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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Miz is on; Pictures of Jose and Svetlana surface online

The Miz (Back to New York) has joined as a columnist. Mike has been in Atlanta ever since filming on the Inferno II wrapped up, working with Deep South Wrestling, trying to land a development deal with the WWE. Well, you can check out Mike's column here. Word has it that he has already landed the development deal and will join Friday Night Smackdown with another Tough Enough winner.

Now, there's absolutely no way to confirm this, but it's fun nevertheless. A couple of days ago, we posted a link to pictures of supposed castmembers Jose and Zach. Well, the pictures also point out a castmember who was holding a Chanel bag in the background. Well. apparently the castmembers name is Svetlana:

So, Svetlana joins Paula, Star, Zach, Tyler and Jose as part of the Real World: Key West... or at least they do until MTV officially announces the cast.

Eighteenth season of the Real World is rumored to be in Detroit

Do you think the Real World Royal Oak has a nice ring to it? Well there is a possibility that Royal Oak, Michigan might be the next location for the Real World. According to an article posted on RealityBlurred, Viacom, MTV's parent company, has leased a significant amount of space in downtown Royal Oak for its MTV network. This might lend truth to the rumor that MTV is planning a Superbowl related season of the show. Only time will tell if it is just a rumor.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Case against Key West is ruled in producers favor; Dan does an article about open casting calls

The case brought against the Key West production has been ruled on. If you need to be updated on the fight, neighbors of the house on Driftwood Drive sued producers because of all the bright lights and noise disrupting residents on Driftwood Drive. Yesterday, Judge Mark Jones ruled that production could stay in Key West. Had the judge ruled otherwise, production would have been scrapped altogether on the season, as production told the court that Key West did not have room for them in other parts of the city. The only stipulation that the judge imposed on the production was the addition of further light fixtures to the house. Check out the article at the Miami Herald. You'll need to register. The article contains a picture of four castmembers in front of their tanning salon: a blond female, two males (one of which looks like Jose) and a brunette female.

Dan (Miami) also wrote an article for the Dallas Voice about an open casting call he did for the Real World in Dallas. Check it out!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Zach, Jose, Tyler, Paula are castmembers of the Real World: Key West

Here's some new pictures of "supposed" Real World Key West castmembers. Although there's practically no way of confirming if these are really the real deal, you can check out pictures of Zach and Jose here at a webshots website. If the pictures turn out to be true, both Zach and Jose will join Tyler, Paula and Star as part of The Real World: Key West.