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Friday, September 05, 2003

News suggests that castmember Robin is arrested during filming of the San Diego series

The Smoking Gun is reporting that a castmember of the Real World: San Diego has recently been arrested. 23-year-old Robin, a female bartender from Florida, has been arrested for a bar-room brawl with no one other than a marine. There is no picture of Robin on Smoking Gun's site (NOTE: Smoking Gun has NOW obtained a picture of her), but they have confirmed that she was a part of the cast. Never before has a castmember been arrested during filming, so this puts new light on the situation. There has been drunken fights on the show before (Seattle's David), but no arrests have ever been made. She spent some time in a jail before posting bail. It's unclear on whether or not she is going to continue on with the show.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Domain name opening up, Tami appears on KTLA news, Paris DVD will be released

Just something that we need to notify you of: Mid-summer, we reported that we were going to go public with an official domain that we had already purchased. We do have the dot-com already. However, the issue soon became web hosting. Well, with the enormous amounts of hits that we got all summer, we found out that we simply could not afford web hosting because the huge amount of traffic the site experiences monthly. So, that is put on hold until further notice.

And KTLA5, a local WB affiliate in Los Angeles, apparently reported this morning that a Reality TV Award Show is in the works. After a couple of years of the burst of reality television shows on mainstream networks, an award show is finally being planned. However, they were quick to mention that it would be both hilarious and prestigious... One of the categories according to KTLA??? "Best Female Skank" The show should launch in February.

And Tiger reported to us an interesting piece of information on the Paris DVD: Yes, on November 11th the Real World That You Never Saw: Paris DVD will be released. But also, it will come in a two-disc set with the 9 Degree Hookup Show that aired on MTV. Both DVDs are available at

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Colin refuses to do appearances with Julie in the future, Melissa and Coral are moving in together

New news! Yes, yes... Apparently, the appearance that we told you about with Colin (Hawaii), Lori (Back to New York), Nathan (Seattle), and Julie (New Orleans) didn't go as well as they wanted to. Apparently, Colin will not do any more appearances with Julie claiming that her on stage "creates a bad end-product". This having to deal with Julie's lies about spirituality, abstinence, drugs, and her 9/11 ordeal... It is unclear what that means exactly, but obviously Colin did have a problem with Julie. However, Colin is still giving away copies of his book... And he's going to be filming some upcoming appearances. Go to his website to keep up with him.

Also, some news with other castmembers. If you follow any of Melissa's (New Orleans) rants on her webpage, you know that she and Coral (Back to New York) are great friends... So much so, that the two plan to move in together soon! Both Melissa and Coral moved to Los Angeles after their stints on the Real World.

And rumor has it that both Coral (Back to New York) and Julie (New Orleans) have been both asked to do the next installment of the Challenge (after the Gauntlet), which will begin filming in October.

And today was Rachel's (San Francisco) last day on ABCs The View. She is trying to get a spot on the show as a co-host. SUPPORT RACHEL! Read yesterday's post to see how exactly to do so! Congratulations to Rachel! She did wonderfully, even as Star Jones seemed to take a shine to her! Good luck!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Ruthie drives cross country, Lori will start singing, Rachel is a finalist and frontrunner on the View

A few new updates on castmembers... Ruthie (Hawaii) who has been living out of Los Angeles for the past few years, recently upped and took a trip. She actually drove cross country and is temporarily in New York. She plans to work out of New York within the next few weeks.

Another update on Lori (Back to New York)... Recently, she was seen to be singing at one of her appearances. After a long absence from singing, Lori is said to have something special in the works... But more information on that will be available later.

And this morning, Rachel (San Francisco) appeared on ABCs daytime talk show, The View. She is the first of many hopefuls to try and attempt to fill the chair left vacant by the twentysomething Lisa Ling. Rachel tried out for the spot back in 1999, and she is the frontrunner in this second search. If you missed today, her MTV past wasn't really discussed, but she showed a picture of her husband Sean (Boston), and two children, Xavier and Evita.

Meredith Viera emphazised that this year will be the Year of the Viewer, telling the audience that their opinion of the hopefuls will be a major determinant of who gets picked. So, we are going to lobby for Rachel. You might be curious as to why... But here at the Blog we are supportive of all former and current castmembers and their endeavors. We are asking YOU to write into the four current co-hosts of the View. We will also ask you to do this when Kit (Season 1) tries out for the spot later this month. However, we should mention a few things you should say to the co-hosts:

  • Don't say that you want Rachel to be on the View, just because she was on The Real World.

  • Talk about how Rachel's conservative, Republican views were a positive, refreshing change to the panel already existing on the show.

  • Mention how impressed you were with Rachel's involvement in politics. Today, she spoke about Arnold's bid for California Governor.

  • Mention how Rachel's lifestyle of being young, married, and a parent of two children brings a different light to the fifth chair.

  • Rachel's status as a C-list celebrity (as Kathy Griffin was explaning to Rachel this morning) lets her easily relate to guests on the show.

  • Just be supportive of Rachel and if you have something nice to say, say it!

  • With that said... Here is where you go to email the ladies of The View: These lead to webpages... You don't need to send them mail from your own personal mailbox. (Note: Star Jones is known to check her email diligently.)

    Joy Behar
    Star Jones
    Meredith Vieria
    Barbara Walters

    We'd like to say good luck to Rachel! Tomorrow is her final day on the View... Be sure to catch her final day and we'll remind you to write in tomorrow as well! Tomorrow's guests are Craig Kilborn and Jessica Simpson. Most likely she will be brought back for additional appearances on the show!

    Monday, September 01, 2003

    Donnell alienates his castmates at the VMAs, Colin and Lori talk about Julie, Puck is arrested

    Happy Labor Day! I'm sure your holiday weekend was a blast!!! As was ours!

    First things first, we still have the posts saved somewhere. But the archive is no longer accessible. So just FYI...

    And now news... The VMAs were last Thursday... and there are always some Roomies or Roadies in attendance. This year the South Pacific cast hit Radio City Music Hall. But... long after the trip ended there still seems to be a bit of tension in the air... Yes, Donnell (South Pacific) who was recently booted off, separated himself from the group by doing his own interviews on the red carpet, while the other members of the cast were together. And it seemed that he was in VERY good spirits as he was doing backflips all around the red carpet. My sources who saw the Roadies say that the Roadies weren't all too happy about Donnell's antics.

    And speaking of the VMAs, MTV recently ran ads for The Gauntlet at the VMAs. Kinda didn't show much, but a few very beat up castmembers. Should be interesting. It premieres on the 29th of September at 10pm.

    And bad blood just for television?? Well, at a recent speaking engagement both Colin (Hawaii) and Lori (Back to New York) were doing an appearance with none other than Julie (New Orleans) who was said to be a vicious backstabber in the world of speaking engagements during Battle of the Sexes. Although both Colin and Lori didn't take any official sides during the melee between Julie and Melissa (New Orleans), the fight on the show didn't stop Colin and Lori from making an appearance with her. They were even friendly enough to visit each other's hotel rooms during the engagement. Nathan (Seattle) was also at the appearance.

    Also, some news about another recent Real World arrest. The Smoking Gun recently reported that Adam (Paris) was arrested for public drunkenness in Statesboro, Georgia while visiting Ace (Paris). However, news comes that Puck (San Francisco) was recently arrested AGAIN. He was first picked up a while back for hitting his then fiancee, now wife. However, we do know that Puck was picked up in Memphis. It's unclear what the charges were, but we're sure more information will come up soon.