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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diem, Casey, Evan, Robin, and Mark will be in Lubbock tonight for Duel premiere party

In accordance with the casting call going down in Lubbock, Texas today at the Beer Garden & Daiquiri Lounge, Diem (Fresh Meat), Casey (Fresh Meat), Evan (Fresh Meat) and Robin (Fresh Meat) will all be making appearances tonight at the bar to celebrate the season premiere of the Duel. ]

Presumably, they'll be screening the Duel as well, so be sure to catch them all there tonight if you're in Lubbock.

Also, Mark (USA Tour 1), a veteran and retiree of the Challenges, will be on hand to host the event. The party, which is hosted by RxLive, will give fans a chance to interact and celebrate the premiere of this new season of the Challenge. Casting ends at 5 today and the party starts later on tonight.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tyler hits up Blair in Episode #2's Aftershow talking about everything and anything

Freshly voted off, Tyler (Key West) visited Blair (The Quest) in the Aftershow this week, bringing us a whole bunch of dirt and his view of the cast.

Tyler begins by explaining how he knew that he would be targeted on the Challenge, even if a couple of Fresh Meaters were there. He also talked about how it was difficult for him, because he didn't like his cast too much.

Tyler then accuses Beth (Los Angeles) of being in bed with Nehemiah (Austin). He used this as an example of being as a disadvantage of The Duel, as the rest of the cast picked who they wanted to hook up with.

He also explains his choice in picking Johnny Bananas (Key West). He wanted to go against John because he knew that he had an advantage against John. But then, he explains his change of heart in picking Derrick (Extreme) the next time around. He also calls the guys cowards.

He calls Tina (South Pacific) and Beth S. (Los Angeles) bitches. Then he starts on his "popular" and "non-popular" rant about how "popular" castmembers gang up against "non-popular" castmembers (aka Beth). Then he calls everyone trashy for calling Tina trashy. He then goes into the Casey (Fresh Meat) and John connection as "Dumb and Dumber." He then praises Diem (Fresh Meat) and how he, Brad (San Diego) and Wes (Austin) cried after she took off her wig. Tyler says that he would want to come back, but only if he can play nasty this next time.

Then it was time for the game they play for talking crap about other castmembers for a free trip:

Kina (Extreme) - "No amount of hairspray will ever take the Jersey out of this girl."
Tina - "Fat, Asian chick"
Svetlana - Uses her "tits" to her advantage.
Aneesa - She looks like she's been used and abused on the corner of Rodeo.
Kenny (Fresh Meat) - Has a wrestling ring in his backyard, lives with his parents and has cartoon bedsheets.
CT (Paris) - Spawn of Satan. Male version of Emily Rose.

And the S$%* you Didn't See: Tyler and Kenny watching Evan (Fresh Meat) stretch out Wes. CT flirts with Tyler. Robin and Tyler dancing. Aneesa, Diem and Tyler highkicking.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Duel Episode #2: Tina is kicked off, Evan wins, Tyler goes to the Duel and is sent home by Derrick

Last night's episode of the Duel was exciting once again. As we told you, Tyler was targeted and the systematic elimination of the Key West cast continued.

Tina (South Pacific) was quickly sent home by TJ Lavin, who quickly told her that she would go home for what she did. Tina knew she'd go home, so she left without much of a fight.

The mission was a pairs mission with guys choosing girls. Evan (Fresh Meat) and Jodi (Extreme) pull out the win and then starts the chain. Eventually, Casey (Fresh Meat) is pressured to choose between Kenny (Fresh Meat) and Tyler (Key West), so she picks Kenny.

Tyler, in a surprise move, chooses Derrick, who sends him home. Next week: Aneesa (Chicago) is the center of controversy and the rollerderby mission looks rough for the girls.

Another Duel chatfest: Evan will also be chatting it up with BuddyTV tonight

Evan (Fresh Meat) will also be chatting it up with fans in the BuddyTV chatrooms.

If you're still not clued into what BuddyTV is, it's this chat platform where you can interact with a moderator who has a camera and a microphone pointed straight at them. In the case of Evan and Derrick (Extreme), they will be chatting while the Duel is airing on TV.

Evan will be on BuddyTV from 9:30 to 11:00PM EST. Don't forget to catch both Evan and Derrick tonight while you catch the latest episode of the Duel!

Don't forget to catch Derrick tonight in his online chat with BuddyTV

Derrick (Extreme) has made a regular habit of showing up at BuddyTV in chatting with fans of the show.

Here's how it works: You go to the website at 10PM PST. Derrick will be in the chatroom with a camera and a mic pointed straight at him. He'll sit there and watch the episode along with all you PST people (Tape the episode if you want to watch it along with him.), and he responds to any comments or questions that you may have about the episode.

It's a nice way to interact with a castmember and ask someone up front questions about what was going down in Brazil. So, if you're available, tonight is the BuddyTV chat with Derrick.

BMP tries out strange casting technique for the next few days in Atlanta, GA

BMP has been hitting up different cities around the country all month in hopes of finding the perfect cast for The Real World 19 and Fresh Meat 2. But BMP recently posted a weird message at their casting page, asking people to send requests for them to review groups.

Yes, BMP is searching for student organizations in Atlanta, GA to be a part of the next two casts. We don't know why this is. However, I'm sure it has something to do with the "type" of people that BMP wants to cast. (IE. Maybe they want people who are casted in the confines of a bar or a nightclub.) Anyway, it's all speculation.

Atlanta and Lubbock, TX are the last two cities on BMP's list and no word yet if there will be any last minute additions for this season's casting calls.

Tyler will be performing his stand-up act with Three Dollar Bill at the Upright Citizens Brigade

Tyler (Key West), who is now living in Los Angeles post-Real World, will be performing with Three Dollar Bill at the Upright Citizen's Brigade.

Tyler is going to be performing an act that's based on his recent move to Los Angeles, so be sure to catch the act if you live in the area. It's a rather small theatre, so make sure to show up somewhat early to get tickets.

5919 Franklin Ave.,
Hollywood, CA
(323) 465-7980

The event starts at 9:30PM and it's this Friday, October 20. If you're in the LA area, be sure to support Tyler and his new comedy act.

Duel Spoiler Alert #2: Will Tina go home for hitting Beth? What's up next for the Duelists?

The question here for tonight's episode, by the way which airs at 10PM EST/9PM CT tonight, is whether or not Tina (South Pacific) will get sent home from the Duel. Now, stop reading any further if you do not want to know the details of the episode, because we're about to give them to you.

Last week, we see Diem (Fresh Meat) win the mission. The group was then supposed to gather so a girl could be picked to Duel. Well, there isn't a chance of this, as TJ Lavin will send Tina (South Pacific) home. Yes, Tina is sent home after this incident, but expect some great quotes in the aftermath.

So, most likely, we'll see at least the next mission unfold for the guys. I can't tell you who wins, but we can tell you that it still doesn't look friendly for (highlight to read) Tyler (Key West). He still has a target on his back.

Be sure to catch tonight's episode!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beth makes strong allegations that it was Tina who orchestrated the fight from the beginning

So, after last week's episode, after Tina's (South Pacific) Overdrive appearance, Beth (Los Angeles) finally makes a comment on her MySpace about what went down in Brazil.

Although it seems on TV that Beth went after Tina, Beth offers up a different story of events, saying it was Tina who had first approached her (which she admits to on the Aftershow) and even conspired to do something to Beth beforehand. She also mentions the tie-in to Diem's (Fresh Meat) situation and how they didn't really mean to encroach on her camera time, but she also mentions how producers knew what was going down.

This corrobrates a story by other castmembers who were saying they didn't know exactly why Tina hit Beth. Many have felt that it was an easy way out for Tina, who had no significant alliances in the Duel.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rachel and Veronica will not be on this upcoming Challenge

Contrary to popular belief, Rachel (Campus Crawl) and Veronica (Semester At Sea), the "mean girls" of MTV, have said they are not going to the Challenge.

This comes after they posted messages on their Facebook account. While it was heavily believed that we would see them in this upcoming show, they comment that they will be at the University of Michigan early next month.

Unfortunately, for you Rachel & Veronica fans, you might have to wait a little longer while until you see the "Mean Girls" again.

Monday, October 16, 2006

This will be the updated cast list for the South Africa Challenge set to begin filming very soon

This will be the regularly updated list in which we post the names of the castmembers going to South Africa to participate in the new Challenge. The list will always be fluctuating since we get confirmations all the time. So, without further ado, here's the preliminary list (changed since last with both additions and deletions):

Aneesa (Chicago)
Tonya (Chicago)
Ace (Paris)
CT (Paris)
Danny (Austin)
Janelle (Key West)
John (Key West)
Paula (Key West)
Colie (Denver)
Davis (Denver)
Jenn (Denver)
Ty (Denver)

Susie (Australia)
Abram (South Pacific)
Cara (South Pacific)
Kenny (Fresh Meat)

Check back with us often and email us at if you have any new updates

Alumni update: The whereabouts of the Road Rules Down Under cast

So it's been quite a while since the six roadies went down to Australia for their wild adventure Down Under. This is one of the first times that we can offer you a complete update of what the cast is up to, several years after they have wrapped up their show.

Chadwick - He, of course, married Holly (Maximum Velocity Tour) and they became the first married Road Rules couple. The pair are living in Colorado (after spending some time in California, including Los Angeles.) After Battle of the Seasons, the two of them sort of had a bad parting of ways with Road Rules and are sort of anti-BMP.

Christina - Living in Los Angeles working a stand-up comic. She's touring regularly and if you live in the LA area, you can catch her act.

Kefla - Living in Atlanta. Kefla is actually married and has two children. Last we saw of him, he was in a commercial.

Piggy - Living in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. She actually helped a bit for casting of the shows awhile back and she actually had a short-lived appearance on the Inferno.

Shayne - Living in Canada with his girlfriend. Has never been asked back to do a Challenge.

Susie - The castmember we've most recently seen in the Gauntlet 2 and is headed to South Africa to film the current Challenge. She's living in Pittsburgh and she's married. She also has a stepdaughter.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Castmembers begin to leave today for the new Challenge to be filmed in Cape Town

Today is the day that castmembers will be headed to Cape Town, South Africa. Castmembers wiil begin boarding flights today and will continue until tomorrow headed to the great city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Awkard to have a Challenge centered in Cape Town? Well, not exactly. For a brief period around the 10th season, Bunim-Murray was considering having a season of The Real World in South Africa (along with other wacky ideas -- some wackier than others -- ie. Sydney, a farm in rural America.)

Thanks to various sources around the web, including MM Agency, we've posted a list of confirmed castmembers headed to the Challenge. They are:

Tonya (Chicago)
Ace (Paris)
CT (Paris)
Danny (Austin)
Johanna (Austin)
Janelle (Key West)
Jose (Key West)
John (Key West)
Paula (Key West)
Colie (Denver)
Davis (Denver)
Jenn (Denver)
Ty (Denver)

Susie (Australia)
Cara (South Pacific)
Rachel (Campus Crawl)
Veronica (Semester At Sea)

Again, since castmembers are leaving beginning today, be sure to contact us if you hear about news of another castmember headed to the Challenge. You can use the contact form (accessible on the left menu bar) or you can email us at Preferably with some substantial evidence or proof by the way.

Casey responds to Tina's latest Overdrive episode with sarcasm and barbs of her own

Casey (Fresh Meat) has a bone to pick with Tina (South Pacific). For some reason, the Aftershow has been a public source of contention between castmembers in the way that castmembers talk all sorts of crap about other castmembers on the Aftershow.

This is a sort of staggering of insults back and forth. Casey went on the Aftershow last season and talked crap about Tina. So Tina responded in kind last week. So, now that the Aftershow is out, Casey repsonds to it on her MySpace:

I would like to make known to the public the fact that YES, I indeed blew every person I could on the duel. However, Tina's statement wasn't completely true, I also let a few of the lady's enjoy my company as well. What can I say, I was a popular girl. And hey, honestly! I need the face time, right? I'm such a media whore and all.... in fact, if I had to, I'd punch a bitch just to get more airtime if I could! But, someone already did that. I had to be oringinal, ya know?