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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mike loses Tough Enough; Battle of Naughty and Nice is being casted

For those of you who are waiting to find out about Mike (Back to New York) and if he won Tough Enough 4, don't read the following. If you do, highlight to read:

Mike has come in second place. Although the winner has not been announced officially, WWE announced the winner because they film Smackdown episodes well ahead of their Thursday air dates. Although Mike has come in a close second, he is said to be offered a development deal with the WWE. And if you watch WWE, you do know that Tough Enough contestants who do not win the titles, do have development deals with them and end up becoming WWE Superstars. Good luck to Mike!

The Battle of Naughty and Nice is said to be well on its way as castmembers are now being confirmed to appear on the next Challenge. Some websites have already confirmed several different castmembers. The new Challenge is supposed to start filming early next month and will air in March.

Timmy, Alton, Irulan, Steven are on the Fishbowl

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that these last couple of days have been slow news days and you are wondering where you can find a little reality star action. If you are looking for a quick fix, check out the fishbowl today at 12:00 (pt)/3:00 (et) for a live chat with Timmy, Alton, Irulan, and Steven.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Philadelphia will be a part of the Reality Bar Crawl

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Reality Bar Crawl Tour are getting together for one crazy party on December 22 at Suite 450 in Philadelphia. There will be reality stars, a bikini contest, and giveaways. Check out the VIP Connections site for more info.

Mike loses match to his opponent on the finale of Tough Enough, still has the vote

For those of you who watched WWE's Armageddon last night, Mike (Back to New York) lost to Daniel Puder in the Tough Enough match. Mike wasn't knocked out, but fans in the stadium decided that Puder performed better and he was declared the winner of the match. Although Puder receives a boost from winning previous challenges, it ultimately decides on the vote. This is a chance for Mike to win a million dollars. The winner will be announced Thursday on WWE's Smackdown. Click here to vote for Mike. I am told if you delete your cookies each time after you vote, you can vote for him multiple times.