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Friday, April 13, 2007

Real World 20 is still looking for people with goals, casting will most likely be extended again

The Real World 20 is having problem finding people suitable for the premise that seven twentysomethings actually have goals. According to Reality Blurred, MTV casting directors are having trouble finding people who match the show's description of people wanting to actually do something with their lives. They're just getting the normal people who are aspiring actors trying to break into the business.

The article also elaborates on how casting will most likely be extended in the near future, since they don't want to be overwhelmed with tapes all at once.

And it also responds to "rumors" about casting tapes being uploaded to and people at home actually being able to select a finalist. Apparently, Damon Furburg, the casting director that Reality Blurred talked to, has heard nothing about it.

Theo opens up his own website with the schedule of his latest comedy appearances

Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) recently opened up his own website over at After appearing on Last Comic Standing last year and winning the online competition, Theo has now moved into a career as a stand-up comedian.

Theo blogs from his appearances, updates you on his latest whereabouts and where you can catch him performing, allows you to download some of his stuff, and even has a nifty photo gallery up on his site.

Check out Theo's website once you get a chance.

Christina is looking for Susie's biggest fan to make an appearance on her radio show

Christina (Australia), the compatriot and confidant of Viewers Revenge alumni Susie, is looking for Susie's biggest fan.

If you consider yourself a big fan of Susie, have loved her ever since you laid eyes on her, and are pretty much as fanatical about her as she used to be about Timmy (USA Tour 2), then Christina wants you! She's doing a radio show with Susie soon and would like to interview her biggest fan. The radio show is based out of Los Angeles.

If you think you're the one, you can contact Christina via her MySpace and tell her why you're the one!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Las Vegas cast ends up in Vegas and is having opening day festivities all this month

The Las Vegas cast will be partying at Moon Nightclub in the Palms tonight according to MM Agency and people are invited to welcome the cast back to the Palms.

The Real World cast arrived in Las Vegas tonight and was officially reunited and are now filming the new series.

Trishelle will also be having a part at Moon on April 14 (Saturday). The Moon Nightclub is in the Fantasy Tower.

Also, there will be a casting call held at the Rain Nightclub in the main tower at the Palms. Presumably, the Las Vegas cast will be involved, so you can check that on Tuesday, April 17 starting at 10am.

Alton arrives in Las Vegas but is overheard in the airport about why he came to Vegas

Alton (Las Vegas) was spotted today waiting to board a flight to Las Vegas. This comes with the Las Vegas cast all finally arriving in Vegas today and partying amongst themselves well into the wee hours of the night in many of the Palms' nightclub.

The most interesting fact that comes in this story is that Alton was talking on the phone when he was in the airport. Apparently, he was being asked why he wanted to come back and re-live his Las Vegas experience.

Apparently, the money they were offering for the cast to come back was better than the appearances and other jobs that Alton had going on, so he decided to come back to do the Real World.

Tonight, the cast is having their hurrah as they arrive at the Palms.

Janelle clears the air by confirming that she is not pregnant with Johnny Bananas' child

On last night's episode of the Inferno 3, the trailer made it seem that Janelle (Key West) might have been impregnated by her former roommate John (Key West).

She posted the following message on her MySpace blog:

NO people..... I'm not and was NEVER impregnated by Johny. I know you might have heard this on the first episode of the Inferno 3 during the brief trailer they showed of me and Johny talking. But let me just set the record straight NOW, so there's no questions about it. Johny loves to joke around and sometimes he goes a little far... i.e. pulling my top off in the ocean, yeah... I know you guys remember that. One of his favorite things to tell complete strangers when were working together is that we're married and expecting a child.... It's always funny, but people always know its not true... let's be real???? I will let you see how that episode plays out... can't give you too much information. But me and Johny are just friends, he's like a best friend to me.... never even seen that man's goods, and dont ever plan to. Enjoy the Inferno 3!!!!

Apparently, something occurs between them that causes some drama, but she won't reveal it until the episode airs. Keep watching!

Beth S. defends Susie, criticizes the game, and points fingers at production on her MySpace

Beth S. (Los Angeles) has been intermittently posting on her MySpace about this season of Road Rules: Viewers Revenge.

First, she calls the altercation between Tori (Viewers Revenge) and David (Viewers Revenge) a little contrived. She makes a good point, as both of them were clearly ready to confront the other when they both got on the RV. She also mentions that you look at the faces of Adam (The Quest) and Derek (Viewers Revenge) in the background if you TIVO the episode. (They laugh some, but nothing huge.)

She also comes to the aid of Susie (Australia) saying that Susie blew up at David because she was coming to the defense of her close friend Tori. But she also acknowledges that Susie has definitely been playing the game, as she has resigned herself to the fact that this trip is antithetical to what a Road Rules experience should be like.

Finally, she brings up what may be the common theme of this season. This season, production has been constantly shifting the rules and things are up in the air pretty much every episode. Beth mentions that in the last episode, the cast were carrying cake and milk in their go-karts, which is why they failed the mission. She claims they omitted this to make the remaining alumni look bad. She also claims that they made this last BMX mission impossible to send 1/3 of the cast into the Pit, so they could change up things in the RV. The tide has definitely turned against the alumni, who once enjoyed immense popularity from the fans at home. Is production actually at fault?

Press day for the Real World Las Vegas begins on April 23, signaling end of filming

Press have been invited to the Palms Hotel and Casino to speak to the cast of the Real World: Las Vegas about their new experience reuniting in their very same house and living with the same people while being filmed by cameras.

Castmembers have known to have already left for the city, so filming might or might not be happening right now. So far, press are barely picking up on reports of the cast being in Vegas, so no sightings have been confirmed of the cast, who will probably be more low-key since they have little anonymity this time around.

Every season after filming ends, the press are invited to the house, to tour the house and meet the cast, to film interviews and promos for the new season. Therefore, this season is slated to stop filming shortly before April 23rd. This series is scheduled to air on MTV this Summer.

Viewers Revenge Episode #11: TJ Lavin makes an appearance and the alliance may be broken

Tonight's episode marked an especially somber note for the cast, as they are faced with a major turning point with only four episodes left in the season.

Derek (Viewers Revenge) is sent into the Pit with Dan (Viewers Revenge). The two play gripbreaker and Dan says he wants to get back in the RV to put Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Susie (Australia) in their place for yelling at David (Viewers Revenge) last week. Derek is ready to defend his position. The two battle fiercely, but Derek is victorious and wins his spot back on the RV.

Upon coming back, Tori mentions that she wants Derek and not Dan to come back. It seems like some tension has developed (maybe via the blogs?) between Dan and his former castmates. When Derek gets back on the RV, it seems like the two are heavy-duty flirting.

The cast gets their mission and they know they will "drop in". They figure out that they're going to be working on some ramps, but little do they know that they will be performing death-defying tricks on skates and bikes in the mission. TJ Lavin is a guest host for this Challenge, as he leads the Roadies through six tricks. Susie, Tori and Derek are on skates. Adam (The Quest), Kina (Extreme) and David are on bikes.

Tori has to drop in and stick a sticker above a line on a ramp. She does it. Derek has to perform a long jump at the end of a ramp. He fails. Susie has to drop in on a steep ramp. She fails. Kina has to perform a high jump over a bar. She does it. Adam has to do a backflip into a foam pit. He does it. Derek has to do a front flip on skates. He fails.

TJ Lavin gives Adam the chance to do a front flip and land on solid ground. He attempts it, but they fail. The Roadies have to send a male and a female in the Pit and fail to bank $10,000.

The deliberations begin and we find out that David cannot perform because he injured himself in the mission. That leaves Adam, who claims he doesn't deserve to go in the Pit, and Derek, who would go into the Pit three times in the past four weeks. Susie volunteers herself, but in doing so, and realizing that she must work with the male nominee, chooses Derek for the Pit as well.

Derek looks angry, but the show didn't give his thought process about the nomination full exposure. We'll see next week how Derek will treat the cast and if they actually get back to the RV.

Denver Episode #23: Davis pisses off all the girls, especially Brooke, starts World War III

Davis (Denver) was the intense subject of scrutiny last night, as he let his mouth run a little longer than it ever should have. The episode opens out with Brooke (Denver) being all lovey-dovey with Davis. The two flirt, the two are friends. Awww.

So, the next night, Jenn (Denver) and Davis are drinking at the bar and Davis tells Jenn that Colie (Denver) is plain, Brooke has a double chin, and Jenn needs to lose about 10 pounds. Although Jenn is angry, she doesn't reveal her anger right away.

Instead, Jenn goes directly to Colie and Brooke, and tells them what he said. Jenn and Colie get upset, but Jenn doesn't tell either her or Brooke what Davis said. Brooke begins to dwell on it.

Meanwhile, Tyrie (Denver) is wrapping things up with Jazalle. He decided to take a "detox" from Jazalle and she keeps questioning the status of their relationship. Eventually, Tyrie gets tired of it and decides to break it off. Now, apparently, he can leave the stress behind and bring in "Darc Kent".

Brooke's parents come into town and she tells them about what's going on with Davis. Davis is extremely nice and cordial to her parents, which leads them to have a conversation about the possibility of Brooke confronting Davis about what he said.

Brooke decides to confront Davis, but decides to do so at a club, where they are both drunk. Davis tells Brooke the truth of what he says, and this sends Brooke off the deep end. Brooke runs home while crying, freaks out by throwing stuff in the house and screaming at the top of her lungs. She tops it off by writing a note on Davis' bed telling him to burn in hell. They are still both drunk by the way.

The two cool off, and the next day, they work out their problems and semi-apologize to each other, but it looks like the two are friends once again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #11: Post your reactions here

Another week, another round of drama for the Roadies. Derek (Viewers Revenge) has been sent to the Pit and if he makes it back to the RV, the cast has a decision to make. The four alumni paired in an alliance will be either forced to integrate Derek and David (Viewers Revenge) into their alliance or they will officially establish themselves as a tight alliance of four.

The Roadies are faced with an especially perilous decision if they lose tonight's mission. If they keep their word, Adam (The Quest) is forced to see the Pit once again. Also, if they lose, the alliance of four has the task of nominating one of their females. If they win, they still have to choose one of the four of them to go in the Pit.

Will they keep their word? Who will get to the RV? Who will be nominated tonight? Post your reactions in our comments section.

Denver Episode #23: Post your reactions here

Tonight's episode of the Real World: Denver shows Davis (Denver) on the warpath, somehow insulting his three female housemates. The previews show Davis directly criticizing Jenn (Denver) and indirectly criticizing Brooke (Denver). We see Brooke go off the deep end. Not good for Davis. Tyrie (Denver) also seems to be reaching a boiling point with Jazalle.

Post your reactions in the comment section. Episode airs at 10PM.

A MTV Press Release gives the new season of reunion series a title

The Real World: Las Vegas, who are reuniting in the Palms Hotel and Casino this month, has officially obtained a press release from MTV.

MM Agency posts this new press release from MTV which states that the entire cast will live in the same suite for a couple of weeks to film a new series for the show.

The title of this new series? Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas

If this season is successful (high ratings), you probably can bet on other seasons being reunited for the series. In fact, before the Las Vegas cast committed, we were close to seeing Reunited: The Real World Austin.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter just picked up this story, so expect to see it in some other media outlets.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Inferno 3 - Episode #1/2: CT goes home, Davis is saved, and there's a showdown in the Inferno

The episode begins with the cast arriving in South Africa. They're all ready to start to throw down and prove themselves. The group goes to what Susie (Australia) calls "The Pits of Hell" and TJ Lavin walks out. He tells them that the two teams are "Bad Asses" and "Good Guys".

TJ welcomes everybody and explains the rules. There's team challenges and individual challenges. There are Infernos in every other challenge and alternate between men and women. After every other challenge, the teams announce which person from the opposite team will go the Inferno. The individual challenge, the next day, is the opportunity to save yourself if you're chosen. If you win the "LifeShield" you can put somebody of the same team, of the same sex, into the Inferno instead of you.

There's 15 Challenges worth $10,000 a piece with a final Challenge worth $150,000. Total grand prize with prizes is over $400,000. Only the people in the final teams get the prize money at the end.

They get to their house and they go crazy. Timmy (USA Tour 2) thinks he's a chaperone. CT (Paris) already misses Diem (Fresh Meat). Cara (South Pacific) mentions that she and Susie (Australia) are in an alliance. Aneesa (Chicago) loves her team. Jenn (Denver) needs to keep her eye open. Tonya (Chicago) is married, but she's still a "wild child." Evelyn (Fresh Meat) is just thinking "revenge" now that Danny (Austin) is not holding her down. CT cheers the group, which surprises Susie. Danny claims this is all fake as hell, and can't wait until the real personalities come out.

CT and Kenny (Fresh Meat) are wrestling. CT is obviously drunk and overreacts to a bloody nose that Kenny gives him. The house laughs at the big blow-up between the two. CT is automatically ridiculed for he's big persona. Camera fades to black, Davis (Denver) is in the bathroom with John (Key West). The camera didn't catch CT punching Davis in the face. John is pretty upset and Abram (South Pacific) comes in to see what's wrong.

Davis walks by CT and Abram, when CT asked him if he could take a punch. Davis said yeah. CT punched him. Tyrie (Denver) talks to CT. Alton (Las Vegas) talks to CT. He denies it, he's still drunk. Davis is visibly upset. A producer takes CT out of the house for him to leave. CT leaves.

TJ comes into the house. He reiterates that the number one rule is not using physical violence against each other. TJ tells the group that CT is going home. Danny is assured that it'll be Wes (Austin). Kenny thinks it'll be either Wes, Evan (Fresh Meat) or Derrick (Extreme). Ace (Paris) doesn't think that it'll help them.

They get their new mission clue. Timmy is nervous about how the group will perform since he's never met them. Derrick arrives in the house later that night. The house is excited to see him. So far, the Good Guys seem to be intimidated by the Bad Asses. Davis tells him he's the reason why he's there.

They get to the Lawrenceville Estate in Somersfield, South Africa. The team is tangled up in the air, 30 feet high, and they have to untangle themselves and drop down into the water to win the Challenge and $10,000. Immediately, the Good Guys, who are going first, notice that the quick release harness attached to their suit can easily be detached with the flailing feet in the tangled web of masses. Colie gets her harness detached and then lies on Davis for support, who then gets his harness detached, and they fall in the water. The team gets DQed.

The Bad Asses get their turn with no time limit. They just have to get it done. They do with it with almost no problem. The Bad Asses bank $10,000. The both teams now have to nominate two men into the Inferno. Davis is immediately brought up. Jenn and Tyrie come to his defense and say that he's one of the mentally weakest competitors because of what happened last night. The Good Guys select Abram. The Bad Asses select Davis.

The second challenge is "Ladder Race" where they have to summit a tower and cross towers with a ladder. The fastest time gets $10,000 and a Lifeshield for the winner. The Bad Asses win another match-up and we find out that Abe and Evelyn win the LCD TV and Abe wins the LifeShield. Alton also earns the LifeShield. Alton actually surprises the group and volunteers himself to save Davis. Abram picks Tyrie, saying that he might cause problems for Tyrie.

And... to be continued! Until next week!

The Inferno III airs tonight with a rematch between Good Guys and Bad Asses in South Africa

Evelyn (Fresh Meat), Tonya (Chicago), Tyrie (Denver), Aneesa (Chicago), Danny (Austin), Jenn (Denver), Abram (South Pacific), Kenny (Fresh Meat), Janelle (Key West), CT (Paris)

Davis (Denver), Rachel (Austin), John (Key West), Ace (Paris), Timmy (USA Tour 2), Cara (South Pacific), Susie (Australia), Paula (Key West), Colie (Denver), Alton (Las Vegas)

Tonight at 10PM for an hour, The Inferno III. Check out yesterday's post for spoilers on tonight's episode. Keep checking back for more.

Select casting tapes may be uploaded to for you to select a finalist for RW20/RR15

Bunim-Murray is currently seeking permission from various auditioners who sent in casting tapes to post the actual videos on for an online contest in which viewers select one lucky auditioner to move onto the finals casting round for Real World 20 and Road Rules 15.

This was done once before when Lori (Back to New York) was selected amongst five other finalists to automatically move to the finals in the casting round and was sent to Palm Springs to audition for the 10th anniversary season of the Real World. She actually made it onto the show, so this lucky person may actually make it onto the show.

No word yet on when this will actually happen, since production is still collecting tapes until April 15, 2007 and will probably not move to the later stages of casting until summer. This season of the Real World and Road Rules is scheduled to air in 2008.

Monday, April 09, 2007

With the Inferno 3 premiering tomorrow, newspaper article reveals key spoilers

A newspaper article appeared in yesterday's edition of the Los Angeles Times, which deals with the first episode of the Inferno III, airing tomorrow. The paper describes the series as falling short because while omitting the competitive spirit of sporting games (which the Challenges have always lacked), it also lacks the drama of memorable, key castmembers who are not present this time around. This article pretty much spoils the entire episode, so stop reading if you don't want to know what will happen.

Jon Caramancia, special writer for the Times, details some opinion-laded stuff that mostly talks about missing Beth S. (Los Angeles), Wes (Austin), Coral (Back to New York) and Evan (Fresh Meat).

But then he gets to the spoilers. (Highlight to read the spoilers.) The first Challenge, which will be a rock climbing challenge which ultimately comes down to Alton (Las Vegas) and Abram (South Pacific). As you remember, on his season, Alton was a rock climbing genius, so much to the surprise of both teams, Alton ends up losing the competition.

But the real drama comes when the casts are playing around later that night. CT (Paris) starts wrestling with Kenny (Fresh Meat), which we've all seen in the previews. However, the two play too rough, and CT ends up with a bloody nose, prompting him to go on the warpath.

"I'd [expletive] lay you out cold," he says. "Naptime, [expletive]!" are some of the classic lines uttered by CT. And wonder why the preview doesn't drum this up better than it should? Apparently, CT goes off somewhere and punches Davis (Denver) in the face, giving him that big black eye we see in the trailer, but the cameras aren't able to catch it.

Read the full article here. This episode airs tomorrow night at 10PM and is a full hour.

Los Angeles' Jon is filming a "Where are They Now?" Special for VH1

Jon (Los Angeles), the cowboy hat wearing, country music singing, lovable castmember from the second season of The Real World is currently a part of a series based on former reality TV castmembers which asks "Where Are They Now?"

Jon has actually been on two Challenges since he left Los Angeles. He was on the Battle of the Seasons and the Inferno II. He was sent home early both times, once because he was partnered with Beth S. (Los Angeles), the other because he volunteered to go into the Inferno.

Jon appeared on the show when he was only 18-years-old and he had hoped that the appearance would gain him a record contract and instant fame. "Random events in a six-week period affected my life," Brennan said. "I had a manager who also managed Wynonna Judd. We had a disagreement and parted ways."

After a series of events that led to dashed hopes, Jon returned to Kentucky and is now a youth pastor at a local church. He's still singing however. He headlined at Goldie's, the venue he sang at on the show, this past Saturday.

The show should air on VH1 later this year.