas) appears in this month's Stuff Magazine with the girls of VIP Passport, a syndicated show that she co-hosts. Check out the pictures and the mini-interview, but pick up the magazine which is on newsstands now.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Casting for the Real World 20 will definitely be online; I Love New York 2 follows similar format

MTV and VH1 are owned by a similar parent company, Viacom. If you have been following the story about how MTV is trying to make the channel a more "interactive" experience for viewers, you'll remember that several people who have sent casting tapes for the 20th season have been contacted to have their tapes put online.

Last night, VH1 revealed their casting website for I Love New York 2. That website currently features different videos from different hopefuls hoping to compete for New York's attention in the upcoming brand new season. The website claims that the five most popular videos, selected through a series of three rounds, will be on the new upcoming season. In addition to that, the website allows you to upload your own video in order to be considered for the new season.

So, why is this important? Well, if you head on over to, you'll see an authorization log-in prompting you for your user name and password. Is this the website for Real World 20 casting? The short answer is yes.

Shortly before the I Love New York website went live, that website had an identical login screen that blocked viewers from the website's content. Check out the Google cache of the I Love New York website. While we tried to look up the ICANN database information for, we found that the domain has been registered throughout 2009, but the buyer had the private information locked. However, we find that paired with the I Love New York information, it's pretty conclusive that casting for Real World 20 will be online.

It is yet unclear if The Real World will follow the same process as I Love New York in that a portion of the cast will be selected exclusively by online viewers or if people will be able to upload their own audition tapes online. Only time will tell, but expect an announcement soon!

If you're missing it, Ev and Tonya are offering commentary on the Inferno

Both Ev (Fresh Meat) and Tonya (Chicago) are both offering commentary up on their respective MySpace pages. Several people have emailed me and asked me to re-post the links, as both offer pretty candid commentaries on the show and their castmates.

Evelyn pretty much explains her dissonance with her own team, and having to prove herself to the veterans who believe she's undeserving of being on the Challenge.

Tonya just gives a play-by-play commentary and doesn't really hold back on what she thinks of what's going on.

Evan opens his own clothing line called Branch Out Clothing

Evan (Fresh Meat) has branched out into other ventures in the business. He has recently begun his own clothing line called Branch Out Clothing which is a specialized line of clothing that deals with specific charities. Read the following press release:

Branch Out is founded upon the idea that a person can positively impact the world through his or her passions. Branch Out is much more than clothing or concepts, it is a way of life. You can, and will change the world... in style.

Branch Out is a new kind of company… we believe it is more rewarding to watch money change the world, rather than to watch it accumulate. That is why we donate 50% of our profits to various charities. This is our way of setting an example and we hope many will follow in our footsteps. Moreover, Branch Out's retailers choose which charity receives the donation ensuring that our contributions are felt widespread in each community that our clothes are found in. Last, each shirt has a 'Dream Code' printed on the inside, you can enter this code on the website ( and see where your money has been donated. So you see, when you wear Branch Out, you are taking the first step, you are spreading a positive message. You are joining a movement to change the way people think, the way people feel and the way the world works."

Alton does an interview with AOL; Las Vegas should have wrapped up filming

Shortly before leaving for Las Vegas to film the reunited special, Alton (Las Vegas) gave an interview with AOL in conjunction with the premiere of the Inferno 3.

Although they do talk about the Reunited series, at the time, he was not allowed to say anything about it. Among the things that Alton talks about are the drama that happens in the Challenge, what he's up to now including running a temp agency and online production company, and his arrest in North Carolina shortly after his appearance on the Las Vegas season.

Last week should have marked the last few days of the Reunited series. Press day for the series occurred last week, so the cast should now be in the last few days of filming or should have gone home by now. Interestingly, in the interview, he mentions that he and Irulan (Las Vegas) became great friends after their break-up, suggesting that the tension between them in the house will be minimal once they move in.

The Real World: Las Vegas Reunited has a tentative air date in June.