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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reunited Episode #5: The cast gets into the Playboy Suite, Frank doesn't want to date in Vegas, Brynn and Austin get action

In this episode of Reunited, we begin with Brynn (Las Vegas) sitting down and having a heart to heart with Arissa (Las Vegas). While the rest of the castmates seem to be envious of Brynn, her husband, and two kids, Brynn admits that she is a bit jealous of the life that her castmates have. She attributes it to the grass always being greener on the other side, but says that she would not choose the same path that her six roommates have.

Later, the cast attends a casting session at the Palms to find castmembers for the 20th season of the Real World. By the way, we're still in the first week of their arrival and on the fifth episode already. They don't take it so seriously, but Trishelle (Las Vegas) comes up with the idea to use the session to find Frank (Las Vegas) a girlfriend. Mostly because Frank has been hooking up with questionable girls. They choose three lucky ladies.

Later on, Alton (Las Vegas) calls George Maloof and personally asks him to allow the seven of them to stay in the Playboy $40,000 Suite. The Real World Suite runs about $1,500 a night, so the Playboy suite, which has apparently never been comped, is theirs for the night. Everyone is excited.

Frank goes on the date with the three girls. Frank ends up getting completely wasted, while embarrassing himself along with his good friend Steven (Las Vegas) by throwing limes at each other and eventually rejecting each girl.

The cast parties at the Playboy Suite that night, only to invite what seems like dozens of "lingerie models" to party along with them in the suite. At the end of the night, the cast gives the Suite to Brynn and Austin, telling them to make another baby. The two spend the night in the $40,000 suite.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Inferno Episode #15: Susie wins the LifeShield and sends Paula in after the team tells her not to

Last night, Susie (Australia) was at the center of controversy as she was forced to win the LifeShield and make a hard decision. THe episode started with Susie being thrown into a pool by Abram (South Pacific). Although Abram did it as a complete joke, Susie was visably unnerved by his antics, and sought solace with Cara (South Pacific) and Paula (Key West).

The mission was to climb between two rope ladders using rope swings. The fastest guy and girl would get a trip to Hawaii. Susie needed to only beat Paula, as Cara would most likely take herself out of the competition at Susie's behest.

Some people have trouble with it. Anessa (Chicago), who was also up, failed to complete it. Kenny (Fresh Meat) and John (Key West) also fall. Cara looks like she's making good time, until she falls off the ladder. Paula is also doing well, but she too falls off. Alton (Las Vegas) makes the course in an astounding time.

Susie acknowledges the fact that all she needs to do is to complete the course to make it to the end. She seems like she is having trouble with the course, only until Paula steps up and tells her exactly what to do. Susie ends up completing the mission, thus winning the LifeShield. Evelyn (Fresh Meat) also steps it up and beats most of the guys.

In the final tally, Evelyn and Susie win the LifeShields, with Ev taking home the trip. Alton also takes home the trup to Hawaii.

Before the final mission, the Good Guys are sitting around trying to convince Susie to pick Cara and not Paula to go into the Inferno. While the team is not convinced that Cara is a good competitor, Cara says that she played the game hard and hasn't had a chance to show what she can do, because she's had to hold back because Susie was sent to the Inferno each time.

At the Inferno, Evelyn sends in Aneesa. Susie says that she made a decision between what she thought was right and what the team thought was right. She picks Paula to go into the Inferno. John is visably upset at her decision. However, in the Shimmy, Paula easily shimmies up two walls and beats Aneesa, sending her home in the rematch of the Duel.

Next episode: The final mission goes down and the Good Guys alienate Susie and Cara by not talking to them. Can the Good Guys pull it together for the final mission?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trishelle tells LAist how she was casted, what she's up to, and talks about her career

Trishelle (Las Vegas), who we've seen on Reunited, sits down with LAist and talks about her burgeoning career with her television show VIP Passport, her movie Ninja Cheerleaders, and just life after the Real World.

She mentions what it was like to get casted, how she felt like a dork in her casting video, and she reveals that she's only been in a relationship with three other Real World castmembers.

Check out the interview with LAist.

Inferno Episode #15: Post your reactions here

On tonight's episode of the Inferno 3, the girls are up for their last Inferno. Susie (Australia) and Aneesa (Chicago) have been chosen to represent their teams, but Cara (South Pacific) may feel the pressure when she's asked to protect her alliance with Susie.

This is an episode you don't want to miss.

Post your reactions here.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jenn talks about how she was portrayed on the show, her time on the Inferno, and who's she still close to

Jenn (Denver) gave an interview with MTV Reality World to talk about her life in the past two years.

She talks about how she was casted, how she felt that her portrayal ended up, who's she still close to on her own cast, and how she felt about the Challenge experience in South Africa.

An interesting tidbit, Jenn auditioned for the Real World four years ago when she was fresh out of high school and made it to finals. Four years ago would have put her auditioning for the San Diego or Philadelphia cast.

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