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Friday, August 03, 2007

Trisha has no regrets, has moved to Los Angeles, and is still friends with Shavoun

Trisha (Sydney), who has been the center of some controversy early in the season, sat down with the Fresno Bee to talk about her experience in Sydney.

While she admits that she did things that don't match with her conservative upbringing, she has no regrets about her time in Sydney. If you remember, Trisha is seen almost hitting or hitting Parisa (Sydney) in the preview, and it's rumored that Trisha will be sent home and an eighth roommate will be sent in her place.

Trisha also says that she has moved to Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, to capitalize on the attention that the show is bringing her. She also mentions that she is still friends with her fellow castmember Shavoun (Sydney).

Puck was or is a part of "Celebrity Rehab" on VH1; He may have left the show mid-filming

Perez Hilton reported earlier this week that VH1 is currently filming a new series titled "Celebrity Rehab" where out-of-control celebrities are put through some sort of program to rehabilitate their rebellious ways.

Puck (San Francisco) was rumored to be a part of the cast, along with Chyna Doll, Tom Sizemore, Mary Carey, and Brigette Nielsen. However, the series, which is taping right now, is reportedly sans Puck. According to Perez, Puck has left the show.

Is it too much of a surprise? Not really, considering Puck also left Battle of the Sexes, which later turned out to be a calculated move. No word on the format of the series and it should debut in Fall.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sydney Casting Special: The alumni discuss the new seven strangers

Blair (The Quest), Randy (San Diego), Colie (Denver), Wes (Austin), Paula (Key West) and Svetlana (Key West) start by sitting around the couch, discussing the season.

Issac (Sydney) is first and he talks about the calamity that is his life. He talks about the stuff that he pulls, how he gets high, how he gets drunk. He’s a “boob guy”. He says that he can always find good things about everyone.

Shavoun (Sydney) has her own column called “Sexcapades”. She wants to be an entertainment reporter. She’s single and she got out of a long-term relationship where her boyfriend made her pick between her career and him.

The alumni talk about how Issac and Shavoun might hook up. Blair shows a sneak peak, where the two of them are flirting heavily throughout their season. The two are making out in the confessional and are caught by roommates. The two end up fighting later in the season.

The alumni discuss the two. They’re excited about the impending fights. Randy thinks she’s pretty, but she’s not his type. Wes thinks that he could be friends with her and she looks intimidating.

Dunbar (Sydney) is next. He’s more proud to be Southern than he is to be American. His girlfriend Julie is something accidental, but he acknowledges it to be special because she is willing to do anything to make him happy.

Parisa (Sydney) is from New York City. She knew since she was little that she was different. Her friends think that nothing fazes her, that she’s the “tin man”. Parisa used to have trouble rejecting guys. She used to put a lot of self-worth in her relationships.

The alumni girls seem to love Dunbar. Parisa takes herself too seriously, according to Colie.

Dunbar and Parisa meet each other. Parisa said that if Dunbar is single, it would be a fairytale. Parisa flirts heavily with Dunbar and he responds by treating her differently than the rest of the cast. The two end up fighting because he seems to be disrespectful toward her.

The alumni feel like the relationship between the two is unrequited. They think that Parisa is finally learning what it is like to be rejected. Paula calls him a beefcake.

Cohutta (Sydney) is up. He’s from a “different country” where everyone knows everybody. He introduces us to his family. He’s looking for a “good mama” that he can “take back to the mountains” and raise some children with.

KellyAnne (Sydney) doesn’t like guys who talk about their families, bad kissers, bad teeth, people who have different opinions of her. She wrote “Pick Me” on her underwear in her casting video.

Paula says that Cohutta seems genuine and he’s going to get rocked the most. Colie says it’s weird that he’s living in 1976. Paula says he won’t be used to these kind of girls that show up on the show. Colie says that this Real World harkens back to the “social experiment” because there are different people reacting to each other.

KellyAnne hears Shavoun and Parisa talking about her in the bathroom. Parisa doesn’t want to babysit and KellyAnne flirts heavily with Dunbar, which irritates Parisa. KellyAnne calls herself a “co$%tease”. KellyAnne and Cohutta seem to be crushing on each other later in the season.

Wes says that he hates girls that are teases. Colie says that she’s gonna get picked on by the other girls, but the other girls says that she may want to get picked on.

Trisha (Sydney) comes to the house with a boyfriend and a chastity ring, kind of. She got the ring when she was 12 years old, but she lost her virginity. Trisha is trying to “get it all out right now”.

Wes likes Trisha more than he likes KellyAnne. He thinks that he’s trying to figure out what she’s about.

Trisha and Parisa start a fight. The tension seems to mount. Trisha starts to flirt with Cohutta, which irritates KellyAnne. Trisha seems to try and hit Parisa.

The alumni think that this season will be good. Blair can’t wait for the Sydney cast to see the casting special and talk about the alumni.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Going Down Under: A First Look at the Real World" airs tonight; Post your reactions here

The casting special "Going Down Under: A First Look at the Real World" airs tonight. We will be introduced to the seven strangers, most likely a brief snippet that has a couple of interviews, and shows what life is like at home. They'll also be sure to interject some of this season's drama in the preview tonight.

Post your reactions in the comments section to what you think about the seven strangers first appearance on MTV. Are you going to enjoy this season? Do you like how this season was cast? What are you looking forward to? Can you wait to see these faces on future Challenges?

This episode airs tonight at 10pm.

Parisa says that she does nothing in the upcoming season that would embarass her

Although KellyAnne (Sydney) says she's nervous about how she will be portrayed in the upcoming season, Parisa (Sydney) offers a different take. Although she did party "seven days a week", there's nothing that "wouldn't be proud for my family to see."

Parisa is a New York native, who attended NYU, and went to a casting call because she thought it was a sorority gathering. Although she didn't think much of it, she talked a little more than usual during the casting session, and she was asked to stay after.

She's now living on Long Island with her parents, pursuing a music career. Check out the full article here with the New York Daily News.

Issac does another interview with his school's newspaper which talks to the friend that dragged him to casting

The Arizona Daily Wildcat talked to Issac (Sydney) about being cast in the new season of the Real World.

Although he's given the same interview to several different newspapers, the school paper also talked to Molly Leibowitz, his friend that dragged him to the casting session.

The paper also reveals that Issac was able to backpack in Sydney after the show with the money he earned from appearing on the season, that he has a clothing line called "Stout", and that he would do a Challenge only to travel.

Check out the article.

RealWorldCasting will turn into VMACasting for the VMAs which are September 9th

Now that Real World 20 has found its seventh castmember, casting producers have decided to use the profiles that people posted for the Real World for people to get the chance to be correspondents on the upcoming Video Music Awards this September 9th at the Palms Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas.

This corroborates earlier reports from finalists who claimed that they were up for a hosting gig on TRL. Some MTV correspondents go onto larger duties, such as being a full-fledged news anchor or VJ.

All the profiles up on will be switched over to the new competition, which will go purely based on viewer votes and will have no casting rounds. The website is promised to be up soon.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Theo is on the syndicated show "Comics Unleashed" as a panelist

There's a syndicated show called Comics Unleashed where several different comics are invited on a show and shoot the breeze with host Byron Allen.

The episode is up online at the website for the show, where Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour) is a special guest. Theo talks about his southern roots, his father who was 70 years old when he was born, and a lot more.

You can actually check out the episode, which is airing on television, but check out the website to see what station the show airs on in your area.