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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Melissa Howard gets married to her longtime boyfriend Justin Beck

Melissa (New Orleans) who has stepped out of the limelight for a couple of years has recently gotten married to her longtime boyfriend. Late last month, her and Justin Beck officially tied the knot. Melissa, who now goes by Melissa Beck, had the wedding in New York, but it seems that no Real World or Road Rules alum were in attendance. (Update: Coral (Back to New York) did attend.)

Check out:

Melissa's Website
Melissa's MySpace
Pictures of the Wedding

Congratulations to Melissa and her husband!

Sydney Episode #10: The house takes sides in World War III: Parisa vs. Trisha

Last night's episode begun with Cohutta (Sydney) maintaining that he and Kelly Anne (Sydney) didn't do anything. Trisha (Sydney) also tells her boyfriend that she is flirting with the local, Alex. Later that night, Alex is flirting with both Trisha and Parisa.

Alex writes a letter/poem to both Parisa and Trisha. The two compare notes and it creates tension between them. Shauvon (Sydney) says that Parisa is asking for drama, but Trisha should not care. Kelly Anne says that Trisha should back off.

Meanwhile, Parisa gets the feeling that Alex isn't romantically interested in Trisha. At the bar that night, Cohutta (Sydney) saves Kelly Anne from two local drunkards. Cohutta saves the day.

Kelly Anne calls her friends back home and finds out that her boyfriend is seeing other people. Kelly Anne tells Cohutta. Trisha begins flirting with other boys and goes out to Cargo Bar with some of the other locals. Parisa and Alex get closer that night. Trisha says that Parisa doesn't understand "Girl Code" that when a girl hangs out with a guy first, she's marking her territory.

Shauvon claims that even though Trisha has a boyfriend, she has dibs on Alex. Trisha calls Parisa an idiot for going after Alex and tells her to "watch herself". Isaac (Sydney) even weighs in on the conflict, telling her to back off Alex, even if he has a boyfriend.

Later that night, Alex tells Trisha that he doesn't like Parisa. Then, Alex rates Trisha a six, a seven. Shauvon gets rated a six and the two are furious. Cohutta gets extremely annoyed. Parisa tells Shauvon that it is ridiculous that she's hurt over the rating, from two drunk guys who were teasing her.

That night at the house, Alex and Parisa make out. Isaac says that "Team Drunk Girl" will get Alex, that if Dunbar gets drunk, he might get Alex. Parisa feels bad that she made out with Alex. So the house is abuzz that they made out. Then, Trisha takes Alex outside, and makes out with him. Shauvon tells Parisa. Then, Parisa walks out with Alex, gets his number, and makes out with him once again.

Next time: World War III starts as people start taking sides on "Team Parisa" and "Team Trisha". While Kelly Anne seems to side with Parisa and Shauvon seems to side with Trisha, the argument comes to a head as Cohutta and Isaac defend Parisa over a grilled cheese sandwich. Glasses are thrown, words are exchanged. Don't miss it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sydney Episode #10: Post your reactions here

On tonight's episode, we see more of the Parisa (Sydney) and Trisha (Sydney) tension building up as they vie for the same guy. This time, a local, Alex, comes to visit the girls. When Alex makes out with both Parisa and Trisha in the same night, all hell breaks loose.

It seems like these events are leading up to a breaking down point for Trisha. It is also heavily rumored that Trisha either leaves or gets sent home after a fight with Parisa.

Post your reactions to tonight's episode here.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Register to win a trip to Europe with Evan and Johanna or pay to go with them

If you have been keeping tabs on your alumni, you know that last year, Evan (Fresh Meat), Johanna (Austin), Melinda (Austin) and Alex (Denver) all went to Europe last year, as they all had these professional photos done in front of famous European landmarks.

Well, this year, you can join them. EfCollegebreak is allowing you a chance to go on the trip with either Evan or Johanna. You can also actually pay to go on this trip as well.

Both links will take you to the same trip, but I'm sure both castmembers get more compensation for the more people they sign up. Check it out and enter the contest! You might win a chance to travel with one of your favorite alumni.