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Friday, November 25, 2005

The cast gangs up on Lacey, Danny proposes to Melinda on the Austin Reunion


Although there's no reason why MTV wouldn't promote the hell out of this for the Austin reunion special, there are rumors (ever since the special was filmed) about that between the cast ganging up on Lacey for talking behind their backs and Nehemiah calling out Danny (and probably everyone else)... (highlight to read) That Danny will propose to Melinda on the special. This may be the reason why they were both ousted first from the Fresh Meat Challenge that just finished filming in Australia. This is reminiscent of Chadwick (Down Under) and Holly (Maximum Velocity Tour) who were a target on Battle of the Sexes because they were married.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nehemiah, Wes, Rachel fight on the finale of the Real World Austin

The finale of The Real World: Austin airs tonight. Danny, Johanna, Lacey, Melinda, Nehemiah, Rachel and Wes go their separate ways. How will BMP end this sixteenth season of the series? Well, it's a fight between Nehemiah, Wes and Rachel with Johanna and Melinda trying to restrain the three. Catch the finale at 10pm.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Former Real World castmember is supposedly recruiting men to appear in her pornographic film

Supposedly, last week there was an ad posted on Craigslist soliciting men to be "involved" in a pornographic film with a former female Real World castmember. Who knows if this ad is legitimate but RealityBlurred is giving their readers a few clues on who the woman could be. Who do you think will possibly be adding adult star to their long list of talents? According to the article, you can definitely rule out Trishelle and Tonya.

Gauntlet 2 preview special airs tonight; We revealed the winners in July

Rough Seas Ahead the preview special to The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet II - Rookies vs. Veterans airs tonight. Expect about a minute with each participant, which if past experience dictates, will include highlights of their past, interviews with them now and a short preview of what's to come.

The teams are divided up into "Rookies vs. Veterans". Each team has both Real World and Road Rules members, although not an equal amount.

The teams are:

Syrus (Real World Boston)
David (Real World Seattle)
Ace (Real World Paris)
Brad (Real World San Diego)
Mark (Road Rules USA Tour I)
Timmy (Road Rules USA Tour II)
Adam (Road Rules The Quest)
Derrick (Road Rules Xtreme)

Beth S. (Real World Los Angeles)
Montana (Real World Boston)
Ruthie (Real World Hawaii)
Julie (Real World New Orleans)
Aneesa (Real World Chicago)
Robin (Real World San Diego)
Katie (Road Rules The Quest)
Jisela (Road Rules The Quest)

Jamie (Real World New Orleans)
Alton (Real World Las Vegas)
Adam (Real World Paris)
Randy (Real World San Diego)
Landon (Real World Philadelphia)
MJ (Real World Philadelphia)
Jeremy (Road Rules South Pacific)
Danny (Road Rules Xtreme)

Jo (Real World San Francisco)
Cameran (Real World San Diego)
Susie (Road Rules Down Under)
Cara (Road Rules South Pacific)
Ibis (Road Rules Xtreme)
Jillian (Road Rules Xtreme)
Jodi (Road Rules Xtreme)
Kina (Road Rules Xtreme)

Be sure to catch the Gauntlet II tonight at 10PM on MTV.