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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Weekend Update: Who goes home?

This weekend, we want your opinion on the game of musicial chairs that is playing over at the Real World Sydney house.

Shauvon (Sydney) just permanently said adieu to the house when her boyfriend asked her to leave. Ashli (Sydney) has just moved in and now there's the question of Trisha (Sydney). The girls seem to still be at odds with Parisa (Sydney) and if the previews are any indication, Trisha pushes Parisa, and according to the zero tolerance policy, will be sent home.

Talk about the Real World Sydney girls. The predictions for when it will happen, if it will even happen. Do you agree with Shauvon's decision to leave the house? What about Ashli? Do you like her?

Opinions here!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sydney Episode #14: Shauvon leaves the house, the roommates go on vacation, Kelly Anne settles

This episode primarily focused on Kelly Anne (Sydney) and Shauvon (Sydney). The group gets news that they will be visiting Cairins, Australia, which is where the Great Barrier Reef lies. Shauvon returns home, calls David, and tells him. David is clearly upset that she would even think about going on vacation while the two were at this stage in their lives. Eventually, Shauvon musters the courage up to say that she will not be going with the roommates to Cairins and she will indeed be leaving the house. Shauvon has left the Real World.

The rest of the roommates go on the trip to Cairins. The episode is really about Kelly Anne. Kelly Anne is trying to get over Sutton, her boyfriend back home, but she's only finally starting to realize that. She has Cohutta (Sydney) here in Sydney, but the relationship with Cohutta is still very unclear to Kelly Anne.

The group does any number of things while in Cairins, from lying out in boats, snorkeling in the reef, going to the beach, bungee jumping. Most prominently, Kelly Anne gets jealous when Cohutta starts talking to girls. Kelly Anne not wanting to be outdone, goes and finds a boy at a bar. Except, Parisa (Sydney) cuts in while Kelly Anne is dancing with a boy and this infuriates Kelly Anne.

Kelly Anne and Trisha (Sydney) break off to talk crap about Parisa and call her an "undercover slut." The two eventually are able to reconcile with Kelly Anne apologizing for her behavior. The roommates return home, and Kelly Anne eventually warms up to Cohutta. They decide that Kelly Anne needs a male presence in her life, a fatherly figure, and she seems to be okay with letting go of Sutton.

Most importantly, next week, Ashli (Sydney) comes into town. What's the first thing she does? Rips down all of Shauvon's pictures.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sydney Episode #14: Post your reactions here

It looks like this will be the episode where one of the roommates actually moves out. Talk about new developments as Shauvon (Sydney) moves home to be with her boyfriend David. Will Ashli (Sydney) replace her? Will Trisha (Sydney) go crazy without Shauvon in the house? Will Trisha even go home? Are the boys even part of the show anymore?

Post your reactions here.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up: Gauntlet 3 spoilers

This past weekend, we invited you to post spoilers on the Gauntlet 3. The information is pretty extensive, but you can take it with a grain of salt, as again, none of this information is really confirmed until the season airs.

We got plenty of spoilers, even as one internet visitor posted a complete cast list (which is accurate), a boot order, and the final mission status. In addition to that, the poster posted alliances and rumors about interactions between the cast. This season is full of supposed romances, fights, drama, and everything you love about Challenges.

I'm not going to spoil it here, since most people hate to know about the outcome before the season airs, but it looks to be one wild season. To check out the comments on the blog, go here.

Ricky Croft, the Key West boss, shows up on America's Most Smartest Model

Every once in awhile, the reality shows will cross over. You'll have one prominent member of a reality show show up on some other reality show. It's like one big, happy inbred family. Ricky Croft, who was the manager of Key West's mystic tan store, showed up on America's Most Smartest Model.

Although this isn't really news, Croft was hawking his mystic tan system and showed up for no particular reason whatsoever. The models won a challenge in which they were able to use the machine, but it seemed like the models didn't need direction to use it. Croft was just there to introduce the machines.

If you remember, Croft actually got a lot of criticism for calling himself the "eighth roommate" and starting a blog posting small details amongst the cast. Looks like he's moved on to other avenues.