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Friday, August 08, 2003

Cara is working for Nelly to find the Apple Bottoms Spokesperson

The Apple Bottoms search for rapper Nelly ends today in Los Angeles. Yes, Nelly is looking for a woman with booty, to fill his shorts, shirts, dresses, and signature denim jeans. After today's casting call, one finalist will be chosen on August 25 in Las Vegas. Officials say that the winner will be in a Nelly video, appear in ads, and get items from the new line.

So what does this have to do with the Real World? After Cara's (Chicago) run with the organization G.O.A.L., an organization dedicated to battling depression, she joined Nelly in picking the finalists for this contest. Cara seems to be the only celebrity from the panel of judges. Others include the president of Apple Bottoms, the marketing director of Apple Bottoms, the president of VOKAL, and the president of Nelly's charitable foundation. Cara and her St. Louis residency might be why Nelly deemed her appropriate for the job. Thanks to Dan for this information!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Tami is appearing on 20/20 to talk about her failed marriage

Tami (Los Angeles) will be appearing on 20/20 Friday night. She will be interviewed about affairs in basketball player marriages. Her husband, NBA star Kenny Anderson, had a mistress through their marriage. His mistress is currently suing Anderson for not breaking it off with Tami.

Trishelle and Mike hook up in the new Challenge, but she's sent home

News from the Challenge in Telluride, CO... A love connection in the works:

Apparently, it seems that Trishelle (Las Vegas) has mustered up a love connection with another castmember. It's none other than The Miz! That's right Mike (Back to New York) and Trishelle (Las Vegas) are together! The two apparently have gotten together while filming the Challenge and are officially dating. However, Trishelle was sent home... But Mike is still in the running to actually win (once again...) That's it guys!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Puck opens a website; Alton pushes McDonalds; Lori is making club appearances and selling stuff; Donell will be replaced by Jeremy

Sorry for the lack of updates! But it's summer vacation! While we're out at the beach getting a hip tan or whatnot... the blog does go un-updated at times. Dont worry... The Blog is far away from its demise. It is here to stay.

First things first... Yes, Puck (San Francisco) does have a website. We put in the links section a week or so ago. His website is PlanetPuck.TV. And yes that is Alton (Las Vegas) who you've been seeing in the McDonalds commercials. He's the one eating the Big Mac in the car. And we reported that E!s True Hollywood Story on the Real World would be airing August 8, but that is incorrect. More information on when that airs will be available later.

An update: Ruthie (Hawaii) is hitting the news in Hawaii. After her positive portryal on Battle of the Sexes, Ruthie is aiming high for stardom. She will release an album sometime next year, which she is currently collaborating with rap star Mr. Cheeeks. Until then, she is making other appearances in Hawaii, along with other Real World/Road Rules stars. So, if you're going to be in Hawaii in the next few days, check them out. Mark (Season 1), Lori (Back to New York), Steven (Las Vegas), Frank (Las vegas), Ace (Paris), Adam (Paris), and Leah (Paris) are all scheduled to appear at these club dates.

Wednesday August 6 - 9:30p @ Grumpy's
Thursday August 7 - 5-11pm @ Dave and Buster's
Friday August 8 - 11pm @ Hard Rock
Saturday August 9 - 11pm @ Wave Waikiki

Note: Not all of the castmembers will be at each club appearance.

Updates on the Paris' cast last names. There is Adam King, Ace Amerson, Mallory Snyder, Leah Gillingswater, and Chris Tamburello.

Speaking of Lori (Back to New York), who is making club appearances in Hawaii this weekend as well. She is moving to LA this month and she's selling all her crap. Go and buy a piece of reality TV history or just a piece of Lori's everyday life. Among other things, she is selling her bed, a computer, and some clothes. Go to her website at Everything

And here comes news of who gets booted off of Road Rules. (Highlight to Read) We all know that Cara just got kicked out and was replaced by Tina. But now, who's next? As we were promised three changes... Well, the next to be voted off is Donell and he will be replaced by someone by the name of Jeremy. So the final cast to win the handsome reward will be Dave, Jeremy, Chris, Marybeth, Christena, and Tina.

That's it for today! Have a lovely day.