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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Real World 20 is confirmed to be in Hollywood; Will be a "green house"

Real World 20, the twenieth anniversary season of the series is officially going back to Los Angeles. However, this time around, the series will not be titled Real World: Back to Los Angeles, the series will be titled Real World: Hollywood.

This 20th season of the Real World will be crucial for the series. The network renewed the series during the filming of the Austin series up until the 20th season. MTV has yet to decide whether or not to continue the series after Hollywood, but with recent major changes in the network, the fate of the series is definitely up in the air. In 1998, the series was once close to being off the air, when MTV executives had decided that the 10th season would be the last. After the surprising ratings of the Hawaii season, MTV continually renewed the series. It's sister show, Road Rules, had been in limbo for three years, been labeled as "on hiatus", only to come back this past winter to a poorly received restructuring that featured MTV's new strategy of viewer interactivity of its centerpiece.

The 20th season, even in its early pre-production stages, is showing major changes. The show will be based in Hollywood. This is the second time the show will be in Los Angeles and the fourth time in the state of California. Season 2 filmed in Venice, CA; Season 3 filmed in San Francisco, CA; Season 14 filmed in Point Loma, CA. During the casting process, producers advertised for people with ambition, looking to live in a city that would foster that ambition. Presumably, that was a cry for Real World's early days in which Julie (New York) aspired to be a dancer on Broadway, Jon (Los Angeles) aspired to be a country music artist, and Pam (San Francisco) aspired to be a doctor. Also peculiar for this casting process is the casting of a seventh roommate via internet voting. Greg Halstead, from Daytona Beach, FL will be living in the Hollywood house this Fall.

In addition, MTV has revealed that this house will be "green". The concept is intended "to introduce ways in which today's youth can incorporate environmentally-friendly household items and make eco-friendly lifestyle choices."
The house "will include everything from solar energy solutions to bamboo flooring, recycled glass counters, some sustainable furniture and recycled vintage d├ęcor, energy star appliances, a solar heated swimming pool and energy efficient lighting."

The house is located in Los Angeles' 13th District, which is smack in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. You can check out a profile of the 13th District here. This season will definitely be in the heart of Hollywood. What remains to be seen, however, is whether or not this season will continue the tradition of recent seasons where the cast gets drunk and parties at nightclubs (which Los Angeles has no shortage of), or will actually revitalize the series in some way by returning it into its roots.

Nevertheless, it may be interesting to see the cast on TMZ at Les Duex cavorting with the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan months before the season airs on MTV. More to come as we get it.

Trishelle and Steve-O do a set at the Laugh Factory and it ends up on TMZ

Recent Las Vegas reunitee Trishelle seems to be keeping busy.

She reunited with yet another one of her friends, Steve-O, of the Jackass crew to do a comedy set at the Laugh Factory last night.

The set, in which Steve-O caught more attention for calling himself the n-word, ended up on Check out the set which is up online at TMZ.

Sydney Episode #1/2: Catfight sets off fireworks in Sydney

Last night's episode began with Cohutta (Sydney) and KellyAnne (Sydney) being the first to arrive in the house. Cohutta had never lived in more than two places, while KellyAnne was looking to have a party while in Sydney. The two arrive at the house and begin to check everything out. Soon, Trisha (Sydney) comes and joins the twosome. Meanwhile, Isaac (Sydney) and Shauvon (Sydney) get to know each other a little better than the rest of the roommates, to join the group.

Somewhere else in Sydney, Dunbar (Sydney) and Parisa (Sydney) have a first awkward meeting, mostly propelled by Parisa being mesmorized by Dunbar. The two go to the house to complete the sevensome.

The guys pretty much easily decide to share the room with three beds. Trisha and KellyAnne seem to develop a quick friendship, while Parisa makes a bad first impression on the two because she's not overally friendly with the two.

The group decides to go out and have dinner. They're interrupted midway by fireworks, to which Dunbar responds that Sydney is pretty amazing. That night at the club, Parisa is immediately turned off by the atmosphere and decides to go home rather than spend the night to "fit in".

The next morning, Parisa and Shauvon talk about KellyAnne's behavior. While KellyAnne is a staunch partygirl, Parisa had seemed turned off the night before by KellyAnne's attraction to Dunbar in the hot tub. KellyAnne actually hears the two talking about her and confronts them. Parisa dosen't appreciate the dose of attitude and the two are on bad terms. KellyAnne vents to Trisha, who seems to share her dislike of Parisa.

Shauvon and Isaac, meanwhile, turn up the heat, as the two are heavily flirtacious, especially after feeling they are the closest in the house after being introduced to each other first. The two make out in the confessional room, momentarily interrupted by Dunbar and Parisa.

At the end, KellyAnne isn't sure about her relationship with Parisa and Shauvon. Shauvon seems to be approachable and seems to want to mend the friendships in the house, so she suggests that KellyAnne approach Parisa to explain and talk the situation out. The two have a talk about what's going on and they decide to set their differences aside and start anew.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sydney Episode #1/2: Post your reactions here

It officially begins tonight. Cohutta, Dunbar, Isaac, KellyAnne, Parisa, Shavoun and Trisha descend upon Sydney for the beginning of the 19th season of the Real World.

Drama will be the keyword for tonight, as the four girls seem to be immediately at each other's throats, picking sides, making judgments, and just fighting in general.

It's promised to be a great season. Post your reactions to tonight's episode here.

Dunbar sits down with his local paper and reveals that he's still together with his girlfriend

Dunbar (Sydney), who seems to be a point of argument between several of the girls in the house this season, is officially still with his girlfriend. In fact, the two are planning a vacation to Florida in the near future.

The Clarion Ledger gives us the 411 on Dunbar, which tells us how Dunbar was cast, what life was like before he auditioned, and what he's expecting life to be after his audition.

Dunbar, who should've been done with school, is back at Ole Miss, trying to finish up his degree. He says that he's a Army National Guardsman, has a full-time classload, and works as a bartender. There's tons of interesting facts about Dunbar. So check the artictle out.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tomorrow's one-hour episode of Sydney can be viewed On Demand

For about two weeks now, MTV has made the first two episodes of the Real World Sydney available for On Demand suscribers. While most are aware of this, some people have recently found the episodes on their cable boxes.

Tomorrow's episodes promise some enlightenment as this season looks to be both dramatic and fufilling with some actual resolution at the end of the premiere episodes. Usually, the series begins with a high note and it's downhill from there, but fans who have viewed the first two episodes are surprised about this upcoming season.

The premiere episodes will air tomorrow night on MTV at 10PM. It's a one-hour season premiere.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Alton will face Evan, Kenny will face Tyrie, Beth S. will face Tonya; Wes and Johanna will host

In two months, former Real World and Road Rules alumni will battle it out in three boxing matches to find out who's the real competitor amongst the group. Alton (Las Vegas) has agreed to face off against Evan (Fresh Meat). Kenny (Fresh Meat) has agreed to face off against Tyrie (Denver). And finally, with what should be called the title match as these two have had some bickering in the past, Beth S. (Los Angeles) will face off against Tonya (Chicago).

The three pairs will train for the next two months in order to square off against each other in a "professional boxing match" which will allow each winner to retire as an "undefeated professional boxer". No details are given about the organization is running the event, but all proceeds will go to charity.

The event is scheduled for October 20, 2007 at the Celebrity Theater in Pheonix, AZ. There's no word yet on when you can buy tickets but you can check out the website here.

Johanna tells RealityDish what she thinks of the Sydney cast after watching the casting special

Johanna (Austin) blogged about the first episode of the Real World Sydney that aired last week. In it, she talks about her personal feelings about the seven new strangers from the perspective of someone who went through it several years ago.

You can check out what she said here but, in her blog, she takes issue with KellyAnne's (Sydney) seemingly insecurity with herself and Dunbar's (Sydney) action with KellyAnne in the hot tub.

She pretty much sides with the rest of the cast, praising them for their five minutes on television last week. Check out the article, it's an interesting read.