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Friday, January 06, 2006

Vote for the Blog in the annual Bloggies

The Blog has been providing Real World and Road Rules information for fans of the show (in one form or another) since 1998. Over at the Bloggies, visitors can vote for their favorite weblogs in a variety of different categories. We encourage you to visit the Bloggies and to please vote for the Blog! There's only a couple of days left, so hurry!

You can rent the Back to New York house for $25,000 a month

It's a new year. Why not find some new digs? If you have $35,000 to shell out every month then you could be the proud tenant of the Real World Back to New York loft. Check out the ad in the Observer.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chris was on the View talking about his book; Rachel and Veronica on the Fishbowl

Chris (Chicago) recently appeared on the View, chatting with the ladies about his new book. Ilene tells us that although the ladies were far more interested on how he cleaned himself up, Chris was kind of vague about it. He also credited his experience on The Real World as helping him recover because the cameras were on him 24-7. Check out his site for updates on Chris.

Both Rachel (Campus Crawl) and Veronica (Semester At Sea) will be appearing on the The Fishbowl, possibly to promote their new reality show with BMP, where they took some random girl and made her one of the "mean girls".

Katie (The Quest) has also updated her blog with a recent Gauntlet II review.

Also, since the Gauntlet II seems to have TONS of quotes that are memorable, we are currently accepting visitor-submitted quotes. If you noticed, we run quotes at the top of the page, which are designed to change everytime you hit "Refresh/Reload". So, if you have a quote that you think belongs up there, submit it to Make sure the subject line is QUOTES, so we can easily identify the messages.

And finally, many are wondering about the lack of news on Key West and Fresh Meat. Well, paired with the holiday season and the fact that production on both series have wrapped since then, there's very little news to report on future seasons of The Real World or the Challenges. More should come in February, when Key West premieres.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006