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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Real World is casting for its 20th season, which may be its last

The Real World was contracted up to season 20 back when Austin was airing. This means that we're guaranteed seven strangers living in a loft until that 20th season has arrived.

Twenty seasons on the air is a definite milestone and the producers/executives at MTV may decide this will be a poignant place for the series to bow out. However, maybe in a last-ditch attempt to revitalize the series, the show seems to be taking a step back to its roots.

In a casting call, Bunim-Murray is calling for young, motivated professionals (actors, musicians, artists, etc.,) who want to live in a major metropolitan city to get closer to their dreams. If you remember, this was one of the original premises of The Real World.

Julie (New York) moved to New York from Birmingham in dreams of pursuing dancing, with small hopes to at least do small regional productions and maybe even Broadway. Heather B. (New York) was working on her rap album during the show and she even brought Julie and Eric (New York) in the studio to record. Becky (New York) was an aspiring musician, who during the course of the show, filmed several performances at local bars and clubs, with her roommates cheering her on. Eric (New York), who was a model and actor, allowed cameras to follow him on photo shoots, commercials, and talk show appearances. Norman (New York), the artist, allowed the cameras to get a glimpse of his support of Jerry Brown during the 1992 Presidential primaries. Kevin (New York), an aspiring poet and teacher at NYU, read poetry in front of crowds, taught classes during filming, and allowed the cameras to film it. Andre (New York) filmed a video with his band and had his roommates come to several performances.

The Real World was a far different show then it what it is today. So, maybe, producers are thinking about revitalizing the format that made the show so popular in the first place. If you're interested in applying to be on the show, casting is taking tapes until the end of this month. Casting calls will be announced soon.

LA Times article lambasts Road Rules for its drama and questions future of series

A new article came out in the LA Times which basically criticizes Road Rules for the treatment of its castmembers and creation of drama within the cast.

The article itself begins with the Kina (Extreme) and Angel (Viewers Revenge) Pit Battle, which Angel famously called Kina a transvestite. So you get the idea. Both Susie (Australia) and Adam (The Quest) contribute to the article and call themselves willing participants in the madness. They also talk a small bit about Abram's (South Pacific) departure.

The article briefly mentions the sagging ratings of the show, which was recently moved to Wednesdays after Real World: Denver to help its numbers. While producers seem to resorting to low-brow stunts and cheap theatrics to get viewers in, this article seems to be invoking Road Rules of yesteryear, when it wasn't so much about the challenges, missions, or drama. It was about six people living in a RV together and learning about each other. (If you haven't seen an episode of old Road Rules you won't know this is referring to.)

But the article nevertheless points out obvious flaws in the show. Check it out, it's a good read.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Viewers Revenge #7: Monte loses again, Angel makes amends, the Roadies lose again

Yet another episode of Road Rules: Viewers Revenge. Adam (The Quest) enters the Pit under the volunteer system. Adam says that he's confident that he can beat whoever is in the Pit. Kudos to the editors this time around, as they really left the viewer unsure of the results until Adam actually showed up to the Pit. They played an American Gladiators-style basketball-type mission. It looked very close, but Adam pulled through to beat Monte (Viewers Revenge) for the win.

Had Monte won, the dynamic in the RV would have changed completely, presumably because there would be four Pit Crew members in the RV. Kina (Extreme) and Shane (Campus Crawl) would have been outnumbered and they all knew it. However, it seems that everyone is questioning the loyalty of Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Dan (Viewers Revenge) who seem to have integrated themselves into the RV pretty well.

Knowing that she's on the chopping block, Angel (Viewers Revenge) takes the opportunity to apologize to Kina in front of the entire group before the mission. She knows that it's not her turn to go into the Pit under the volunteer system, but she wants to make sure her place is secure and she probably wanted to fit it with the group.

It seems like everything is well and good amongst the Roadies as they go to Lake Havasu for their next mission. It's called Human Slingshot. Four Roadies are slingshot into the air and they have to throw balls to Adam and Shane who will catch them for points. They get three attempts and the very least, they have to catch two balls (They would have to both be the third attempt, as the third attempt is worth 25 points and the first two attempts are worth 5 points each.)

Unfortunately, the Roadies only catch one ball worth 25 points, so they fail their mission. This means one male and one female will be sent to the Pit. Angel knows she's in danger, although it is Tori's turn to go into the Pit. Prior to deliberations, Shane ridicules both Tori and Angel over drinks at a bar in Havasu. This is the first time we see tension in the core group of five, as Tori says that she hopes Shane goes home.

In deliberations, Shane volunteers as it is his turn to go in. However, the group doesn't send Tori in and they decide to send Angel. The group actually goes around the table and says their reasons why, with Dan telling Angel that the game isn't for her, which hurts Angel's feelings. So, next week, both Shane and Angel face the Pit.

Will Monte be able to beat Shane as he will probably be sent to the Pit for the fourth time? Will Susie (Australia) be selected to face off against Angel and reclaim her spot on the RV? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

Denver Episode #19: Jenn breaks up with a boyfriend back home, Stephen loses a friend to Jenn, Tyrie goes crazy

Last night's episode of The Real World was pretty dramatic. We started off with Jenn (Denver) who is still recuperating after her tryst with Alex (Denver) when Corey came into town. She calls her boyfriend back at home. (She had a boyfriend?) Jenn then tells said boyfriend that she slept with Alex. Boyfriend puts the guilt trip on Jenn.

Meanwhile, Stephen's (Denver) friend Darnell comes into Denver. The two are friends since junior high and Stephen is excited to have a friend in town. Alex and Tyrie welcome the friend home by taking them both out to LoDo's.

Then, the story switches focus over to Tyrie (Denver). Tyrie is now dating Jazalle and actually says the three words every girl wants to hear: "I Love You". So, it looks all lovey-dovey up to this point. Tyrie even confesses that he hooked up with Ashley (flight attendant at the beginning of the show) when he was with Jazalle.

The roommates all go out. They go to a club opening where they're in the VIP section. Ashley has now switched jobs and she's a cocktail waitress. Coincidentally, she's the roommates' waitress. This sends Jazalle out of the club, angry and despondent with Tyrie. Meanwhile, Jenn, who heard that her boyfriend kissed other girls while she was in Denver, is beginning to flirt heavily with Darnell.

The roommates go back to the house. Darnell and Jenn are in heavy-flirting mode. Jenn even goes and asks Colie (Denver) if she should hook up with Darnell. Colie says, "Why not?" When Stephen sees the two kiss: "Jenn, that's messed up." So while all this is going on, Tyrie is trying to get Jazalle to calm down. They argue on the phone a bit and Jazalle comes to the house to talk to Tyrie.

It looks like everyone is pretty wasted at this point. The argument between Tyrie and Jazalle gets pretty heated with both of them yelling at each other. Tyrie pulls Jazalle into the bathroom and won't stop screaming at Jazalle. Jazalle attempts to leave the bathroom and Tyrie pulls her back in, not allowing her to leave. This happens once or twice, and then we see Jenn try to go inside the bathroom to help Jazalle... All this is said to be continued.

Next week: Police sirens and Tyrie in handcuffs...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Post your reactions here: Will Adam last another week? Who will go up this week?

This week we see Adam (The Quest) in the Pit, after he volunteered himself to go in last week. Will he come back alive from the Pit? Will Angel (Viewers Revenge) be nominated now that she's no longer safe? Will her and Kina (Extreme) go for Round Two? Is the relationship between Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Tori (Viewers Revenge) dead?

Discuss tonight's episode here!

Post your reactions here: Yet another episode of the Real World Denver

Are you keeping track? Still in on the shenanigans of the roommates? Comment on what you saw on tonight's episode here. Looks like there will be a little more drama between Stephen (Denver) and his fellow roommates now that his pals are in town.

Post your reactions here

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

Amazing Race's Reichen tells Davis to stay away from him after he breaks up Reichen and Lance Bass

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Davis (Denver) was responsible for the breakup between Reichen and Lance Bass when Davis hooked-up with Reichen one fateful night.

Apparently, the stories were somewhat true and now Reichen is telling Davis to stay away from him, via a MySpace post.

Read up on the drama at who have all the sleeze on this threesome.

Svetlana to be on My Super Sweet 16 this upcoming Monday for MTVs Spring Break

Svetlana (Key West) is taking part in a My Super Sweet 16 celebration. Last December, when Fitz turned 21, she invited MTV cameras to come and document her festivities. Although no word on if she exhibited "Super Sweet 16"-like behavior during filming, I'm sure we'll nevertheless see some pretty interesting things from this episode.

She actually had her party at Mansion in Miami, which is a pretty popular club, so if no bad behavior from Svetlana, I'm sure we'll see some sort of debauchery. The episode airs next Monday, March 19. Check your local listings.