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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jake is trekking across America; Coral and Mike are team captains

Jake (Islands) has started a new project up at his blog. From what started from the search to meet his soulmate to a trek across America, read Jake's latest adventures at his blog.

The Battle of the Network Reality Stars premieres tonight. And despite there being a focus on teams being split up by networks, it looks like the teams will be split up randomly. Once again, from MTVs Real World and Road Rules, we have Coral (Back to New York), Melissa (New Orleans), Mike (Back to New York) and Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour). Trishelle (Las Vegas) will also be sharing sideline reporting duties with other reality TV stars. Coral and Melissa are on the red team. Mike (Back to New York) is on the blue team. Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) is on the green team.

What's the red team's name? Team Coral. What's the blue team's name? Team Miz. This after Evan Marriott (Joe Millioniare), Adam Mesh (Average Joe) and Richard Hatch (Survivor Borneo) all said that certain castmembers took the show a little more seriously than others. Looks like all those years of Challenges will pay off. Battle of the Network Reality Stars airs tonight at 9PM on Bravo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tonya will be on the Fishbowl today and will be bringing someone by from Austin

Tonya (Chicago), fresh off from her stint on E!s Kill Reality will be on The Fishbowl on Wednesday 8/17 at 12:00 Pacific / 3:00 Eastern. Also, as a special treat, she'll be bringing someone from the Austin cast only to be revealed during the talk.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Mike will be moving to Atlanta to persue a WWE wrestling contract

Forget MTV, forget Bravo... Mike (Back to New York) will once again be pursuing his career in the WWE. Since appearing on WWE's Tough Enough and garnering a second-place finish, The Miz has been on Battle of the Sexes 2, Inferno 2 and will appear in the upcoming Battle of the Network Reality Stars. But for his next project, Mike has picked up his bags and moved to Atlanta in order to try to become a WWE superstar. The Miz has participated in a few matches on WWE's Raw and Smackdown. However, his move to Atlanta is to participate in a WWE training facility called "Deep South Wrestling". It's a training ground for WWE big shots to find new talent and the Miz was one the first to be called down to Atlanta to train. Good luck to Mike!