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Friday, June 03, 2005

Judd and Pam are expecting a child any day now and are living in San Francisco

It was posted earlier in the week that Judd (San Francisco) produced a cartoon for Cartoon Network. There is also an article posted at The interesting thing about the article is that it reveals that Judd and Pam, Judd's wife and former castmate, are expecting a child any day now! Congratulations to Pam and Judd!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mike, Coral, Melissa, Theo, Trishelle will be on Battle of the Network Reality Stars

OK, we been sitting on the info for Battle of the Network Reality TV Stars which will air on Bravo this summer. Filming begins tomorrow and the participants are... Mike (Back to New York), Coral (Back to New York), Melissa (New Orleans) and Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour). Trishelle (Las Vegas) will also be participating as one of the co-hosts.

Alton and Irulan may have broken up; Cara and Dave may have broken up due to David or Mark; Ellen is pregnant

There are all sorts of rumors floating around about the relationships of former cast members. Here's the scoop from yesterday's chat over at the Fishbowl:

    Alton and Irulan may no longer be a couple.
    Cara and Dave broke up.
    Cara hooked up with David (Seattle) and Mark (RR1) while Mark was dating Robin.
    Ellen (Quest) is pregnant.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Austin cast had a garage sale; Judd has a new cartoon on TV; Steven, Trishelle, Mike on Fishbowl; Dan leaves the Challenge

Here's an interesting bit: Austin actually had a garage sale this past weekend at the site that was their house. There are no details on what was for grabs or who was selling stuff...

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, a relatively new cartoon on Cartoon Network is actually produced and written in part by none other than Judd (San Francisco). Congratulations to him on that.

Also, don't forget tomorrow that Steven (Las Vegas) will be having his weekly Fishbowl chat along with Mike (Back to New York) and Trishelle (Las Vegas). The chat is at 12pm (Pacific) / 3pm (Eastern).

And finally, a spoiler for you people out there loving this Challenge that is airing. Highlight the next bit of text to find out which team loses a guy in next week's Inferno II:

The Bad Asses will be saying good-bye to one of their male team members for sure. The question is will Dan (Miami) pull through and win the lifesaver?

Tina, Brad, Aneesa will be in the upcoming Challenge; Landon is an underwear model

I have received several confirmations on people who will be attending the upcoming "Old School vs. New School". Tina (South Pacific), Brad (San Diego) and Aneesa (Chicago) are said to be participating in this upcoming Challenge.

Also, Landon (Philadelphia) is following in CT's (Paris) footsteps and has become an underwear model. Check out Wax Store (link repaired) under pics, wax store, boxers and briefs.

Irene from Los Angeles updates us on her whereabouts via MTV

Do you remember Irene from the RW Los Angeles cast? Want to know what she has been up to since her season aired? Click here to find out.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Jake is fired from FHM and pissed off Howard Stern, but met up with Kalle

Jake (islands) may have finally crossed a line. In addition to being unemployed from FHM and pissing off Howard Stern, he finally met up with Kalle (Islands) from his own show. Click here for details.