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Friday, May 13, 2005

Jake contacted about BONRS; Kyle and Lori are back together; Frankie does an interview with Prick Magazine

Here's some interesting fodder for the weekend. I got an email from a former castmember who was approached to do Battle of the Network Reality Stars, the show we mentioned the other day that will appear on Bravo. Well, the castmember (link) actually let us in on the show's secrets. Most importantly, he said he wouldn't be appearing on the show because of the fact that the show's title becomes BONeRS when condensed.

Anyway, here's the information:

  • The show is slated to be filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu from June 2 to June 11.

  • There will be six teams consisting of six team members.

  • Three events are held each day and everyone participates in at least six of the eight days.

  • Challenges will include a tandem bike race, a relay race, a kayak race, a swimming relay, a ping pong competition, an obstacle course and more.

  • Everyone takes home $3,000 just for coming. The winning team receives $10,000 each, or $60,000 as a whole
  • .

    Here's another big item: I'm getting word that a Real World power couple who were on the rocks for sometime have just recently got together. Kyle (Chicago) and Lori (Back to New York) are back together according to one insider.

    Here's an article on Frankie (San Diego) from Prick Magazine.

    And if those previews of Derrick (Extreme) hasn't gotten you all riled up, I'm hearing that this next episode will be good, so don't miss it. Derrick apparently gets stiches as a result of his fight.

    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Cara is not the Playmate of the Year 2005

    Although Cara (South Pacific) was Miss November 2004, she did not make the status of Playmate of the Year 2005. She is in the June issue of Playboy (p.12 photos 3&7). Be sure to check her out.

    I got an email about the Battle of the Reality TV Stars that Bravo is intending to air pretty soon. Nothing real concrete, but various Real World and Road Rules alumni are being approached to appear on the show. The show is slated to be taking place at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and will air in August 2005. Other reality show personalities invited? Omarosa from the Apprentice and Richard Hatch from Survivor.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    The latest Pit Stop in the Amazing Race was the site of the Battle of the Sexes; Coral, Mike, Melissa spotted doing a photo shoot

    For those of you who are Amazing Race fans and caught the finale last night, you might have recognized the 11th pit stop in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Why is this Real World/Road Rules news? Because that hotel and villa was the site of Battle of the Sexes I. That's right, the Race had the Round Hill Resort as their pit stop for the 2nd to last leg of the race.

    Also, I'm getting emails from several different people saying that they saw Coral (Back to New York), Mike (Back to New York) and Melissa (New Orleans) on Hollywood Blvd. doing a photo shoot. It's unclear what it was for, but it appears not to be directly related with the shows. More info to come on this soon.

    Also, here are several different articles on the Austin season:

    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3

    News 8 Austin interviews the cast and posts them online

    News 8 Austin recently filmed a segment on the upcoming season of the Real World which includes interviews with the cast. Check out the video here .

    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Nehemiah, Rachel, Danny, Melinda, Lacey, Wes, and Johanna are the Real World Austin

    The Real World XVI: Austin

    Front from left: Nehemiah, Rachel, Danny and Melinda. Back from left: Lacey, Wes and Johanna.

    Rachel, 22, California

    An Iraq veteran who joined the Army as a combat nurse and served four years. She has a boyfriend she met in Iraq, but will she stray?

    Johanna, 21, California

    Gorgeous Peruvian American who wants to be a clinical therapist. She's spunky and sweet but a mean-tempered drunk. Deferred acceptance to Columbia University for grad school.

    Wes, 20, Kansas

    A junior at Arizona State University, he's a frat-house guy who parties hearty and likes to flirt. He had a reputation on Sixth Street early on.

    Danny, 21, Massachusetts

    Outgoing Bostonian who left home to 'stretch his wings.' He's working for his father's construction company but wants to be a lawyer. Loves Austin and hates to leave.

    Lacey, 23, Florida

    Unique, and not just for her short hair and virgin status. Born to ex-hippie parents who turned religious, the hairdresser was sheltered from pop culture but adapted to life with her much wilder housemates.

    Nehemiah, 19, Arizona

    Born to a drug-addicted mom and forced to grow up quickly. Quiet but determined. Studied film production in college and wants to direct music videos. The least in love with Austin.

    Melinda, 21, Wisconsin

    Waitress and aspiring dentist. A model-gorgeous flirt who is willing to try anything once. Also smart and funny, she could be a star.

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Filming of the Real World Austin will wrap up this week

    It's almost time to indulge yourself in the drinking, hook ups, and fights of the new season of the Real World. Filming of the Austin season is wrapping up this week and will premiere on June 21. A trip to Costa Rica and the making of a documentary about the South by Southwest Festival are among the highlights of this season. Get the low down on the cast and the house here.