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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Austin house is located on 302 San Jacinto Street

Apparently, a local radio station in Austin believes they have found the location of Real World house. It is rumored that the cast will be living in a renovated warehouse at 302 San Jacinto Street. Check out a picture of the house here. There are also rumors flying around that the cast will be moving in sometime next week. Check back for updates!

Shavonda gives clues about the new Challenge which she's on

Shavonda (Philadelphia) has a Myspace account somewhere. She recently posted on the Challenge:

Where am I? 10 things to say.

I can't say much, but I know you want the dirt. This is all I can say. Bare with me, It won't make sense!

10 things:

1.) Yes, I'm doing "it".

2.) I'm at Cafe Cantina with "Kidney Stones" and "Loud Mouth" right now. Let me tell you, it's nice here.

3.) Naughty versus Nice? That's the theme alright but I believe the title of "it" sounds harsher.

4.) "The Wrestler" and "The Korean" flirting? huh?

5.) Am I a sweet angel? or a nasty devil? No matter where we go, we will all go to hell! (Get it? Good. )

6.) "Puck" and "The Bitch" is not here. What a surprise.

7.) All I can say is that I love this man. His name is _ _ _. Too bad he aint an arrow. :(

8.) I am quiet. For now.

9.) "Kidney Stones" is a great competitor.

10.) People call this person a "Liar". People don't like "liars" but I like this person. This person hasn't done anything to me, yet.

That's it. I'll try to come back here if I can.


A name that "Liar" called me: Vondaful! (I like it.)

It's an interesting piece.
"It" = Challenge
"Kidney Stones" = Tonya (Chicago)
"Loud Mouth" = Tina (South Pacific)
"The Wrestler" = Mike (Back to New York)
"The Korean" = Jamie (San Diego)
"Puck" = Puck (San Francisco)
"The Bitch" = Coral (Back to New York)
___ = Dan (Miami)
"Liar" = Julie (New Orleans)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Jodi, Derrick, Veronica, Tina, Abram on the new Challenge

According to the RR/RW Talk yesterday over at the Fishbowl, Jodi, Derrick, Veronica, Tina, and Abram are confirmed castmembers on this year's Challenge.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nick will be on the Fishbowl Chat today

Check out the fishbowl today at 12:00 (pt) for a live chat with Nick (Extreme). You can get your fill of juicy gossip about the Challenge.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Battle of the Sexes 2 reunion filmed in MTV studios, this past Friday; More castmembers of Naughty and Nice

With the Battle of the Sexes 2 winding down and the reunion was filmed at the TRL Studios this past Friday.

The new Challenge, Battle of Naughty and Nice started filming yesterday in a yet to be announced location. We can already confirm some participants of this new Challenge, but not their teams.

Abram (South Pacific)
Beth S. (Los Angeles)
Jamie (San Diego)
Dan (Miami)
Julie (New Orleans)
Veronica (Semester At Sea)
Rachel (Campus Crawl)
Brad (San Diego)
Tonya (Chicago)
Karamo (Philadelphia)
Shovanda (Philadelphia)

We can also confirm that Coral (Back to New York) and Melissa (New Orleans) are not part of this Challenge.