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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

Happy holidays to fans, alumni and everyone out there in the world! 2004 was a great year for the Blog and as the year was dwindling down, unfortunately news had been slow. Look for 2005 to be a great year, with the conclusion of Philadelphia and Battle of the Sexes 2, Austin, a new season of Road Rules and the Battle of the Naughty and Nice will soon be hitting your tube come 2005. Have a happy new year to all and be safe! We'll see you next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christina will be chatting with Steven on the Fishbowl

Do you want to know what's going on with Christina from RW Paris? Well check out the fishbowl today at 12:00 p.m. (pt). She will be chatting with Steven.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The next Real World confirmed to be in Austin; Philadelphia cast to be in Naughty and Nice; Cara in line to be Playmate of the Year

BMP announced yesterday that the 16th season of The Real World will be held in none other than Austin, Texas. The Real World: Austin, which has not yet begun filming, will take the series to the state of Texas for the first time in the show's fourteen-year old history. If you know your Real World trivia, the sixth season, which actually was filmed in Boston was originally slated to be in Austin. Coming back ten seasons later, Austin won out over other cities because of its college-age population, music scene and nightlife. Other contenders and sure to be future backdrops for future seasons were Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, Sydney and Montana. The series was scouting for military personnel who were in Iraq early last year, so expect to see someone who is a member of our armed forces be on the show. I an interview with the Yahoo! News, Jon Murray hinted that the cast has already been picked, saying that this might be one of the best casts ever assembled. Austin will be the smallest city that has ever hosted a season of the Real World. Philadelphia will end its run on Feburary 22. The Real World: Austin will premiere in June 2005.

More information is coming out on Naughty and Nice by the minute. This next challenge will include Philadelphia castmembers and will begin filming mid-January. It is slated to begin airing on MTV in March 2005. This should be right around the time that both Philadelphia and Battle of the Sexes 2 should end their runs. And what about Road Rules? Well, Road Rules will most likely air in June, alongside the premiere of Real World: Austin. Road Rules is not usually known about because of how they are constantly hitting the road in exotic locales. It's hard to get a pinpoint on who or where the cast is when they are actually filming.

And help Cara (South Pacific) win the coveted role of Playmate of the Year. She earned a spot as Playboy's Miss November in the magazine. Click here to vote for Cara. The winner will be announced May 10th. Support our alumni!

The Inferno marathon airs today on MTV

What would a Thursday be without a little competition, back stabbing, and some hooking up? If you are interested in one or all three of these things then check out the Inferno marathon today on MTV.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mike loses Tough Enough; Battle of Naughty and Nice is being casted

For those of you who are waiting to find out about Mike (Back to New York) and if he won Tough Enough 4, don't read the following. If you do, highlight to read:

Mike has come in second place. Although the winner has not been announced officially, WWE announced the winner because they film Smackdown episodes well ahead of their Thursday air dates. Although Mike has come in a close second, he is said to be offered a development deal with the WWE. And if you watch WWE, you do know that Tough Enough contestants who do not win the titles, do have development deals with them and end up becoming WWE Superstars. Good luck to Mike!

The Battle of Naughty and Nice is said to be well on its way as castmembers are now being confirmed to appear on the next Challenge. Some websites have already confirmed several different castmembers. The new Challenge is supposed to start filming early next month and will air in March.

Timmy, Alton, Irulan, Steven are on the Fishbowl

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that these last couple of days have been slow news days and you are wondering where you can find a little reality star action. If you are looking for a quick fix, check out the fishbowl today at 12:00 (pt)/3:00 (et) for a live chat with Timmy, Alton, Irulan, and Steven.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Philadelphia will be a part of the Reality Bar Crawl

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Reality Bar Crawl Tour are getting together for one crazy party on December 22 at Suite 450 in Philadelphia. There will be reality stars, a bikini contest, and giveaways. Check out the VIP Connections site for more info.

Mike loses match to his opponent on the finale of Tough Enough, still has the vote

For those of you who watched WWE's Armageddon last night, Mike (Back to New York) lost to Daniel Puder in the Tough Enough match. Mike wasn't knocked out, but fans in the stadium decided that Puder performed better and he was declared the winner of the match. Although Puder receives a boost from winning previous challenges, it ultimately decides on the vote. This is a chance for Mike to win a million dollars. The winner will be announced Thursday on WWE's Smackdown. Click here to vote for Mike. I am told if you delete your cookies each time after you vote, you can vote for him multiple times.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Trishelle was not selling herself for a date; You can buy a ticket on the Reality Cruise

So remember that Real World and Road Rules cruise with Trishelle (Las Vegas), Katie (The Quest) and Ace (Paris)? Well, you can actually book the trip now with Carnival cruise line which will depart from Miami in May 2005. Click here for details.

Also, do you remember Trishelle (Las Vegas) auctioning off a date with her on E-Bay? Apparently, this is not even true. Trishelle was never part of the fiasco and is considering her options for what she can do next. The date went for $1000+.

So are you sending out your chain emails? Voting on multiple computers? Mike (Back to New York) is in the final two for WWE's Tough Enough 4. If he comes through with the most votes, he will be crowned Tough Enough's winner and will receive a million dollar WWE contract. The winner will be announced Sunday night on pay-per-view on Armeggedon. Help out Mike and vote for him here.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mike is close to a WWE contract; Tonya is Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week

For those of you who are big Miz (Back to New York) fans, Mike has now made it to the final two against his biggest competitor Daniel Puder. I'm hearing rumors abound that a big part of the final decision as to who gets the million dollar contract is going to be the final vote. However, the judges will also factor the winner of a match between Puder and Mike in the final decision. Most give the advantage to Puder, who is a fighting expert as he has several belts for something (or so I'm told). So us Real World fans need to support Mike and push him through to the final contract. Although we've been criticized a bit for our undying support for Mike, here at the Blog, we love to help out any alumni any way we can. If you remember, a huge part of Rachel (San Francisco) being chosen as the final three on The View was huge fan support. So really come out and vote for Mike when voting starts tomorrow. This is where you vote!

Tonya (Chicago) has now joined the growing ranks of alumni who have posed for Playboy. Beth (Los Angeles), Jisela (The Quest), Veronica (Semester at Sea), Flora (Miami), Trishelle (Las Vegas), Katie (The Quest), Arissa (Las Vegas) and Marybeth (South Pacific) have all posed for Playboy in one form or another. Cara (South Pacific) was actually Miss November 2004 and will be up for Playmate of the Year 2004. But Tonya (Chicago) is now a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week, following Marybeth (South Pacific) who appeared on the site shortly beforing appearing on Road Rules. Check out the Playboy pictures of Tonya, here. Also, if you want to check out the Playboy DVD that some alumni did, go to our store, which is accessible from the menu on the left.

Brynn, Steven, Irulan, Alton, Trishelle show up on the Fishbowl

It's a Real World Las Vegas reunion today at the fishbowl. Check out Brynn, Steven, Irulan, Trishelle and Alton on the Real World/Road Rules Talk radio show at 12:30 p.m.(pt)/3:30 p.m. (et).

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Katie, Trishelle, Ace will be a part of a Reality TV cruise

Ever wanted to spend a 7-day Carnival cruise with some of your favorite Real World and Road Rules castmembers? Well in May 2005, Katie (The Quest), Trishelle (Las Vegas) and Ace (Paris) will be part of a cruise that will head to the western Carribean. 1-2 castmembers are also in talks to sign on to this cruise. There will be tons of exclusive parties and events on board. More information is scheduled to come online very soon and you'll hear more about how you can buy a ticket on to the RW/RR Cruise.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Real World houses takes a look at the empty San Diego house; Cameran is still dating Jeremy Bloom, not Mike

Real World Houses has an exclusive with the San Diego house which shows how the house looks during and after the castmembers moved out. You can actually see the San Diego pad stripped down to white walls and non-flashy furniture.

And Kristin reported from E-Online a couple days ago that Cameran (San Diego) was dating Mike (Back to New York). Sounded a little odd. But Cameran showed up at a speaking engagement recently and confirmed that she is still in a relationship with Jeremy Bloom. Apparently, she was really miffed about how things went down on the Battle of the Sexes 2 with alliances being formed with the veterans and how once she got there, she actually volunteered to go home.

Jon Murray is named President and Chairman of Bunim-Murray Productions

Congratulations are in order for Jonathan Murray. He is now the chairman and president of BMP. Check out the article here.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Mike makes it into the final two for Tough Enough; Hear Lori's rendition of Silent Night

Help the Miz (Back to New York) make into the final two for Tough Enough. Vote at Tough Enough. Mike needs this final push to win his $1 million dollar WWE contract. If you ever wanted to help Mike, now is the time!

Lori (Back to New York) has also been making appearances at the The Fishbowl, so you can check out what's going on with her. For all you fans of Lori's singing on her season, you can check out the Fishbowl's Christmas CD which will feature Lori's rendition of Silent Night.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Lori will be on the FIshbowl, she sings Silent Night; Naughty and Nice will begin soon

An update on Lori (Back to New York). She will be on the The Fishbowl tomorrow at noon (December 1st) on Trishelle's (Las Vegas) radio show. She also has a live web chat rescheduled for Tuesday at 7PM. And for all you Lori fans, she will be singing Silent Night on the Fishbowl's Christmas CD, so be sure to check that out.

Kristin at E-Online has offered some interesting tidbits. She mentions that the Battle of Naughty and Nice will begin filming very shortly. She also makes a mention that Cameran (San Diego) and Mike (Back to New York) are dating... This is news to us, as last we heard, Cameran was dating Jeremy Bloom and the Miz was busy being the Miz on WWE. Kristin also mentions that she and Becky (New York) are also writing a book together.

Chris opens up a website

Can't get enough of Chris (South Pacific)? Visit his website which opened a few weeks ago.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004

Wired 96.5 celebrates their first anniversary with the Philadelphia cast

The Philly cast minus MJ partied down in their pjs this past Wednesday. A local radio station, Wired 96.5, celebrated their first anniversary by sponsoring Jammy Jam. Check out the pics here.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Norman, Becky, Joe, Jon, and Danny tell MTV what they're up to

MTV continues to update their site on past cast members. Check out what Norman, Becky, Joe, Jon, and Danny are up to now.

Mike still needs your help; Updates on the San Diego cast

Mike (Back to New York) made it to the Top 5 of WWEs Tough Enough. Now that it's getting down to the nitty gritty, we really need to rally around Mike and show that we support our Real World and Road Rules alumni. Send out chain e-mails, vote on different computers. Vote for Mike to win WWEs Tough Enough $1 million dollar contract. Click here to vote for Mike.

And we have an update on the San Diego cast from Angel. Cameran has been dating someone by the name of Jeremy for the past 8 months. Brad again has a steady girlfriend and this may be "the one". Jamie is dating someone who works on Jackass. Frankie has been on the road with Dave. Randy is traveling. Robin is actually back together with Mike, her boyfriend who was sent to Iraq, that is now home. Robin broke up with Mike after he got shipped off to Iraq and hooked up with Mark (USA Tour 1) while on Battle of the Sexes 2. And no update on Charlie.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mike is married and has a baby on the way

Mike (London) is also married and has a baby on the way. Read more about him here.

Theo responds to ESPN's article; Mike hired as a race car manager; Chris opens up his website

Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) responds to the article that wrote a few days back about Battle of the Sexes 2. Check it out at his website. Funny thing, he reveals a huge part of the Challenge in this article. (Highlight/Scroll over to read.) He says that he's been on three challenges and he's never been defeated. This leads us to believe that Theo is in the final three and the guys win.

Here's an update on Mike (London). He's still racing cars and he was recently hired as a team manager at the Grand American Road Racing Association. To check out the article, click here.

Chris (South Pacific) just opened his own website at Check it out.

Monday, November 15, 2004

MTV is updating people on former castmembers whereabouts

MTV is updating the Real World section of their site and sending questionnaires to former cast members. Check out what Colin had to say here.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Tami is in the final four to make it as KTLA's weatherwoman

Tami (Los Angeles) has made it to the final four, in KTLA 5 Los Angeles' search for a meterologist. Check out her progress here.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Mike needs your help to make it on Tough Enough, Battle of the Sexes 2 on ESPN

Mike (Back to New York) who is now vying for the top spot in WWE's Tough Enough, is asking for your vote in the final six round. Support the alumni and take a quick minute to vote for Mike to win the million dollar cash prize. Go directly to the voting page at the Tough Enough webpage.

Also, there is an article on ESPN about the Battle of the Sexes which seems to be garnering fan attention as an excellent article. Check it out.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Susie writes a column for her hometown paper, the Pittsburgh City Paper

Susie (Australia) has been a bit busy in her hometown of Pittsburgh. She recently wrote a column for the Pittsburgh City Paper. Ironically, it's about her brush with fame as a Road Ruler. You can check it out at here. (look under "Views" and then under "Rant")

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Trishelle and Steven interview Katie on the Fishbowl

If you are looking for something fun to do today at work or wherever, check out Katie and Steven on Trishelle's show over at the Fishbowl. You can also find out what you didn't see on this week's episode of BOTS2 by checking out Theo's latest post.

Kelley will be appearing on Scott Wolfe's show Everwood

Kelley (New Orleans) will be appearing on her husband's show Everwood. If you've been living under a rock, her husband is former Party of Five star Scott Wolfe. Kelley, who took Scott's name, will be in a small guest spot as Scott's short date. The episode is scheduled to run November 22 ond the WB.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tami is in a competition to become a weatherwoman; The Rebel Billionaire uses an old Road Rules mission

Tami (Los Angeles) is vying for a position as KTLA 5's (Los Angeles WB Affiliate) new meterologist. KTLA is running a half-reality/half-news kind of thing for the month of November. They wittled the 16 finalists down to eight and Tami is in the running. They are calling it The Audition and you can check on her progress here.

In other news, Richard Branson's The Rebel Billionare airs it's first episode tonight on Fox. Not really Real World or Road Rules related, right? Well, not exactly... Bunim-Murray also produces Branson's show and if you watched the previews, all the stunts are Real World or Road Rules related, they just upped the ante a little. Have you seen the walking between two hot air balloons? That was a feat performed by Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. Or the bungee jumping into each other arms at Victoria Falls? That was a feat performed by Road Rules Extreme and Real World New Orleans also bungee jumped off Victoria Falls. Or what about the wingwalking stunt? Yup, Road Rules Islands Kalle did it during her season. So if you want to relive some memories, check out the show.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mike needs your vote to advance in Tough Enough; Katie reviews the Battle of the Sexes; Angela auditioned for American Idol

It's that time again already! Time to vote! Mike (Back to New York) is on another reality television show, this time in the running to win $1 million dollars. He's a participant in WWE's latest Tough Enough competition. And how do these Tough Enough competitors win? Well, by your vote! Send Mike to the million dollar prize by voting for him at Tough Enough's website. Although he is one of the smallest guys there, the Miz is sure to win! Go vote now!

Katie (The Quest) is doing some interesting reviews of the Battle over at Inside Pulse. She even gives inside information on some secret alliances the girls may be forming.

And there's some interesting information I received from a fan Darlene. Now, I don't know if this is true, but it's worth posting to see if it actually is. Darlene was flipping through old tapes of American Idol, Season 1. And lo and behold, there was a blonde Angela (Xtreme) auditioning for Simon, Paula and Randy. Is this true?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Eric is jumping rope and selling those ropes

Who knew jumping rope could be so damn fun.

Jacinda's role in Bridget Jones Diary will be on the big screen relatively soon

With scores of magazine articles done on Jacinda (London) and Ladder 49 ending its run on US screens relatively soon, Bridget Jones Diary: Edge of Reason will hit US in a limited release on November 12. This was bumped up by studio execs who felt that the film would benefit from an early limited release, creating buzz about the film. Jacinda plays Rebecca in the film, a co-worker of Bridget. It's rumored that Bridget (Renee Zellweger) and Rebecca will share an odd relationship at points, even sharing a semi-erotic kiss that has been described as "gentle, but hot".

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Timmy, Steven, Coral will be on the Fishbowl today

If you are itching to hear from Timmy (USA Tour 1), Steven (Las Vegas), or Coral (Back to New York), check out the Fishbowl today. Timmy and Steven will be on Trishelle's show at 12:00 p.m.(pt). Coral will be on for a live chat at 7:00 p.m.(pt).

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Melissa says that the next Challenge with be Naughty vs. Nice

An idea of Jonathan Murray, mentioned by Melissa (New Orleans) on her website, it looks like the next season will be Battle of Naughty and Nice. A group of sixty castmembers have appeared on asking you to vote castmembers either naughty or nice. Check it out yourself. It's on the BOTS2 Main Page.


Theo posts on his experience with the Battle of the Sexes 2

What would the second Battle of the Sexes be without golf carts, betrayal, and a little romance. Check out Theo's post here to find out about the stuff that you didn't see on last night's episode.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tomorrow is Election Day; Get out and Vote

Vote Tuesday. It's Easy.

Tomorrow is November 2, Election Day. The day you get out and vote.

Voting is easy-here's what you need to know before you head to the polls.

Bring an ID.
Not sure what you need? Click here.

Vote in the morning, lines are shorter.

Bring 5 friends to keep you company.

Have no fear -- the machines are easy.

Forget your polling place? No problem, find it here:

Make a mistake? Just ask for a new ballot and vote.

Not on the list? Ask for a provisional ballot and vote.

In line when the polls close? Don't worry--you still get to vote.

Get legal help at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
Report to NBC at 1-866-MYVOTE1.

Check out for voting tips, compare the candidates, and an overview of the issues.

Polls show a dead heat.
Tomorrow, you pick the winner.

Take 5 friends and vote like you've never voted before.
And remember: Bring Your ID.

It was only by 1725 votes last time. More people visit this webpage everyday. Get out and vote.

Mallory is in the latest A&F catalog; Cara caused a reporter to lose his job

Mallory (Paris) is in the latest edition of the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. She appears on the internet at this photo which was lifted out of the catalog. And to clarify from the last Mal post... she is dating David Blaine, the magician, not musician.

And it seems that Cara (South Pacific) caused a little bit of controversy in her hometown as a piece was done on her in the local Toledo broadcast. A local news legend has resigned as a result of a story he did on Cara. Take a look at the link here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ace and Mallory broke up because of David Blaine; Cameran is now dating Ace; Updates on the Paris cast

On Trishelle (Las Vegas) and her talk show on the Fishbowl... Ace (Paris) revealed that he and Mallory (Paris) broke up when she began dating street musician David Blaine. And he confirmed that he and Cameran (San Diego) were also dating until when they broke up when Cameran met athlete Jeremy Bloom in Cancun. As Ace said on the radio show, "their lives are just like a Jerry Springer show." He also updates some of his castmembers: Leah is in Manhattan working on her parents restaurant. Christina is living in Las Vegas, still in an off-again, on-again romance with her fiance. Simon is going back and forth from LA and Dublin, even once living with Adam this past summer. And CT was recently in a rap video. Steven also mentions that Eric (New York), Mark (USA Tour 1) and Dan (Northern Trail) had an alliance on the show.

The Real World is nominated for a People's Choice Award

The People's Choice Awards nominations are out! And The Real World is nominated in Favorite Reality Show. The other nominees are Airline, Newlyweds, The Surreal Life and Wife Swap. Vote for the Real World to win the award at

Katie and Steven chat on the Fishbowl

You can check out Katie (RR10) and Steven (RW Las Vegas) for a live chat at 12:00 (pt)/ 3:00 (et) today over at the Fishbowl.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Mohammed is now giving speaking engagements; Trishelle has Katie and Steven on her show; Mark is on Extreme Dodgeball

Here's a much needed update from a not-so-heard from castmember. Mohammed (San Francisco) is now living in Los Angeles doing diversity training and speaking engagements. He also has a website called Mo Speaks where he has a book about the Real World that MTV tried to block the release of. You can check that out along with some of Mohammed's music.

Trishelle (Las Vegas) will have Katie (The Quest) and Steven (Las Vegas) from Battle of the Sexes 2 on her radioshow at the The Fishbowl next Wednesday.

And if you have the Game Show Network, you can catch Mark (USA Tour 1) on Extreme Dodgeball! He's one of the players on one of the teams! Good luck to Mark!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lori will chat it up with the FIshbowl on Friday night

No plans for Friday night? Check out a live chat with Lori (RW Back to NY) at 7:00 p.m (pt)/10:00 p.m. (et) at the

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mike makes it far in the Tough Enough Challenge

Congratulations to The Miz!!! Good luck Mike! Click Here!

Jacinda recently attended the Annual Stars Benefit Gala

Jacinda (RW London) recently attended the Annual Stars 2004 Benefit Gala. Check out photos of her here.

Cameran and Ace are expected to be the next two castmembers to go

The following is a spoiler for tonight's Battle of the Sexes:

It was overheard that the girls don't win a mission until well into the Challenge. So, expect the girls to lose again. Cameran (San Diego) and Ace (Paris) are expected to go home tonight. And if you check out Trishelle (Las Vegas) and her radio at the Fishbowl , you'll know that Cameran wanted to go home willingly during the Battle, because she didn't like the way the girls team got along. Does this mean that we'll see Cameran volunteer to go home tonight? Not necessarily. Watch tonight and find out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mike will appear on the fourth season of WWE's Tough Enough

Mike (Back to New York) has been chosen as one of the fifty finalist on WWE's Tough Enough 4. Strangely enough, a reality television star was selected as a finalist for another reality tv show. Three seasons of Tough Enough have aired on MTV. This season, Tough Enough is part of Thursday night's Smackdown. Mike will compete in a two-day final this weekend in Venice Beach for one of the eight spots on the show. The winner gets $1 million and a WWE contract. Good luck to Mike and we wish him all the best! Click here for the article. Thanks to Jason for that information!

Philadelphia house is still in its original Real World state after filming ends

Here's an update on the Philadelphia house by a recent visitor:

"On a recent trip to Philadelphia, I went down to the Old City section of Philly to do some sightseeing. The house, which is on Third and Arch, is only three or four blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The neighborhood looks kinda seedy, especially down the street on Third. However, the house still looks beautiful and is in its Real World state, without all the lights. The flower boxes are still present and there are still some sort of furnishings in the loft. You could see plants through the windows, but all the drapes were drawn, so it was impossible to look into the house. The sign in front of the house, including the bus stop have both been replaced. You can't really tell it was a Real World house, except for the people who snap photos of it every once in a while."

Monday, October 11, 2004

Battle of the Sexes 2 has its premiere episode tonight

The long anticipated eighth season of the Challenge premieres tonight as 36 former castmembers from the Real World and Road Rules battle it out in Battle of the Sexes 2. Which team will reign supreme as last time Colin (Hawaii), Mark (USA Tour 1) and Jamie (New Orleans) triumphed over Ruthie (Hawaii), Ellen (The Quest) and Lori (Back to New York)? Who will be in the final six? Will the girls beat the boys in the final mission? Who will Coral (Back to New York) choose to pick on? All these questions and more answered, tonight on MTV!

Kendal re-opens her website with a new re-design

If you haven't already done so, check out Kendal's newly redesigned site.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Real World 16 may be in Atlanta or Washington DC

The Bert Show, which once counted Lindsay (Seattle) as one of their hosts, has announced that The Real World will film its sixteenth season in Atlanta. Check the link here. They say that the projected location is in a high-rise condo in Midtown. Up until now, Washington DC has been considered a popular choice amongst fans, with a false "house sighting" in the Adams Morgan section of DC. No official word yet from Bunim-Murray, who has been known to through a curveball at times. (Most recently, many thought Season 13th would have been filmed in Atlanta, but Paris was chosen.)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Trishelle will have Steven on her Fishbowl Talk Show soon

Trishelle (Las Vegas) has been doing her own radio show over at TheFishBowl and she wants you guys to go check out her shows. She has done several interviews with alumni, most recently Karamo (Philadelphia) and she even will have Steven (Las Vegas) who is on Battle of the Sexes 2 appear on the show soon. In the past, guests have included Irulan (Las Vegas), Eric (New York), Beth S. (Los Angeles) and Adam (The Quest).

Steven is sent home for slapping Shane; Shane hooks up with Nick

Here's some more information on Battle of the Sexes 2. Highlight to read:

Apparently, Steven (Las Vegas) makes it relatively far in the Challenge. He's very close to making it to the final three. However, an incident occurs in which I'm told Steven "accidentally" slaps Shane (Campus Crawl) and some sort of a huff is made about it. It's unclear what exactly happens or if Steven gets voted off or is sent home, but it has something to do with his hitting Shane.

Speaking of Shane, supposedly he and Nick (Xtreme) did have something going on during filming. However, it's supposed to be well-hidden and away from the cameras. So we might not even see any of it.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Mark is now divorced; Eric has a wedding ring; Shawn, Tina, Chris are engaged

Just a tiny clarification on our last post: Mark (USA Tour 1) has been divorced since the last Battle of the Sexes aired, so he did not cheat on his wife with Robin (San Diego). We also reported when Battle 2 was filming in New Mexico, that Eric (New York) was seen with a wedding ring. Eric is wearing the ring as a "promise ring" between him and his on-again, off-again girlfriend of two years. The ring puts any flirtation between Eric and Veronica (Semester at Sea) to rest that happened when they were on the first Battle of the Sexes. Also married on this Battle of the Sexes is Arissa (Las Vegas). Shawn (Semester At Sea), Tina (South Pacific) and Chris (South Pacific) are all engaged as of the airing of this show.

Tonya hooks up with Mark; Mark hooks up with Robin; Angela is on everyone's bad side

With Battle of the Sexes gearing up soon, we have been hering gossip flying left and right about who hooks up with whom, who hates whom, and everything in between... We can confirm some speculation with some spoiler-ish information right here:

Talking about love triangles: Tonya (Chicago) will get action this season as she hooks up with Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) and then breaks it off with him, only to go over to Mark (USA Tour 1). However, that doesn't even last long, as Mark (USA Tour 1) steams it up with Robin (San Diego) who I hear are still a couple today and are officially dating.

As for the hating game, Angela (Xtreme) will digress into the same role that she was placed on in Xtreme. She won't be getting along with her teammates and will cause a huge stir for one reason or another. We also hear that Cameran (San Diego) arrives late and is not well-liked by her teammates as well, which is supposed to explain her early departure. We'll see, Battle of the Sexes premieres next week on MTV.

Philadelphia will be part of Choose or Lose campaign on MTV

Check out MTV's Choose or Lose PRElection and register to win lots of cool prizes, watch video footage of P Diddy and the RW Philly cast, and sign up for the PRElection. Click to find out how you can make a difference.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Sexiest Women and Men of Reality TV Calendars are now up for sale

If you are interested in having a sexy reality star to look at every month, check out to purchase the Sexiest Women/Men of Reality TV calendar.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Jacinda appears on Good Morning America to talk about Ladder 49; Austin is now casting

Jacinda (London) was on Good Morning America this morning talking to Diane Sawyer about her new movie Ladder 49. Sawyer made a brief mention about her Real World appearance calling her the most famous Reality TV Star.

Also, casting calls for Real World: Season 16 are up at Bunim-Murray will most likely finish casting for this season and another season of Road Rules by the end of this year.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Teck appears in First Daughter with Katie Holmes

For the movie-going public: another Real World alumni made an appearance in a movie. Teck (Hawaii) has a small role in the Katie Holmes romantic Comedy First Daughter. The movie, which is about the President's daughter starting a relationship with a college student, opened this past weekend. Be sure to catch Teck in his newest role.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Trishelle hosts Real World/Road Rules talk with Karamo

If you are looking for something to do today at noon (pt), check out the Fishbowl to listen to the Real World/Road Rules Talk with host Trishelle and Real World newcomer Karamo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Monday, September 20, 2004

Jacinda appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show today

Jacinda (London), who stars in the recent flick Ladder 49, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show today. Part of the show was dedicated to Jacinda and co-stars John Travolta and Joaquin Pheonix. Jacinda is arguably the most post-successful Real World alumni in the motion picture industry, as she has had several opportunities to star opposite Academy Award winners, such as Nicole Kidman, Anthony Hopkins, and Renee Zellweger.

Randy will be chatting with RealitySpot; Mary-Ellis Bunim honored at the Emmys

In the amazingly slow news that has characterized these past few weeks, yet again, this news day is no better than the past. Randy (San Diego) will be holding a live chat with the good people over at Reality Spot. But that chat has now been moved to September 21st at 9PM EST. Randy, who was infamously part of the San Diego season will also be appearing in Battle of the Sexes 2. The chat, which requires a VIP membership, might reveal details about the upcoming season slated to begin Monday October 11th.

And last night at the Emmy awards, Mary-Ellis Bunim co-creator of both The Real World and Road Rules, who recently passed away of breast cancer, was honored in a ceremony.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Battle of the Sexes 2 full cast list posted at

The Battle of the Sexes 2 website is up at (Thanks Andrew)... And the full cast list is up, with the following:

Girls Team:
Cameran (San Diego)
Robin (San Diego)
Arissa (Las Vegas)
Tonya (Chicago)
Aneesa (Chicago)
Coral (Back to New York)
Ruthie (Hawaii)
Genesis (Boston)
Cynthia (Miami)
Angela (Extreme)
Ibis (Extreme)
Kina (Extreme)
Tina (South Pacific)
Rachel (Campus Crawl)
Sophia (The Quest)
Katie (The Quest)
Ayanna (Semester At Sea)
Veronica (Semester At Sea)

Boys Team:
Brad (San Diego)
Jacquese (San Diego)
Randy (San Diego)
Ace (Paris)
Adam (Paris)
Frank (Las Vegas)
Steven (Las Vegas)
Mike (Back to New York)
Eric (New York)
Derrick (Extreme)
Nick (Extreme)
Abram (South Pacific)
Chris (South Pacific)
Shane (Campus Crawl)
Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Shawn (Semester At Sea)
Dan (Northern Trail)
Mark (USA Tour 1)

Not many surprises, but seems like an overall good season.

Cara (South Pacific) will also make her appearance in Playboy in November. She has pictures up at

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Trishelle dishes with Fishbowl about her cast and the current Philly cast

The Fishbowl has a radio interview with Trishelle and Steven from the Vegas season. They talk about their season and the current Philly cast. Check it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dan will be hosting the preview show for Battle of the Sexes 2

It's looks like Dan (RW Miami) will be doing another preview show. Even though he doesn't say what it is for I am guessing it will be for the upcoming Battle of the Sexes 2 challenge which is rumored to air in October.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Christina, Trishelle, Irulan, Coral, Lori, Beth S. are the 2005 Women of Reality TV

The 2005 Women of Reality TV Calendar is slated to be coming soon and some of your favorite Real World women will be on the calendar. According to Eric, a fan, Christina (Paris), Trishelle (Las Vegas), Irulan (Las Vegas), Coral (Back To New York), Lori (Back To New York) and Beth S. (Los Angeles) will all appear in the calendar. Look for that calendar to hit stores soon!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Jacinda is part of a nationwide campaign for Ladder 49

Jacinda (London) is quite the Hollywood star this week. If you haven't already noticed, Ladder 49 has begun a major advertising campaign, with trailers and bilboards hitting major markets. Ladder 49, co-starring Joaquin Pheonix and John Travolta, hits theatres no less than October 1, 2004. Jacinda had a short part in the trailer, but you might miss her, because she has a complete American accent. Check the Trailer here.

Jacinda will also be starring in the Edge of Reason, the sequel to the hit 2001 movie Bridget Jones' Diary. The movie premieres November 9th.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Philadelphia premiere scores high ratings in the city of Philadelphia

There is an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer today about the local ratings for the premiere of the Real World Philadelphia. It seems like it was pretty popular in the Philly area. Check it out. Also, national ratings come out today so we will have to wait and see if the popularity was nationwide.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Landon was arrested for assault on a horse; Cara is Playboy's Miss November

Yet another arrest from our good ole castmembers who never seem to fail. This time, Landon (Philadelphia) made The Smoking Gun for assaulting a police horse. Congratulations to Landon for making Smoking Gun.

And I'm told that Cara (South Pacific) will be gracing Playboy magazine as Miss November, not October as we previously reported.

Randy will be chatting with RealitySpot with its VIPs

Check out RealitySpot next Wednesday, September 15 for a live chat with Randy from the Real World San Diego. Again, it's a VIP chat. Get upgraded to VIP status here.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Real World Philadelphia airs its premiere episode tonight

The first episode of The Real World: Philadelphia airs tonight! Don't miss it! Plus, there's a 2-page article of the season in US magazine... Check it out.

Philadelphia furniture is being auctioned off from Teen People

Have a chance to win a piece of the Philadelphia pad... Click here.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Rachel was selected as a delegate for Wisconsin at the RNC

We reported earlier that Rachel (San Francisco) and Sean (Boston) were in attendance at the Republican National Convention in New York. The Associated Press is reporting that Rachel was selected as a delegate for Wisconsin. Congratulations to Rachel on that!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The man who murdered Alton's brother and best friend was sentenced in court yesterday

If you remember when Alton (Las Vegas) had his mother visit the house and Alton spoke about his little brother's murder... Yesterday, the man who murdered Alton's brother Jonathan and Alton's best friend, was sentenced to death by a San Diego court. This comes after years after the actually murders were committed and a recent convinction, which failed to yield the death penalty. Our thoughts and condolences are with Alton and his family.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Philadelphia profiled in Teen People Magazine; Sean and Rachel appeared at the RNC

October's issue of Teen People Magazine has an article about The Real World: Philadelphia. I'm told the article contains pictures of both the cast and the house. Check it out.

And I keep getting emails about both Sean (Boston) and Rachel (San Francisco) being at the Republican National Convention, being held all this week in New York City. The married couple are both heavily involved in conservative politics, as Sean is Ashland County's District Attorney and he played around with the idea of running for Congress last year. While, Rachel publicized her Republican viewpoint by being the "conservative panelist" on ABCs The View. If you watch long enough, you might catch a glimpse of them.

USA Today catches up with some former Real World alumni

USA Today has published an article about life after the Real World. They interviewed some past cast members to see what they are up to now and their feelings on the show. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Jacinda is on the premiere issue of B magazine

Sarah from Atlanta pointed out that Jacinda (London) is on the premiere issue of B, Bloomingdale's new magazine as the cover story. She's billed on the cover as "The Next Nicole Kidman". Jacinda's next film is Ladder 49 with Joaquin Pheonix and John Travolta. Shortly after that, she'll be appearing in the Bridget Jones sequel.

Also, some folks emailed me about other alumni VMA attendees: Rachel (Campus Crawl), David (Seattle), Katie (The Quest) and Ace (Paris) also attended.

VIP Passholders get to chat with Eric Nies on RealitySpot

If you have a VIP pass, check out RealitySpot for a live chat this Wednesday, September 1 at 9:00 p.m. eastern time with Eric Nies from the first season of the Real World. To get a VIP pass, click here.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Frankie is selling her 1986 Volkswagon Rabbit on EBay

If you are just sitting around thinking about how someday you would like to own a Real World cast member's car, well today is your lucky day! Frankie (San Diego) is selling her 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit on Ebay. Check it out here.

Battle of the Sexes 2 promos aired during the VMAs; Extreme and San Diego casts attended the VMAs

Last night were the MTV Video Music Awards and more promos were aired for Philadelphia during its airing. You'll be seeing more as September 7th gets closer and closer. They also aired a short snippet of Battle of the Sexes II. It was part of those "This Season on the 10 Spot" promos. Speaking of the VMAs, there were LOADS of alumni in attendance.

Most prominently, the Philadelphia cast were in attendance and they walked down the carpet together. Of the San Diego cast, Frankie, Jacquese, Randy and Robin all walked down the red carpet together. But I also heard that other San Diego cast members were also there. Xtreme walked down the red carpet together, reunited as a group of nine. (This should put any rumors to rest, that Angela is sent home later this season.) Other alumni that were there? Mike (Back to New York), Shane (Campus Crawl), Veronica (Semester At Sea), Mallory (Paris), Christena (South Pacific)... just to name a few.

And Coral (Back to New York) is featured in this issue of King Magazine. Congratulations go out to Coral.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Julie is getting married to her new boyfriend Spencer

Julie (New Orleans) has recently broke the news that she is getting married to her new boyfriend Spencer. Check out her site for details. Congratulations to Julie and Spencer and we wish them the best!

Philadelphia's timeslot given to the VMAs; Extreme will soon end; Battle of the Sexes 2 to begin

For those of you who were smitten by the Philadelphia cast in last night's episode, you're going to have wait two weeks until you see a Real World episode. Even though the VMAs officially air this Sunday night, MTV took the Tuesday timeslot next week and gave it to a replay of the VMAs. The first episode airs September 7.

As for filming, there are no Real World or Road Rules series that are currently filming. Xtreme, which was filmed earlier this year, will end its run in the next two months. The next challenge, Battle of the Sexes 2 which filmed in Galisteo, NM last month, will begin airing on MTV following the end of Road Rules.

As for future seasons of Real World and Road Rules, the sixteenth season of The Real World had officially begun casting last month. There is no official word as of yet as to which city hosts number sixteen, but previous contenders have been known to include Sydney, Washington DC, Austin, Boulder, Atlanta and Knoxville. Road Rules XIV should begin filming alongside Real World XVI, although no official comment has come from BMP about the next season of Road Rules. And there was talk about another Challenge to be filmed immediately following Battle of the Sexes 2, but no move has been made by BMP and production has been pushed back indefinitely. That being said, there probably will not be much info made available about new seasons within the next few months.

And time for some alumni news: Cara (South Pacific) will be joining the ranks of such alumni as Beth (Los Angeles), Flora (Miami), Veronica (Semester at Sea), Jisela (The Quest), Katie (The Quest), Arissa (Las Vegas), Trishelle (Las Vegas) and Marybeth (South Pacific) as the latest girl to pose in Playboy magazine. However, Cara will get a special spot in the magazine as she will be Playboy's Miss October and will get the chance to be Playboy's Playmate of the Year. Beth, Flora, Veronica and Jisela were a part of a special feature of the magazine, while Katie, Arissa and Trishelle all took part in a DVD.(which is available in our store) Marybeth posed for the online magazine. Cara would mark the first time as an alumni making it as a Playboy centerfold. Congratulations to Cara!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dan, Ruthie, Steven, Trishelle and San Diego cast weigh in on the new Philadelphia season

For those of you checking out the Blog before the Preview Special airs on MTV tonight, a preview of the preview special was aired on TRL today. In addition to Dan (Miami), Cameran (San Diego) and Jamie (San Diego), the preview special will hear what Ruthie (Hawaii), Steven (Las Vegas), Trishelle (Las Vegas) and what the rest of the San Diego has to say about the new Philadelphia season.

The cast shows up with Bon Jovi over at WireImage

If you head over to Wireimage, you can see photos of Bon Jovi and the Philadelphia cast at a press conference yesterday. (Search for Bon Jovi or MTV Real World.) The cast's job in the later part of the show was to build a playground with the Soul Community Outreach Program. They held a press conference to open the playground yesterday.

Preview episode of Philadelphia airs tonight; Coral and Abram may be dating

The preview episode of The Real World XV: Philadelphia will air tonight. Expect to see snippets of the new season and old castmembers talk, talk, talk about the new roomies.

And I've been receiving numerous sightings of two very suspicious alumni. We're all hearing rumors that Coral (Back to New York) and Abram (South Pacific) are dating. They actually started something secretly during the Inferno and apparently we're supposed to see something of their romance in Battle of the Sexes 2. However, many people have been catching both Coral and Abram out in public, schmoozing it up, in each other's arms. Well, the latest sighting was the most interesting as someone spotted the couple at Disney's California Adventure with none other than Abram's parents. Good luck to those two and we'll see them on the Battle this fall!

Monday, August 23, 2004

New York Post details Philadelphia cast; The cast may have two gay male castmembers

The NYPost published a very interesting article today. The castmembers moved out over the last two days and are currently in the middle of press week, so there will be lots of stories on the seven strangers over the next week. But the article does reveal some interesting tidbits about the new season. already confirmed that Willy was the gay castmember. But, The Real World will make history this season with two gay men on the show. (Chicago had two gay people, male and female.) However, you may seem to notice that the fact was left out of the MTV profiles, because the person "(as yet unidentified)... tackles coming out of the closet on the show."

This actually wouldn't be the first time someone "came out" on the show. If you remember way back when, five seasons ago in New Orleans, editors portrayed Danny as "straight" on the casting special. On the first episode, they made it seem like Danny "came out" in between the end of casting finals and the start of filming the show. (Viewers later found out that it was a ploy of producers and that Danny had came out before the casting of the show.)

There was speculation on The Real World Philly Boards that Karamo was gay and Sarah is quoted in the article as saying, "We have political debates, and there are issues of race and sexuality with two gay men in the house." She also comments on how all the castmembers are all over 21, five are all over 23. There is also talk about the fight involving Shavonda and Landon, a romance in the house, the set-up of the Seamen's Insitute, and how the cast got tattoos in Fiji. Check out the article here.

Philadelphia profiles are up; Yes is on the Driving Votes Caravan

Over the weekend, MTV posted up profiles of the seven strangers and should be posting information on Battle of the Sexes relatively soon. The premiere special with Dan (Miami), Cameran (San Diego) and Jamie (San Diego) (amongst others) will be airing tomorrow night.

And an update on a former castmember: Yes (Semester At Sea) is traveling with the Driving Votes RV Caravan. He's working hard to register voters in swing states just in time for the upcoming Presidential election. He left Seattle on Friday and will arrive in New York next week in time for the RNC after registering voters in Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Anyone and everyone is invited to come meet up with Yes at the Driving Votes RV at each stop! Here is a schedule of meet-up dates and locations.

For those of you that are American citizens and are over 18, be sure to register to vote in time for the Presidential election in November. Be sure to register especially if you live in the following states: FL, NM, WI, IA, OR, NH, MN, MI, OH, NV, TN, PA. Go to either Rock the Vote or Declare Yourself to learn more about how to register to vote.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Philadelphia promos begin to air on MTV

For those of you waiting for those Philly promos, MTV has started to air them. There are several different types of promos being aired at this time, but they're not in heavy rotation and probably won't be until the week before the season premieres in September. Probably check's website as they will probably update fairly soon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bon Jovi issues a press release for the Real World Philadelphia

For those of you hardcore Jon Bon Jovi fans, Another official press release has been released over at Bon Jovi's site confirming that the seven strangers will be working with the Philadelphia Soul. The short bit says that there will be some Jon Bon Jovi and Philadelphia Soul footage, but it is unclear how much will be included. You can probably expect the band frontman not to have a vested interest in the Real Worlders job, but to have a presence similar to that of George Maloof in the Las Vegas season, where Maloof delegated supervision of the seven strangers to someone else... The article posted on the site also tagged on the press release that was at the Soul's webpage (see previous post), which cleared up some confusion which had the Real Worlders working with the Soul's community program after the football season ended during early taping of the show.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Philadelphia Soul issues a press release for the Real World

Check out the Philadelphia Soul website for a news release about the Real World Philadelphia. Also, check out the casting special on MTV on August 24th, the Real World San Diego marathon on September 4th and 5th, and the premiere of the new season on September 7th.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Ibis will be chatting with RealitySpot this upcoming week

Check out RealitySpot this Wednesday, August 18 at 9pm eastern time for a live chat with Ibis (RR Extreme).

The Philadelphia cast is ending their job with the Philadelphia Soul today

According to's Dan Gross, The Real World: Philadelphia cast will be ending their job with the Philadelphia Soul today. The arena football team, owned by 80's rocker icon Bon Jovi, has hosted this season of The Real World as the seven strangers will be working promoting games. With the season primed to end relatively soon, Gross says that the castmembers are busy shooting the opening credits to the show and doing press. The premiere special will air August 24th, while the next week will be devoted to the Video Music Awards, and the first official episode will air September 7th.

Friday, August 13, 2004

The Blog opens up its own online store

Seeing as this is a relatively slow news day, the Blog would like to take a little time for some shameless self-promotion. We're inviting each and every visitor to our online store. Our store has every book, DVD, and VHS tape ever released by MTV and Bunim-Murray Productions. We also list castmembers individual projects that they did after they got off the show. Our store also boasts the largest selection of Real World/Road Rules merchandise anywhere on the internet. However, a special feature that you might not know abot is... that you can order thousands of additional items (not Real World or Road Rules related) through our search box located in the store.

For example, in addition to ordering what has become a fan favorite, the Real World: Las Vegas Complete Season, reality television fans can now order other favorites like The Survivor All-Stars: The Complete Season DVD, The Big Brother 3 Complete Season DVD, or the Celebrity Mole Hawaii Complete Season DVD! You can also venture into other genres, such as pre-ordering your favorite summer blockbusters, so you will be the first on your block to own them! Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban, Shrek 2, The Passion of the Christ, Fahrenheit 9/11, and The Day After Tomorrow are all available through our online store.

College students can also save loads of money by shopping for their textbooks through our online store. Textbooks are offered in the marketplace for a huge discount. If you're starting college this fall or going back for another year, check out the Books Outlet for some low prices. To find a specific book, simply search for it in the search box.

So, don't wait another minute! Visit our online store today to get the greatest deals or just to browse around! (Our store has been made in conjunction with

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Ruthie may be the last female castmember to go home on Battle of the Sexes

Here's another spoiler about Battle of the Sexes 2 about another girl who was voted off:

We previously reported that Brad (San Diego) was the last male team member to go home. Ruthie (Hawaii) was the last female team member to go home. They both did not make it into the final six.

Eric will replace Derrick on his chat on Reality Spot; Wrestling star to appear on the Challenge; Philadelphia will vacation in Fiji

The following is information on the Final 3 at Battle of the Sexes 2:

At RealitySpot's chat with Derrick (Xtreme) yesterday, Derrick was actually unable to make it. Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) apologized this morning and said Eric (New York) was supposed to be his replacement. He also said that both he and Eric were still filming the Challenge, and that there were two days left. So, we know that both Eric (New York) and Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) are in the final three.

In related news to that, Theo promises chats at RealitySpot with Brad (San Diego), Randy (San Diego), Robin (San Diego), Mark (USA Tour 1), Derrick (Xtreme) and Ibis (Xtreme).

In other news, WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg, posted at his website in his latest news section: Goldberg To Appear On Real World/Road Rules: On 8.9.04, Goldberg made a cameo on MTV's Real World/Road Rules. The segment will air in October. No word yet on whether he was part of a mission.

And also... in the Philadelphia Inquirer's magazine section, there are some interesting new tidbits on the upcoming new season of The Real World.

  • MTV will start running promos this week. The show debuts Sept. 7.

  • The roommates are helping to construct a playground for a youth group in the city, although their official job is working for the Philadelphia Soul.

  • They vacationed in Fiji last month.

  • We all saw the lush tropical paradise of the South Pacific in Road Rules last season, but MTV Producers decided to allow this year's roomies to stay in Fiji for a week. Although the roomies are not even out of Philadelphia yet, they say that half the episodes are complete.

    The Inquirer names the castmembers as Landon, Karamo, Willy, M.J., Shovonda, Melanie and Sarah, which of course, has been known by hardcore fans ever since they moved in on April 30. The manner of speed in which this season has been produced has been sparking controversy throughout the internet world of whether or not Real World producers are already beginning work on a loft in Washington DC. After someone began spreading news that the loft was already being constructed above a Maggie Moo's ice cream store in the Adams Morgan section of DC, the Washington Post called producers who told them that the rumor was absolutely false and that no property, nor the city for the sixteenth season had yet been selected.

    Thanks to Kyle, Mitch, and Palau for that information! If you haven't checked out Jamie's (New Orleans) new DVD, Reality Road Trip Bahamas, do so now!.

    Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    Dan, Cameran, Jamie are all shooting footage for the Philadelphia premiere special

    Dan (Miami), Cameran (San Diego), and possibly Jamie (San Diego) are hosting a preview show for the Real World Philadelphia. They give their thoughts on the upcoming season based on some clips. According to Dan, it doesn't seem to be much different from the past seasons. Check out his thoughts here.

    Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    Battle of the Sexes 2 is wrapping up filming; Brad is the last guy to be sent home

    Battle of the Sexes is in the process of finishing up or has already been done filming. What we can tell you is that everyone who was sent home, was already sent home, and it is now down to the final three on each side. Here's a little spoiler on one of the last vote-offs: (highlight to read)

    Brad (San Diego) was the last Real World male to be voted out of New Mexico.

    Kevin gets into a fight with a reporter from Stuff Magazine

    The New York Post is reporting that Kevin (New York) got into a brawl with a writer from Stuff magazine recently. Check out all the details here.

    Friday, August 06, 2004

    Derrick will be joining Reality Spot for a chat in the near future

    On August 11th, 9pm Eastern time, Derrick (Xtreme) will be joining Reality Spot for a live chat. Every week, the Spot guarantees guest hosts. Last week, the first session was held with Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) and many people didn't show up because of lack of advertising. He answered all of the questions but couldn't say much about the Challenge. But he did say that was a hook-up involving him and another girl. Also, when the Challenge airs he will posting a journal he's been keeping. Fans of Derrick are encouraged to come.

    Don't forget to check out Jamie (New Orleans) and his new DVD, Reality Road Trip Bahamas.

    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Partial cast list for Battle of the Sexes 2 finally appears online

    Here's what the cast list stands at so far. Obviously changes are to be made as new information comes to light. Probably most prominently for the girls side.

    Girls Team:
    Cameran (San Diego)
    Robin (San Diego)
    Arissa (Las Vegas)
    Tonya (Chicago)
    Aneesa (Chicago)
    Coral (Back to New York)
    Ruthie (Hawaii)
    Genesis (Boston)
    Cynthia (Miami)
    Beth S. (Los Angeles)
    Rachel (Campus Crawl)
    Sophia (The Quest)
    Katie (The Quest)
    Tina (South Pacific)
    Ayanna (Semester At Sea)
    Veronica (Semester At Sea)
    Angela (Xtreme)
    Ibis (Xtreme)

    Boys Team:
    Brad (San Diego)
    Jacquese (San Diego)
    Randy (San Diego)
    Ace (Paris)
    Adam (Paris)
    Frank (Las Vegas)
    Steven (Las Vegas)
    Mike (Back to New York)
    Eric (New York)
    Derrick (Xtreme)
    Nick (Xtreme)
    Patrick (Xtreme)
    Abram (South Pacific)
    Chris (South Pacific)
    Shane (Campus Crawl)
    Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
    Dan (Northern Trail)
    Mark (USA Tour 1)

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    Mike accepted his award last night from the Challenge; Melissa is not a co-host for the Challenge

    For those people who doubted that Mike (Back to New York) was ever on this upcoming Challenge... he accepted his Reality TV Award that MTV aired last night from the Vista Clara Ranch. Thanks to Chris for that info.

    Plus, we can also confirm that Melissa (New Orleans) is not co-hosting this Challenge along with good ole' Johnny Moseley.

    Don't forget to check out Jamie's (New Orleans) latest project, Reality Road Trip: Bahamas and our store which opened a few days ago.

    16th Season of the Real World may land itself in Washington DC

    There are some rumors floating around that the next installment of the Real World will be in Washington D.C. There is talk of a loft being prepared in the Adams Morgan section of the city. BMP is in the process of casting for the sixteenth season now so hopefully more information will become available soon. Check back for updates!

    Tuesday, August 03, 2004

    Jamie just finished up his own DVD which follows ex-Real Worlders and Road Rulers on vacation

    Here's an official update for Jamie (New Orleans): Jamie recently finished up production on a reality DVD called Reality Road Trip: Bahamas. It brings past reality television stars such as Cara (South Pacific), Roni (Northern Trail), Marybeth (South Pacific), Sarah (Campus Crawl), Malik (Back to New York), Eric (New York) and other castmembers to the Bahamas, catching their trip on tape. It's like a whole new season that you will never forget! You can now purchase this exclusive DVD by going to, where the DVD is exclusively sold.

    And an additional note to other Bloggers and webmasters: If you want to help promote this video in venues such as chat rooms and email lists, Rockstarz Productions will be happy to get you a free video. Anyone can get involved by contacting the Rockstarz Production team at

    Steven, Shane, Theo, Brad, Ruthie, Robin, Ibis, Tonya, Coral are on the Challenge

    Kristin at E-Online weighs in on the Challenge this week, confirming and denying some people who are in attendance:

    She confirms that Steven (Las Vegas), Shane (Campus Crawl), Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour), Brad (San Diego), Ruthie (Hawaii), Robin (San Diego), Ibis (Xtreme), Tonya (Chicago), and Coral (Back to New York) are all there. But she also mysteriously says that Mike (Back to New York) declined to do this Challenge? Unfortunately, we can neither confirm or deny this.

    Monday, August 02, 2004

    Theo's comedy act bombs when he tries it out in New Mexico during the Challenge

    The following is a little blurb that appeared in the Santa Fe New Mexican about Battle of the Sexes 2:

    "MTV's reality-TV series, being filmed at the Vista Clara Ranch resort in Galisteo and around Santa Fe, is called The Real World/Road Rules: Battle of the Sexes. It pits 18 men against 18 women in contests like making rafts out of recyclables and melting blocks of ice with their body heat. We know this because a half dozen of the women cast members showed up at the Downtown Day Spa, 112 W. San Francisco St., on July 24 for massages, facials and manicures. "They kill our bodies," one said. They enjoyed their pampering at the spa without the intrusion of cameras.

    Cameras were on hand on Tuesday, however, when Theo, one of the male cast members, tried out his stand-up comedy act at the Bar B in the back of The Paramount, 331 Sandoval St. But Theo found out a few things about Santa Fe when his crude joke comparing Hispanic women to piñatas was greeted with a stunned silence. "You racist," someone yelled. Theo tried to fend off the hecklers, but he was visibly unnerved. We'll have to see if they edit that part out when the show airs in October."

    And if you have time, we just opened up our store, which offers over 70 Real World/Road Rules related products, it's one of the biggest selections that the internet has to offer. Check it out here.

    Sunday, August 01, 2004

    Someone breaks into the Battle of the Sexes resort and gives us the low down on the Challenge

    Chris, a New Mexico native lays out most of the season for Battle of the Sexes 2. Amongst the things he reveals... is the final 7 for both sides and he confirms and denies some castmembers in attendance. Chris contacted us and had pictures of the villas and ranch. If you don't want to know spoilers, do not read it, because it spoils a lot of the season. Check it out his post (which he also emailed to us) at:

    Friday, July 30, 2004

    The Blog gets four million hits

    After two years of The Real World/Road Rules Blog, we have hit 4,000,000 visitors! Since 2002, 4,000,000 people have come to the Blog searching for news, info, and the latest gossip about the Blog. Prior to being the Blog, we were around on the internet since 1998 as one form or another, including The Real World Road and The Real World/Road Rules Network.

    Thursday, July 29, 2004

    Coral and Rachel are doing well in the Challenge; Veronica is not doing well

    Here's a small, itty-bitty update on people's performance at the Challenge:

    As far as the last few people being sent home, we haven't really heard anything, but the last we heard, some of your favorite "regulars" had some varying degrees of success. Now, we all know that performing well in the missions doesn't actually mean that you're not going to be sent home. But, it does tend to help you sometimes... Coral (Back to New York) is said to performing well in the Challenge along with Rachel (Campus Crawl), while Veronica (Semester At Sea) is said not to be performing as well.

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Kristin from E!Online says that the Philadelphia season might top Vegas in its antics

    According to Kristin from E! Online, the upcoming season of the Real World in Philadelphia is said to be the craziest one yet. It is said to be dirtier than the Vegas season and have more jail time than San Diego season. It has also been reported that the Philly cast has two undercover police officers following them at all times in case any fights break out. Tune in this fall to see just how crazy the new cast can get.

    Lars recently had a baby boy and got married

    Congratulations goes out to Lars (London)! Lars recently tied the knot and had a baby. You can visit his website at Once again, congratulations and we wish him the best.

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004

    Cynthia was the replacement for one of the girls who dropped out

    Howdy, this small tidbit from the Challenge currently filming in New Mexico. Highlight to read:

    We reported last week that one of the Real World girls had dropped out and was replaced even before the Challenge began. The replacement is Cynthia (Miami). There's no word as to who she replaced. We're still working on that one, although a few of the female Real World girls have been confirmed to be in attendance.

    Kendal is in a music video for the band, Zed

    Kendal (Campus Crawl) is in a music video with the band Zed. The song is called "Hard to Find Her". You can check out their site here. Click on the multimedia link to watch the video. Enjoy!!

    Monday, July 26, 2004

    Jacinda lands a leading role alongside Joaquin Phoenix in Ladder 49

    Some alumni news on a person you don't hear too much about: Jacinda (London) has a leading role in Ladder 49, starring both Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta. She plays the wife of Phoenix's character. It has a nationwide release on October 8. She will also star opposite Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Reportedly, she plays a co-worker of Bridget Jones who "experiments" with her. It's set to premiere in November. And finally, she has also just finished production on Mr. Ripley's Return which follows The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) and Ripley's Game (2002). She stars opposite Willem Dafoe and Tom Wilkinson. No release date has yet been set.

    Friday, July 23, 2004

    Ayanna is voted off; Girls are losing to the boys; Jisela was supposed to be on this Challenge

    The following is spoilers for Battle of the Sexes 2. (Highlight to read:)

    Ayanna (Semester At Sea) has been voted out. And some people have been asking if the girls are faring better than the boys, since we're hearing more about the boys' being kicked off than the girls... The answer is no. The girls had a rough start and it seems like the first Battle of the Sexes, without a winning streak to start things off.

    And apparently, there has been a line-up change in the girls' side. One of Road Rules girls decided to drop out of the Challenge right before boarding the flight to New Mexico and was replaced. My guess is, since it happened before the Challenge started, the other person will not be mentioned at all. Definitely more on this later.

    Thursday, July 22, 2004

    Jacquese appeared on TRL today meaning that he will be voted off; Abram and Adam are both gone

    Here's some minor, minor spoilerish info. Don't read if you don't want to know about Battle of the Sexes 2:

    Someone mentioned that Jacquese (San Diego) was on TRL today, so he is definitely voted off. And over at Tubescan, they have confirmed that Abram (South Pacific) and Adam (Paris) have been both sent home. There is definitely more to come!

    There's a picture of Jillian over at another website

    We all know that Jillian will be joining the RR Extreme cast in the near future. What you might not know is what she looks like. The people over at the Tubescan message boards have found a picture of the new cast member. Check it out here.

    The Blog gets a new domain name

    A few updates on our site. You can now find the site at A little easier to type than our blogspot and cjb addresses. They will still be functioning as well though.

    It looks like we may have some more spoilers in store for you on the horizon. Not sure though. Check in later today on further updates.

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Pictures of Abram, Dan, Mark, Eric, Randy, and Shane at the Challenge surface on the internet

    For your viewing pleasure... These are the first pictures ANYWHERE on the internet from Battle of the Sexes 2. Here you have Abram (South Pacific), Dan (Northern Trail), Mark (USA Tour 1), Eric (New York), Randy (San Diego), and Shane (Campus Crawl). Lisa from NM submits these exculsive pictures. We want to send a big shot-out to her!

    Abram (South Pacific), Dan (Northern Trail), Mark (USA Tour 1), Eric (New York) Johnny Moseley (Host)

    Big Ran (San Diego) Shane (Campus Crawl)

    With Lisa's information at hand, the latest information for the participants on the Challenge are:

    Girls Team:
    Cameran (San Diego)
    Robin (San Diego)
    Arissa (Las Vegas)
    Tonya (Chicago)
    Aneesa (Chicago)
    Coral (Back to New York)
    Ruthie (Hawaii)
    Genesis (Boston)
    Beth S. (Los Angeles)
    Rachel (Campus Crawl)
    Jisela (The Quest)
    Sophia (The Quest)
    Katie (The Quest)
    Tina (South Pacific)
    Ayanna (Semester At Sea)
    Veronica (Semester At Sea)
    Remaining Road Ruler
    Remaining Road Ruler

    Boys Team:
    Brad (San Diego)
    Jacquese (San Diego)
    Randy (San Diego)
    Ace (Paris)
    Adam (Paris)
    Frank (Las Vegas)
    Steven (Las Vegas)
    Mike (Back to New York)
    Eric (New York)
    Derrick (Xtreme)
    Patrick (Xtreme)
    Abram (South Pacific)
    Chris (South Pacific)
    Shane (Campus Crawl)
    Darrell (Campus Crawl)
    Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
    Dan (Northern Trail)
    Mark (USA Tour 1)

    This obviously completes the boys' team and the remaining two Road Rules girls are most likely, definitely from Xtreme... Lisa from NM (much Blog love to ya!) also confirms that she saw Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour), Ruthie (Hawaii) and Derrick (Xtreme). There is also a mission with punching bags hanging over a river. Castmembers have to hold on the punching bags and the person who holds on to them the longest wins. Once again, thanks to Lisa and remember you heard it first on the Blog!

    Some additional added info: The pictures were taken at a local rodeo on Sunday. Randy, Eric, and Shane were said to be the nicest of the group. And, if the picture is enlarged enough, it's noticable that Eric (New York) had a ring on his fourth finger on his left hand...

    If you're in the New Mexico area and happen to snap pictures, send them over to us at

    The Vista Clara Ranch will host the Challenge; Dan and Ayanna are a part of this Challenge

    After we received a tip from one of our message board posters, we decided to check out Vista Clara Ranch as a possible stomping ground for Battle of the Sexes 2. After repeated attempts to reach the information line, the Blog got into contact with a representative for the Ranch, who told us "they were not allowed to discuss that information" with us. Hmm.. Interesting.

    Vista Clara Ranch is a spa resort that heavily resembles locales used in previous Challenges. Located in historic Galisteo Basin, southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Vista Clara occupies eighty acres of land once home to the Tewa Indians and later settled by Spanish ranchers.

    Our web poster also mentions that Dan (Northern Trail) and Ayanna (Semester At Sea) are also a part of this Challenge. She also says that Johnny Moseley is once again returning. More info on this later!

    Rape charges dropped in San Diego incident

    According to the LA Times, the San Diego county district attorney dropped the case brought on by the 22-year-old woman who was alleged to be raped in the Real World: San Diego house. After reviewing both hard evidence and tapes that police obtained from producers, prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence and decided to drop the case earlier this week. "At this point we're not filing," said Paul Levikow, a spokesman for the district attorney's office. "That could change if new evidence comes to light."

    If you remember, back in November, one of Randy's friend's, who goes by the name of Justin, picked up a girl at a night club. The woman alleged she was drugged and raped in the bathroom. Two castmembers were apparently witnesses, one unknown who claimed to have seen the woman stagger out of the bathroom, incoherent. And the other, known to be Jamie, who said she saw Justin coming out of the bathroom saying, "I just hit that." The issue of the rape never made it onto the air and in fact, most of the latter part of the filming of the series was omitted, presumably because of the rape incident.

    Real World cast earns a jeer from TVGuide; MTV is holding its first ever Reality Awards

    In the Cheers and Jeers of Reality TV issue for next week's TVGuide, the Real World makes the list amongst the plethora of shows out there. TVGuide jeers both Ruthie (Hawaii) and Puck (San Francisco) for their behavior during their seasons. The magazine points out Ruthie's alcoholic behavior and Puck's peanut butter habits as reasons for the jeers. However, TVGuide also lists The Real World in a blurb about the decline of reality TV, praising its early seasons for tackling tough issues. Check it out.

    MTV is holding its first ever Reality Awards on August 3 at 10PM. It's unclear on whether this will be an actual award show or will be a segment/scripted show hosted by someone, but nevertheless, you can vote for your favorites at In the eleven categories, both shows together scored 17 nominations in 8 different categories. Las Vegas and Paris both picked up 2 nods. San Diego picked up 4. South Pacific, the only Road Rules show to be nominated only picked up 1. The Gauntlet picked up 1. And The Inferno picked up an incredible 8 nominations. The Real Worlders and Road Rulers up for the awards are:

    Bad M*F*
    CT (Paris)
    Coral (Back to New York)
    for Inferno
    Julie (New Orleans)
    for Inferno

    Spit Swappin'
    Brad and Cameran (San Diego)

    Knuckled Up
    CT (Paris) picks a fight with a stranger
    Abe vs. Donnell (South Pacific)
    Veronica (Semester at Sea) vs. Katie (The Quest) in the Inferno

    Most Important Shirtless Male
    Alton (Las Vegas)
    Abe (South Pacific)
    for Inferno
    Mike (Back to New York)
    for Inferno

    The Fishbowl
    Julie (New Orleans) attacks Veronica's (Semester At Sea) harness in the Inferno
    Frankie (San Diego) freaks out over big boats

    Most Unwatchable
    Gauntlet cast for eating Ice Cream sundaes

    Pause Worthy Female
    Cameran (San Diego)
    Coral (Back to New York)
    for Inferno
    Trishelle (Las Vegas)
    Jamie (San Diego)

    Cry Me A River
    Mike (Back to New York) for Inferno

    Julie (New Orleans), Coral (Back to New York), Mike (Back to New York), CT (Paris), and Cameran (San Diego) all picked up 2 nominations. While Abe (South Pacific) and Veronica (Semester At Sea) also picked up 2. Donnell (South Pacific) and Katie (The Quest) were the only other Road Rulers nominated. Go Vote Now

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    Production is currently seeking cast for 16th season; Ace and Cameran confirmed to be voted off by Kristin

    Bunim-Murray is searching for the next lot of seven strangers to live in a house... Yes, BMP is officially casting for the sixteenth season of The Real World. (The fifteenth season is currently wrapping up production in Philadelphia.) Although no location or taping dates have been officially set, BMP is asking for hopefuls to send thier tapes in. Take a look at the following two helpful links before you decide to apply:

    So You Wanna Be on the Real World?
    Bunim-Murray's Casting FAQ

    Finally, if you are between the ages of 18 and 24, you can mail your video tape to the following address:

    Real World Casting
    Bunim/Murray Productions
    6007 Sepulveda Blvd
    Van Nuys, CA 91411

    Also, minor note. Kristin from E-Online picked up our exclusive on the first castmembers booted yesterday (her chats were held after we broke the news). But she also adds this little tidbit: She mentions that two of the people booted are dating. No mention as to who, but the options are obviously limited.

    Monday, July 19, 2004

    Genesis, Jacquese, Cameran, Ace are the first four sent home fromt the Challenge

    Major spoilage! The following is a great tidbit from the Challenge filming right now in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you have been living under a rock, 36 castmembers have been filming Battle of the Sexes 2. The Blog has exclusive information as the first people BOOTED from the Challenge. Highlight to read:
    The first four people to leave the Challenge are Genesis, Jacquese, Cameran and Ace.

    Theo says that this Challenge has amazed him and is super interesting

    Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) posted from his website Friday that this Challenge has "amazed us all with this Battle of the Sexes 2". Theo describes his castmates as being "super interesting" and wishes that all of us could be there experiencing it with him. No telling yet what makes this time around so interesting... But it must be good. Check it out at Reality Spot

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    Real World or Road Rules fails to earn an Emmy nomination this year

    The Real World, Road Rules, nor The Real World/Road Rules Challenge managed to get nominated for an Emmy this year. In fact, no MTV produced, or BMP produced shows were nominated. Here's a list of the two major categories for Reality Television Series:

    Oustanding Reality Program
    Colonial House, PBS
    Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, ABC
    Penn & Teller, Bullshit, Showtime
    Project Greenlight, HBO
    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, BRAVO
    Oustanding Reality-Competition Program
    The Amazing Race, CBS
    American Idol, FOX
    The Apprentice, NBC
    Last Comic Standing, NBC
    Survivor, CBS

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    Puck is appearing in the Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition Commercial

    Here at the Blog, we're dedicated to bringing you the exclusive. That being said, we have the latest information on Puck (San Francisco). Puck recently filmed the commercial for Trivial Pursuit, 90's edition. The commercial features 90's icons such as NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman, OJ Simpson houseguest Kato Kaelin, Saved By The Bell's Screech: Dustin Diamond, Titanic's Rose: Gloria Stewart, Gymnast Kerri Strug and her coach Bela Karolyi, and Baywatch babe Traci Bingham. The commercial is set to begin airing nationally in October, but the pics are here now. The premise behind the commercial is a kid who opens up a time capsule in his backyard, and when he opens it all these 90s icons jump out. The following are pics:

    Thanks to Puck's agent, Brian J. Monaco at Worldwide Talent Group, Ltd. for the pictures.

    Cameran shows up naked on the internet and joins legions of other castmembers who have posed naked

    It's just been a X-rated day here at the Blog... There are alleged photos of Cameran (San Diego) circulating around the internet. Supposedly, at a Spring Break venture, Cameran gave the crowd a little peak, that she might be regretting right about now. actually takes responsibility for the photo and they also have Tonya (Chicago) covering up her top with nothing but her hands. The alleged photo of Cameran is a shot taken from a far distance, which questions the credibility of the photo.

    If the photo is real, Cameran would join the ranks of former castmembers who are infamous for posing nude. Arissa (Las Vegas), Trishelle (Las Vegas), Katie (The Quest), Jisela (The Quest), Marybeth (South Pacific), Veronica (Semester at Sea), Beth S. (Los Angeles), and Flora (Miami) all posed for Playboy at one time or another. Cameran would also join Danny (New Orleans) in a naked-pic-circulating-on-the-Internet scandal, as alleged photos of Danny also surfaced during the airing of his season. Ace (Paris) has photos that also grace the internet, taken when he was crowned "MTVs King of Spring Break", where he donned the stage wearing nothing but whipped cream.

    Check out Cameran (San Diego) and Tonya (Chicago), courtesy of (Must be 18 and over to click.)

    Britney Spears spends her wedding night in the Real World suite at the Palms Hotel/Casino

    Just a minor note: You think the Las Vegas season was hot? Jason Alexander, the once-beau of pop princess Britney Spears, recently spilled the beans about his 55-hour whirlwind courtship of the "Oops, I Did it Again" singer to the press two days ago. Apparently angry about her recent engagement to backup dancer, Kevin Federline, Alexander released intimate details of their courtship, marriage, and breakup, which all occurred within a few days. So why are we reporting this? Apparently, all this took place in the very suite that Alton, Arissa, Brynn, Irulan, Frank, Steven, and Trishelle once stayed. Not huge news, no... But there are some pretty interesting details about what they did in the Real World suite. Alexander actually gives specific locations to where certain "acts" took place. Here's the link. (GRAPHIC - You should be over 18 to click on this link.)

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004

    A photo of Nick is found at

    Want to see Nick (Xtreme) up close and personal? Yet another discovery at

    Angela (Xtreme) and Jillian (Xtreme) have yet to be found.

    Danny gets the boot and Nick, Angela and Jillan are the replacements

    Unfortunately, for all you Danny (Xtreme) fans out there, Danny got the boot yesterday on Road Rules. Look for Nick to join the cast next episode... Speaking of the Xtreme replacements, Carlos (a very dedicated fan) made a discovery at

    It looks like Nick, Angela, and Jillian will be joining the cast of Xtreme! (Unfortunately, that means only one of the original Xtreme girls (Jodi, Kina and Ibis) will survive until the end!)

    The Philadelphia site has gone online on MTV with a cam inside the house

    MTV has put up their Real World Philadelphia site. Click to check out photos of the city and a live chandelier cam.

    Monday, July 12, 2004

    Abe has published an online portfolio of photos showcasing his work

    Abe (RR Latin America) has published an online portfolio of photos he has taken since 1999. Check it out here.

    San Diego is the highest rated season of the Real World ever

    The New York Post is reporting that The Real World: San Diego is the highest rated season of the Real World ever. More than 3.8 million viewers watched the last episode where the seven strangers parted ways. Overall, the 14th season averaged 3.9 million viewers, consistently placing in the top 10 cable television shows, and the #1 MTV show. The Post attributes high ratings to (amongst other things) Brad and Robin being arrested. Congratulations to Bunim-Murray Productions!

    Thursday, July 08, 2004

    Theo posts on his website that the Challenge is filming in New Mexico with some castmembers confirmed

    On an interesting note, Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) posts this on his site:

    So another Real World/Road Rules challenge is about to begin filming in New Mexico, and I'm sure it will be a doozy. It's the Battle of the Sexes Two, and supposedly there are a lot of "regulars" on the cast again, such as Miz, Coral, Katie, Veronica, Darrell. However, no one knows who the entire casts are for either team. And I'm certain there will be a few surprises, as always with any Bunim-Murray Production. We'll just have to stay tuned to see what goes down in the dirty Southwest. i'll keep you clowns updated.... cheers... theo

    The only new thing about this is that Theo mentions Darrell (Campus Crawl) as a castmember, which is a very good possibility.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004

    Four castmembers from Extreme are to appear on Battle of the Sexes 2

    With filming set to start in a couple of days, information is leaking out everywhere!!! Two new additional things to add to the Battle of the Sexes 2 spoilers... In addition to the list that we posted earlier today, four of the remaining unknown castmembers are from the Xtreme Cast (not including Derrick, who is confirmed), it is just unclear exactly who it is... And we're getting word that this season of the Challenge is going to be filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    A partial list of the cast of the Battle of the Sexes 2 is now online

    From various sources around the web, we have compiled a list of Battle of the Sexes 2 castmembers. (New additions are italicized.) So far, the group includes:

    Girls Team:
    Cameran (San Diego)
    Robin (San Diego)
    Arissa (Las Vegas)
    Tonya (Chicago)
    Aneesa (Chicago)
    Coral (Back to New York)
    Ruthie (Hawaii)
    Genesis (Boston)
    Beth S. (Los Angeles)

    Rachel (Campus Crawl)
    Jisela (The Quest)
    Sophia (The Quest)
    Katie (The Quest)
    Veronica (Semester At Sea)
    Remaining Road Ruler
    Remaining Road Ruler
    Remaining Road Ruler
    Remaining Road Ruler

    Boys Team:
    Brad (San Diego)
    Jacquese (San Diego)
    Randy (San Diego)
    Ace (Paris)
    Adam (Paris)
    Frank (Las Vegas)
    Steven (Las Vegas)
    Mike (Back to New York)
    Eric (New York)
    Derrick (Xtreme)
    Abram (South Pacific)
    Chris (South Pacific)
    Shane (Campus Crawl)
    Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
    Mark (USA Tour 1)
    Remaining Road Ruler
    Remaining Road Ruler
    Remaining Road Ruler

    Some notes: If you notice, the Real World teams on both sides are at 9 members apiece. Assuming that each team contains 9 Real Worlders and 9 Road Rulers, the identity of all Real Worlder participants is known. And so that leaves 4 female Road Rulers and 3 male Road Rulers, which will most likely come mostly from the Xtreme cast, which is the pattern on each Challenge season (to include lots of castmembers from recently aired seasons.) But, of course... this little blurb is just speculation.

    As you know, this is not 100% confirmed as the Challenge has not even begun to film yet. Changes can be made to this list.

    Props go out to Tubescan Board for providing earlier lists of castmembers and all the posters there and at other sites who help to search for additional information.

    A fight club breaks out when Shavonda is dancing with a club patron causing her and Landon to be interviewed by police

    According to, there has been another incident involving the Real World Philadelphia cast. Police are investigating a fight that took place at the 32 Degrees club on Saturday, July 3. Stephen Wiley received 16 stitches in his back after a fight broke out between him and four men over Wiley dancing with a female cast member. The whole thing was caught on tape and MTV handed over footage to the police. Two cast members, Landon and Shovonda were interviewed by police. Looks like this new season will be full of drama!!

    Tuesday, July 06, 2004

    Derrick will be on the Battle of the Sexes 2

    Derrick (RR Xtreme) will be part of the next Challenge set to begin filming this month. An article published in the Daily Herald confirms it. Check it out here.

    Thursday, July 01, 2004

    Rachel is taking part in the Battle of the Sexes 2

    In it's first day, one of our posters over at the Message Boards found out that Rachel (Campus Crawl) is officially part of the next Battle of the Sexes 2. Find the article here. Thanks to our posters for that...

    Wednesday, June 30, 2004

    The Blog opens up its very own message boards

    Awesome news for the Blog! We now have set up our very own Message Board! Yes, the Blog is beginning to build an interactive community where fans can chat and talk about The Real World and Road Rules. Relish this opportunity to become a part of a brand new community that are dedicated fans to the series. We must note that we are in the infintile stages of this project and this is a pilot project. We're exploring how well this will work and if it does, we will expand it to include more features. Just remember the general courtesy rules if you do post and just have fun with it! Get to know other fans from all around the world and we'll see you at the Blog Boards! Link...

    By the way, if it looks like its empty, don't be surprised... It's brand new. It's up to you guys to fill up the boards! If you experience any problems with the board, contact

    Philadelphia Weekly profiles the house at 3rd and Arch

    The Philadelphia Weekly was able to snap some amazing photos of the Real World: Philadelphia house. Check them out for yourselves at Thanks to John for that.

    San Diego reunion to air next week; Two will get the boot according to E!Online

    Now that the seven roommates have left San Diego and are all sitting cozy at home, you all need your Real World fix! Next week, San Diego will air its regular final installment with the reunion, which will be attended by all eight castmembers and hosted by MTV VJ Vanessa. The Real World: Philadelphia is slated to premiere sometime this fall. Until then, Road Rules: X-treme will be airing all summer. And the next installment of the Challenge is now in production (probably to debut alongside Philadelphia).

    And speaking of X-treme, Kristin at E-Online says that two will get the boot this time. She also mentions Nick who was named as a replacement for a booted castmember. But, when asked who Nick actually replaces, (Spoiler, highlight to read)Wanda nixes the idea that Danny is the one to be booted, but rather Derrick is the one to go. No confirmation on this as of yet.