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Saturday, July 20, 2002

American Eagle offers the Campus Crawl cast $1,000 to pose nude for an art class

Hello! Welcome! How is everyone?

We just received information on a recent Road Rules mission. Remember in the main titles when the cast members are gathered around, sitting naked? AE, offered to give each of the Road Rulers $1,000 in gift certificates if they agreed to pose nude for an art class. posts that information, which jeans the Road Rulers loved to wear during the trip, and an offer to enter the Road Rules Midterm Sweepstakes... which allows you to get a chance to take the roadtrip of your life. Stay tuned in August at

Friday, July 19, 2002

Real World 13 and Road Rules 12 are still casting, get in those tapes

So, casting!

Yes, we told you that Bunim-Murray Productions would be casting for Real World 13: Atlanta and Road Rules 12 soon! Their website has posted information that they will be casting by September, so fire those video cameras up!

Wondering why BMP scrapped the idea of two Real Worlds a year? Well, they've been working hard over there. They have more than those two shows! Speaking of other shows, I'm sure you've all heard of another Making of the Band in the works. It is supposed to be hip-hop style this time around. And supposedly P. Diddy is on board with the project this time around. So... yes. BMP put RW/RR on the back burner for MTB2: Hip-Hop. Yeah, I'm disappointed too. The Real World: Las Vegas is slated to premiere in three weeks!

Thursday, July 18, 2002 is doing work for Road Rules 11

The Emmy nominations were announced this morning. The Real World: Back to New York, The Real World: Chicago, and Road Rules: the Quest were all up to be nominated. Last year, the Maximum Velocity Tour was nominated for their South Africa episode. None of them were nominated this year. The only MTV show to be nominated was The Osbournes. Congratulations!

Also,, someone who has helped BMP stage stunts for the past few years has put that they were in Texas and California setting up stunts for Road Rules 11. I'm sure that they will go down to Jamaica soon to help the Battle participants out as well. has put on stunts like the hoop challenge from last year's battle and the Stratosphere jump for Challenge 2000.

That's it. Also, if Road Rules visited your school, please contact us at Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Viewers share their feelings about last night's Chicago reunion

I hope y'all are having a great Wednesday!

Last night's Real World Reunion was awesome. So many people wrote in to us expressing their emotions on the Chicago cast. One thing that was commonly said between most of the emails was the fact how the cast seemed to pulled together in light of the adversity and were able to come to terms with their Real World experiences. We chose three responses: We tried to mix it up a bit. Last night's responses were overwhelmingly positive, so we wanted to show a variety of responses...

"Overall, the reunion last night was really good. I honestly think that most, if not all, the castmembers have reconciled their differences and moved on. I think it is absolutely wonderful that Keri is pre-engaged, though I don't really know what that means. I did, however, notice that when Keri had to watch clips of her and Kyle together she pretended to gag, which was hilarious. Of all the castmembers, I honesty think that Tonya grew the most. After all, she was the one that all the other roomies didn't like. I was one of those people sitting at home saying, "God, she is a real bitch", but her display really showed that she evaluated what she did with her time in Chicago and really wanted to change various aspects of herself to better herself. So I give much props to Tonya for being able to acknowledge her bad traits and fix them. I think that Cara got too much camera time. It seemed like she dominated just about every topic they talked about. Though I do love Cara, I think that she should've let her roommates talk a little bit more. And then there was Cara's many flings. She in all actuality only slept with like 3 people and I applaud her for that. She put it best herself when she said, " I was 22 and didn't see anything with being a sexual person." And I totally agreed with her. People are so uptight about sex in general and need to get over it. Cara is an attractive woman who has a sexual appetite and choses to act on sexual impulses. So what! Then Anessa, god I love this girls to death. She has really grown up a lot. She talked about her improved relationship with her mother and well as her newfound ability to actually be happy with being single. And when they showed stuff that we never got to see, I didn't know that Anessa was so damn funny. I mean, she is freakin' hilarious. Theo really didn't have too much to say. I honestly think that Theo went to Chicago to have a great time and that's exactly what he did. He left with not a single regret and you've got to admire that. Chris, the new gay icon, didn't really have much to say either. He really just expressed how happy he was to remain sober throughout a very stressful situation. Again, I give many props to this cast for dealing with their issues and really growing up. And last, but not least, is the anti-Christ, oops, I mean, the emotional jock Kyle. He, thankfully, didn't say too much either. On of the things that he mentioned was that he moved to L.A. to pursue acting. I didn't know how was "that" talented, but I guess he is. After all, he did earn a part as an extra in "A Beautiful Mind". If there were one thing I wish MTV would've shown more of, it would be more of the cast talking about where they are now and what are their current endeavors. And more questions from the audience should've been show, too. But like I said, I was very pleased with the outcome of this reunion. Let's hope that the roomies of Las Vegas are able to learn and grow as much as the Chicago cast."

St. Louis, MO

"All I have to say is CARA SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! She talked WAY to much on the reunion show! She really thinks people care about what she has to say... Well guess what honey?? NO ONE DOES SO SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"


"First and for most I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site you have, I love it.

Secondary, last night's Real World Reunion. Did you see Keri's facial expression through out the entire show, it was priceless. She was hurt and really upset didn't we love how she just blurted out loud "The love of my life." like saying "F*** you Kyle" though he could care less. Though it will be cool to see Keri and Tonya in the next Real World Road Rules Battle because it looks like they matured. Tonya definetly must have felt like crap when she saw the show air cause she was crying when she began to talk, and to top it off she isn't dating Justin anymore. I think that was the biggest shocker."


Thank you for your responses! We love doing this part of our BLOG! We want to mention real quickly about the Real World: Las Vegas sweepstakes. Remember when Melissa hosted those kids through the Chicago house? Well, Phisoderm and MTV teamed up to make that same opportunity available for the Las Vegas house. We have learned that the winner will be selected tomorrow. The winner gets to invite 5 of their closest friends to spend the weekend at the MTV "Real World" House in Las Vegas. Grand Prize trip includes round-trip, coach airfare for 6 from a major airport closest to winner's home to Las Vegas, a 2-night stay in the "Real World" House, a catered dinner one evening, and cash spending money of $250 for each of the 6 travelers for shopping, show tickets, or additional, incidental expenses. Approximate Retail Value of Grand Prize trip is $6,000. One hundred (100) Second Prize winners will receive a cool MTV backpack filled with Phisoderm products, each having an ARV of $30. The Grand Prize winner will be announced during the Real World: The Lost Season! Good luck to all those who entered. (The contest is now over!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

A fan posts a message about last night's episode of Campus Crawl

OK! First thing is first! We picked ONE response for today's blog about yesterday's Road Rules episode. Here it is:

"I think that the episode last night is a lead in to what will happen in the next few episodes. I'm pretty sure that they will boot someone after they lose one of the next two missions. They are really focusing heavily on both Sarah and Shane's foibles. In my opinion, I think both of them are trying their damnest to make the other look bad. (Remember, Shane telling Darrell on the pole about how everyone has to pull Sarah's weight.. Sarah commenting that she is NOT the weakest link.) Well, I really hate the both of them. Shane can be such an a**hole. He really is just in it for himself and doesn't try to help the team out. The only thing on his mind is not being voted off and nothing else. Sarah is just a crybaby. Once she finds adversity... She loses it. She isn't a competitor. In my opinion, BOTH of them should be kicked off and they should bring in two BETTER people."

Monday, July 15, 2002

Shane slaps Darrell in tonight's episode of Campus Crawl

Hello! This is our third post of the day!

Heheh. Tonight is the Road Rules episode. The cast is doing the mission where they have to stand up on the poles and have food thrown at them. Also, Shane slaps Darrell in the face. Good episode.

Anyway, email us at, tell us what you thought of the episode... and we'll post the best responses tomorrow! We're looking for good, dramatic (:)) responses, so be sure to put SOME thought into them.

Also, some casting information will be available tomorrow as well... So come and check it out tomorrow.

Wanda posts the extended list of the Battle of the Sexes; Shane's number is cracked

The beautiful Wanda at E-online has released an extended list of participants on the Challenge. Here they are:

Road Rules Guys:
Jake Bronstein (Islands)
Yes Duffy (Semester At Sea)
Antione de Bouverie (Europe)
James Orlando (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Laterrian Wallace (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Blair (The Quest)
Shane Landrum (The Campus Crawl)
Eric (The Campus Crawl)
Mark Long (USA -- Tour 1)

Road Rules Girls:
Emily Bailey (USA -- Tour 2)
Gladys Sanabria (Latin America)
Veronica Portillo (Semester At Sea)
Ellen Cho (The Quest)
Rachel (The Campus Crawl)
Ayanna Mackins (Semester At Sea)
Jisela Delgado (The Quest)
Christina Patsiksky (Australia)
Anne Wharton (Northern Trail)

Real World Guys
Eric Nies (New York)
David Edwards (Los Angeles)
Dan Renzi (Miami)
David Broom (New Orleans)
Theo Gannt (Chicago)
Colin Mortensen (Hawaii)
Jamie Murra (New Orleans)
Puck Rainey (San Francisco)

Real World Girls:
Beth Stolarczyk (Los Angeles)
Genesis Moss (Boston)
Amaya Brecher (Hawaii)
Ruthie Alcalade (Hawaii)
Melissa Howard (New Orleans)
Julie Stoffer (New Orleans)
Lori Trespicio (Back to New York)
Keri Evans (Chicago)
Tonya Cooley (Chicago)

I doubt the total accuracy of the list... but I believe most of it is good to go! (I thought Jisela said she didn't want nothing to do with BMP anymore...) WOW! Veronica, Ayanna, and Puck in the same place?. Hahah. She also commented on Tonya's attendance, saying that they all hate the show until a Jamaican vacation and $4,000 comes rolling along... ($4,000 for story rights????) Thank you to Wanda! Also, she handed out two clues about who will get the boot on Road Rules: (NOTE: This is a semi-spoiler!!)

Q: Wanda darling, could you please find it in you heart to tell us who gets
the boot on Road Rules or at least give us some helpful hints?
A: Sure. Here's a hint: *I* wouldn't boot em.

Q:Wanda, love ya! Give us another clue about who gets the boot on Road Rules! Please tell me its Sarah!
A: What about the SUSPENSE?! I'll just tell you that you won't be disappointed. They will make it SEEM like it is someone else than it really is, but don't be fooled!

What the hell does this mean? I don't know. Does the first one mean that she wouldn't pick this guy because she likes him. Or that "I" significance mean that it's someone who is all about themselves. I have NO idea. And secondly, she gives a big hint that it's not Sarah who gets voted off. (Because it seems that she is being voted off already.) However, they are also have been concentrating on Shane's lazy/goofing off attitude lately and how they think he's slacking... But they might start focusing on someone else too... Who will it be? (NOTE: We know that a lot of sites out there are saying it is Sarah, but hopefully it isn't... because Rachel commented on the first episode that Sarah WOULD be the one to go if it ever came down to that. Hopefully, the story editors wouldn't be that moronic!) Stay tuned and find out!

NOTE: We had learned that someone actually cracked Shane's phone number, but it has recently been disconnected. (Read the previous post to get more!)

Battle of the Sexes pay-off bigger; Puck brags about being casted; Shane posts his phone number

Hello! Here's the new news for Monday!

Today, we got an interesting rumor on Battle of the Sexes. Long, long ago, sites were reporting that Bunim-Murray was going to do a "new kind" of challenge, bringing so many more contestants into the mix and upping the ante, by increasing the prize money by $290,000 more than what was offered on the first Challenge. Well, when news of that broke... Puck of the San Francisco season was said to be on the first Battle, making HUGE waves, and being amongst the first to be kicked off. Well, those rumors turned out to be FALSE.

However, we got news from a source in Sacramento who says Puck was on the Kidd Chris Show (93.7 KXOA) bragging that he was getting paid a whole lot of money to be on the next challenge, which would be filmed in Jamaica. Sound kinda weird? Getting payed to be on a challenge right? Well, no... Not really. Back at the Real World Reunion 2000 the Real Worlders protested against BMP to get pay increases for their services (they get jack crap after the initial payment for their story rights.). BMP gave into their demands back then and story rights to the challenges cost big money with disgruntled cast members from the past. (Don't worry... I'm sure MTV can afford it.) So, look for Puck to hit Battle of the Sexes coming soon! Here's the link to the Kidd Chris Show... which UNFORTUNATELY says nothing about Puck.

Also, Shane from Campus Crawl went literally psycho before he left for the Challenge... He posted something CRAZY on the message boards. He posted the numbers: 11544799. These are the numbers in his phone number, but he's also omitted one number. He also says that his area code is 919 and the last number (the one he omitted) is either 3,4,5,6,7, or 8. Funny guy. He challenges the true fan to make that phone call to him... Although he's in Jamaica right now... so he wouldn't recieve your phone call. Contact us if you break the code...

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Las Vegas cast is cavorting with celebrities; Road Rules cast meets up with Vegas cast; Partial cast list of Challenge revealed

Hello! Hello! Interesting updates today...

According to several Las Vegas news sources, Las Vegas had plenty of close calls with famous celebrities. Most notably, the cast hooked up with bands O-town, who was at their closing party. A source reports that the cast was once seen partying on camera with model Tyra Banks and beau Sacramento Kings star Chris Webber, at ghostbar in the Palms. Will we see it? Who knows?

Also, there were reports in the Las Vegas Review Journal, that Road Rules 11 was in Vegas. Apparently, according to E-online's Wanda, they literally hooked up with the Real World cast. We do know that the Roadies end their southern trip with a four-day stay in mid-April running through Las Vegas, and apparently UNLV.

And as we promised, here is the updated information from the challenge... A table of who's on, who's not. More information will come soon as more people will be voted off the challenge.


Eric Nies (New York)
Puck Rainey (San Francisco)
Niel Forrester (London)
Malik Cooper (Back to New York)
Mark Long (USA -- Tour 1)
Timmy Beggy (USA -- Tour 2) host?
James Orlando (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Blair (The Quest)
Shane Landrum (The Campus Crawl)


Becky Blasbland (New York) host?
Amaya Brecher (Hawaii)
Ruthie Alcalade (Hawaii)
Melissa Howard (New Orleans)
Julie Stoffer (New Orleans)
Lori Trespicio (Back to New York)
Keri Evans (Chicago)
Tonya Cooley (Chicago)
Cara Nussbaum (Chicago)
Emily (USA -- Tour 2)
Ellen Cho (The Quest)

Also, I want to notify everyone of the cool features to the left... There is the RW/RR quotes, RW/RR classic moments, and the RW/RR casting tidbits. The quotes are over 250+ and are growing day by day. Some have been long-lasting, others funny, some serious. It's just coot to look at them. We only have about 50 moments listed, but those consist of some of the most memorable moments of both series. If you have any you want to submit, contact They are both updated on a daily basis. Also, since the majority of emails that we recieve is about CASTING... We decided to list some helpful tips from other sites. We are not in charge of casting, so don't send us e-mails about yourself and how much you want to be on the show. HOWEVER, if you do have questions, feel free to email us at and we will answer it as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone! Have a lovely, nice day!
Road Rules episode tomorrow!