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Friday, June 23, 2006

Westwood Magazine sets up a fake Real World in Denver and fools people

Seems like anyone can be on the Real World. After fooling half of Denver with their antics, Westword Magazine even fooled the online community into believing that these castmembers actually lived in the house. Dang it.

These are recent pictures of the Key West house and the Pineapple Gallery where Mystic Tan was once located. According to the sign, you can actually go inside the Pineapple Gallery to "look at artwork". No word yet on what will happen to the Key West house or who occupies it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Casting for the Bad Girls Club is underway;

BMP is casting a new reality TV show for OXYGEN to be filmed in August in L.A... They're making a series modeled after the "bad girls" of Real World and Road Rules. Although the new spin-off show will have no concrete affiliation, they're looking for the same type of girls along the lines of Veronica (Semester At Sea), Tina (South Pacific) and Rachel (Campus Crawl), the self-proclaimed "mean girls" of the BMP world. Here's the press release:

Does your refusal to play by the rules sometimes get you in trouble?

Need a way to get it together and reach your dreams without compromising the things that make you special?

From the producers of The Real World, six girls will live by the beach in L.A. and work with each other to tackle aspects of their personalities that while making them fabulous, tend to hold them back from success in relationships and careers.

The Bunim/Murray casting department is currently accepting applications (applicants must between 21 and 32) from across the country- so apply today! For our lucky six cast members, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Send us an email with a brief description of yourself (what makes you a bad girl?), email, phone number and a recent photo to Please make the subject: Attn: Susan, Bad Girls Club Las Vegas. We'll be in Las Vegas this weekend so please reply ASAP!

Also, our Las Vegas open call is this Saturday, June 24 at the Ice House Lounge (650 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101) from 2pm-7pm. Bring a recent photo and a valid photo I.D.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get Real Denver is posting news on the cast and adds info all the time has continuted to update their information and here's the latest on the Denver cast:

Alex, white male, brunette; Attending Arizona State University, working at Club Rise
Alexis, white female, blond; from California
Brooke, short white female, straight, brunette; from Tennesse but going to college in California
Colie, a.k.a. Nicole, female, straight; from East Brunswick, New Jersey, recently graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans
Davis, male, gay; from Marietta, Georgia, attended Stetson University in Florida
TJ, male; from Rochester, New York
Ty a.k.a. Tyrene, black male; nicknamed "The Chocolate Gorilla"

They've also said that the cast will most likely be working for Outward Bound, which is not a surprise since the Los Angeles season went on an Outward Bound trip in Joshua Tree, CA. If you don't remember, the cast participated in an Outward Bound Trip, in which Tami (Los Angeles) revealed to her cast that she was indeed pregnant and would have an abortion. Production decisions such as locales and jobs are known to come from ideas tried out in previous seasons. (ie. The decision to film The Real World in Key West was supported by filming a portion of Challenge 2000 during FantasyFest.)

Mike and Trishelle make yet another round of cuts in Fear Factor

On yesterday's episode of Reality Stars Fear Factor, we got a chance to see two other stunts and yet another team sent home.

Mike (Back to New York) and Trishelle (Las Vegas) have firmly established themselves at the team to beat. After four stunts, the pair have won three, setting them up as the favorites to win the competition next week. On yesterday's episode, the first stunt had the groups rescuing a dummy off a boat that was on fire and taking the dummy to an ambulance that was on land. After Mike and Trishelle selected the Idols and Apprenti to go before them, they decided to give it a shot. The two completed the stunt the fastest, earning them two seadoos and a $10,000 cash prize. Jonny Fairplay, who looked like crap because of previous nights' partying, convinced his partner Twila not to complete the stunt, because there was no reason in trying to beat Mike and Trishelle's time only for a cash prize. He reasoned that it was better to save themselves for the next elimination stunt.

In the second stunt, the elimination stunt, the male teammate had to snip four safety wires and pull four release cords attached to a plastic floating box holding the female teammate covered in cockroaches and worms. While it took Jonny Fairplay around eight minutes to complete the stunt, Mike did the stunt in about 40 seconds, earning them first place in the stunt. While all this was going on Anthony Federov of American Idol kept flirting with Trishelle, who wasn't having any of it. The Idols completed the stunt in just over a minute, while the Apprenti completed the stunt a couple seconds faster than the Idols. Jonny Fairplay and Twila were sent home.

The next and FINAL episode of Reality Stars Fear Factor airs next Tuesday at 8PM.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Davis is said to be part of the new Denver cast

In addition to Colie (Denver), we can also update information on another castmember, Davis (Denver). Davis has already been named as the gay roommate in Denver. However, we can tell you that Davis is from Marietta, GA and he attended Stetson University in Florida. Get Real Denver has said they will update their cast list soon, so expect there to be more information.

Don't forget: Tonight is the second episode of the reality star Fear Factor starring Mike (Back To New York) and Trishelle (Las Vegas). It airs on NBC at 8PM.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tyler is named People's Hottest Bachelors; Svetlana is one of Trojan's 100

In People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors Issue, Tyler (Key West) was named one of the hottest bachelors in reality television out there right now.

Also, people are commenting on Svetlana's (Key West) appearance in Maxim Magazine's Trojan 100. Trojan ran an ad for the hottest girls who prefer using Trojans. Svetlana appeared in the ad as one of the top girls.