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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reunited Episode #2: Irulan, Alton, Arissa sorta settle their differences, Steven gets kicked out of the pool

The episode began where the last one left off. Arissa (Las Vegas) and Alton (Las Vegas) were fighting about the whole Florida incident. The two come to quickly realize that they're both going to stick to their version of their story, even if Alton and Irulan (Las Vegas) are no longer in a relationship.

The cast then gets invited to the Palms pool, which seems to be this great diversion for the cast, especially Frank (Las Vegas) and Steven (Las Vegas). Alton just wants to stay away from Arissa and Irulan. Apparently, the cast is given unlimited alcohol and Steven, drunk as a goat, throws some random girl into the pool. The promotion manager for the Palms lets Steven know that he is no longer welcome to the pool.

The cast gets massages at the spa and Alton announces to the boys that he will try to avoid drama at all costs.

The next night, the cast gets invites to individual group dinners. Irulan and Alton are to be paired together which freaks Irulan out. She refuses to go saying that her man back home would not enjoy that. She ends up going with Arissa and Alton ends up going with the guys. Brynn (Las Vegas) and Trishelle (Las Vegas) end up going to one too.

Meanwhile, Frank asks for forgiveness for Steven. The director will ask Maloof if it will be okay. Brynn and Trishelle talk to go over what happened with them the first time around. Even the two were roommates, they were never close. Trishelle felt offended that she wasn't invited to Brynn's wedding, but Brynn says it was only twenty people and Irulan wasn't even invited. They make up and Trishelle plans to throw her a belated bachelorette party.

Irulan and Arissa do clear the stink out of the air and look to be mending their friendship. When they walk up to Ghostbar hand in hand, this sends Alton scrambling for the door. Alton later meets up with Arissa in the casino and they mend fences as well.

Finally, Steven gets a reprieve and is allowed back into the pool. Frank has a drinking buddy again.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Reunited Episode #2: Post your reactions here

Tonight is the second episode of Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas.

Alton (Las Vegas) and Arissa (Las Vegas) continue their fight from last week. Irulan (Las Vegas) also fights with Arissa once again. And old feelings from Irulan resurface as she freaks out about going to an arranged group dinner, in which she protests, presumably because Frank (Las Vegas) says that she still has feelings for Alton.

Post your reactions here. This episode airs tonight at 10pm.

Inferno Episode #12: Jenn and Susie finally get their match in the Inferno, Cara and Susie are targeted

Last night's episode of the Inferno brought Susie (Australia) and Jenn (Denver) to the realization that maybe they couldn't avoid the Inferno like they have been for the past few weeks. Susie tries to comfort Cara (South Pacific) that she won't go and Jenn is comforted by Derrick (Extreme). The two are uncertain of their futures although they feel confident about going into the Inferno.

Their mission, fairly simple, is to match up a wooden giraffe out of dozens on the other side of a lake, you just have to remember which one it is. The Good Guys get to a slow start and the guys criticize Alton (Las Vegas) for not being able to complete the Challenge. It looks like Alton may be turned on fairly soon. Cara purposefully goes slow to help Susie win the LifeShield.

Kenny (Fresh Meat) doesn't complete the mission for the Bad Asses. Soon, John (Key West) realizes that markings on the legs signify that the corresponding giraffe on the other side of the lake. Susie and Ace (Paris) don't hear him, and Ace has a hard time because of it.

When Ace is going, Cara asks John if he had told Ace about the markings on the legs. John looks like he didn't tell him, although footage clearly shows he did. It all comes down to Evelyn (Fresh Meat), who needs to complete the mission for the Bad Asses to win. She fails to do so, giving the Good Guys the victory.

Meanwhile, Janelle (Key West) and Paula (Key West) win the LifeSaver, meaning Susie and Jenn will be sent in. Ace later criticizes John for not telling him about the markings because he thinks that he wanted to win the prize. The guys freak out and eventually come to the conclusion that somehow Susie and Cara were trying to pin something down on John presumably because of his alliance with Paula, the other girl out. (Heavy foreshadowing ahead...)

Susie and Jenn go into the Inferno, Zero Gravity. While attached to 75% of their body weight, they must ascend and descend ladders to clip four flags on each end of a L-shaped apparatus. Jenn gets stuck on the first flag and Susie is on her third when Jenn finally gets it on. Jenn loses and Susie wins.

Although it now looks like the Good Guys will now turn on the Cara/Susie alliance in the near future.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Inferno Episode #12: Post your reactions here

Tonight both Susie (Australia) are Jenn (Denver) are up in the Inferno once again. However, even if it is a girls Inferno day, the guys somehow get involved in the drama. Ace (Paris) and John (Key West) get into it this week, when it's somewhat of a "he said", "she said" argument when John is criticized for withholding some sort of information from the team.

Tune in tonight at 10pm. MTV's schedule indicates that they will be airing their sneak peak at 4:30pm too. Post your reactions here.

New pictures pop up of Kelly Anne in what could possibly be the Real World house

MTV is Real posted new pictures of Kelly Anne (Sydney), which are presumably from her MySpace page.

The first picture in the latest post looks to be in a well-lit room, a well-lit room with some somewhat nice furnishings, a well-lit room with some somewhat nice furnishings that seems to be trashed. Perfect candidate for the Real World house. Of course, it's just speculation, and it could be some random place back in the States.

The latest round of pictures show Kelly Anne in states of inebriation, canoodling with a member of the same sex, and just having an all-around good time. Is Kelly Anne going to be the new firecracker of this upcoming season? The series is coming at you soon, so stay tuned.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Las Vegas cast does interviews with Inside Pulse revealing some new information

Over at Inside Pulse, the entire cast of the Real World: Las Vegas was recently interviewed last week as part of an ongoing special they had last week in which they celebrated the premiere of the Reunited series.

Each castmembers chatted with interviewer Josh Clinton about their decisions to come back onto the show. Surprisingly, many of them did not want to initially do the show again. You can check out the links to all the interviews on Inside Pulse's Interview page.

Among some small tidbits, Alton (Las Vegas) and Trishelle (Las Vegas) are not friends, there are still tensions abound with Arissa (Las Vegas), several of the castmembers claim they will never do a Challenge, and what they expect of the upcoming remaining episodes.