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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Denver Episode #16 : The Girls Have Gone Wild or "Don't You Go$%amn Talk to Me Like That Ever Again!"

This episode started out like any other normal episode. Colie (Denver) and Alex (Denver) start up the episode by flirting as usual. This time, the two discuss how Colie's boyfriend, Corey, is coming to visit her in Denver. Colie claims that he's coming to say good-bye and get closure, but Alex is unsure. It actually looks like Alex may have some feelings for Colie, but a quick conversation with Tyrie (Denver) reveals that he's looking for a regular partner.

In preparation for Corey's visit, Colie cleans the kitchen. Colie confronts Brooke (Denver) about a pot of old macaroni and cheese and this sets Brooke off. The two get into an argument where Brooke calls Colie a bi$#h. Brooke thinks that Colie has a chip on her shoulder. Colie thinks Brooke is stuck-up, psychotic, etc.,

Alex actually brings his two friends from Arizona State to the house. Meanwhile, PJ, Davis' boyfriend is still in the house as well. Colie warms up a little up to Brett, Alex's male friend, and Brett tells Colie that Alex doesn't have feelings for her. They're both drunk, but this sends Colie to Alex's lap, where she heavily flirts with him.

Colie goes to pick up Corey at the airport. Meanwhile, Alex, Brooke, and Brett plan to go the water park. Jenn (Denver) asks Brooke if she can drive stick to the water park. Jenn calls Brooke a brat for responding like a brat. Then this starts off a set of insults between the two.

Brooke doesn't agree with Jenn's viewpoint. Here's some of the conversation between the two of them:

"You know what? You're a fuc$#ng bi@#h just like Colie."
"Yes, Brooke, thank you for letting me know where you stand. I don't give a f#$k about you and your opinions."
"I don't give a f#$k about you either, you trashy bi@#$h!"
"Keep talking..."
"Shut up, fuc#$4g whore, no one wants to hear your voice..."
"If you ever fuc#$ng speak to me like that again, you will be fuc#$ng sorry. Do you fu#4ing hear me? Don't you go#$amn talk to me like that ever again! I've fu$#ing had it, I've fu$#ing had it... F#$k you, bi#$h!"

Brooke then leaves the house to go cry outside on the corner. Meanwhile, Alex, Jenn and his friends go to LoDo's to get trashed after that whole thing. Alex and Jenn discuss what happened in the house. Jenn claims that she'll confront Brooke about it, because she doesn't want Brooke to feel left out. Brooke goes back to the house and admits that she lost it. Brooke tells Stephen (Denver) that this is just the beginning.

Then, we're going back to Colie and Corey, who can't keep their hands off each other. They want to go back to the house, they want to go eat, and they want to have sex. They don't look like they're breaking up. They get to the house and then they go to LoDo's as well. Jenn claims that Corey is flaunting his relationship with Colie in front of Alex, because Alex had kissed Colie earlier. Corey and Colie are kissing and flirting at the table. This obviously makes Alex jealous, as Alex starts flirting heavily with Jenn. The two leave, but get a final round at the bar. Alex and Jenn start to kiss and are interrupted by Colie... Only to be continued to next week.

Next week: Alex and Jenn get into bed at the very same time that Colie and Corey get into bed.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Susie opens up her very own website at her very own domain name

Susie (Australia), who is currently on this season of Viewers Revenge, has recently opened up her own website at

You can check out the latest news, pictures, and contact info about Susie. She also has a MySpace that she frequently updates.

So go check out Susie's website now!

Viewers Revenge Episode #4: Veronica and Tori face-off, The Roadies climb and Kina is sent to the Pit

Last night's episode of Road Rules revealed a little about the way the season is going. First, the Pit Battle was shown on air because, of course, MTV didn't reveal the winner online this week. Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Veronica (Semester at Sea) battled for the spot on the RV. It was a puzzle game, very reminiscent of all the puzzle games every shown on the Challenges. Veronica narrowly lost to Tori, allowing Tori to stay alive for another week. Veronica was somewhat humble about it, but she made a comment that she would love to see Kina (Extreme) in the Pit.

The cast was pretty much overjoyed to see Tori. Especially Dan (Viewers Revenge). The whole cast seemed to be really getting along at this point, which may be a Road Rules first. Then two things happen, the Roadies actually check out the website and start reading the comments that fans have posted. They're making light of them, but Kina, who actually responded to some of the comments in her blog last week, said that its easy to get hurt by them. Also, the Roadies stopped off in a Wendy's and signed a whole bunch of autographs for fans. So, it looks like in exchange for the vote on the RV, MTV has given Viewers another little bone to get excited about the series.

The cast then heads on over to Joshua Tree where they get their mission. They're going to be doing a mission called Carry Your Weight. They have to climb up and down Turtle Rock in less than 2 hours. The catch is, they have to carry Dan and Tori's weight. Adam (The Quest) and Susie (Australia) go first, and Adam has a visibly hard time, so this worries the rest of the cast. Their time also seems to cut it very close to the allotted time for each group. Eventually, all the cast makes it through and with only six minutes to spare on the clock.

Drew then informs the cast that only one castmember needs to be chosen to go the Pit, so it looks like the Viewers in fact did lose a vote. The cast sleeps and seems not to let the impending nomination damper their spirits. The next day, while the Roadies are looking online, they see that Monte (Viewers Revenge) and David (Viewers Revenge) are the highest voted males and Veronica and Angel (Viewers Revenge) are the highest voted females. This sends Kina to nominate herself to the Pit, most likely pitting her against rival Veronica. Since there will be no webisode again this week, tune in on Tuesday to see Veronica and Kina, two alumni, battle it out for a space on the RV.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #4: Post your reactions here

Post your reactions to the fourth episode of Road Rules. Will Veronica (Semester at Sea) return? Who gets sent to the Pit? Discuss tonight's episode here.

Viewers Revenge Episode #4: Veronica and Tori face off and the future of how the vote works will be determined

Tonight we get to see Round 2 of Tori (Viewers Revenge) and Veronica (Semester at Sea). The two are going to compete in a puzzle challenge and Veronica may actually board the RV to wreck some havoc once again.

Also, tonight we'll find out if they actually changed the rules of the show. MTV might not allow the castmembers to nominate two different Roadies for the Elimination Pit. They might just go with one Roadie once again, changing the rules of the game, and not allowing us to fully participate as once imagined.

We'll also find out tonight who faces the Elimination Pit this week. Stay tuned!

Tyler is raising money through an online auction for a foundation for gay college athletes

Tyler (Key West) is auctioning off several items in order to help start a foundation aimed at supporting gay athletes. He's actually auctioning off the swag he got during the VMAs this year, so if you're a fan or if you just want some really expensive stuff on the cheap, take a look at the auctions. Tyler is in the beginning stages of starting his foundation, which he was inspired to start after being a gay athlete himself at the NCAA-level.

Check out the auctions:

Malibu Sunglasses- Dolce & Gabbana:

D&G Aviators:

Felix bag:

Tallulah hangbag: