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Friday, April 27, 2007

Tori gets interviewed by local paper in Virginia and reveals information about the show

The Richmond Times Dispatch interviewed Tori (Viewers Revenge) by phone this past week. She reveals a couple of interesting things, but click on the link to the newspaper to go to the full article.

  • Castmembers spend four days taping the show, then three days sequestered in a hotel.

  • Castmembers get a DVD of the show right before it airs on television.

  • There are only two elimination pits remaining in the season.

  • She says the veterans have an on-camera personality and off-camera personality.

  • She says some of the "men" on the show modify their actions after they watch the previous week's episode.

  • Although she stops short of saying the show is staged, she claims that the directors tell them where to go, and she has to announce when she wants to go to the restroom.

  • She says that she will go on the reality television bar/college circuit for at least a couple of months after the show ends.
  • Rachel was "shocked" about "conspiring" that went on; Jenn might be "Satan"; Susie was "sneaky, but smart"

    Rachel (Austin) actually did a video blog over at The Inferno 3 Blog, which is officially sponsored by MTV and is run by Blair (The Quest), a couple of things come up.

    Rachel talks about two things after watching the episode. First, she talks about how Susie had approached Colie (Denver) and Paula (Key West) about winning the LifeShield to vote off Rachel. Rachel claims that Susie had asked Rachel the very same favor, hoping to vote off Colie because she didn't take the Challenge seriously enough.

    Most of her blog is about how she felt betrayed by her teammates, especially since she went into the Challenge in good faith with her teammates. Then, she talks about Jenn's (Denver) comments after winning the Inferno. If you remember the clip, she says that it feels so much better to win , especially even after it hurts the competitor so much. Rachel believes that Jenn might be Satan.

    Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Viewers Revenge Episode #14: David beats Dan again, the group loses $20,000, David goes off the deep end

    This episode of Road Rules seems to find things heating up as the group nears the end. David (Viewers Revenge) ends up in the Pit once again and he finds himself facing Dan (Viewers Revenge) for the fourth time. They play shockwave, which is a game where they have to stand on a wooden platform while holding a rope in between them. David gets smacked around a bit, but he pulls through the win.

    Meanwhile, the RV is hoping that Dan returns, but David pulls in. The group discusses what will happen now that both Derek (Viewers Revenge) and David have both paid their dues. The group remains pretty adamant that they will keep sending David in, which makes the two angry. However, the alumni alliance can't offer any consolation. In addition, they seem to aim their sights on David, assuming Derek has been absolved into the alliance.

    The mission they get is a "Fear Factor"-esque mission with four parts. In the first part, Susie (Australia) and David have to run through a ghost town and grab a key off a wall while having attack dogs chase them. David can easily do it with the dog attached to his arm. Once he gets his key, he goes to pick up Susie and her dog, so they can pick up her key. The second stage is a crawl through a mice pit and picking up a key out of a tank of tarantulas and scorpions. Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Derek complete this mission. Adam (The Quest) and Kina (Extreme) have to eat maggots, which Kina first refuses to do, but she ends up doing anyway.

    They have to complete a puzzle for the last mission, but they fail this. They make a mistake by spelling a word "Wren" as "When". They fail to bank $20,000.

    Citing the fact that they don't want to make two people pissed off at them, the group decides to vote in David rather than Derek. The group tells David not to get emotional, but he begins to cry uncontrollably, telling the group that he isn't angry with them, but he's beginning to sympathize with them as he continues to spend more time in the RV. The group seems pretty resolved to send David into the Pit nevertheless and David says that he's resigned to the fact that he can't escape the Pit for the rest of the time he's on the show.

    Denver Episode #24: The girls arrive, Brooke triumphs over her fears, the group gets a gift

    The episode begins right away with the girls arriving from the Gulf area for the second installment of the Outward Bound training. This is the last thing the roommates have to do for their job, and if last time was any indicator of how things will go, things may not go as smooth as they hope.

    During the experience, Brooke (Denver) is challenged to repel down the mountain. She is deathly afraid of repelling down the mountain. However, inspired by overcoming her fears to be an example for the Outward Bound students, Brooke decides to attempt to conquer her fears and repel down the mountain. She succesfully does so and begins to turn around the Outward Bound experience.

    Meanwhile, Colie (Denver) pushes herself too hard and she needs to go home to recuperate. She goes home to make sure that she recuperates well and safely. Brooke, Stephen (Denver), and Chris go on a hike to "high camp". The group enconters lightning on the way and has to prepare for a drill. Ashley, a camper with the program, begins to have major trouble breathing. Ashley eventually can't make it on her own, so Chris straps Ashley on her back, and gets her to safety. Brooke and Stephen are left alone.

    The students are a bit shaken by the situation, but they get through it. Chris returns and gives the group an update on Ashley. She's fine, the thin air and altitude most likely had an adverse effect. Chris praises Brooke for her good job and this makes Brooke happy. Everything goes well. The trip ends. The group is happy. They sit in a circle and discuss their feelings about Outward Bound. It's all positive. They find out that they get their vacation as a gift for completing Outward Bound.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Viewers Revenge Episode #14: Post your reactions here

    Derek (Viewers Revenge) goes to the pit once again as he defends himself from the alumni ganging up on him. Will he be victorious? Will someone new join the RV and wreck havoc? Will the Roadies continue their alliance of four? Has Derek (Viewers Revenge) been absolved into the alliance?

    With only three weeks left (with this episode), things sure are getting heated on the RV. Post your reactions to tonight's episode here.

    Denver Episode #24: Post your reactions here

    On tonight's episode of The Real World: Denver, Brooke (Denver) faces her fears, as she completes the repel with the teenage girls that they're mentoring. If you remember from earlier in the season, this is something she refused to do during training. Also, in later interviews, multiple people have suggested that Brooke experienced the greatest transformation, so expect to see a transformation.

    There's only one or two more episodes of Denver left on the schedule, so make sure not to miss a bit of the action!

    Post your reactions here.

    Pit Preview: Dan, the self-proclaimed superhero, faces the Pit for the third time

    David (Viewers Revenge) has been sent to the Pit once again. Find out who he's facing and what game they're playing by clicking on the video below:

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Inferno 3 Episode #4: Alton and Susie are the only team to complete the mission; Rachel is out

    As the show opens, we see the team rallying around Jenn (Denver) to win the LifeShield. Susie (Australia) decides that she enlists the help of Colie (Denver) and Paula (Key West) to allow her to win the LifeShield. Susie is adamant that sending in Rachel (Austin), the girl powerhouse, would not backfire on their team.

    The team gets their clue and they meet TJ to Norhood Peak at Silvermine's Nature Rerserve to play "Wrap and Roll". There's a 50-foot platform raised 1,000 feet above them and they have to wrap and unwrap themselves on the platform. It's a pairs mission in which the girl has to do the work. The team with the fastest combined time to cross the platform wins.

    Every single team fails to complete the mission, until Susie and Alton (Las Vegas) step up to do the mission. It looks like they're both pretty concentrated on winning the LifeShield. Susie and Alton come through and win the Challenge, the LifeShield, the prize, and the $10,000.

    The Bad Asses start fighting in the van on the ride home about throwing the mission and people sending other people in. Jenn and Susie arrive in the Inferno. Susie chooses Rachel to go into the Inferno. They'll play Ejection, which is hitting a target that tilts a platform which each player is standing on. Once the target is hit three times, that person's target loses.

    Rachel wins the first round. Jenn loses the second round because she hit Rachel in the face. Jenn wins the second round. She finds out once that she attacks Rachel and the stick, she can knock her off. Jenn wins the Inferno. Rachel ends up losing and goes behind the stages and is ashamed that she lost.

    Rachel ends up leaving without saying goodbye.

    Next week: Rope Burn Challenge. Ace (Paris) and John (Key West) come into the girls room late at night, do something, and cause controversy.

    Inferno 3 Episode #4: Post your reactions here

    It's a girl's Inferno Day as both Susie (Australia) and Jenn (Denver) have been selected to go to the Inferno. It's also a pairs mission as the girls try to win the LifeSaver to save their butts from the Inferno. Anessa (Chicago) accuses Evelyn (Fresh Meat) of trying to get the other team to vote for her. Drama ensues. Will either Susie or Jenn be victorious in winning the LifeShield? Will someone else be sent into the Inferno?

    Discuss tonight's episode here.

    MTV will begin to "View and Spew" the Real World and the Challenges; will not do it for Road Rules

    If you've been keeping in tune with the recent developments over at MTV, you'll know that MTV is gearing its on-air content toward a more interactive approach. We've seen some of that with Road Rules this year, with some decidedly mixed results.

    If you tuned into MTV last night, you saw Damien Fahey, MTV VJ, asking you to comment on your favorite MTV shows after they aired a new episode. You can actually send in videos to and they'll air them in an upcoming episode of what they're calling View and Spew.

    Both The Real World: Denver, which is close to wrapping up the season, and the Inferno 3 will be a part of the remix which begins Sunday, April 29 at 2pm. This is an effort to boost sagging ratings for the network, which is facing criticism in the light of the fact that even it's two flagship shows The Real World and Road Rules have consistently turned in low ratings this year.

    They will not be doing View and Spew for Road Rules, presumably because the network wants to end the show as soon as possible. The show was set to air 18 episodes, but was cut short in order to coincide with the finale of Denver.

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    Almost there: The Elimination Pit statistics are here for you to dissect

    Since I get so many emails asking me about the status of the Roadies and the Pit Crew in the Elimination Pit, I've decided to give you a play by play of the Elimination Arena statistics for each castmember. Interpret them as you want.

    (# of Pit Appearances) (W-L-D)

    Adam (The Quest)
    (2 Pit Appearances) (1-0-1)
    Week 2 Pit: Volunteered the week that Abram was voted off. Did not have to participate.
    Week 6 Pit: Faced Monte. Won.

    David (Viewers Revenge)
    (3 Pit Appearances) (2-0)
    Week 7 Pit: Debut appearance. Team Pit with Susie. Faced Shane and Angel. Won.
    Week 9 Pit: Faced Shane. Won.
    Week 12 Pit: Status undetermined.

    Derek (Viewers Revenge)
    (3 Pit Appearances) (3-0)
    Week 8 Pit: Debut appearance. Faced Dan. Won.
    Week 10 Pit: Faced Dan. Won.
    Week 11 Pit: Team Pit with Susie. Faced Dan and Veronica. Won.

    Kina (Extreme)
    (1 Pit Appearance) (1-0)
    Week 4 Pit: Faced Angel. Won.

    Susie (Australia)
    (4 Pit Appearances) (2-1-1)
    Week 2 Pit: Volunteered the week that Abram was voted off. Did not have to participate.
    Week 5 Pit: Faced Angel. Forfeited.
    Week 7 Pit: Team Pit with David. Faced Angel and Shane. Won.
    Week 11 Pit: Team Pit with Derek. Faced Veronica and Dan. Won.

    Tori (Viewers Revenge)
    (2 Pit Appearances) (2-0)
    Week 1 Pit: Debut appearance. Faced Veronica. Won.
    Week 3 Pit: Faced Veronica. Won.

    Pit Crew:

    Angel (Viewers Revenge)
    (3 Pit Appearances) (1-1-1)
    Week 4 Pit: Debut appearance. Faced Kina. Lost.
    Week 5 Pit: Faced Susie. Won by default.
    Week 7 Pit: Team Pit with Shane. Faced Susie and David. Lost.

    Dan (Viewers Revenge)
    (4 Pit Appearances) (1-3-0)
    Week 2 Pit: Debut appearance. Faced Monte. Won.
    Week 8 Pit: Faced Derek. Lost.
    Week 10 Pit: Faced Derek. Lost.
    Week 11 Pit. Team Pit with Veronica. Faced Derek and Susie. Lost.

    Monte (Viewers Revenge)
    (3 Pit Appearances) (0-2-1)
    Week 1 Pit: Attended Pit with Tori. Did not have to participate.
    Week 2 Pit: Debut appearance. Faced Dan. Lost.
    Week 6 Pit: Faced Adam. Lost.

    Shane (Campus Crawl)
    (3 Pit Appearances) (0-2-1)
    Week 1 Pit: Attended Pit with Veronica. Did not have to participate.
    Week 7 Pit: Team Pit with Angel. Faced David and Susie. Lost.
    Week 9 Pit: Faced David. Lost.

    Veronica (Semester at Sea)
    (3 Pit Appearances) (0-3)
    Week 1 Pit: Faced Tori. Lost.
    Week 3 Pit: Faced Tori. Lost.
    Week 11 Pit: Team Pit with Dan. Faced Susie and David. Lost.

    The following castmembers have never seen the Elimination Pit:
    Ivory (Viewers Revenge)
    Jerry (Viewers Revenge)
    Kristin (Viewers Revenge)